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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Petpet Appreciation Day Special

Marvelous Meepits
by myncithemonkey

What is a Meepit after all?
A creature dainty and small,
Comes in a variety of colours,
Pink is better than the others.

Famous for their sideways stare,
Peer into their soul if you dare,
Meepits are always aware,
The presence of those they care.

Meepits are quite endearing,
But not when you find them tearing,
Into the wires under the table,
Exposing the frayed copper cable.

When not causing trouble for TNT,
Meepits enjoy attention aplenty,
Feed them juice if you would please,
Or they shall be very displeased.

Meepits are worthy of love,
Despite reasons contrary above,
An adorable Petpet many would say,
To brighten your mood every single day.

An Ode to Mortogs
by darkroast

Oh to be a Mortog
Living a life in the bog
Waiting for a true love's kiss
To lead to a lifetime of bliss

Til then you jump away
Embracing each and every day
Watching Neopians stroll Meridell's paths
Hoping to face no one's wrath

And then the day will come
Where you meet someone
They kiss you after a quick chat
Uh oh... Splat!

Petpet Appreciation - Words from a Petpetpet
by rawbeee

I appreciate
My walking home of wonders
Well, most of the time

A nice place to nap
Warm, usually at least
Can be hot or cold

Free public transport
Gives my little legs a break
Route is erratic

I never hunger
Just take a bite here and there
Coppery sometimes

All needs provided
So what more could I ask for
Maybe less scratching

Ode to the Slorg!
by therainbowsheep

Happy little Slorgs leave slime trails in their wake,
If messes bother you, when battling beware Slorg flakes!
These happy go lucky petpets are always all smiles,
So endearing they tempt you to stay awhile.

In Neopian culture their presence is well-known,
Especially within the gaming zone.
In Attack of the Slorg, we stop them from eating crops,
In Slorgs in Space an invasion we must stop!

In Feed Florg, Slorgs must avoid becoming dinner,
To be crowned in week 114 - PPL species winner!
They are so very endearing and cute,
That the messes they make are practically moot.

We love these happy little fellows of the Haunted Woods,
Since they represent pure cheer and all things good.
Happy Petpet Appreciation day to the most adorable in all the land,
We all forever love Slorgs, our appreciation is quite grand.

The Tale of the Devilpuss
by precious_katuch14

Let me tell you a faerie tale
All the way from Cumulonimbus.
The tale of a ferocious beast
Known as the Devilpuss.

A clean, sweet Angelpuss at first,
Till he cast soft ways aside,
Became the scourge that haunted
Ruins on Faerieland's underside.

No one knows what happened next,
How the Devilpuss grew and grew.
No one knows when he learned to talk,
Or how he got his red hue.

He reveled in his gnarled claws
And his huge, leathery wings.
Now he was free to fight 
And break everything!

The Devilpuss went on a rampage,
Fiercely guarding his new home.
With so many friends (enemies),
He would never, ever be alone!

Devilpuss petpets may be cute,
But owners always beware
What might be hiding
Behind that irate stare,
Behind those rumpled whiskers
And pointy tail swatting air.
The same ferocious beast
Now guarding your chair!

Hip Hip Hooray!
by ennyra

Every day we walk through Neopia,
With little critters by our side.
They are the greatest friends we have,
And are always along for the ride.

Today is a day to celebrate them all,
Our petpets we call them.
Give them treats and extra love,
From them all our fun stems.

Mine will be going to a park,
For some all day fun.
Walking, talking, eating,
And maybe even a little run!

Keeping them happy is so easy,
Just include them in your day.
They love to hang out with you,
So to petpets; hip hip hooray!

A Gruslen’s Search for Stripes
by darkhound45

There lived a Gruslen that wanted his stripes.
He tried to get them with all his might.
Why did his friends all have theirs?
All he had was bright orange hairs.

He would often go to the park,
Until other Gruslens would start to bark.
They would laugh at him every day
Because he looked a certain way.

An older Gruslen saw he was sad.
This made the older Gruslen mad.
Instead of yelling at the others,
The older Gruslen called his brothers.

His brothers were artists don’t you see?
He knew he could make the Gruslen feel free.
They took some brushes and their paint,
While the Gruslen sat there with no complaint.

The very next day he went to the park.
But none of the others started to bark.
They saw this Gruslen and were shocked.
His stripes were the largest in the block.

They instantly felt regret and were sad.
They told the Gruslen that they felt bad.
They should never had laughed and barked at him.
So they invited him to play with them.

All of the Gruslens left the park.
All were happy with no mean barks.
The older Gruslen said with a smile,
“Invite others to play every once a while.”

Let's Appreciate Petpets!
by shutianlei3333

Petpets are cute and lots of fun,
And every Neopet deserves one.
They come in many different sizes,
But they are all great prizes.

When your Neopet is lonely and sad,
Having a Petpet will make them glad.
Petpets can make your Neopet laugh,
And keep them company on your behalf.

