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Neopets Poems

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Forever Free
By Ladygaladriel213

Bubbles are intoxicating,
A swirl of water evaporating,
Distilled thoughts of swimming in currents,
Too swift to hold one near.

Breathing underwater,
Big gulpfuls of purity.
Swimming in delight,
The waters of the sea.

Burbling majesties of prismatic colours
Gurgle around them evermore.
These Koi and all their fin-swishing joy,
Greater depths than we know to explore.

Splish splash here, splish splash there,
The sun tickling fins without a care.
The kiss of the wind sets the waves in motion;
Bottle up these waters for a special potion.

Reel in your line, or guard a pearl,
Welcome to the Koi's magnificent world.
Though we wish we could swim as well,
We would be drowned in the ocean's swell.

These waters are filled with the magic of Koi,
And all the happiness and all the joy
That they bring into their sea,
Forever swimming, forever free.

Seeking the Sunlight
By Anjie

Adrift on dreams of crystal blue,
Dappled, the creature fair.
Ripples part the cobalt glass,
If fin should linger there.

Through the water, idle shift,
His form moves, ever slow.
At peace with all the Koi remains,
Now lit by sunlit glow.

Koi who moves with grace refined,
Your motions seem a dance!
Orange patterns, gleaming soft,
Under the sun's expanse.

Vision of a soul serene,
Each motion you make smooth.
Reflecting tones of onyx, gold,
You waltz more than you move.

Magic doth the Koi evoke,
Under the rippled glaze.
Colours flicker, orange shapes,
Harmonious, that gaze.

Fins like gossamer do spread,
Orange and black their hue.
Rich in colour, soft they float,
Merged in the water blue.

You'll see them when the sun is high,
Tide lit by glowing sheen.
Rare they are, but dappled Koi
In golden light are seen.

Dappled creature darts along,
Endless, the tide he'll skim.
Nearer to the sunlit glow,
Through silken blue shall swim.

Koi Song
By Inesneth

Sunny ripples --
My childhood.

Those were the long days of solstice
When the sea hugged you close.
We swam up to the gleaming surface
And leaped.

And when the sun scorched our scales,
We flipped and dived into the depth of the waters
To be greeted by fresh blue-green
That welcomed our bubbles of joy.

Cool, again.
Coral of every colour that was our home --
Rainbow coloured, waving and glistening,
Housing millions of little homes.

Then came the dark and all was cold.
Stony sea-bed now our home,
What was left of our family
Delved deep to retrieve treasured possessions.
Lockets, diaries, family photos in fin,
We swam, wounded, into ever darker realms
In the hope to build our new world.

so many koi
By Agedbeauty

pretty faerie koi
flying gracefully
through clear water

elegant royal koi
swimming purposefully
through deep water

eerie ghost koi
drifting formlessly
through murky water

cheerful island koi
dancing happily
through buoyant water

adventurous pirate koi
advancing menacingly
through stormy water

squishy plushie koi
bouncing playfully
through shallow water

bright rainbow koi
shimmering colourfully
through shining water

so many lovely koi
swimming neatly
through the seas

after koi day
what new koi
will swim these waters?

To Catch the Sun
By _Razcalz_

To the silver-scaled Koi, it seemed
no matter how fast he
swam and skimmed the
surface of the sea,
the westbound sun was always
faster still.

For the only horizon he's known
is the one that's merely
sea and sky --
and the light, at day's end,
touched down on
water and cast a thousand
mirrors on the crests.
And the Koi, he dived and
streaked and
swam great miles in
hopes to
catch the sun;

but it was always faster still,
just another mile away
and then another when he
got there --
and for now he'll have to be
satisfied with those little
pieces of sun,
the mirrors of light
upon his scales.

Don't Be Coy on Koi Day!
By Filter

Strap on your snorkel and flippers,
Down to the beach you should make your way.
Today is a day of fun and celebration,
Get ready to get wet, it's Koi Day!

Spend the day down in new Maraqua,
A Koi will guide you if you need help.
Have fun playing underwater games,
There's even a buffet set up by Kelp!

The Koi is a very old species,
Its long years make it very wise.
Though its form may have changed and shifted,
Its need for water still does arise.

The most famous Koi is King Kelpbeard,
In New Maraqua he does rule.
He watches over his Koi brethren,
Even when they play Whirlpool!

