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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Tuskaninny Day Special

Fred, Pirate Tuskaninny
by precious_katuch14

What's in the barrels?
This Tuskaninny doesn't know.
But he knows one thing,
With him they'll go.

He takes them onboard the ship,
The Revenge, it's called.
Full of Captain Scarblade's crew,
Ragtag scalawags all.

And on they sail,
With the Tuskaninny in tow.
Who is this strange Tuskaninny?
Nobody really knows.

They say his name is Fred,
A pirate Tuskaninny is he.
He straps on his sword,
Gazes out over the sea,
Prepares to board a ship,
Or dive to Maraqua's depths,
Seek out lost treasure,
Wherever it may be kept,
Loyal to Captain Scarblade,
Loyal to the pirate's call,
Fred allowed himself to listen
To the ocean's thrall.

But when the waves clear,
And the Maraquan battle is done,
This pirate Tuskaninny has vanished,
No one knows where he's gone.

What Can't a Tuskaninny Do?
by ennyra

What can't a Tuskaninny do?
They love to do so much!
Like laying in the sun,
Going swimming and such.

Today is their day,
So let's spend it like they do.
Eating cake, partying,
And playing in the water to name a few.

The summertime is great to be outside,
Just basking in the fresh air.
What better way to celebrate,
Than to spend it without a care.

Have you ever raced a Tuskaninny?
It can be so much fun.
What can't a Tuskaninny do?
A Tuskaninny can't run!

Slushie Slinging Stories
by ayakae

Cheryl Shelly the red Tuskaninny
Had her hair tied up, all nice and pretty
In the kitchen she was, sat on her chair
Laying out her ingredients with the utmost care

First was the zeenana, the yellow-green fruit
Then the bright pink jumbleberry soon followed suit
Last was the chokato, a mix of sour and sweet
Now her preparation was finally complete!

Out came her chopping board to cut the fruits up
She was getting ready for the next day of the Altador Cup
She loved to feed the Cup’s most dedicated fans
By slinging slushes into their waiting hands

Into their machines all the fruits went
Whipping everything up into a satisfying blend
She got the cups ready and some straws, of course
The fans will need it after shouting themselves hoarse!

She looked to the front and saw the growing crowd
And at that moment she couldn’t help but feel proud
For these fans came to her shop every single day
Making her feel more popular than Tandrak Shaye

Cheryl happily opened the door to let the customers in
But before she could say welcome, in stomped an impatient Peophin
“One jumbleberry slushie and make it quick,” he bellowed.
“I want to make it to the beginning of the first round!”

Cheryl rolled her eyes with an exasperated smile
Then turned around and walked back down the aisle
My, oh my, were her customers ever so fussy
But it’s all in a day’s work of slinging her slushies

Regarding Munar's Inn: A NQII Hero Reflects
by exanomaly

You’ve tarried long upon the mountain pass 
and your supplies are running thin, 
the night’s as dark as Terror Caves, 
when you come upon an inn. 

The entrance hall is warm and wide, 
and you spot a familiar face:
It’s Talinia! Green as springtime!
The chill you felt fades without a trace. 

She’s been waiting here to join you, 
a staunch companion to the core. 
You frown. You’ve faced so many dangers, 
and there’s bound to be some more. 

But your Blumaroo bones are weary,
and teamwork’s not without its merits.
You say, “Sure come on.” 
“You got it, sir,” she says with spirit.

She shows you to the Innkeep, 
who has kept her housed and fed, 
the friendly Tuskaninny Munar, 
who smells like fresh-baked bread. 

He wonders would you like to stay, 
warns of monsters run amuck, 
an entire village stranded, 
a ski resort with gosh-darn bad luck. 

Even the mighty Snowager, 
no longer roars upon his wake,
and as the Innkeep talks, 
his voice quivers and quakes. 

“So, for a mere 200 golden pieces, 
would you like to rent a room?” 
It’s getting darker by the minute, 
you’d better decide soon. 

“We’d like to rent a room 
for the night,” you say, gratefully. 
For a hero never knows when or where
their next good rest will be. 

And so Munar offers you his hearth, 
some beds soft as pillowed snow,
shakes his tusks in empathy
at how far you’ve come, how far 
you’ve yet to go.

The Tuskaninny On The Cliff
by frankie8492

There's a Tuskaninny that loves to play a game.
It's a puzzle and Cliffhanger is the name.
The daredevil will walk to the cliff's edge.
If you can't solve it, he'll go off the ledge,
And he may get hurt, which will be a shame.

