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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Judge's Note: Please send in your Quiggle
and Nimmo poems by 12:00 PM NST Friday
for inclusion in next week's Poetry Galleries. Thank you!

For the Love of a Petpet
By Dragonstorm_75

They warm our hearts
And comfort the cheerless;
A blessing of joy,
Our stand-post and axis.

So many to choose from,
To care for and love;
The extension of self,
Found like a lost glove.

Our cares and troubles,
To a kind claw or wing,
Melt swiftly away:
They are always forgiving.

When the clouds weep,
We open our doors;
When pale and unwell,
We tend to their sores.

When we grow restless,
With us they shall roam;
When we lose sight,
They bring us back home.

Take care of your Petpets;
Their love is a virtue.
For them it's no matter:
They'll care for you.

A Flurry of Faerie Petpets
By Sordid

Sunlight on the window dwells,
The dawn is fading fast.
Creatures stir on tiny wings,
Their time has come at last.

Within the land of coral pink
And clouds of silken white,
A celebration has begun,
With sheen of morning light.

The Petpet shop in chaos sits,
None dare to buy today!
For creatures small are in the mood
To celebrate, to play.

Flocking Flouds do flitter forth,
On one thing do they snack:
Carrots bright, we know the risk!
They ate them, so stand back!

An Alkenore plays tug-o-war
With Harris -- who will win?
A Barbat hangs a banner high
To show fun can begin!

Cirrus hang balloons around,
In colours, pink and blue.
Miamice start frenzied dance;
The Boween join in too!

Tomorrow they will sit and wait
For owners who will care.
Today, though, is for letting loose
And fun times just to share.

Pikis wander from the shop,
Free hugs from Petpet friends!
So find a faerie Petpet pal,
Before this fine day ends!

Painting Petpets
By Emilysusanburt

Beautiful royal
Made for a silken bed,
Companion of kings and queens.
She is a snob, a princess,
Pampered and spoiled,
Staring forth proudly
From her pillow by the throne.

Whispery ghost
Made of glowing mist,
Dweller of graveyards and ruins.
His owner is a zombie,
Or a Halloween ghoul,
Watching the trees
For victims and prey.

Whimsical faerie
Made of pastel sweetness,
Friend of sunshine and fluffy cloud,
She flies with her owner through
Rainbows and summer nights,
Diving and laughing
Over the enchanted crater.

Mysterious desert
Made of sand and secrets,
Familiar of magi and cunning bandit,
He roams through the dunes
In his owner's footsteps,
Scenting the wind
For treasure and gold.

Fiendish Darigan
Made of treachery and curses,
Ally of those who dwell above.
She waits in the city
Over fields and towns,
Keeping the vigil
By her owner's side.

Crafty pirate
Made of back-stabbing bravado,
Sidekick of hooligans and rogues.
He'll cheat you as surely
As his owner, or better.
Running from the law
To adventures at sea.

The Kadoatie I Didn't Want
By Beagums

I didn't want my Kadoatie;
He was ugly and kind of smelly.
His fur was a matted, murky brown
That reminded me of Dung Jelly.

My mother named him Oscar,
I called him "Go Away."
But he was too dim to understand,
And still he begged to play.

I tried to sell him at the market,
But mum got really cross.
"Kneezles, no! He's family now!"
He's lucky mum's the boss.

Then one day to my surprise,
He did something a bit less useless.
Oscar caught a Mootix just for me,
With a wide grin, slightly toothless.

I guess he's really not so bad;
The Mootix seems to like him.
His mews are sweet when he wants a pat,
And he loves my Habitarium!

So even though I didn't want him,
Oscar has become my best friend.
I'd never, ever give him up,
We'll be together 'til the end!

My Muse
By Ginger23456

When I'm lacking creativity,
My White Weewoo comes up to me.
He fluffs up his feathers, dances and coos,
Standing atop my desk as my proud muse.

