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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Pride Month Gallery

Wear Your Color Proud
by precious_katuch14

It doesn't matter if you're clay,
Or blue with yellow stars,
Your friends await you
Though you may come from afar.

We don't care if you drip
Green strings of slimy snot.
We love Neopets of all colours,
Your mucus matters not.

You can be creamy custard,
Or strong, metallic robot,
Be constantly in costume
Or be a zombie that rots.

Though you've never seen a paintbrush,
You're yellow, green, red, or blue,
You are beautiful the way you are,
Your pure soul simply shines through.   

Be all the colours of the rainbow,
Or be the grey you wanted to be.
Whatever your colour, whatever you are,
Say it loud and proud for all to see.

And should you come to the Rainbow Pool,
Searching for a new hue,
All of Neopia is here to say,
Always stick to what is true.
Whoever you are, you are unique,
There will only ever be one of you!

Love of Parents
by smw72393

Roo's mom and dad, all through the night
Knew blue, red, brown or green, they had only love in their sight

Acara she said, I think that I'm different
Her parents, they said, you're nothing if not magnificent

Pteri just thought, with a glorious grin
My parents they love me, outside to within

And Kiko went out, painted blue pink and white
My family sees me only as perfect and bright

Little Poogle walked out, in a dashing rainbow flag
His parents could only see their son's mighty swag

To all those Neopians, with a fear in their heart
Your parents will love you, from end to start

Pride Day Delight
by peircedchic

As June continues and colours flow,
A little message that all should know.
We are all equal can’t you see,
You be you, and let me be me.

We all are different,
Let your colours shine,
And always remember
To be kind.

You have red, yellow, and even gold,
And don’t forget the rainbow sold.
Paintbrushes of every colour,
Come together to make each other.

And when you feel alone,
Remember to stay proud,
Because you yourself can stand loud.

A shoutout to all the colours,
You yourself are like no other.
Be loud proud, and stand your ground,
Because we are all around.

Red, yellow, blue, purple and green,
Make the colours that gleam.

Happy pride month to one and all!

Gay thoughts
by citycat211

The Neopets are gay
The Neopets are out
Once we could not say
But now we're free to shout!

A Canto for Love
by pokemon_master_a74

In the morning we walk the apple orchard
And the memory strikes like a lyre
Broken twigs, and the soft curve of your back, 
Verdant splendour, boys in apple-tree shade
Strange light eclipsed us, midday, 
Our fingers sifting the old grass
Meridell at war, banners waving
You touched my fingers, and I seized back,
Paling, purblind terror 
The warhorns sounded up the hills
Heralds, echoes, insurmountable fear
But this morning we walk in step,
Swinging one basket between us
"Time has been kind to us," you say
Light glints off your rainbow coat 
Pick Your Own, reads the sign
"I pick you," I say, and you hit my shoulder,
Gently, as if we are children still
The young, the tenderhearted
Rainbow Fountain, Rainbow Pool,
Faerieland fallen from the sky
There is a truce between Citadel and city
And we are allowed to speak love
Ad lucem, sun-pour pools in starlit leaves
I am no longer afraid to touch your hand

Ways to Broaden Your Horizon (acronym)
by shutianlei3333

Listen to a new perspective from a Neopet of a different species.
Go to the Tyrannian Concert Hall to hear new music.
Buy a present from the gift shop for someone that you don't know.
Tell your petpets compliments to brighten their day.
Question your own unconscious biases about other Neopets.
Involve others in initiatives to spread inclusivity and acceptance.
Acknowledge and accept Neopets with different customs/beliefs.
+Do all of the above, and we will have a great community together.

Fountain faerie please
by xxicy_

Fountain faerie please let me be,
A new paint brush colour that fills me with glee. 
A colour that shows who I am inside,
Because finally I no longer have to deny. 
Fountain faerie help me be that voice, 
Be the confidence that inspires most. 
Let a new generation know they no longer have to hide.
We can be ourselves and show it off with pride.

