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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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The Island and the Coconut
By Reggieman721

The Island and the Coconut
Were walking on the sandswept beach.
They both were wearing smiles, for they
Were quite the best of friends, you see.

A tuft of sea-green tribal hair
Was lifted gently by the wind.
The Island JubJub's golden ring
Slid down a bit, askew, unpinned.

His azure eyes bounced up; he frowned,
And painted marks of sun-soaked white
Around the edges of his face
Traced out the hands-less creature's plight.

The Coconut -- he smiled, of course,
And merely raised his dexterous toes,
Returning, with a gentle flick,
The ring back to its proper pose.

The Island gave a little bounce
And rubbed his cheek against his friend's.
And on they went along the beach,
And out of sight, round island's bend.

The Almighty Shop Wizard JubJub
By Gabriel1250

You cannot miss me if you tried:
A big hat featuring moons and stars
In the centre of the Neopian Marketplace.
Easily spotted from afar,
I must look quite a star!

I am the jovial but sensible Shop Wizard.
A legend, some would comment,
A little fellow with extraordinary skills.
I'm not entirely sure by what they meant,
But never mind, I'm jolly content!

I stroke my fluffy beard as I wonder,
'What do you wish to buy today?'
Inform me your bidding and
I'll send the information along your way
Without the slightest of delay.

Looking for a bargain?
You'll find it here!
Seeking a present for a friend,
Or a gift for a dear,
Or perhaps a pretty flower for her?

I will search Neopia
Up and down, high and low,
In every direction, every crook and corner,
Under hail and through snow,
Then line my findings neatly in a row.


I'll let you in on a secret,
Which inspired many a rumour,
But promise me you won't whisper it to a soul!
We regard it with a healthy dose of humour,
For back in the day it created quite the stir.

No one aside from us knows but
Super Shop Wizard is indeed my twin!
Two JubJub brothers working side by side,
Identical outfits and the same old grin.
With our help combined, everyone wins!

Well, wouldn't you just look at that?
You've just received a new faerie quest!
Very sorry, but you're now left to your own devices,
But really, don't look too stressed.
Shop Wizard JubJub wishes you the best!

Boraxis the Healer
By Superpepe

Boraxis the Healer
lives in Neopia Central, the city;
a wise and helpful JubJub,
he'll help you on your journey.

He doesn't charge money
and he takes no items;
without any costs at all,
he'll heal you fully for free.

Wearing a cape of red,
wielding no magic wand,
he just needs a simple spell
to grant what is requested.

Chanting "Abracadabra!"
And then "Alakazam!",
make this Neoquest hero
healthy, just as I am!

As these words are spoken,
the wounded brave hero
shall be healthy once again,
owing it to Boraxis.

The Garlic in the Pantry
By Dragonstorm_75

Yesterday was dreadful,
A mockery, a farce!
True, I was not watchful,
My mind was kind of sparse,
That really hardly matters!
Let me now explain.

Yesterday was a holiday,
A feast for the fat king Skarl.
And I, the famed gourmet,
Was charged to make some Marl.

Now Marl's a famous dish,
Garlic stuffed with cheese:
Wrapped with peas and fish,
(It's now outlawed in the counties.)

I dug the pantry for my prize:
Some veggies old and rustic.
Imagine my surprise:
I found a massive bulb of garlic!

I dressed it up with cheese;
Were those eating sounds I heard?
I surrounded it with peas,
Did it just move? Absurd!

My glorious dish complete,
I went before King Skarl:
"Presenting to you a treat,
A hearty meal of Marl!"

The old king grabbed a fork
And was ready for the feast,
When the garlic popped up like a cork,
And fled toward the east.

I was thrown out of the palace;
It was madness, no, disgrace!
Was I truly such a novice?
I lost all of my face!

Who knew it was a JubJub,
Sitting in the store?
What a royal flub!
The worst forever more!

Trapped in Ice
By Guddi6

Where darkness creeps o'er the ice
And whispers words of sleep,
Where twisted daggers of frost do form
Upon the glistening sheets.
Here, in labyrinth of pristine chill,
In some cavern, hidden, deep,
Something lurks, a frozen soul,
That with the immortal ice doth sleep.
Where sunrays never venture forth,
Where shadows swirl and flow,
There, a JubJub captured dwells
And echoes ethereal glow.
Something poured the ice upon
And bound it, with a will,
A spell, a charm, an evil being?
Who knows? For none do tell.