Petpets sometimes don't get much affection,
Even though they are pure perfection.
They deserve to feel kindness and love,
And never go without either of the above.

Make sure to give them a warm embrace,
Every time you see one face to face.
There's a gift petpets love to get,
And that is their own petpetpet!

Le Mortog d'Arthur (by Sir Turdle Malory)
by exanomaly

So, word on the cobbled streets
is King Arthur PenCyodrake
is a Petpet royal ready to shake
the realm of the smaller folk
in Meridell fair
(though before today
no one had really heard of him there.)
Hailing from the management team 
at Ye Olde Petpets Shoppe,
(his early career had been quite a flop)
he rallied and set his big ol’ eye on the prize
and won the Shop Wizard’s contest,
from a rock he did pry
a glittery sword (I tell you no lie!).
An ancient weapon from the days of yore,
he’s reclaimed his birthright and started to soar
around the kingdom, winning the good fight, 
he was up to level 20, 
planned to set things right:
but there was news in the kingdom,
of a Petpet up to no good, 
started a slimy kissing contest in the neighbourhood -
Arthur needed help, he was in a tight spot, 
so he called on an old friend, 
a blue-haired Mortog 
named Sir Laughsalot. 
Well this gallant pal came a-hopping,
he was full of ideas
of how to allay all the petpets fears! 
He negotiated rules for the kissing game, 
and for his sportsmanship and ethics
he soon gained fame,
a whizz at treaties and complicated charters, 
that’s how he was dubbed “Le Mortog d'Arthur”.

The Petpet Rap
by i_lovee_icecream

I want to be the best there ever was,
To treat them with love; yeah, that's my cause.

Kadoatie, Altachuck, Drackonack, Gobbler;
Feloreena, Ona, Polarchuck, Harris.
Symol, Slorg, Abominable Snowball;
Acko, Ada, Walein, Alabriss.

Love 'em, love 'em, gotta love 'em all - Petpets!
I'll search across Neopia, look far and wide,
Release from my heart the love that's inside.

Babyca, Meowclops, Bearog, Cobrall;
Crokabek, Doglefox, Angelpuss, Geb.
Gruslen, Icklesaur, Horus, Faellie;
Floud, Pawkeet, Karren, Bubblebee.

Love 'em, love 'em, gotta love 'em all.
Gotta love 'em all - Petpets!

Snowbunny, Zomutt, Tenna, Warf;
Buzzer, Spyder, Calabat, Cadro.
Candychan, Zebie, Anubis, Arkmite;
Baby Blu, Blobagus, Cirrus, Fir.

Gotta love 'em all, gotta love 'em all - Yeah!
Gotta love 'em all, gotta love 'em all - Yeah!
Gotta love 'em all - Petpets!

Noil, Eizzel, Doglefox, Hasee;
Puppyblew, Gallion, Khonsu, Ghostkerchief.
Kookith, Meepit, Mallard, Huggy;
Feepit, Miamouse, Mortog, Peo.

The Rainbow Pool has so much more to see,
To be a Petpet collector is my destiny!

The Choir of Fanciful Fauna
by lorlurin

Courtesy of Neopia's most mysterious land
Gently, through ripples of aged woods and vines
From veils of mists revealed the lunar-lit stage
Seated the stars, and the performance began

Naleap started the haunting melodies
As Tomamu and Quintilc chirped along
Chimed in Biyako, Blurgah, Pandaphant
With Razumi, Juma, Pygui, and Muyang
Sandan, Dandan danced with Quilin and Kiiyak
Gikerot and Hedgeglob twirling among
While gliding colours of Belonthiss merged
Reflections of Kazeriu, before dawn

The first ray of morning sun gilded the peaks
Drawing an ending sentence
The mountain wind blew a curtain call
But the clouds appreciated the melodious silence

The ancient land admired with pride
Magnificent creatures in Shenkuu they reside
From and beyond imagination they came
Fanciful Fauna that lived up to their name

Ode to The Misunderstood Petpets
by actiontal

How much wood would an Altachuck chuck
If an Altachuck could chuck wood? 

How many pets could a Blue Geb get 
If a Blue Geb didn’t poke every hand it met? 

Would a Faerie Kad still cry in the sky so high 
If it had bullseye pies flying by the by?

Could a Ghoti still swim to the brim 
If it were suspended from a grim tree limb?

How many Neopets could a Symol troll 
If he didn’t have hole where petpets could stroll?

How many smiles would a Dung Slorg rescind
If his stink slime made him too thin skinned?

The answer my friend, is blowing downwind.

A Love Letter To Petpets
by codyisland

Do I appreciate petpets?
Oh yes I do. 
I like scaled ones and pawed ones and winged ones too.

How much do I appreciate them?
Oh quite a lot.
I'm insatiable for petpets, I cannot stop!

What's my favourite Petpet?
Oh I cannot choose.
Come one, come all, you cannot lose. 

Where are my petpets?
It's quite miraculous 
They fit all in my belly -- I'm Turmaculus!

