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Neopets Poems

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You Forgot Me
By 00baies_love00

When the sun rises, you shall take your stand
At the barren plains of Tyrannia,
Where many have fallen
Foul of the follies of war. And you shall all cheer
When heroes walk before you. Wearied. Aged.
How glorious they are.

But you forgot me.
Hours spent in the insufferable heat of the kitchens,
Chopping, mashing, stirring
For your hungry mouths;
I filled your bellies, gave you strength for the fight.

But you forgot me.
Days sat at the wheel in my tent with your spears,
Nights spent hammering for your perfect blade;
I was the master of your weapons,
And my power was victorious.

But you forgot me.
Hurrying amongst the limp and dreary
With cold flannels, bitter remedies,
Loose dressings to soothe your insistent moans.
I lent you my soul, pushed you to live another day.

But you forgot me.
Sitting silently while you ravaged everything, taking,
Stealing what you could to fuel might of the army.
I lost a home and you didn't look back.

But you forgot me.
Weeping, cradling his head as you pulled him away,
Telling me lies that he would one day return. A hero.
I gave you my son, so that you might triumph.

I am the Cook who fuelled your war.
I am the Blacksmith whose strength you stole.
I am the Nurse who saved your life.
I am the Villager whose home you destroyed.
I am the Mother whose son you sacrificed.
And you forgot me.

A Warning on History
By Agedbeauty

Celebrate, Tyrannia, celebrate --
Be happy in your day of victory.
But don't forget the Monoceraptor.
Don't forget what it is you celebrate.

Name your heroes, Tyrannia -- name them.
Sabre-X, Grarrg, Kyruggi, Plesio.
Celebrate your heroes, Tyrannia.
But do not forget why they are heroes.

Tell stories of your history and lore.
Keep your children captivated.
Make food, have a feast, celebrate with fire.
But don't forget that once, it was not lore.

Do not forget that the battles you sing
And the epic fights that you stylise
Were once life and death, were a need, not choice.
Celebrate, Tyrannia, but do not forget.

That if Tyrannia has yet to change
In all the years since its first victory,
Why would the Monoceraptor have changed?
Take care, Tyrannia, and not forget.

The Monoceraptor may rot for now
In mouldy, dusty tomes of history,
But do not forget that history can
Repeat in a land still frozen in time.

Shouts of Praise
By Aldurswolf

The crowds cheer his name,
"Sabre-X! Sabre-X!"
For in Tyrannia,
He's earned his fame.

Strategies are his great skill,
They have saved many a day.
They keep the village safe,
From those who have ill will.

Now that the war is finished,
with no enemies left to fight,
Sabre-X has no one left to battle,
But his presence is not diminished.

He now guards Tyrannia's food supply,
Of the giant precious omelette.
Everyone gets just one free piece,
No matter how they try.

And so continues all the praise,
The shouts of "Sabre-X!"
Will continue all the time,
Especially now, on Tyrannian Victory Day.

Of Heroes and Legends
By Arieuia

Ten years passed since that historic day,
And I can still remember that dreadful May,
With new friends threatened by monsters of lore,
We had to join the fight, tooth and claw.

Preluded by a quake so massive,
That no Neopian could stay passive,
We dug and climbed and searched around,
The darkened crack, deep in the ground.

And just when adventure seemed over and done,
A scrap of teeth; the light of sun!
As we crept forward into that new world,
An ancient plot began to unfurl.

The beasts attacked, in waves unknown,
But we fought them back, not standing alone,
But as an army from all Neopia
Fighting to protect this forgotten era.

And in the end, the battle was won,
By the nameless hero, whose story is sung
To this very day, when names are forgotten --
Deeds live on, the stuff of legend.

Peace is life now, as children grow older,
With their own dreams, which become more eager,
"Ten long years," they moan. "When will it end?
When will Tyrannia will be at war again?"

The Battle of Tyrannia
By Athinagreek

A helpful Chomby helps you in;
Despite his size, he has good teeth.
The oldest land ever to see
And it's in danger, so are we.

The careful Myncha brings the news;
The cunning Grarrg welcomes more troops,
The bravest fighters of all lands
To fight invaders away at last.

They barely sharpen half their spears
When come the Korbats to scout us peers.
Their leader Feemix puts up a fight,
But falls to a boomerang at his side.

