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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Yurble Day Special

The Janitor (an interview in poem style)
by mimiweasley

When I stepped inside the Hall,
An angry Yurble comes and yell:
“What are you doing in my Hall?
I’ve just cleaned it all!”

With a big mop in hand,
And an expression I would never forget,
He looked at me and said:
“You’re just the question asker, huh?”

Then he talked about Lost Desert,
The Neggs that he collects,
His despise of Petpets,
And the statues from the past.

“This place, always a big mess,
When the tourist come and pass,
Where they came from, those muddy Petpets?
That’s the question you have to ask!”

But I couldn’t even consider that,
Because an Alabriss crossed his path!
And with an angry tone he said:
“Come back here, you annoying pet!”

I left the Hall and called it a day,
And as I was out and away,
I heard the Janitor say:
“That’s the third mop I break today!”

The Legendary Petpets Shopkeeper
by precious_katuch14

Caring for petpets isn't easy,
Especially the magic Minitheus,
The spiny, wily Aroota,
And multitudes of flying Yooyus.

But one Yurble rises to the challenge,
The Legendary Petpets Shopkeeper.
For her, it's all in a day's work,
Trying not to get stung by a Garfir.

She bids you welcome when you arrive,
"Don't trip over the Alabriss!
"If you need a guide in my shop,
"I'd be glad to give you an assist."

She offers you a smart choice,
An intelligent Hermiteese. 
"Or give an Altalaphus a new home,
"Just remember to hide your cheese."

And though there is much to be done,
Like comforting skittish Altachucks,
This Yurble would choose this job
Over simply babysitting Rocks.

So come to Legendary Petpets today,
Visit a legendary shopkeep,
Perhaps after your visit,
You might just find a petpet to keep.

The Verbal Yurble
by i_lovee_icecream

The verbal Yurble loves to talk,
He'll soon invite you on a walk.
And on that neighbourhood walk, he'll say:
"My, what a lovely, lovely day!"

Don't you dare think he will stop there,
He's got more to say, I swear.
He'll ask you how your life has been,
Or if you'd like to go to the drive-in.

The verbal Yurble will ask if you're okay,
He'll make sure your smile's here to stay.
He'll tell you stories of his old days,
He'll talk for hours, much to your dismay.

"Do you know what happens next? Just guess!"
The verbal Yurble giggles in excess.
But you don't even need to reply,
He continues without the blink of an eye.

The verbal Yurble loves to talk,
Can't you tell on that long walk?
He's thoughtful of how you feel,
But the conversation, he'll steal.

His words will take you for twists and turns,
His friendship is rather easy to earn.
All you have to do is lend an ear,
And your companionship he'll hold dear. 

The verbal Yurble loves to talk,
An hour-long call shouldn't be a shock.
And when he gives you a ring today,
Don't be afraid to shout and say:

"Hello, verbal Yurble. How do you do?
I've got some time carved out for you.
Would you like to tell me your story?
I heard you're the master of all things oratory."

18 Year Shanty of a Yurble Marooned
by rawbeee

One, two
The wind she blew
Three, four
Washed me ashore
Five, six
I'm in a fix
Yarr, I'm Captain Yarrble!

Seven, eight
Now I must wait
Nine, ten
Not this again
Eleven, twelve
All by myself
Yarr, I'm Captain Yarrble!

Ten and three
Shout 'cross the sea
Ten and four
Some distant shore
Ten and five
Hey I'm alive
Yarr, I'm Captain Yarrble!

Ten and six
All out of tricks
Ten and seven
Never learned me lesson
Ten and eight
I'm left to fate
Yarr, I'm Captain Yarrble!

Halloween Yurble Stole My Money
by inland

My Yurble started acting strange
After he had his colour change
Halloween sounded so funny
Until he grew obsessed with money

It started out with subtle quips
A mocking sneer upon his lips
“Have you paid your taxes yet?”
I failed to see the hidden threat

“Haha,” I’d say back, “I will soon!”
He’d scoff and spend his afternoon
Stitching an embroidered sack 
And learning how to method act

Days went by and things got worse
I caught him going through my purse.
He asked and asked about my bills
It started giving me the chills

He purchased books and studied math
As I began to dodge his path 
“5%, 10%…” I’d hear him murmur,
My stomach dropping even further

At last, one morning came the day
That he took my Neopoints away.
He claimed it was his civic duty,
That he wasn’t simply being snooty 

Strange enough, I now feel fond 
Of my little Tax Beast spawn
I learned a lesson from his “prank,”
And keep my money at the bank

The Hungriest Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Yurbles are cute and very furry,
And always move around in a hurry.
They can walk on two legs or hop on one,
Or get down on all fours when they run!

