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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Being 2-D in a 3-D World
By Skizzabella

In a world where everyone wants what's new,
Where anything old is considered taboo,
A simple 8-bit coloured pet gets little love,
Because of that extra dimension we're deprived of.

We disappear if we turn to the side,
A frustrating trait that's impossible to hide.
We can only wear certain 8-bit clothes,
Not to mention only having one pixel for a nose.

No matter what, we always look tiny.
Forgive me if I sound just a wee bit whiny.
We blend into background, are mistaken for blurry.
Even those of us with fur are not considered furry.

Someday we hope to have matching toys,
Dresses for girls and hats for boys,
Petpets that match us or are at least 3-D,
Backgrounds that make us easy to see.

Until then, we find homes near and far,
With owners who like us for who and what we are.
We will run, laugh, and even play,
And be proud to celebrate 8-Bit Day.

Crazy for 8-bit!
By Melanie_reborn

Finally, the colour 8-bit has been released!
So some celebrating is in order, at least!
With the release of this long-awaited new colour,
Any other news would obviously seem duller!

This news caused quite an outburst,
With the 8-bit Chomby coming first.
The colours purple, yellow, and green,
The 8-bit Chomby became quite keen.

An 8-bit Kougra was made in mostly blues,
That was even including his shoes!
The 8-bit Moehog was up next for release...
When would the 8-bit releases cease?

It's a shame you can only get 8-bits from the lab,
Especially with a colour that's just so fab!
The only shame is they can't be customised,
But who really cares with a colour so prized!

I Want an 8-Bit
By Mamasimios

I want an 8-bit Kougra
Made out of chunky blocks,
Wearing chunky shorts
And blocky socks.
When I see 8-bit Kougras,
They seem so surreal.
I want to touch and pet one --
See if they're for real.
I want to stroke one's back
Where the fur should be,
See if I can make her laugh,
Hear what her purr would be.
Yes, I want an 8-bit Kougra.

I want an 8-bit Chomby
With a long, stacked neck.
I wish that I could zap one,
But I haven't yet.
The Lab Ray Scientist wants
To keep them rare
(And I suppose, after all,
That is only fair).
I want to walk an 8-bit Chomby
Along the main street,
Watch it wave an 8-bit tail
And stomp four 8-bit feet.
Yes, I want an 8-bit Chomby.

I want an 8-bit Moehog
In a pale shade of red,
With brick-like tusks
And a stepped mane on his head.
When I see that 8-bit Moehog,
I think that he's so cool,
Not showy or flashy;
His look is retro, old-school.
With a scribble of a tail
And squared-off hooves,
The 8-bit Moehog
Has a nostalgic groove.
Yes, I want an 8-bit Moehog.

Revitalisation of 8-Bit
By Magicalcameron

I cannot process as quickly,
I feel lethargic and weary.
My clothing is fragmented and square.

Watch as I move,
Snail in pace,
To my destination.
I travel to smell the roses.

I have no distinct features;
Do you love me still?
My eyes are square,
One black little square.
My smile seems scarred,
It runs like a jigsaw.

I'm a gradient polychrome creation,
A mismatched toy.
Would you say I'm broken?

Can I be mended?
Or do you love me as is?
I'm not truculent...
No, I'm rather easy and calm.
My words are my tools,
My hammer and nail.
Knock them down,
Into place.

This is my place,
This is my function,
To be at your side.
Do you love me still?
Hopefully you can calculate
My intentions and admiration.
Do you need me to assist?
I'm not needed.
Dusty I thought I'd remain,
In some little folder-type box.
Waiting to play.

A Reminder of Simpler Times
By Jillian3_3

Blowing in cartridges to get them to play,
Pixellated dreams are coming my way.
8-bit was the height of fashion;
Weren't the games just smashing?

Scrolling graphics were the norm,
to play between classes in your dorm.
A reminder of Neopets' beginnings after all;
back in the day we had a ball!

See the Kougra stepping out of the jungle,
questing that you must not bungle.
8-bit Moehog looking very chipper,
I don't think he could get much hipper.