Roller of the Snow
by flufflepuff

It. Starts. With a single Xampher curled within a snowball, poised at the pointed cusp of the mountain top and edging forward until it tips! And down it goes collecting speed mayhaps a stray handbag, a white slushie or if the Xampher's lucky the Taelia herself a Chia a climber a boulder a tree a building anegganUsulskiieritisskiingseasonafterallabush apoogleracerorallothhempreferablyanothertree untilthereisbutastripofsnowleftinitsjoyouswake Leaving a very happy and dizzy Petpet At the bottom.

Ode to talpidats
by annikkiadepp_

On this special Petpet appreciation day
I have something I'd like to say 

This year we were given a gift,
the best possible one we could have wished

I am talking about the little Talpidat,
that Petpet who’s half mole half cat

Basic, Eventide or Spring,
these were the colours of this little being. 

Later on, we got one more colour to boast
as the little Talpidat could be painted ghost

Talpidats were found during the Negg fest,
digging holes underground without a rest

Neggs are their favourite food ever,
they will steal them swiftly as they’re very clever

They are the cutest you’ll ever see,
and everyone got one for free 

Thank you for such a beautiful present,
Talpidats truly made life more pleasant!

Three limericks by AelitasDestiny the Xweetok
by horse_girl1175

There was an old grouchy Cybun
Who thought kicking petpets was fun,
But (as those who sow reap it) 
Got bit by a Meepit,
Now his Petpet punting is done. 

A braggart I met in Shenkuu 
Said his Yooyuball score was Rank 2.  
But I said “As for me, 
Well, my score is Rank 3,
So, for Team Haunted Woods, I thank you.”

A Grey Faerie came to my flat, 
And said “Get me a Puppyblew, stat!”
Well, you know, faerie quests 
Aren’t all fair requests,
‘Cause that Puppyblew ate my new hat.

The Plight of the Sickening Snotbunny
by _brainchild_

Wow, yuck! This thing is very gross,
Since it's a Snotbunny. Who knows
What kind of brute has sneezed on it.
It's much more filthy than a pig.

I ask my usually smart Draik
Why she has brought this dirty mate.
"It's so disgusting!" I tell her.
"Green snot is covering its fur!"

"Well, I adore it," she insists.
With quite the scowl, she shakes her fist.
"Just get that creature out of here,
Since I don't want it to come near!"

My Draik nods sadly. "It'll sell."
I yell at her, "Nobody will
Buy that uncouth abomination!"
I shall growl in pure frustration.

She puts it on the Trading Post.
So far, at least the brute I loathe
Has made its way out of my house.
It's so annoying, like a mouse!

One day, my Draik arrives back home.
"Hello," she smiles. "The bunny sold."
I roll my eyes. "How much?" I ask.
"At least you got rid of it fast!"

She tells me of the awesome sum.
I hug her, and I shout, "Well done!"
"I don't know who would want that critter,
But I'm certainly not bitter."

Thus, the bunny brought us wealth,
Quite sure to keep us in great health,
So it's a win-win: It's payday,
And that gross creature left. Hooray!

Ode to The Kads
by cassiethepirate

Can you hear the Kads a’screaming!
When they should be sleeping, dreaming,
Feed them treats and they start beaming,
Then for more food they start scheming.

Can you hear the Kads a’crying!
For attention they are vying,
Want delights that they’ve been eyeing,
Watch them pout til we start buying!

Can you hear the Kads a’roaring
Wondering why we’re ignoring,
Unbuyables! For these adoring
Petpets who look back, imploring.

Can you hear the Kads a’snoozing!
Their naughty ways we start excusing,
Then buy our own, cos they’re amusing!
Millions I know I'll be losing!

Can you hear the Kads a’wailing,
Sanity no more prevailing,
To the cause we are unfailing,
Give the foods they are detailing!

Can you see the Kad’s a’smiling
Oh! Their eyes are so beguiling
We know Kads are always wiling
Lists of treats always compiling!

What I Love About Petpets
by peacelovebliss

What I love about Petpets
is how there are many kinds
and yet, somehow, each one is
special and perfectly unique find. 
What I love about Petpets
is how without uttering words
They like your pets being them,
even when they feel absurd. 
They don’t care if your Neopet’s
not painted or from the Pound
they will always happily
follow their big buds around. 
They tag along to lend support
so alone your pets never are
Though some petpets are small,
they all have the biggest hearts!

Petpets are the Best
by frankie8492

People often zap their petpets at the lab ray,
And the petpets are scared, but still obey.
They are quivering in fear, but are brave,
And despite it all, stay well-behaved,
So their owners can have it their way.

The fate of these petpets is often grim.
Having a good consequence is very slim.
The ray can make petpets turn into dust,
Which is painful and also quite unjust,
Because they no longer have a limb.

Owners should consider petpets' feelings,
Before proceeding with any dealings.
Petpets are in the family, don't forget,
And they should be respected like Neopets.
Hopefully, everyone will remember these teachings.

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