There is nothing I cannot seem to write,
As my White Weewoo fills me with delight.
He gives me hope when I need it the most;
My writer's block doesn't even come close!

I wrote this lovely poem with such ease;
My White Weewoo made writing it a breeze.
He's sitting here right now, his eyes shining;
I really wouldn't swap him for a thing.

Love Your Petpets!
By Ladygaladriel213

"Please, please, which one can I get?!"
Neopets long for their own Petpet.

If you're sweet and kind and true,
An Angelpuss is the Petpet for you!

If you want someone who's loving and cute,
Look no further than a Puppyblew!

Colour choices are all in a muddle?
Browse around in the Petpet Puddle!

Want someone who's precious or maybe loyal?
Would that be Christmas, faerie, or royal?!

The options are many, your choices abound!
Any nature of Petpet can be found!

Meowclops and Warf, Dua and Snorkle!
All of these choices are just plain adorable!

Cuddle and squeeze, or weep and cry,
Plushie or grey, appreciation is high!

So grab your Petpet and be sure they know!
Let your Petpet appreciation show!

To Blue Firs, With Love
on Petpet Appreciation Day

By Agedbeauty

Meepits and Kadoaties
Often dominate the Petpet scene.
And let's not forget
The White Weewoos.
Avatar Petpets, too,
Get a lot of love.
Slorgs and Harris,
Mazzews, Huggy, Quadrapus,
Snicklebeast, Gruslen, Angelpuss,
Meowclops, and Snowbunnies.
On Petpet Appreciation Day,
We remember them and
Give them a squeeze.
And of course, with the AC on,
No one can forget Yooyus either.
But today, I'll give a different
Petpet a hug.
You can keep your expensive
Petpets, and you can
Keep your fancy ones.
When I started playing, there
Was only one Petpet
That I fell in love with.
There's only one army of
Petpets that captured my heart.
Blue Firs, maybe no one
Else loves you.
But I do, and on
Petpet Appreciation Day
I appreciate you!
Each and every one of you
Inspire me today.
All 109 of you!

Hug Your Huggys and Pet Your Peos!
By Filter

Today is a special day dedicated to a force,
A group of creatures, special in their own way.
So grab your tiny friend and hug them,
It's Petpet Appreciation Day!

You may not realise how hard working a Petpet is,
Entertaining your prized Neopet all the time.
Keeping your pet happy is their main concern,
As it is yours and mine.

Make sure to get the proper Petpet,
One that fits your pet like a dream.
Whether they're brave or strong or caring,
Or just to fit their colour scheme.

A Petpet is your pet's sidekick,
Always there through thick and thin.
Keeping those P3s from causing the itchies;
With a best friend Petpet, your pet will always win.

Hug your Huggy and Harris, pet your Peo and Pikis,
Snuggle your new Snowickle too.
Treat your Turmac, feed your Floud,
Today, it's the right thing to do.

So remember to treat your Petpets well,
Find some time to spend with them a while.
Also, just for today, avoid the Lab Ray;
They don't want to be turned into a soot pile.

A Balthazarian Celebration
By Aurorapearl

Do not mistake me, my good sir --
To your arguments I do concur
That we in need of heart, no doubt,
Petpets we cannot do without.

You mistake my good intentions
For my fouler interventions --
I admit, I bring no rapture
In my trade of faerie capture.

But though my name is Balthazar,
And though my reputation's marred,
On fundamentals I quite agree,
There is no better jubilee.

When else will we celebrate,
Or thank, or even contemplate
The critters we command about,
The Petpets we stare at down our snouts?

Praise the Turdles, Warfs, and Whoots!
Praise the Noils and Buzzers too!
Trumpadons and several Spyders
Make the evening so much brighter.

So your points I understand --
If only Petpets were less bland.
But no holiday shall I exclude
When all around there runs free food.

Spirit of the Night
By Reggieman721

Wish away your sorry eyes;
They're no good to you now.
Send your tears up to the sky,
And come back to the ground.

