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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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The Moehog Thief
By Dragonstorm_75

"Stay very still -- move not one inch,
It will soon be done without a hitch."
This thinks the thief, eyes agleam,
As he readies for the scheme.
Coming closer, purse in palm,
Inmost excitement, outward calm.
He swipes the knife -- not a sound!
The noble's coins are never found.

Ever hushed, he dares no breath,
As he relieves you of your wealth.
The Moehog thief, a red-haired youth,
Pickpocket in both heart and tooth.
With silent steps he claims your wares,
And he's never caught in any snares,
For none believe that such a boy,
Would ever see such smarts deploy.

No one's safe in Sakhmet's squares,
From this Moehog's searching glares,
So keep close your purse, hold it tight,
Never leave it out of sight,
For negligence takes just one beat,
To cause much sorrow on the street.
Keep your wits, take much care,
The Moehog thief will want his share.

Midnight Voyage
By Mayfloziarea

Whispered words float in the air,
A movement in the deep.
Shadows within midnight sea,
Where hidden Drenched do creep.
Twinkling hue in endless sky,
Of pure and graceful star --
Beautiful yet cold,
And alluring but far.

Shadow within darkened night,
In ocean endless, vast.
The Moehog treads on dusty ship
And steps up to the mast.
Pulling, straining ropes grow slack --
The sail is down again.
Fiery lightning strikes the air,
As it begins to rain.

Moehog climbs back to the dock,
To cabin cozy, warm.
Outside raindrops pelt the sea --
And there rises a form.
A figure slim with scaly tail
And hair as black as night.
Moehog turns to raise his sword,
And stands, ready to fight.

When the storm doth die away,
The Moehog sails, alone.
Braving violent, thrashing waves
And winds that chill the bone.
He speaks not of the fight that night,
But of the midnight sea,
The endless horrors it could bring
And the wonders it can be.

Poetic Moehogs Abound
By Saqo

How convenient it is that
I write a poem for you today
focused on Moehogs -- why quite
versed in poetry also are they!

You see, it's all right here
in this book I recently bought
"Moehog Poetry" ... yes, they
are more poetic than you thought!

Indeed I've seen quite a few
helping their owners to enter
the Poetry Contest, it's true!
Who knew they were so well-versed?

I've seen them recite haiku
and love poems all day long.
Long poems and short, verses too;
Moehogs also love sonnets and songs.

Epic poems and epitaphs, the list
goes on and on. But be certain that
Moehogs have mastered them all.
They are skilled! That's a fact.

So today on Moehog Day, while
others may praise their colours,
I praise quite a different aspect,
Moehog's skill in poetry, glorious!

Baby Moehog's Wiles
By Tealnova_dragon

She's short and squat,
With a too-sharp snout
And snarky to boot.

She's real smart too;
She'll look up at you with
Great big eyes, grey-coloured,
Smile her sneaky smile,
And pout.

And there never was a Neopet --
Or anyone, for that matter,
Hero or villain --
Who could stare down her earnest eyes.

They're large and round and watery,
Right above two quivering baby tusks,
Over an innocent fresh bib,
And nervously twisting hooves.

Ooooh, but don't let her trick you!
She just looks young for her age,
And much too practiced at smiles.

The world is hers to play,
It bows at her grin, grin, grin.
But only if you let her.

Scrap Taggert
By Alagfalaswen

If I were a Yooyuball forward,
The last thing I'd want to see
Is the shadow of Tyrannia's Scrap Taggert
Looming in front of me.

A veteran pro at blocking,
He's like an unmovable wall.
It's tough enough to break through his guard,
Much less shoot a goal at all!

Scoring is pretty much pointless
When Scrap Taggert hovers around.
One small slip and you'll end up
Stumbling as you watch him bound

With huge strides over to his teammates,
Those strong legs pumping hard
As he passes them the Yooyuball he took
From you while you were off-guard!

And, as you watch the movements
of another Tyrannian goal unfurl,
You have to admit Scrap Taggert's
More Moehog than you can handle.