All creatures there, they'll turn away
And pretend you didn't speak;
All queries hang unanswered
With an air of apprehension, bleak.
Inhospitable, the wind doth break
Upon the icy sheen,
Scintillating, a perfect statue,
Greets you with a blinding gleam.
Ever clear, the shades of blue
Like a crystal, pure and fair,
Eyes of soft sky-grey are wide
And hold your perplexed stare.
You turn on heel, slow-footed,
But the cavern's got no end.
The path you trod before is lost,
And you hear the icesheets shift and meld...

A Well-Deserved Rest for a JubJub
By Filter

Though this special day is upon us,
A day of celebration for a certain type,
The JubJubs celebrate more than a holiday,
One that ends their rolling hype.

Dance your dances and eat your foods,
Sing your songs of JubJub delight.
The JubJubs have been saved yet again
From their roly-poly plight.

Do you think it's fun rolling around all day?
Out of a barrel you get thrown?
JubJub Power Bounce is gone!
This is the best news the JubJubs have known.

Tossed and turned for others' amusement,
Knocking out bricks to score some prizes,
The JubJubs never whined or complained;
To this task, the JubJub always rises.

It wasn't like they minded,
They loved the rush just like you did.
But now the JubJubs are tired and bruised,
And playing anymore they must forbid.

Let the JubJubs kick up their feet and rest,
Let them hum a happy tune.
Let the JubJubs enjoy their vacation,
Because JubJub Power Bounce will be back soon!

Big Foot the JubJub
By Saqo

Perhaps you have heard of him?
Or maybe you could have seen
the book based on him, or heard
his tale -- I have indeed.

"Big Foot the JubJub" --
I heard it from the source!
Straight from the JubJub
himself, of course.

This JubJub had a problem:
He couldn't stop growing,
there was just no way...
he just kept going and going!

He grew so big that he couldn't
fit into his chair or room,
and then it continued until
he couldn't fit in his Neohome!

This was quite an unusual JubJub.
His case is quite rare indeed --
why, have you ever seen a 50-foot
JubJub walking down the street?

No one could help him; the poor
pet just kept getting bigger.
But soon he found a job
as quite a great babysitter!

He's so tall he can see
all the Petpets near and far,
and no one would dare disobey
a JubJub with 10-foot arms.

He's quite a softy really,
one of the nicest I've met.
Too bad he just keeps growing,
he'll soon reach Virtupets, I bet!

Strawberry JubJubs
By Ladygaladriel213

Surrounded by dirt
And sucking mud
Sits an emerald-topped,
Ruby-coloured bud.

It seems to grow
From the earth's very pores.
It breathes with it
And mimics its snores.

It's spotted with seeds
And sweet to smell.
They grow in patches;
Their juiciness you cannot quell.

Shiny orbs are
Their eyes.
Burbling laughter
Through the air flies.

These are strawberries
Of the juiciest kind.
Not many like them
Will you find.

Green leaves on their head
Make for a striking hat.
Though round and stout,
You could not call them fat.

JubJubs are their names;
With their presence we are graced.
Sugary on your tongue,
But you should never taste!

For they are pets, not food,
And will love you through and through.

Sitting in strawberry patches,
Waiting to be found,
Contentedly whiling away the time,
Complacent in the ground.

Hooray for Strawberry JubJubs
Who fill us with delight!
Hooray for Strawberry JubJubs
For always shining bright!

One more time, let's say Hooray!
Happy JubJubs on JubJub Day!

By Mamasimios

Red stars,
Adorn his hat,
Blue cape with red trim is
Fastened tight. The Super
Shop Wiz stands at the ready,
Make a request and he takes flight.
Yes, tell the JubJub what you'd like to
Buy, and with determination on his face,
The SSW is happy to oblige, to be sent into
Sniperspace. Unlike his kin (the Shop Wizard),
The SSW is more precise: with each search he
Sees the whole marketplace, and always finds
The lowest price. But be forewarned he tires
Easily, with many shops he needs to check,
You must be careful with his time, do not
Be frivolous with your requests. It must
Be magic, how this JubJub moves, so
Quickly on his orange feet. With
The time that he will save you,
The Super Shop Wiz... is truly Sweeeeet!!!

The Running Rainbow
By Sordid

It starts with just the smallest noise,
A tiny, simple sound.
One hundred floppy, massive feet
Are stomping on the ground.
The ground it then doth seem to shake,
The boughs do lean away,
For none would dare to cross the path
Where Rainbow JubJubs play!