Bored of high-tech flash and dizzies?
I cannot wait for 8-bit Hissis!
Now our favourite pets can be a reminder,
of a certain princess; let's go find her.

Chombies that escaped from Neoquest,
strength of will is the test.
The Lab Ray zap can be a mishap,
trying for 8-bit can be a trap.

8-bit gallery items to collect;
which trinkets would you select?
You might think such a collection blinding,
for that day I am simply pining.

An 8-bit land would truly amaze,
a great way to re-use the land with the haze.
I would love an 8-bit world,
it would make me giggle like a little girl!

An Ode to All 8-Bits
By Howiesgrl_24

There's something special
about those 8-bit pets,
Rasterised beauties
who inspire vignettes.

Pixel perfect,
total squares,
No need for accessories,
no one else can compare.

They've got all the right angles;
they think outside of the box.
Fashionably retro,
they've got socks made of blocks.

Customise what?
Say that again.
All your base
are belong to them.

These pets are quite smart,
and they're real fast to load.
Hit refresh! But remember
they're more than just binary code.

8-Bit Neo
By Herdygerdy

Main screen turn on.
Simple jingle, catchy song.
Title screen, brightly made.
8-Bit Neo shall be played.

Level One.
Jump over barrels as we run.
Climb the ladder, reach the top.
Level finished, we can stop.

Level Two.
Another one for us to get through.
Run really fast from left to right.
Admire the pixellated sprite.

Level Three.
A difficult one, you will agree.
Pick your fighter for a duel.
Punch, punch, kick, to refuel.

Level Four.
Find the princess, what a chore.
Dungeon monsters, distant lands.
Three kinds of power in your hands.

Level Five.
The boss arrives.
Jump on his head, and again.
Pretty soon he will be slain.

Game complete.
Congrats, I'm sure, an awesome feat.
8-Bit's done, but don't be blue.
This time next year, you'll have 8-Bit 2.

Confusing 8-Bits
By Guddi6

Blurred yet distinct, the colours marked,
Tone from head to toe,
Solid blocks, clear, profound,
Hesitantly flow.
Bold outlines, magnified,
Quirky, such a thing,
Like it hopped straight out of a pixel pool
And sprang onto the screen.

Could one imagine such a pet
Wandering about Neopia, in this shape?
Amidst the furry, wooly, scaly crowds
That Neopia doth make?
Scuttling past substantial forms,
Flat as a pancake, a sliver of life,
Hazily rearing down the streets
As Neopians swerve from left and right.

Strange and unexpected, this new colour,
Reveals a new structure altogether,
Hard to distinguish, hard to miss,
Can't weigh more than a feather.
I saw one around the other day,
And it puzzled me more than ever.
I wondered if my vision was fading,
Or my thoughts were clouding, drifting, severed.

The 8-bit, it appears, is here to stay,
And I rather like it -- I can't tell why!
Still, confusion's in my mind, thoughts astray,
A pixel pet? Oh my!

Old-School Is Too Cool!
By Filter

The newest craze to hit Neopia
Is as old school as can be.
So flat and square, it's barely there!
That's the 8-bit that you see.

You'd think it was an old video game,
Set back many a year ago,
But the 8-bit just came to be,
And it's got a lot of bits to show.

The Kougra growls with its pixellated fury,
Its smile drawn in Paint.
It is the simplicity that makes it awesome,
And the uniqueness that makes it great.

The Chomby grins with its sideways mouth
To remind you of games past,
Like the old Jelly Blobs of Doom,
Where this flat Chomby had to move fast.

A well-groomed Moehog rounds up the bunch,
Vibrant colours round him out.
Frozen in time, and as flat as a sheet,
But that's what 8-bit is all about.

With all the great memories they stir
And greater things yet to come,
Every day is exciting when a new 8-bit shows;
TNT's creativity can't be outdone!

The Land of 8-Bit Pets
By Elly042

Once upon a time,
In a place far from here,
But through years, not distance or space,
There was a small land
On this Neopian sphere,
A strange but amazing place.