Soon after more troops march ahead,
The fiercest species make amends,
Grarrls and Skeiths by Gragarex and Slychi,
The main force of our foe's army.

The Chia bombers no one expects,
But Grackle has no mercy for any pets.
They all battle to their last breath,
Spears and slingshots increasing wrath.

For a whole week the war goes on,
The situation dire even more
As Ukkrah and Tyragh lead their men on;
Fire Grarrls and Buzz spread fear to all.

When all think things can't get much worse,
More Grarrls show up with rains of shots,
Causing destruction to Tyrannian folks,
Whose stone shields protect them no more.

A miracle it seems -- we defeat them all!
A tiny flame of hope sparks all over our souls!
Too soon -- for there is one more foe;
The eerie voice told us so.

The puny creature wiped us out;
Hundreds of soldiers fell to the ground.
The Monoceraptor is too strong and fast;
We all want to flee before its might.

All but one noble, valiant Lupe:
He faces the monster alone -- and look!
He brings it down just with his spear!
The celebration will last for years!

Tyrannian Victory Parade
By Autotune

Today, early,
I wake up.
Already I can hear the sounds
Of our parade;
And outside the window,
All around them, flags
Are waving high;
Orange and brown and
All our glory, and
Courage and victory;
Outside the window,
I see the land where I belong.
And outside the door
I hear the sounds
Of our history;
The sun could never
Be brighter than it is
Now, today,
This bright and early day;
Today, all around me,
I hear them shout for
Our parade.
And our flags dance
Orange and brown in the air,
And suddenly it's us --
We are glory and courage and
We are victory and
History and
Today, together,
Our pride turns on the sun.

Three Cheers for Tyrannia
By Beagums

Many, many years ago,
Long before the NC Mall,
Tyrannia once had a war,
A real bench-clearing brawl.

Our adversaries were quite tough,
But we were tougher still.
Some get their kicks in wheels and games,
But the Battledome's our thrill!

And though it was but long ago,
We still take time to cheer.
Our history we must keep true,
All throughout the year.

So on this day we all rejoice,
To bring our spirits up.
And now that we have won a war,
Can we win an Altador Cup?

The Epic of Tyrannia
By Chemi_luminescence

A violent shaking that was never known
Shook all the Neopets down to the bone:
An earthquake whose mighty power was shown
At the Ice Caves: a giant crack in stone!
Journeys into it ended with a moan
As pets realised the trail was overgrown.

One day through the dense flora there appeared
A new pet who a pathway through had cleared!
Everyone agreed that it looked quite weird,
But the efforts of the Chomby were cheered!
Stories of how he boldly persevered
Were told until in the crack, the pets peered.

A new place in Neopia was found
That day in the earthquake's crack in the ground,
And as the pets journeyed out and around,
They found a land whose heat was quite profound.
Among the marvels the pets would surround:
A Giant Omelette cooked on rock and browned!

The land of Tyrannia was thriving;
Many shops were open and surviving.
Sometimes the Omelette would be depriving...
When there, it was sure to be reviving.
One day Myncha saw rivals arriving,
To crush Tyrannia, they were striving!

The Korbats arrived first in a large swarm,
Next: Skeiths and Grarrls (for the land was warm);
Chia bombers and a Buzz joined the form.
Pets fought back together in uniform,
But this fierce battle was only lukewarm,
Compared to the Monoceraptor's storm.

The fight commenced as many a brave pet
Tried in vain to quench this monstrous threat.
They fought all day: from sun-up to sunset,
They fought until they were covered in sweat.
Defeat loomed, but it was not over yet,
The beast was slain, and victory was set!

A heroic Lupe saved the day for all,
Dealing the blow that made their rival fall.
He left the field proud, triumphant, and tall
(He had just led to a villain's downfall.)
But as they rejoiced success that nightfall
Some thought they heard Monoceraptor's call...

Defining a Tyrannian Victory
By Concertogreat_8

Celebrating victory
Is complicated.
Explanations for the stones
In the circle,
The drawings on the walls,
The carved poles;
Who knows?

Perhaps when I offer you
This cooling drink of herb tea
(we call it 'ug ugah,' which means
'cooling drink of herb tea.'),
You get excited
And extrapolate
That Tyrannians are friendly.

Meaning is subjective, you know;
So maybe we are,
Maybe we aren't.
Maybe the wind moans all day
And stirs up red dust
Over the Giant Omelette
For no reason at all.