Brilliant spectrum they create,
Kaleidoscope, so bright!
Merging tones and colours soft,
In shades both dark and light.
Crimson melts to tangerine,
And cobalt drifts to green.
The brightest flash of pink and gold,
That one has ever seen!

A rainbow do they all create,
A moving, flowing lake.
No purpose, no direction here,
No clue of path to take.
A bouncing, wildly drifting mob.
A scattered, rushing scene.
Yet forms rotund do light the land,
With velvet rainbow sheen!

They scatter here and wander off,
Then group again so fast.
Those who watch will claim they saw
All colours, flooding past.
Watch for that kaleidoscope,
When JubJubs come to play.
But step back friend; make firm your stand,
The rainbow runs this way!

The Perseverance of a Pirate JubJub
By Ktkdk

Being a JubJub is a difficult job.
It's enough to make a lesser pet sob.
JubJubs, unlike other pets you will meet
Have no hands; they only have feet.

So when a young JubJub said one day,
"I will become a pirate and sail away!"
Other pets laughed at him to his face
And told him he would be a disgrace.

But our young hero was used to this,
And seaward adventure he couldn't miss.
So he packed and went to the Rainbow Pool
To become his new colour: pirate, how cool!

And when he emerged from his dip,
No one dared to giggle or give him lip.
The blue-grey colour looked so fierce,
As did his single gold earring pierce.

When he went to boats, they told him, "Go!
Without hands you cannot fight a foe."
He tried every ship in the silvery bay,
But every captain told him "no way."

Although his ego was feeling sickly,
He knew JubJubs didn't give up quickly.
So he decided to visit the bay again,
Hoping for an employment gain.

Oh, what courage! Oh, what pluck!
So for his effort, he finally found luck!
He saw a new ship and went to ask,
And was rewarded with a paid task.

"Be the look-out in the crow's nest.
You don't need arms there to be the best.
You have a loud voice, that I can tell,
So when you see danger, YELL!"

A few years have passed since that date,
And it seems like that job was fate.
Thanks to the JubJub who titles this rhyme,
The ship has been safe that entire time.

By Jjquil

A silhouette darkened by the morning sunrise
Shows a tall pointed hat, over gleaming eyes.
A swirling cape clasped beneath his chin,
As he turns to greet you with a friendly grin.

This faithful sorcerer uses his gifts for scrying
And locates the ingredients ready for buying.
His charismatic smile endears him to vendors
And earn him discounts for you, the spenders.

He's loved by all but the faeries; they reject --
You can't visit the Wiz for their quest object.
It makes them seem jealous, with that petty rule,
But the warlock is fine, he is merely your tool.

He's so honest and selfless, a wizard of virtue
Not like Edna, Jhudora, or Vira, mind you!
You find yourself visiting him every day;
Your wallet appreciates not having to pay.

Holidays, weekends, he's always there,
With his deep blue gaze and golden hair,
A handsome Wizard with magic power,
Searching every second, every minute, every hour.

Plight of a Coconut JubJub
By Tanikagillam

I'm sure you find it entertaining,
I'm sure you think it's great fun.
I know you think it's rather amusing,
But let me tell you -- it most definitely is none.

I'm quite used to it; I never am surprised;
I probably realise before you do.
The next thing I know, we're at the top of the hill,
And my prediction has yet again come true.

I close my eyes and think of the soft grass,
Just trying to enjoy a moment in the sun.
And then I'm off, rolling down the hill!
You honestly think this is... fun?

If I'm lucky, I'll avoid the rocks,
Sometimes I'll just hit a small bump.
Flying down the hill, I hold my breath,
But I don't usually miss those huge tree trunks.

I'm not a lump of cheese, what do you think?
Nor am I a Turmac rolling for fruit.
I'm a coconut JubJub, tall and proud,
Pushing me down a hill is just plain rude!

And you wonder why I'm always so grumpy,
When you act like such a troll.
Think about this long and hard, dear owner,
Before you send me off on the next roll.

The Shadow
By Kuroge

His name is Duel Bazuka,
a cunning little JubJub;
perhaps he'll pay you a visit,
the infamous Commando Jub.

His deceit unparalleled,
his body nimbly dexterous,
he braves the hardest missions,
his soul so very adventurous.

The most dedicated and
the most deadly mercenary,
without unnecessary delay
he abides his own chivalry.