People love petting their soft mane,
And Yurbles love that, so they don't complain.
They also have a very large nose,
Which lets them find food that is close.

Their favourite thing to do is to eat food.
If you ask them, they're always in the mood.
They also will never turn down sweets,
And can never get enough of those treats.

When they're not eating, they like to explore,
By going to the wilderness or the shore.
There is no better Neopet to hug and play,
Especially given what day it is today,

So let's say Happy Yurble Day!

The Yurble of the Arcanium
by swordlilly

Fiery-maned, a streak in the dark,
Carrying books through a mountain-cave,
The Yurble of the Arcanium
Welcomes you with a friendly wave.

"Feel free to browse our shelves," he says,
And you do - for there are so many books!
With ashen covers and red, gleaming words,
They teach how to make cogs, gears, hooks,

How to navigate the deep, long caves,
What to wear in the hottest places,
How to sculpt with molten rock,
Where to find metals - and their traces.

The Yurble smiles at your interest,
And puts another tome in front of you.
"I think you might like this one," he says.
Before you know it, you're halfway through!

Whether it's the tale of Moltara's founding,
The art of smithing, or how to heal burns,
The Arcanium keeper knows all the books
By memory - like a giant gear that turns.

Such Slimy Pests: A Yurble's Lament
by _brainchild_

This Yurble, simply not content,
Is frustrated---I must lament.
Those nasty Slorgs devour my crops!
This madness simply has to stop.

My fruits and veggies aren't for them---
They cannot eat these healthy gems.
My Slorgiriser drives them back---
I fire away, with zero slack.

There are so many! It's quite hard
To get them all. Across my yard
Are yucky pests which just won't stop.
My harvest will end up a flop!

This Yurble rages as he fires.
This situation is quite dire!
I have to get my items out,
Yet will there be some? This I doubt.

Yipper is Always Chipper
by ennyra

Let me introduce you,
To my good friend Yipper.
He's a Yurble, you see,
And he's always so chipper.

If you're having a bad day,
Just call him right away.
He'll turn your frown upside down,
And take you out to play.

In the rain or the sun,
There's never a bad time.
To have Yipper around,
To bring you some sunshine.

Like to run? Like to swim?
Yipper is game!
Whatever makes you happy,
He'll say is his middle name!

Today's the day to give back,
To Yipper and all friends.
Happy Yurble Day!
Let's celebrate until the very end!

Mop n Bop
by therainbowsheep

Patrolling the great halls of Altador
Is the Yurble Janitor’s daily chore.
Dirty petpets tend to wander,
Often not stopping to ponder-

The work that goes into keeping floors clean.
To achieve this, the janitor is keen.
And so every day he swings his mop,
And gives all petpets a gentle bop.

Dousing them in water and soap,
Will the petpets stay clean? He wonders and hopes!
Luckily the petpet protection league is nowhere in sight,
So the janitor’s cleaning future remains bright.

But sometimes the petpets are too numerous,
And the janitor does not find this humorous!
If he misses one, he stews and fumes,
Before picking up the pace to resume.

While he sometimes may get a tad grumpy,
Overall his attitude is quite spunky!
So join him as he plays his mop n bop game,
And get ready to accurately aim!

The Mosaic Yurble Frieze
by miraday

The mosaic frieze seems to move freely
Over the arches of Brightvale castle.
The glaziers’ opus— as if by love— is lively:
Descending forth are Mosaic Yurbles. 

Their landing on the corridor sounds like
Rain on glass, tap-tapping as they spring
Around, delightful Neopets: the dreamlike
State of former artworks becoming beings. 