The easiest way to win is to guess a vowel.
If that doesn't work, don't throw in the towel.
You have multiple chances to guess the phrase,
So if one method fails, there are other ways
To solve and guess the answer in full.

If you find yourself to be unfortunate and fail,
Don't worry, the Tuskaninny will live to tell the tale.
The Tuskaninny jumps off with the understanding,
That down below, he will have a soft landing,
And afterwards, he'll make his way back up the trail.

Faerie Tuskaninny
by roxanna203

Laughing and making a splash all in good fun,
Their summer colours glistening in the sun.
A mixture of yellow and red-orange array,
For miles, their skin colour gives them away!

Faerie Tuskaninnys are sweet and playful,
Any love they receive, they're always grateful.
The lovely small red-orange patch of hair,
Flows through the wind when they fly mid-air!

Look closely for freckles will appear,
Ranging from mouth to cheeks, it's very clear.
Noticeable for their adorable large nose,
Under the sunlight, with a faint glow.

Golden tails with an orange-wave design,
Aiding them to swim gracefully and divine.
Faerie Tuskaninnies embrace both sea and land,
And even air, making them exceptionally grand!

The Most Courageous Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Tuskaninnies always like to try something new,
Such as picking up a new hobby or two.
Challenges are intriguing for them,
And that's where their interests stem.

They can swim very fast in the sea,
And on ground, they're slow as can be,
But they don't mind being on land,
So they can practice walking in the sand.

They are not good at reading books,
Playing sports or being cooks,
But they'll always want to try,
And their enthusiasm is sky-high.

Tuskaninnies are courageous and very brave.
They're fun to be around and well behaved.
Most people would love to have one around,
And they'll have fun adventures all year round!

Happy Tuskaninny Day!

Celebrating Little Timmy
by therainbowsheep

When I think of Tuskaninnies, a certain one comes to mind:
Little Timmy, known for playing cards, it is his daily grind.
Ever faced him in a game of Cheat?
Notice he is not hard to beat?

He is young and experience he lacks,
But no matter the outcome, he comes back!
For that, we applaud him for being a good sport,
Even when losing, he never cuts the game short.

Under the impression it would make him look cool,
He played just for kicks and never learned the rules.
So he does not meet his goal to impress,
And when playing even experiences great stress!

But despite all his challenges, Little Timmy is awesome
One day, his Cheat skills will certainly blossom!
We appreciate his patience and determination,
His desire to learn deserves a standing ovation.

Happy Tuskaninny Day to our favourite Cheat student,
May he soon learn how to be prudent!

Simon, A Tuskaninny Trapped!
by tallydepp

Here's a sad tale for you,
Please be seated, take a pew.
On Tuskaninny Day, most will celebrate,
But here's a pet who met a sad fate.
Simon the Plushie Tuskaninny,
He was young and rather silly.
He collected neggs and wanted more,
Ones he couldn't buy from the store.
He'd heard about the Snowager's Cave,
A cavern guarded by a snake,
Filled with treasures, neggs so rare,
Simon knew he had to go there.
Armed with nothing but foolish zest,
Simon entered the Snowager's nest.
There the creature was fast asleep,
Curled atop treasures buried deep.
A Super Negg Simon soon spied,
So to the top of the pile Simon climbed.
There came a crash as loud as thunder
And the Snowager woke from his slumber.
He slithered around his snowy lair,
Checking all his treasures were there.
Satisfied that all was fine,
The Snowager curled up on his pile.
He fell asleep, all snug and comfy
On a huge bed of plushies.
And what about Simon? You want to know.
Where did our Tuskaninny go?
Did he get his negg? Well, no not quite.
The poor thing got trapped under the weight
Of the Snowager now asleep.
All Simon can do is weep.
So if you visit the cave of that great snake,
Do what you can to make him wake,
Among the plushies, Simon you'll see,
Do what you can to set him free!

The Legend of the Tuskaninny Tooth
by i_lovee_icecream

Tuskaninny race and dart and swim,
But have you ever wondered on a whim?
Where are their tusks or a long, sharp tooth?
I would never ask though; that’s uncouth.

Legend says their tusks have never existed,
But please don’t get their nominals twisted. 
The spirit of their teeth lives on in heart,
Their aerodynamic bodies a work of art. 