Stealing is his forte,
his abilities so renowned,
he moves under the darkness,
so quiet without a sound.

The shadow is his cover
as he executes his plan,
under the dusky night sky,
under the eerie light of cyan.

I Must Wear My JubJub Pride!
By Carrotbreath

Good grief, where is it now?
Closets, drawers, it's not around.
Through my room I have plowed,
And yet it's nowhere to be found.

Why today, I ask, especially today!
Although I'll sound like a sap...
"Dear Fyora, please show the way,
to my Green JubJub Cap!"

For the perfect accessory it makes:
The green matches my shirt, and the
Red JubJub my pride!
So I'll do whatever it takes,
From me it can't hide.

There! I really found it!
Onto the JubJub festivities,
I'll surely be a hit,
With my Green JubJub Cap.

The Quiet Coconuts
By Tealnova_dragon

Walk amongst the green fronds,
And hidden, many eyes will watch,
From perches high in palms,
With flint-tipped spears
And red streaks and ragged flags.

The strangely still will watch.
They move not a beat, not an inch,
Not a bit.
Their big round eyes are hollow, fierce,
Waiting for your move.

They're coconuts, yes, they are --
JubJub ones, to be exact.
They nestle among the fronds,
Waiting for you to step a toe out of line.

Watch where you throw your trash,
Watch where you step, be careful to be respectful...
For the eyes of the coconuts
Are forever watching.

Shop Wizard Ode
By Agedbeauty

Over-used and under-appreciated,
The Super Shop Wiz always helps anyway.
This silent JubJub helps you shop and snipe
And never even asks for a thank you.

But this poor fella gets complaints galore,
When takes his needed hourly break.
"Wiz-banned already," Neopians do cry,
"But he only gave me twenty searches!"

But I remember a time when sniping
And shopping and pricing were a big pain,
A time before Premium, a time when
We only had his cousin, the Shop Wiz.

"New search!" we shouted, again and again,
Over and over as we priced our shops.
But even the little Shop Wiz got tired,
As we pushed him to his limits each day.

Poor little JubJubs; we don't say thank you.
Not even once have the words passed our lips.
But today is JubJub Day, dear JubJubs,
So Neopians, let us say the words.

Today, I will say thank you, JubJub friend.
Thank you for the good deals you always find.
Thank you for keeping my shop at the top.
Happy JubJub Day, to both Shop Wizards!

A Healing Hand
By _Chopin

When setting out on adventure,
Actions surely can be rash --
Wandering leading to altercations,
Injuries arising from choices brash.

Explorers citing their help willingly,
One can't travel alone without practice.
And with that knowledge comes the importance
Of our healing friend Boraxis.

As young warriors struggle at the start,
Their steps faulty and without merit,
He proves an aid to every malady,
A lucky companion to inherit.

He never charges for his service,
A kind heart rests beneath his cape,
Erasing the horrifying memories,
Of the death you just escaped.

But like all wonderful accessories,
His powers fade with new experience --
Once you're bold enough to walk forward
And wear strong armour of resilience.

But what's constant is his role,
A teacher, a mentor, a saviour, a friend.
And he'll be honoured for his services,
As your journey comes to an end.

Going Without (By a JubJub)
By Concertogreat_8

on the list of topics
you aren't supposed to bring up
right under questions you
should never really ask
is why some are favoured
with extra limbs and some
are stuck with just two;
for me as a JubJub there's
not a whole lot I can do
except grin and bear it
the curse of just feet
waddling around in
my spherical fuzzy state
like a sentient pom-pom
in psychedelic colours
with appealingly huge eyes
hoping no one asks me
to hold this for a second
or take their Dragoyle's leash
and praying I never have
to run particularly fast
as I don't have great balance
and would likely end up
on my fluffy JubJub head
since I'm missing some arms.

Goodbye JJPB
By Aldurswolf

Rolling, bouncing, flying about,
The Power Bounce token flies.
After seasons of fun and frustration,
It's now time to say goodbye.

He's had his fill of flying,
That poor dear JubJub lad,
So he's headed out of town,
For more fun to be had.

Though we'll miss him dearly
And long for his return,
With all his awesome prizes,
For which so many yearn,

We know that our dear JubJub
Has earned a break at last
And want him to know his game
Was really quite the blast!

So come back quick, dear JubJub,
And fly for us once more.
Provide us (addicted) NCers
With more beautiful decor!

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