Their manes reflect all conceivable colours;
The beige sandstone portrays new rainbows.
The new animation of glass and light whirls
Royally across the backdrop of the throne. 

The Yurbles’ game of hide and seek within
The chambers become an easy challenge.
Love and light is warm like a kiln, the tinged
Glass glows their hiding alcoves with valence!

As the sun starts to set, so too do the Yurbles:
Their colourful pieces cool to ironwork frames.
They climb back to the frieze atop the castle
And reposition themselves in their mosaic domain.

The Mosaic Yurbles are like our ideal selves:
Once incompatible pieces kilned indiscriminately
To create superordinate entities that compel
The adage, “we are more alike than different.”

A depiction of yurbles
by annikkiadepp_

Although it may seem a hurdle
to write a poem about a Yurble,
it is a most welcomed task

Talking about my best friend,
and receiving a prize at the end
is really the best I can ask

Cute neck scruff, long fluffy mane,
round swirly ears and button nose
Eyes that look a bit insane,
paws with only three toes

Yurbles have all kinds of jobs,
from janitors, to farmers and even bots

Yurbles are food obsessed, 
they love to dress well
and are often stressed,
which makes them yell 

Don’t let this behaviour fool you!
for they are among all the most cheerful.
they’ll win you over, too
You’ll get attached if you’re not careful

Daniel Newbury, Yurble Ghost
by tallydepp

Many many moons ago, 
In Neovia I once lived.
Popular among my peers,
I was well respected.

Daniel Newbury was my name, 
And indeed it still is,
The difference now alas, oh woe, 
Is I no longer live.

In the Haunted Woods, I was laid to rest,
And in peace I did doth lay.
Until my grave it was disturbed,
One terrible fateful day.

Oh what a Tale of Woe this is!
The graveyard was dug up,
From the graves disturbed arose
The spirits of all the dead.

Now I am doomed to roam,
Sad, lonely, all peace lost.
All I want is to go home,
Daniel Newbury, Yurble ghost.

by flufflepuff

When I could achieve not much else save to burble,
And still needed a stepstool to wash mine own paws,
Then, both me and my brother, (who was also a Yurble)
Battled sleep for the book in our dear Grandad’s claws.
To this day, neither he nor I could find out how,
But our Grandad wove tapestries, tales from his head,
That led us as far as young minds would allow
In the sweet twilight haze when one lies in their bed.
In the land between waking and oceans of dreams,
We’d encountered twin thieves and a giant who shook!
I had wanted to grow up a shrewd thief who schemes,
My kid brother, a Chia, just like in Grandad’s book.
Well, as time did meander and wend through the years,
We’d outgrown the stories, the dreams, and the fears.
A Chia of jelly would not be Jhanar’s fate.
Instead, he’d drive trains and direct the world’s freight.
Likewise, mine own paws did raid not, although I,
Through hardship and stories, was tempted so sore.
But I found a place, meaning I could get by,
As a teller, my paws transferred gold to be stored.
Much like a large Hissi, my life wrapped round me tight,
Calls by the month replaced calls by the week.
Then, they’d stopped altogether. I could put up no fight
To bridge times full of silence—I was just far too weak.
Then one day, the earth widened. 
We could no longer speak.
It was maybe year 10 when I’d last heard the stories.
My grandkids, they know the correct fork and knife.
But I’ll never forget all the speech-woven glories,
The regret, and the love that’s still there in my life.
Para Abuelito.

Yurble Transmogrification Potion
by indulgences

I’ve always thought the Mutants are
An awesome group of pets.
And yet they’re loved by precious few.
It fills me with regret!

The Mutants are so marvellous,
As strange as strange can be.
They’re bold, and weirdly powerful,
Not something you should flee!

The Mutant Yurble is one case
Where Mutant looks are fine.
Its pink and turquoise majesty…
It's stunning and divine!

It looks quite odd, and has one eye,
And tentacles as well.
And yet, I don’t recoil at all…
I think it’s rather swell!

It’s so unique, and kind of cute,
A furry, squid-like freak.
You’ll want to hug it, keep it close,
Not run away and shriek!

Please love the Mutant pets, my dears!
The Mutant Yurble, too!
It’s such a gorgeous creature — it’s
Terrific through and through!

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