Ocean creatures with aquatic majesty,
Closely resembling an otherworldly manatee.
Tuskaninnies float atop the water and algae,
Not a care in the world, faces lit up with glee. 

While kind, they can also be doubly fierce,
Even without a set of sharp tusks to pierce,
Enemies that approach looking for a fight;
Beware wrongdoers! Tuskaninny’ll set you right.

Toothless, yes, but born of the sea,
A Tuskaninny’s smile will set you free. 
They’ll reassure you with their generosity,
And remind you of their phantom tusks’ ferocity.

The Tuskaninny Cheater
by darkhound45

Select some cards and then press go,
As players compete toe to toe.

The game is simple, don’t get beat.
You are even allowed to try and cheat.

The game Cheat is a Tuskaninny’s fave,
But it’s a little hard for him to behave.

Little Timmy’s his name as he tries to act cool,
When in the end he is a real fool.

He doesn’t play for the Neopoints.
Little Timmy plays so he won’t disappoint.

He likes to play for all the cheers,
In hopes he’ll look cool in front of his peers.

Little Timmy is okay at the game of Cheat,
But there is a reason he’s usually beat.

His talent can be hard to measure,
As he will often buckle under pressure.

Luck is something to be found,
As he doesn’t make it to later rounds.

Even though Little Timmy tries real hard,
Playing to look cool never takes him far.

The Tusk Who Sells Such Savoury Smoothies
by _brainchild_

Everyone knows of the Tusk
Who serves Slushies quite grand,
Yet, my friend, under the sun,
There is a smoothie stand!

This lovely little shop of treats
Is also managed by
A Tusk who purveys drinks so sweet.
They're excellent! Oh, my!

Although this pet is lesser-known,
His drinks are always great.
Your mind will surely be blown
By flavours as of late!

"Which variety would you
Enjoy today, my friend?
How about this drink so blue?
It's pleasing to no end!"

"The Rasmelon you prefer?
A very awesome choice.
This flavour is quite rich, I've heard.
With this taste you'll rejoice!"

I grab my drink and smile at him.
He'll always be my friend
For serving treats which bring a grin---
I love the fruity blends.

Faerie Tuskaninny's Unexpected Domain
by flufflepuff

When one dost think upon the fae,
What all shall come to mind?
Of air and sky and carefree way,
With clouds all intertwined?
For every rule and law there must
Be some who shall not fit
The mould, and as such, you may trust
That she, my friends, is it:
With scarlet crown atop her nose,
Atop her stalwart tail,
And wings with edge of darkened rose,
‘Tis not the skies she’ll sail.
The Tuskaninny, kissed by brush,
Or fortune, through the Ray,
Shall through, not skies, but oceans, rush,
Along Krawk Island’s bay,
The ceiling of Maraqua will
Be parted, for a time,
As, with a speed that serves to thrill,
Through towered waves, she’ll climb.
A golden drop amid the sea,
So different is this fae.
She flies below, for all to see,
In her seafaring way.

Tuskaninny Parka
by indulgences

The snow is blowing fiercely now!
The moon hangs low and bright.
The winter season is at hand.
The blizzard’s cold and white!

The Tuskaninny shivers, and
She pulls her parka close.
She cinches shut her fur-lined hood
To shield her frozen nose!

With trembling fingers, she snaps shut
The buttons on her coat.
The collar is quite roomy, and
Protects her chilly throat!

The sleeves protect her from the blast
Of wind and snow flurries.
Her body warms, her face is flushed.
She walks with newfound ease!

The Tuskaninny Parka is
A wonder to behold!
It keeps the Tuskaninny snug
Against the winter cold!

Beep Boop!
by truebrony

Beep boop, beep boop,
I’m a robot Tuskaninny!
Do you like my wheels?
Do you think I’m silly?

My fins are made of magnets,
My tail is like a blade!
I’m all the talk at parties, 
My wheels are all the rage!

There’s a radar on my head,
And I sleep in a robot bed!
My paint is green and yellow,
I’m an electrifying fellow!

Beep boop, beep boop,
I’m a robot Tuskaninny!
Oh, you think I’m sleek?
So, you think I’m skinny?

Catch me rolling from side to side,
Or staring at you with my robot eyes!
See me sliding with style and grace,
Or smiling wide with my robot face!

Beep boop, beep boop,
I’m a robot Tuskaninny!
Don’t be afraid to say hello,
I really am quite friendly!

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