Koi are slow on land, this fact is true;
They waddle around on their small fins.
Don't forget to grab them a cup of water,
They need to keep moist their skins.

Koi are fun and playful,
Flitting all over the sea.
So if you like parties and celebrations,
Today in Maraqua is the place to be!

Against All Odds
By Kuroge

On the bottom of the ocean floor,
beneath the shining rays of light,
searching for ancient lost treasure,
is one brave and valiant knight.

Always a very ambitious Koi,
searching for fortune and fame,
wagging his membranous tail,
Karpoh is his given name.

Delving amongst the antiquated
ruins of the once glorious city,
he speeds through the ocean
and unleashes his potent abilities.

No amount of Jetsams
with their carnivorous appetite
can frighten the fearless Koi,
very cunning and also erudite.

Though in perpetual danger,
Karpoh hunts and quests
for those rare and valuable
elusive precious gem nests.

Fanciful Fauna
By _Chopin

When travelling Neopia one eve,
I took a lengthy rest.
Though I had many more worlds to visit,
Shenkuu so charitably made me their guest.

Though reading the moon had its quirks,
And scenery held my every gaze,
It was that Fanciful Fauna and spotted Koi,
Which held me there for days.

With two pink flowers in her hair,
She was a lovely sight, you see.
But she was covered in Petpets plenty,
Counting not one, not two, but three!

There was a Gikerot glued to her left,
As if wanting to catch her eye,
And I surely don't blame the creature,
I'd do the same if I could fly!

A menacing bird sat on her shoulder,
A "Tomamu" I guess it's called,
And like the Gikerot it refused to leave,
I was shocked she wasn't appalled!

The only one that sat content
Was a Juma resting by her side.
And what a comfortable place it seemed
For a Petpet or admirer to reside.

Before continuing my journey,
I needed to hear her speak,
And her shopkeeper greeting was even enough
To make my legs feel weak.

And how true her words became,
Shenkuu had its exotic treats,
And like those Petpets you don't find anywhere else,
It's rare to find a Koi that sweet.

Finding Koi
By Concertogreat_8

Here by the harbour,
Where the ships sail away,
By the salt-stained docks
Under which blue waters sway;

Here and there in the water
They dart like silver sighs;
Sparks of light in unholy dark,
Koi under ice-grey skies.

Here in the wide-open sea,
Where Neopia's waters meet sky
And bleed into the atmosphere,
Whilst sundrenched sailors cry;

Here above the rolling swells,
Amidst foam like maiden's hair,
Golden Koi leap in shining droves,
White into bright empty air.

Here in a lonely botanical pond,
Where algae skims the surface
And white lilies wither brown,
Lying limp as a disproved myth;

Here in a sea of floating flowers,
Twisting among a drifting garden,
Spotted Koi swim in serenity,
Like souls with an everlasting pardon.

The Koi Warrior
By Dianacat777

A shadow darts through ruined halls
Once esteemed, but now unsung.
He ponders these corridors, so diminished,
Where shells sparkled and tapestries hung.

The Koi Warrior, once a royal guard,
Is left to wander a derelict home,
But he calls a challenge to any pet
To question his prowess in the Battledome.

A sentinel of ages past,
Guarding a fallen empire,
Sword and shield equipped, he waits,
Eyes blaze with undiminished fire.

He challenges pets to surpass themselves
With his maractite blade gleaming cold.
He darts forward with a battle cry,
Reminiscent of the days old.

Because Old Maraqua will not die
So long as it's remembered by.

Spirit Koi
By Guddi6

From the core of hidden deep
Secrets rise and stir.
Uncharted, these waters remain,
From surface, eerie blur.
Deep within, where none do roam
Mystical, this realm,
Ruins lie scattered there;
Of days of old, they tell.
Legend speaks of something dark
That lurks amidst the wreckage,
Shifting softly through the waters,
Simmering with unsung rage.
Tormented is this disturbed soul,
Spirit left behind.
Life ravaged after the war,
With kith and kin destroyed.

Keening pleas echo far
And sing of long-lost days,
Beware the phantom wandering, lost,
Who spurns the morning rays.
Should you venture far below
And catch sight of spirit Koi,
Be careful, for this mournful spectre
Has long forgotten joy.
Crimson orbs do slice through dark
And guide the spirit through.
Shades of teal do grace the form
Jaded, illuminating blue.
Legend speaks of something dark;
Remember this, be wary:
Little is known of this strange spectre
With the exception of his looking quite scary!