Seven Colours of the Rainbow
by swordlilly

Red is the colour of Loveberries that grow in Meridell.
Orange is the colour of Hasees, bouncing to catch Doughnutfruit.
Yellow is the colour of Happy Neggs cared for by the Negg Faerie.
Green is the colour of Mortogs who just want to be kissed.
Blue is the colour of Flotsams, swimming merrily in the deep.
Indigo is the colour of the Kreludan sky, studded with mysteries.
Purple is the colour of Fyora's dress, regal and smooth to behold.
Rainbow is the colour of Neopets, a safe and accepting place, where every Neopian can take pride in who they are.

An Unlikely Ally
by darkhound45

A Rainbow Chia went walking one day.
He was looking for a fun place to play.
He walked past some Chias that gave him a stare. 
“Look at that weird Chia there!”

The Chia couldn’t believe that very rude crowd.
All because he was Rainbow and proud?
The Chia closed his eyes and ran away.
All he wanted was somewhere to play.

He ran past that very rude group,
Not realizing he was running towards a Lupe.
It was a Mutant Lupe that needed a meal.
He saw the Chia and let out a squeal.

Before he could pounce he saw the crowd,
And the Chia that was crying really quite loud.
He knew this feeling oh so well.
He looked at the group and let out a yell.

“This Rainbow Chia did nothing to you!
Don’t you realize you are making him blue?”
The Lupe was enraged and began to charge.
The Chias left because he was so large.

He looked at the Chia and calmly said,
“There’s no reason for this hatred to spread.
Don’t worry about them and what they intend.
I support you and consider you my friend.”

The Prideful Faerie Grundo
by andrehmf98

There is a place all Neopets roam free
True to all their heart's content
Where they can celebrate who they wanna be
And become who they once dreamt

There is a Rainbow Pool
Staying true to its name
Where all can stay cool
All about pride, no room for shame

There, this Grundo would find joy
The world would see who they truly are
They wouldn't anymore feel coy
And their pride would be seen from afar

After a dip, they flew
As their wings did unsheathe
For they always knew
They were a faerie underneath!

Reflection (pride day)
by frankie8492

When I look at myself in the mirror,
I see someone I don't recognize.
My reflection is an embodiment
Of who my family wants me to be.
When will I ever truly be happy?

When I travel across Neopia,
I see lots of smiles and joy.
Everyone loves who they are.
But to me, why does it feel like
I'm a prisoner in my own body?

When will my reflection show,
Who I am inside?
There is only one option for me.
I'll go to the secret laboratory,
To have my gender changed.

Colorful Buzz
by pesticide

Floating in the sky
My favourite guy
It's Mr Rainbow Buzz
And that's just what he does

On his way to Neopia Central
Flying in the breeze so gentle
Showing off his colours
And appreciating others

With glimmery wings
And all kinds of pretty things
He made my day
In the most precious way

Grey is a Rainbow
by yeahsureok

A small Grey Korbat walks down a beaten path as a Rainbow Blumaroo bounces by.
“Good day to you, friend!” 
“Uh, same to you…” said the Korbat with a sheepish reply.
Disappointed again, but through with being saddened
In a burst of courage, the Korbat added 
“Wait! Your colours are so vibrant, but mine aren’t so much.
Do you know where I might find a Rainbow Paint Brush?
If I were full of colour, perhaps I might fly.
You see, it’s long since been a dream of mine.
But I’ve learned to keep my wings at my side, 
For in being grey, there is no pride.”
“I cannot help--I was born this way. But why would you cover that fabulous grey?
The tones, the hues, so deep and so varied… Perhaps they would touch the sky if I carried!”
“I couldn’t impose…”
“Not at all! It’d be fun!
Climb onto my head! Spread your wings! Feel the sun!”
So, reluctantly the Korbat climbed up top the colourful foreign perch,
But could not spread its wings no matter for how much courage it could search.
And although on this day there was no flight, a powerful step was taken.
For the grey of its fur doesn’t match its heart, and those colours began to awaken.
“Don’t worry, new friend. It needn’t come right away. Tomorrow we’ll have another go!
Just keep in your heart that grey’s still a colour needed for a true rainbow!”