Before Shenkuu was found
And pets could wear clothes,
Moltara not even a thought,
It existed and thrived,
But no one now knows,
How to stay alive it fought.

In the new age of graphics,
With movement and shine
And animation it could not compete,
So it vanished, forgotten,
After a rapid decline,
To accept inevitable defeat.

But with the rise of nostalgia,
For memories last,
Pets have been arriving once more,
And it seems quite clear,
Although years have passed,
There are still some links to before.

With the Chomby and Kougra
And the Moehog the last,
We can remember anew all those years,
From the land of the 8-bit,
Way back in the past,
Reminders of life then are here.

The 8-Bit Pet
By Dragonstorm_75

A hundred colours circled me,
Their brilliance was pure:
As rich as the eye can see,
Brimming with allure.

I wrapped my paws around them,
Crimson -- gold -- azure;
Each square a shining gem,
Solid and secure.

They scrambled across my being,
And with a feverish haste,
Each bit soon found its bearing,
On face and tail and waist.

Old colours lost their blend --
Torn off coloured paste --
Once a second skin -- a friend,
Now discarded and replaced.

I lost who I was
To bits and bytes of sense,
Digitised paws,
Zapped by circumstance.

Now I realise my mistake,
I yearn for what I lost:
To feel emotion, cares, to ache,
This now I must accost... no.

01001000 01100101 01101100
01101100 01101111 00101110

8-Bit Days
By Dianacat777

users like their Neopets
spiffy and high-tech, done with
artistic flair so debonair that royalty
could hardly ask for better. But I say
that retro style is a wonderful
thing, and those little blockish pixels
are ever so endearing, reminding us of times
when things were less complex, and a game of
ping-pong consisting of two lines and a square
were the height of video gaming.
So while it's nice
to see how far we've
come, don't forget the time
where everything was new in 8-bit

An 8-Bit World
By Crystallizedginger

The moon shines with yellow squares,
The sky an inky tar,
And the bumpy world is spangled
With pixellated stars.

The grass is made of small, green bits,
All the trees are poorly formed.
The ground is strewn with greyish pixels
That fell from clouds when it stormed.

On the winding road beneath
Shaky cars are lumbering by
And the signs are unreadable
Under the darkening sky.

The inhabitants are oddly flat
And lacking in detail.
The Chombies' necks are paper-thin,
As are the Kougras' tails.

But this lumpy, simple world
Is quite a happy place.
There's a warm, contented smile
On every jagged face.

A Small Tribute to an 8-Bit Moehog
By Concertogreat_8

Oh, my 8-bit Moehog --
You take up so little space
And always are faithful
To the capacity of choice.

So your head is too big
For your hooves,
And sure you are just
A little blurry at times;

But though you have
Pixellated edges,
Blurred insides, and
A roughened outline;

Oh, my 8-bit Moehog --
I wish to always keep you,
And together we can frolic
In processors that are small;

And when you speak
Sometimes in outdated code,
I still know what it is
That you're trying to say.

Desperate Measures
By Carrotbreath

How wide my eyes grew
When I learned of the new
Colour. And how dismayed
When I read it's only gained
From the lab.

I need the luck I lack,
Because I cannot hold back
From zapping poor pets.
Yes, indeed, I take the bet,
And lose.

Chomby, the towering giant,
Became the scientist's first client.
My ears fell deaf to pleas
And clicking came at ease,
But a Chomby he did not stay.

Kougra, the sly king,
Was I second to bring.
And a array of colours he became,
But his tears still the same,
Until a Kougra he did not stay.

Moehog, the adept fool,
I still use him as I would a tool.
And were he to suffer the same fate,
I'm sure 8-Bit Day would provide new bait.

8-Bit Wanderings
By Anjie

With motions lacking subtle grace,
He marched across the scene.
A blur of colour, vibrant blue,
With firm lines to be seen.
Defined with heavy, onyx black,
And shapes uneven, square.
All who saw could spread the word,
"An 8-bit pet walks there!"