Glorious Dance
By Emilysusanburt

Oh, that I were a Koi
And free to pursue my heart's desire!
That I might descend
Into the river and dance in the currents,
Feeling the ripples
Flow over my scales to the tip of my tail,
Never fearing to flounder
As a child of both the land and sea.
All the great mysteries
Below the surface would be mine to explore.
I'd probe ancient secrets
Of caverns, caves, and hidden coves.
Down under the waves,
I would be as a bird flying through the clouds,
My fins and my tail
Rippling behind me like fans on the breeze.
Landbound, I must watch,
Never to know the freedom of the dance,
That glorious dance!
Beneath the blue where the Koi are as kings.

Colourful Koi
By Elly042

There are schools in Neopia.
"But where?" I hear you ask.
"I thought they gave up long ago
On that bothersome task."

They are there if you look for them,
So if that you would enjoy,
Then grab a boat and snorkel,
To search for schools of Koi.

Look where there is water,
And plenty you will find,
Swimming in the shallows
With serene peace of mind.

And if you're very lucky,
Because this is really rare,
A whole host of colours
In one school will be there.

Will you spot a mutant Koi,
With three eyes, not two,
Or perhaps one from Tyrannia,
Who will gaze hungrily at you.

The royals trail capes and gowns,
As they swim through the deep,
While the faerie splashes back again,
As from the air it leaps.

I'm not quite sure how magma
And fire stay below,
And electric... well, I just assume,
That it goes with the flow.

If you spot a patch of water,
Lighter than the rest,
But moving around just the same,
It's invisible! You guess.

You can spend hours
Watching red and gold and blue,
But once you make a sudden move,
They'll all disappear from view!

Excerpt from the Book Koi Beauty Tips
By Ktkdk

First, let me tell you, my readers so dear,
This one beauty tip must be crystal clear.
You may even want to write it down.
When you go out on the town
Wear waterproof makeup only,
Otherwise you will look quite homely
As your makeup runs all over your face
And your friends call you a disgrace.

Second, don't try to straighten your locks
Or curl them either; your friends will mock.
Because when you leave to have some fun
The water will make your work come undone.
Your straight hair once again will curl,
And your perfect ringlets will unfurl.
So take my advice and leave your hair alone,
Otherwise you will soon cry and moan.

To end this page, one more little rant.
To Koi everywhere: don't wear pants!
You have a tail, not four legs or two,
So pants simply won't fit correctly on you.
Instead wear a kilt or a skirt or a dress,
Then you will avoid this whole mess.
It's just my opinion, my publisher made me say.
But if you follow it, you'll be cool in every way!

Out of Sight
By Caily_

There lives a Koi of royal blue,
He's the ruler of Maraqua new.
When the pirates came what could he do
But defend and fight them too.

He stood up against the pirates' cause.
Angered they shouted many roars;
They then attacked him with all their force,
And Maraqua crumbled to its floors.

They built anew beneath the shores,
Devastated by the immoral wars,
But New Maraqua was soon without a flaw,
And so they looked upon it with awe.

"Never trust surface dwellers," he now says,
And never will they go back to their old ways.
Now living in secret beneath the waves,
Out of sight from the pirates' gaze.

Karpoh's Bubbles
By Hawk_maniac

Diving into the crystal waters of Maraqua,
Ribbons of seaweed wave with the current.
Swimming past the pristine maractite castle,
Past the shells, past the pricy kelp,
Into the depths of the crumbling ruins.

A fishing vortex, squid and rotten boots galore.
Beyond the chasm, home of the slug beast.
In the corner swims Karpoh
Pushing bubbles, collecting treasure,
Pushing bubbles...

The Koi stops, looks around, spots a Jetsam.
Manoeuvring, acrobatics in the water,
Avoiding the dagger-teeth.
A gem! A nudge toward the treasure chest
And pride of a job well done.

The endless maze of bubbles, of gems,
of hopes and dreams of a Koi.
Karpoh, alone in the ruins,
As if he were surrounded
by a bubble of bubbles.

Shell's Song
By Magicalcameron

I've always loved the water,
It wraps me up tight.
It cools me when I'm sweltering,
And warms me when I'm cold.