Cry tomorrow, if you must.
Tonight, we will escape --
Bathe our souls in faerie dust
From Lady Midnight's cape.

Sharpen now your will, my friend,
Abandoned Petpet, dear.
Follow me to skyline's end,
And let go of your fear.

Leave you? Never would I dare.
I love you far too much.
You, my one and only care --
Your heart's too strong to crush.

Deep inside, you know it's true:
You'll never give up faith.
Someone, somewhere, waits for you,
And soon, the wings of fate,

Flying high from up above,
Will swoop down on this place --
Softly sleeping, you, my love,
Will ride them far away.

When it comes, that precious eve,
I'll bid you to the dawn.
Sunrise -- my last kiss -- you'll feel,
And then, I will be gone.

To My Evil Meepit
By Tealnova_dragon

Even though you plan
World Domination most fine,

I still love you, you're still
Cool, maybe even a little cute.

You've been pink, yellow, blue...
Remember when I painted you pirate?

Your big round eyes became flinty,
Your stubby body grey.

But mostly I love you because,
You're my petpet too.

You bite and scratch and even hiss
Every time I try to talk.

You snarl and nip -- and wow, you can do that?! --
Whenever I try to be nice.

But that's okay, I love you, dear Meepit,
Even with all your flaws and biting ways,
I'll appreciate you, you're awesome.

Don't you worry, I'll learn to love
Your cunning ways and evil heart.
You love to trick me and make me trip,
But I'm willing to put that aside
And some make amends.
I'll take you out for ice cream,
how does that sound?

...just for today.

Tale of the Darblat
By Mamasimios

With slouchy pose and rounded tummy,
A Darblat may appear quite funny,
Yet looking dumb can still be smart
When it hides the ice around a Petpet's heart.

Hailing from a frozen land,
South of Mystery Island's sun and sand,
The Darblats accepted their isolation,
Rocked by winds that blow without cessation.

Waddling on their clown-like feet
Across the ice, hard as concrete,
The Darblats once rushed in an uproar
To save a babe who had washed ashore.

They took her safely to their home
And raised the wee Krawk as their own,
And though she could be cruel and mean,
One day that babe became their queen.

Lady Frostbite is her name,
With chill blue skin and ice-white mane;
The Darblats became her willing minions
And shared their mistress's opinions.

Loyal Petpets and faithful friends,
Darblats aided their queen's plot for revenge,
Revenge against those of her kind
Who committed her to the sea's bitter brine.

Travelling to Neopia Central en masse,
Innocent mien allowed the Darblats to pass,
To move about unknown, unseen,
And steal parts for a giant Snow Cone Machine.

The Defenders of Neopia stopped her in the end,
But Lady Frostbite yet has her Petpet friends.
Who knows what plot is hidden in their chat
Masked by the unending calls of "Blat!"

Royal Petpets Galore!
By Pansyparkinson14

Atop a soft plush cushion
Is a paint brush too beautiful to behold:
An exquisite specimen just for Petpets,
Dipped in luscious paint and lined with gold.

It transforms Petpets into quite regal beings,
Making princes and princesses of all,
A fine choice of colour for any Petpet,
For whom could this pretty colour appall?

After all, isn't the Royal Seece utterly adorable,
With their tiny sceptre and crown?
Upon looking at that sweet, little face,
Who could possibly offer a frown?

The Royal Zebie also can charm,
With his crown and feathered cloak,
Surely you can't but fall in love
With the fancy little bloke.

The Royal Slorgs and Setis,
Deserve a mention too:
Surely with all these irresistible possibilities,
Buying a Royal Petpet Paint Brush
Is something you will never rue!

A Tribute to My Own Staragus
By Kuroge

An inhabitant of the sea,
a consequence of the earth,
the manifestation of my Petpet,
to me of infinite worth.

A starfish in appearance,
an asparagus at heart,
superior to all others,
a true masterpiece of art.

Do not let its gentle guise
deceive your feeble mind,
for its ferocity is greater than
the rage of Meepits combined.