Ballad of the Invasion of Meridell
By Jjquil

Darigan forces are encroaching
On my beloved home, Meridell;
I will not stand to see her razed,
So I bid my village farewell.
I don my helmet, battered iron,
And my tunic, red and blue,
And march forth to the battlefield.
Darigan, this will be our coup!
I am but a Moehog farmer
Humble, small, but fast.
I will gallop across this battlefield,
Warning villages that I pass!
To my left, the Techo swordsman --
To my right, the sturdy Skeith!
At our flank, the Grundo healer
And Scorchio archer beneath!
Our enemies snarl, sneer, and hiss,
Their faces malicious and vile,
But we will not falter; we brandish our swords
And defend our land from hostiles!
Fear not, my precious hometown --
I will protect you from every invader.
Your houses, your crops, your valuables
Are safe with us noble crusaders!

To Cheat a Hog
By Dark00goddess

With a jump and a roll he enters;
Danger surrounds his every move.
Surveying the scene he takes his chance,
Stealthily manoeuvring his hooves.

Once past the glowing red line,
He easily slips into disguise,
Hearing the rowdy crowd,
He slips in to win his prize.

Hog, 00 Hog, he says,
Approaching the table,
Spectre snorts,
Fernypoo looks unstable.

He'll win this for his kind --
Moehogs everywhere will know,
With skills unmatched in every round,
Even their class can show.

His strategy unwavering,
He's unmatched at every turn,
For soon victory will fall,
For the cheat willing to learn.

As he watches the play,
Opponents stand no chance.
As he memorises weakness,
Each round he will advance.

And in the end,
Out of the fog,
One player remains:
It's him, 00 Hog.

Ode to a Moehog
By Elly042

Now, Moehogs are not the most elegant pet;
They don't glide about, prance, or swim.
In fact, if you saw one around one day,
You might glance and look right from him.

But somehow they must hold some attention,
For a tome in their honour was written.
Including 'sonnets, haikus, and love poems...'
So someone must have been smitten!

To test out this theory, let's go to the Pound
And find a Moehog to study at length.
Maybe, after looking intently for a while,
We can identify what are their strengths.

Ungainly, perhaps, with a head rather large,
But with eyes so open and true.
From the hairs on his ears to the tiny, short tail,
He's asking to go home with you.

They have the two tusks, the stripes on their back,
The 'mane' right on top of their head.
And the baby one is really undeniably cute,
Yet you choose another species instead?

If you look closely, perhaps you'll see why
They should not be dismissed with a look.
And maybe, eventually, you will agree,
That they did deserve their own book.

But okay, stick with your Kacheeks,
Your Pteris, your Kougras, your Draiks,
But maybe, just maybe, when you get your next pet,
A Moehog you will create.

A Rainbow of Moehogs
By Amitybelle

They gather here this time of year,
To greet a new friend or two.
The Rainbow Pool just may bestow
New colours to this excited queue.

The faerie Moehog spreads her wings,
This majestic pilot swoops and dives.
Her purple colour fills the air,
The crowd lets out an awestruck cry.

The robot stands farther away;
He doesn't want to rust.
But he'll be brave and still attend --
To greet new Moehogs is a must.

No one wants to stand too close
To this dripping mass of green.
A snotty friend, she's not so bad...
And actually very clean!

Unlike his friends, he will not graze;
It is the water he adores.
A Maraquan of fins so blue,
Today this pool he will explore.

Amongst the joy, still one is sad,
A woeful sigh is heard today.
This pool may be just what she needs
To aid this creature shaded grey.

And why is it that he is here?
The mutant "Moehog" isn't sure.
He hopes someday to bathe and play --
Perhaps these waters serve a cure.

What colours will emerge this year?
We're waiting so impatiently!
This herd of Moehogs celebrate,
Awaiting a surprise to see.

From the Owners of Moehogs
By Secant

Welcome the Moehog,
Whose snout a Snorkle's does resemble,
Sniffing the lovely plants of spring,
Rejecting the fresh piles of dung.

Welcome the Moehog,
Whose tusks a Tuskaninny does admire.
They ward off angry Grarrls
And build shelter from the granite rocks.

Moehog, are you welcome?
You are a unique creature in Neopia,
Almost like the ever-changing JubJub
Or the spontaneous shapeshifter Chia.

My dear Moehog, you are welcome
To trot along the grassy meadows
With your proud stripes
And mane of hair.
Your perfection does make us proud
To be your owners.

The Moehog Journey
By Angelachen97

You may or may not know of
These adorable little pets.
Many think they're hideous;
They haven't seen them yet.

Now go and sit on a chair,
I'll pour you a cup of tea
And wave my magical wand --
We're embarking on a journey.