The songs we sing
(about marches and dust and war)
All have one thing in common:
It was a long time ago
And it's history,
A powerful legacy
We share with our cubs.

We wave this flag and tell
These stories
About heroes and friends,
And we feel close
To days long past,
Just more dust
On our flat red plains.

So define victory:
Is it the tears of joy
As we hug our families
Or the bitter-burnt taste
In our mouths
As we bury the ashes
Or the simple peace
Of telling a youngster,
'You need not fear,'
And knowing it to be

An Eventful Tyrannian Victory Day
By Dianacat777

A sunny morning sent me off
On another bright new day.
To Tyrannia, I travelled far,
Unaware that chance had come to play.

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
You find a piece of tasty Omelette lying on the floor!

So tasty, lying on the ground,
Did fate this omelette send?
But as tempting as this tidbit is,
I don't know where it's been!

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
Grarrg the Battle Master stomps past you,
Muttering something about war.

Hello there, esteemed General,
Why do you ramble so?
News travels slowly in these parts, but
The war ended ten years ago!

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
A fungus ball is sitting on this page...
You get confused and drop 47 Neopoints :(

A random Fungus Ball appeared,
So fuzzy, purple-blue.
I will now drop a few Neopoints,
Because I am confused.

Tyrannian Random Event!!!
A group of excited fans rush past you shouting,
'Jazzmosis are playing tonight!!!'

What's this? Oh dear. Please, be polite.
Don't shove me, boorish churls,
Jazzmosis? I'm relieved, I thought
That they were M*YNCI fangirls!

Sunset heralded my bid for home;
After all the excitement and fray,
For better or worse, these Random Events
Certainly made for a lively day!

Come Celebrate with Us!
By Dragonstorm_75

Hear the thunder of the drums!
Stamping feet and happy hums,
Dust has risen, come, rejoice!
(Do you really have a choice?)

It's Tyrannia's Victory Day,
Come on in and join the play:
Cheering throngs of happy folk,
Under the sun as gold as yolk.

Hear the Grarrls all roar with pride,
See the Pteris sing and glide,
To one beat, the song of heart,
A song in which they all take part.

So throw the fireworks in the air,
Under their light, watch all declare:
"I defeated the enemy here,
So let us dance, and let us cheer!"

It doesn't matter if you were there,
When the enemy fled in great despair,
But in heart, we're one, so come on in,
And join the prehistoric din!

Give Me An Ugga Ugga For Freedom!
By Filter

An epic battle, a war raged,
The heroes came out to fight that day.
A mighty beast fell, a village saved,
Everyone rejoices in the storybook way.

Today we celebrate the Tyrannian Victory,
Where Chombies, Pteris, and Skeiths do delight,
For the mighty Monoceraptor had finally fallen,
And ended Tyrannia's horrible plight.

They had come in droves, an army of fear,
Bent on taking over the land.
But brave heroes, warriors and commoners alike,
Banding together to defend was the plan.

It all began with a crack in the earth,
Of which curious Neopets did explore.
Never did they dream of the possibilities
That a new world would have in store.

If not for that war, to free all of Tyrannia,
The Monoceraptor would have destroyed it all.
We wouldn't have the delights we have today,
From the Wheel of Monotony to the Concert Hall.

Munch your omelette while you play Tyranu Evavu,
Stop by Tyrannian Arena and the Lair of the Beast.
If you can't pop down to Tyrannia today,
Give your pet a new Tyrannian paint brush at least!

The Tyrannian Victory
By Fudgedara

'Twas Year 2, as we all know.
Everything right as rain;
We didn't know, we can't have guessed
That soon there would be pain.

An earthquake shattered the Ice Cave floor,
Creating a deep black chasm.
They found a tunnel under there
Under Neopia's spasm.

They found some vines, too thick to chop,
And so they gave up seeking,
But soon the Chombies, those hungry pets,
Ate them, with troopers, in delight, shrieking.

But one day, scout Myncha saw,
With horror in his eyes,
Invaders coming from the north
Seeking their demise.

"Oh, people!" Grarrg then told the world.
"We need you to assist!
These trespassers must not take our land,
We really must resist!"

Then they heard a great, loud roar,
Echoing near and far,
"The Monoceraptor will crush you
And all you think you are!"

The Korbat Scouts and Korbat Leaders
Swarmed the village, bent on hurt,
To pillage and to sacrifice,
To cover them with dirt.