Great tales have arisen,
From its murky depths,
Of great seafaring Neopians
That have sailed the ocean blue
On massive vessels where I

Lay underneath like a secret.
My scales glisten in sunlight
And glimmer in the moonlight's glow.
I swim about and visit our once-destroyed city,
That great Kelpbeard,
Trident in hand,
He raised our city.

I float about with pride,
My colours give me gracious splendour;
I'm the king of the sea.
I use gold bands to weigh me down
(24 karats, no less.)
I cannot hide behind them.

Stir stir stir,
And many visit our depths.
They seek great power or treasure.

I have seen many scars,
One Scar is violent and cruel.
It lingers and slices all around.
I've always disliked pirates.

Here in the water I feel safe;
The waters are dark and deep,
But I know every inch.
Each day I listen.
Listen to the sound of shell rolling,
Singing to us as the tides push and pull;
Rhythmic and soothing.

The Journey of a Little Koi
By Dragonstorm_75

A lattice of bubbles, broken in passing,
Shattered to pieces by the round mail,
Reflecting sunlight to become as white disks,
Each a gleaming, little Koi scale.

Among the currents wreathing round,
Like Hissi in the desert sand,
The little Koi kept on moving forth,
Toward this thing that was called land.

He had never seen land before,
For 'twas a legend, a myth, tall tale.
But did it exist, curiosity thought,
Hidden behind a watery veil?

The little Koi dared not hold his hopes,
Lest this tale take a false turn,
But as he swam, the current grew warm,
And the blue depths ceased to churn.

The sky above became turquoise and bright,
A mosaic of shapes, shifting around.
Breaking up sand into parcels of gold,
A sight that was pretty, and quite profound.

Soon the sand began to rise,
And the light of the surface came ever close,
Still our little friend plodded on,
Through the water's mystical floes.

There! He was out! A flurry of gold!
Crystals of water fell round his fins!
The cold bite of air embraced his gills,
Soothing as sleep, yet sharp as pins.

There, in the distance, spread out his goal!
Rock clothed with green, a thing of beauty.
The legend was true, the myth verified,
And with that our Koi returned to the sea.

A Koi Transformation
By Indulgences

The shadow Koi slips silently
Through waters dark and blue,
The raven flicker of its fins
Obsidian in hue.

But what is this? A Faerie Paint Brush
Approaches our small Koi!
It drips with glitter pink and blue --
It's shimmering with joy!

It dabs the Koi, who starts to change
In colour, shine, and shape!
It's now a faerie Koi with wings,
So graceful, softly draped!

It's rosy pink and turquoise blue
With subtle shades of gold.
The waters cannot hold it now --
The sky is now its love!

His Majesty, Kelpbeard
By Naneun

Noble and mighty, blue like the sea,
He rules Maraqua, and only can he.
Deep in regrets, but regrets no more,
Neglecting Isca's warnings, leading to war.

But bless his soul, for Scarblade had fled.
Had he not, things might be better left unsaid.
Through his journeys, companions were gained;
Garin and Jacques, legends they remained.

A good lesson learned, and all is well;
Experience acquired, to brave and excel.
Maraqua now is stronger than ever
Under his rule, his humble endeavour.

His Majesty, King of the Deep,
Kelpbeard is his name, the crown is his to keep.
His courage admired, his stories are told;
Let his everlasting reign unfold.

Residents of Maraqua
By Saqo

Swimming, secretly, softly.
Quietly and majestically.
The Koi is one such pet
that calls the oceans home.

A stream of bubbles surfaces,
the only part of the Koi
to see sunlight; unneeded,
as the ocean is a paradise.

Neopia's oceans are home
to quite a few pets indeed.
But none such as the Koi,
their skills and traits many.

They call Maraqua, their native
land, a mysterious underwater
dwelling. Few Neopians have
explored this beautiful place.

Today we celebrate Koi, but
we need not -- for Koi know
their breed is as unique and
special as any other pet.

Koi are inventive and also
friendly and outgoing. They
love to have fun, but what they
love the most is swimming,

For swimming lets them feel
free. Free to explore all
Maraqua has to offer. Free
to live as they choose.

A Koi skims the surface,
watching the festivities.
A smile forms on his face,
"We are special, indeed!"

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