Moehogs are wonderful critters;
They're friendly and helpful, too.
There's a huge variety of colours;
You'll find one that's for you.

The baby Moehog is adorable
With its giant nose and eyes.
Nobody can resist that smile;
You'll even withstand its cries.

Now look at the grand royalboy
With his velvet cape and crown.
He stands in a position of power;
You wouldn't want to make him frown.

The Halloween Moehog is scary;
He's got that glint in his eyes.
Is it just me or does he resemble
The mighty Dr. Sloth? Oh my!

If you are not the dark kind,
Then rainbow might be for you.
They're colourful and flashy;
They'll cheer you up -- it's true!

If those colours aren't right,
There are tons of others to choose!
Tyrannian, faerie, magma, grey...
There's nothing you can lose!

Dear guest, we've come to the end;
Take a small plushie, please do.
Thank you for joining me today...
I hope you'll find the Moehog for you!

Dear Old Morguss
By Cirq

In the floating Citadel of Darigan lived
An ancient Moehog, respected, tough, and bold,
With the strength and willpower of a dozen knights.
Although Morguss the witch was growing old,
Her mind still worked at the speed of light.

Her nimble fingers had a mind of their own,
Cooking up complex concoctions,
Scrolls of irreplaceable recipes,
Mixing severe spells and perfect potions,
As she cackled with wicked glee.

Her back was hunched and her face marred,
Etched with fine lines of wrinkles each revealing
A story from the far-away past;
From autumn to winter, winter to spring...
Each season seemed fleeting compared to the last.

The Brown Moehog's Dilemma
By Guichet

"A trifle too tawdry..."
The brown Moehog said
As she lifted a pink feathered hat off her head.

"And this one, too simple,"
She said, not amazed
At a thin-rimmed and floppy sun hat all in beige.

She wanted her hat to be special,
Elegant and refined,
So that when her friends saw it,
It would stay in their minds.

"I deserve the best!"
She squealed with glee,
"For, you see, Moehog Day was made just for me."

The shopkeep looked up,
Her face unimpressed
"I find that unlikely..."
She said under her breath.

The brown Moehog snorted and pouted,
then snorted some more.
She said, "Shopping here has been such a chore!"

And with that, she rushed out,
All in a huff,
Her head bare, save a floppy scrap of brown fluff.

So whether you're tawdry, beige, or refined,
Wanting to be what's on everyone's mind,
Searching for something or being sought out,
It's Moehog Day, there's no need to pout!

The Many Colours of Moehog
By Pansyparkinson14

After adopting a new Moehog,
I sat and hugged the little guy
And wondered quite deeply,
What colour paint brush I should buy.

Strawberry was my first thought,
For the strawberry scent does please,
But my little Moehog shook his head,
For that smell often makes him sneeze.

I offered then the Darigan option,
Since Darigan Moehogs look so fierce,
But again my blue Moehog declined,
Because he disliked those eyes that pierce.

So I furrowed my brow once more
And offered that Island Paint Brush instead,
But my Neopet deemed that too "girly":
He didn't want flowers on his head!

So I gave one last try and suggested
That Faerie Paint Brush fair,
But my picky Moehog refused this too,
To my efforts he seemed not to care.

Admittedly I was unhappy,
The look on my face was frankly quite abject,
And I asked my pet in exasperation, why
My kindnesses he did reject.

He reassured me with a smile and a pat
That he loved not fancy paint brushes but me,
And that he simply preferred that common blue,
To all the fancy colours he could be!

The Code of Clop
By Anjie

Damp and dank are dungeons deep,
Ice cold, the stony ground.
Yet within this eerie realm,
Doth echo strangest sound.

'Clop!' against the grimy stones,
'Clop!' on bars of steel.
'Clop!' The noises echo on,
So loud walls can't conceal.

The source a creature most bizarre,
His mane with dirt is dark.
Crimson gaze has dimmed so slight,
Within the dungeon stark.

No word escapes the creature's lips,
No cry, no sound doth drop.
But with that hoof on solid ground,
We hear resounding clop!

One clop is said to mean a yes,
And two may stand for no.
Three? I'm hungry, so it seems.
The rest? None yet do know.

The curving tusks are chipped and scratched;
The hooves are caked with mud.
Yet he speaks in strangest code,
As hoof on floor doth thud.

So the mystery doth remain,
Yet never may unfold!
Why does Clop so hold his tongue?
It's best you're never told...

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