Soon they were defeated,
But the matter'd gotten worse,
Grarrl Troopers, Skeith Invaders,
Chia Bombers, what a curse!

Fire Grarrls, and Buzz too;
Don't forget Battle Masters.
One by one, Tyrannia lost
Even more from the disasters.

And as the warriors, fighting hard,
Thought the fight was finished,
Another message from beyond
Had their great hopes punished.

"I'll arrive tomorrow, you little weaklings!"
The great voice loudly boomed,
"You'd better be ready, as soon you'll see
That you're as good as DOOMED!"

An eerie silence was about
As warriors waited there
For their foe to show himself
And fight them, fair and square.

Thus began the momentous battle,
And every pet was fighting,
And then, he took his final hit
From brave young Lupe's sharp biting.

A raspy voice then did appear,
It was even more unnerving,
"That creature failed its simple task,
But I'll be watching -- waiting -- observing."

The battle won, the soldiers cheered.
The war was finally over,
But as for me, I'm still concerned
Doubt's grown in me like clover.

Is the battle really done?
Of evil are we ridden?
To me, there's still another foe,
Watching -- waiting -- hidden.

Tyrannian Victory Day
By Ilovemycatembers

'Tis the time, it's here again,
Yearly we do celebrate.
Rouse yourself, join the fun,
A good time awaits us on this special date.
Never is our party dull,
Nor our music flat.
I admit our language is a little strange,
And I guess things around here rarely change...
Never fear, you'll get used to that!

Very grand our feasting is,
It's talked about for months.
Come again, what did you say?
That our feast is not so great?
Omelette is indeed a treat.
Really now, don't look so grey,
You will have more than enough to eat.

Down in the jungle or on the plateau,
Anywhere you wish to be,
You'll celebrate this day with me.

Rah Rah, Tyrannia!
By Kryshasyrin

Rah Rah, Tyrannia!
Our fighting now is done.
Rah Rah, Tyrannia!
Our freedom has been won.

The vile Monoceraptor plotted;
He taunted all of us.
He called us puny, made great threats;
He claimed we would be crushed.

The Korbat Scouts descended;
The Leaders began their swarm.
They pillaged our great village,
And in our hearts rose a storm.

We gathered our defences,
As the Grarrl Troopers advanced.
Then came the Skeiths and Bombers;
They thought we had no chance.

As the Grarrl and Buzz invaded,
We thought we would be beat.
The vile foe said he'd carve us up,
Already claiming our defeat.

A hush fell over all Tyrannia;
All awaited his arrival.
Stockpiling potions, we'd stand our ground;
We were assuring our survival.

The colossal beast came with a roar;
Neopia rose to attack.
We fought united against our foe.
We cared not how the odds were stacked.

We struggled beside our brethren.
One brave Lupe led the way;
He dealt our foe the final blow,
And our war was won that day!

Rah Rah, Tyrannia!
Fought strong and did not flee!
Rah Rah, Tyrannia!
At last we all are free!

Tyrannian Victory
By Magicalcameron

Ground falls asunder.
A path is torn into once solid earth.
Flora as thick as ice
And perfumed as hot air drifting from depths.
The air is swaddled in velvet,
slick and heavy against skin and fur;
the humidity transforms it so.

A primordial world is discovered,
Far from the progression of the Space Station.
A crown jewel of success and a-sparkle,
Dangling in their night sky,
What do they make of its illuminated glow?
Progression is lethargic,
Not even close to the rest.

We were admitted to their forces,
Out of desperation?
Enemies surrounded,
Leaving us to gear ourselves for war.
Drums pounded,
Resonating throughout,
Invigorating pride like greed for coin.
Prepped and equipped we stood awaiting
For thrill of combat and sweet taste of victory.

We could taste it, that sweetest,
It lingered in our jaws,
And we were once again able to breathe.
Parley of sorts went on,
Fear again rose,
Many fought and lost; he devours all like air.
One stood strong,
And we owe thanks
For victory.

Tyrannia's Victory
By Nutty701

Victory! Victory! Shout the Tyrannians' bold
Victory! Victory! A word which we behold.
We won our battles, we have our scars,
But now, dear friends, victory is ours!
And, oh, how great this victory became!
The sweet aroma, the looming flame,
A flame that burns in our hearts,
Though, perhaps, not with our smarts,
We still won the battle that day;
We conquered our enemies, we took them away.