The Kougra did seem out of place,
For gaze was not defined.
The strange cubes that made up his form
Were blocks, just not refined.
Yet he walked his merry way,
Expression did not change.
But he wondered, deep within,
Why did he look so strange?

Was he just the only one
Not sleek and lined so smooth?
The one whose hard lines shifted fast
When he did choose to move?
The clothes from NC Mall he found
Did never really fit.
There had to be more than just him;
He couldn't just be it.

When wandering one sunny day,
He saw a Moehog, yet
This wasn't just a random thing,
But one more 8-bit pet!
His pixellated eyes got wide;
He squinted through bright sun.
That day he found, although he's odd,
He's not the only one!

8-Bit Chomby
By Angelachen97

Is this a joke, a prank, a dream?
Could it be fake and make-believe?
Are our hopes going to fade again?
Is the 8-Bit Chomby going to leave?

Neon green head with orange plates,
Purple pants, orange shirt and shoes,
Not many shades are shown at all;
On its face are two spots of blue.

It's very blurry and hard to see,
But that's the way it's supposed to be.
Did you ever wonder about its name?
Go define it and then you shall see!

With a quirky smile and very big eyes,
This Chomby is difficult not to like.
Too bad its rare and a lab-only colour --
Just hope that you'll get a winning strike!

Bring one home today and rejoice,
But please don't feed it too much cake;
You wouldn't want to crash its system --
The 8-Bit Chomby is quite hard to make!

Let us all gather to sing and dance
In celebration of this great new colour.
This day will go down in Neo History;
Be sure to scream and cheer and holler!

By Amitybelle

The news spread word of them one day,
This brand-new colour made us smile!
Oh, no Paint Brush, I guess this means
I may be zapping for a while...

In stomped the Chomby first of all,
A pixellated green.
Some weren't too sure just what to think;
For others, was a must-have dream.

The Kougra pounced in after this,
In his few shades of blue.
And then, the latest, a Moehog friend...
Which appeals to you?

Not full of stuffing like a plushie,
No buttons for their eyes.
No coloured faerie wings to spread,
Can't soar throughout the skies.

They don't emerge from bubbling magma,
Nor dwell where there is sand.
A few small squares is what they are,
So simple, yet so very grand.

Reminders of a simpler time,
No customising these.
Neopia has welcomed them,
And many more we hope to see!

Pixel Pets
By Aldurswolf

You see them in their profile;
A tribute to days gone by.
Stylised from older games,
At resolutions not so high.

They have their very own clothing,
For normal ones wouldn't work.
So with only one set to wear,
They'd best beware of the dirt!

The Kougra, the Chomby, the Moehog,
For now these are the only three.
To get these special pets,
Some luck with a Ray you will need.

These are the 8-bit pets,
Which some thought were an April Fools'.
But many are glad that they're not,
'Cause these pixellised pets are so cool!

8-Bit Nostalgia
By Agedbeauty

Tiny 8-bit Chomby, you recently came
And threw us into a world of nostalgia,
When graphics used to be but a few pixels,
And colour choices were limited to eight.

When video games were still bright and new,
And animation was still pretty young,
Internet Neopets still wasn't yet born,
But 8-bit set the ground for our interest to grow.

Now graphics are an amazing thing,
With faces and places so realistic,
Complex and artistic, breathtaking beauty --
And yet, and yet, and yet... I almost wished...

When 8-bit was normal, things were so simple;
All you had to do was conquer a castle!
Games were simple, and obligations fewer,
Criticism lesser, and expectations lower.

So when 8-bit came out, I was overjoyed.
Pleasant memories and fuzzy graphics.
But with the new 8-bit Chomby,
I have to admit I learned something new.

8-bit may have been the stuff of my youth,
And may bring with it pleasant memories.
8-bit Chombies and Kougras may be awful cute,
But still, I think I prefer the graphics of new.

8-bit Moehogs I might even call adorable,
But 8-bit... it isn't for me anymore.
It may make me wistful, but the truth is the truth:
And the truth is that I like to customise!

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