Neopets Pride
by scottiegerm

Showcase your rainbows, for this important time
Who you are in your heart, you should not hide
This is a celebration, of what makes you sublime
All of this serves, as the meaning of pride

Dress up your Techo, sure! Paint him rainbow
Whatever makes you happy, it is welcome here
Nothing you do, will make the love go
Neopets is a place, where you should not fear

We are all connected, support your Neopet friends
Those who show their colours, their bravery is high
Consider those around you, before it all ends
This is our time, so let us fly!

Three Cheers for the Lab Ray! - A Genderfluid Poem
by kooky_user

The first time it happened, she was not prepared
For what one single zap would entail
But that fateful day, that most secret Lab Ray
Changed our hero from female to male.

He bemoaned his misfortune, afraid of the change,
Would his friends see him differently?
Though he had to admit, he felt mostly the same,
Only somehow... a little more free?

The next zap changed him back, to the way she had been;
How it felt, she just couldn't explain.
The relief to be back in what felt old and safe
And yet, longing, a secret disdain.

But the very next day - Zap! - the same thing once more,
And the change wasn't scary at all!
He tried clothes that he'd never had courage to try,
Feeling like he'd been zapped ten feet tall.

And so day after day, did this pattern occur,
Changing fluidly, forth and then back;
Some days "he" felt great, some days she preferred "her",
And on others, they couldn't keep track.

Though some friends were confused, nonetheless, they were cheered
For expressing themself as they pleased,
And our hero did wonder how ever they feared
That which brought them such comfort and ease.

For the more that they changed, the more they did learn
In themself, they could always take pride,
And while what's on the surface may not stay the same
What remains, is always what's inside.

So three cheers for the Lab Ray, for helping us find
Our true selves, to the highest degree!
And to you, just remember that change is okay,
Whether once in a lifetime, or once every day,
I wish all of the best as you find your own way
To the "you" that you dream you can be.

Colours of Happiness
by xrainydayx

A Red Kacheek flashes a warm smile.
An Orange Korbat performs a random act of kindness.
A Yellow Shoyru tells a funny joke to make you laugh.
A Green Skeith gives a genuine word of encouragement.
A Blue Gnorbu does a silly dance.
A Purple Grundo invites you to be his friend.

A rainbow of Neopets makes the world a happier place.

Confessions of a Lab Rat
by flufflepuff

Some days I’m strong
Some days I’m slow
Some days I move at Mach 5 speed
Some days I feel a rampant need
To never change at all.
But through it all, I’m still myself.
And I’m okay with that.
Some days I’m a Lupe.
Some days I’m a Chia.
Some days I’m a Flotsam,
Curled up in a spoon.
Some days I’m a Kyrii,
And love to groom.
But through it all, I’m still myself.
And I’m okay with that.
Some days I’m bright
As children’s eyes
On Day of Giving’s Eve.
Some days I’m grey
And gravestone-still,
So solemnly, I grieve.
Some days, I’ve faerie wings
And soar,
And in me, I believe.
And through it all, I’m still myself.
I think I might like that.
Some days,
My eyelashes take flight.
Some days,
I wonder if it’s right
To be what feels most…me.
I gaze upon Neopia,
A veritable sea
Of spots and snots and polka-dots,
Blessed with variety.
Therefore, with confidence, I say
There’s no one I would rather be
Than me.

Over the Rainbow
by daveandbaltoro

Seven colours bridge.
Hangs over Neopia Central.

Which colour you like?
Which colour you are?

Red likes Tomato Chia?
Orange likes Orange Chia?

Yellow likes Lemon Chia?
Green likes Pea Chia?

Blue likes Agueena Chia?
Indigo likes Blueberry Chia?

Violet likes Grape Chia?

No matter what you like.
Just shout it out with pride.

Everyone have the right.
No need have to fight.

Showing your preference.
Knowing with acceptence.

Colourful Neopia.
Wonderful Utopia.

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