Now Tyrannia is free of the beast,
Who was tough, to say the least.
But Neopia stood proud and strong!
We were sturdy, nothing could go wrong.
We defeated the Monoceraptor that day,
And he flew far, very far away.

Now, dear friends, we celebrate,
On this happy and mighty date,
The day in which we will be seen,
As the day we were a team,
A team of Neopians hand in hand,
A team who saved this great land.
"Victory! Victory!" we cry aloud.
"We are Tyrannia! We are strong and proud!"

The Proud Land of Tyrannia
By Saqo

Oh, my proud home, Tyrannia --
today all of Neopia celebrates
the day you became free, and
the great land you are today.

I love you for your omelettes,
not to mention your concerts.
Your flat terrain is inspiring,
as are your inhabiting Neopets.

For one, how I adore the Chomby!
They fit right into the scenery
like a prehistoric time travel --
flat rocks and not much greenery.

The Tyrannian Paint Brush is
also indeed quite the rare one.
What many wouldn't give to be
painted by one, oh what fun!

Now, Tyrannia sprawls from
the Jungle to the Plateau.
If you take a trip to either,
you'll find adventure galore.

How about the Wheel of Monotony?
Or everyone's favourite, Destruct-
O-Match. Take in a concert or a
multiplayer game. There's oh so much!

There is one place however, to all
Neopians I would advice against.
Perhaps you've been there by accident...
take care -- it's The Lair of the Beast!

All in all, I must say that Tyrannia
is among my favourite of Neopia's lands.
It is my home, and I invite you all
to stop by some day -- bring your friends!

Song of the Breaking Dawn
By Starfur_scorchpelt98

When the shroud of night had long gone past,
The battle ceased to be.
The earth had become a sea of red
As far as the eye could see.

Some of the triumphant grieved over the
Faces of the mangled lit pink.
The sight was so, that the sun seemed
To behind the wispy clouds again sink.

Before them, the dead form of the scourge,
The beast Monoceraptor, slain.
Across the rocks, his giant form
O'er his victims' graves was lain.

The terrible beast, with his might and bulk,
Innocent civilians he'd killed.
His claws drew on the tint of their blood,
And in his presence not a bird trilled.

But now the eyes were glazed, the claws shone
In the sun, no more harm to wreck.
In the silence, his death made it emptier still,
The atmosphere had something lack.

But, of course! Many spears lay snapped,
Died had the spirits of the valiant.
But in the grieving there was an obvious fact,
Like the rising sun, so salient.

Amongst them, a Kougra, who with his spear
Dueled against the red claws,
Rising he faced his comrades, some of whom
Had almost met their fates between those jaws.

"Friends!" he began. "Why do you grieve?
Let your fallen rest in peace.
Look over yonder, o'er there they are
Of your worries the very least."

As the sun broke through the scudding clouds,
Warming the earth from the night,
It fell on his eyes, and right there in them
Shone a new kind of light.

"Our threat is dead, to kill no longer!
Why do you not rejoice?
The ones who had died, now they're avenged.
Now to sulk here is your choice."

Through Tyrannia a music poured,
One melodious, lilting, long.
It was the tune that had sprung to his lips,
The song of the breaking dawn.

A page of tumultuous history turned,
An era faded away.
The warriors, with one united mind,
Had only this to say:

"Long live Tyrannia! Death to the kin
Of the Monoceraptor!
A new life we shall carve on our return
For the courageous we shall mourn later."

The earth shook, the stones rumbled,
As the warriors returned.
Medals were handed out, dead were buried,
The young their stories they learned.

Around the fire was passed one tale,
Though not detailed or long-drawn.
It was about the one of the battlefield
Who told to sing of the breaking dawn.

A Trip to Tyrannia
By Tiketot4

Let's take a trip to Tyrannia
On a bright and sunny day!
Maybe we'll stop by the Omelette
For a wonderful buffet.

Then we can see a concert
Or maybe play a game.
Volcano Run is always fun,
If you don't get hit by a flame!

Then let's take a spin
On the Wheel of Monotony.
While we wait for it to stop,
We can study Tyrannian botany!

We can try some foods
Or get a new Petpet,
But all day in the sun
Will maybe make us sweat!

Then we can head home
And wind down with some iced tea
After a long, long day
Of celebrating Tyrannian victory!

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