Its creation a blessing,
its existence commanding,
at the end of time,
it'll be the last one standing.

Appreciate the Petpets
By Miyush

Spyders crawling here and there,
Buzzers flying everywhere;
Puppyblews bark and so do Warfs,
Noils roar, but Huggys laugh.

Bikiwans chirp and Whoots fly above;
Snoogies and Frownies need lots of love.
Waleins and Peadackles swim in the sea,
While Shockets and Cuttlebots fly in space with glee.

Werhonds and Sklydes scare you out of your skin,
But Pikis and Miamice are cute, no scary kin.
Gruslens are playful and Faellies are too,
But give your Teasqito love, not a bad mood!

Ugly Petpets, scary Petpets,
Gross Petpets, happy Petpets,
Annoying Petpets, playful Petpets,
Hyper Petpets, fuzzy Petpets...

Whatever kind of Petpet you get,
Give it love, no hatred or nets,
For today is the day when you appreciate,
Petpet day, give some love and never hate.

In Celebration of My Petpets
By Ktkdk

To my favourite pets, I have given a gift:
A little friend that makes their spirits lift.
A Petpet is the thing I'm talking about,
And when they have one, my pets never pout.

That is because Petpets are so great.
They are something you cannot hate.
Thus, I have dedicated this little rhyme
To thanking my Petpets one at a time.

My Draik has a lovely young Kazeriu
Who comforts her and helps around too.
Her purple scales gleam, her aura glows.
It's sad her kind nature doesn't visibly show.

My royal girl Mynci has Petpet named Ren
Who's the best Faerie Whoot that's ever been.
She has a regal bearing despite being fae,
And when things go awry, she saves the day.

As for my crafty Usuki boy, Debonaere,
He and his Gallion make a fabulous pair.
Gallions are by nature rascals so cunning.
From trouble, the two are always running.

His friend, the flighty Usuki girl Oarili,
Has a Petpet as serious as she is silly.
She is moderated by her Chumablah.
They are the closest friends I ever saw.

Lastly, my Mynci painted royal boy
Is without a Petpet, thus without joy.
But perhaps in celebration of today,
A brand-new royal Zebie is on the way!

Ode to the Petpet Puddle
By Saqo

Today happens to be Petpet Day,
when all of Neopia celebrate our
pet's best friends -- the Petpets!
But how would you give them a colour?

Why, I mean the Petpet Puddle, of course!
Say you have a Faellie who is just
a little bland. A visit to this place
and they will feel renewed, I trust.

So many colours to choose from. Too many!
Purple, brown, white, black, Christmas too.
Yellow, green, mutant, snot are some more,
and there's faerie, Darigan, and blue!

Indeed, the colours abound. It's quite
an amazing place. Your pet can treat
its best friend to a new look -- the
only problem is it's not so cheap.

But what could be worth more than the
smile you will see on your Petpet's face?
For we all need a change sometimes, even
Babaas, Snorkles, Slorgs, and Pfish.

So let go of some NP and buy a paint brush,
to take some time on this special day
to celebrate our Petpets (although not
cheap, in certainly the most special way)!

Appreciate the Petpets
By Concertogreat_8

Today we do celebrate
that we do appreciate
the little Petpets we have
(say your Puppyblew,
my mewling Angelpuss,
the Gathow down the street)
we engage in festivities,
sending skyward faerie pleas,
blessings for our little ones,
and enjoy a rain of stars
then we head to the lab
in its diminutive form
(hoping perhaps that today
luck's fickle fancy holds
and our Frowny will transform
into a darling pink Floud,
for what better day
than Petpet Appreciation Day
to have the lab on our side?)
lastly when the day yawns
and night creeps on
perhaps some tea and a cake
with a candle flaring fire
and a whisper and a wish
like music in a still night
for Petpets everywhere.

Too Many Petpets
By Viperlina

The time came to choose a Petpet,
But which one should I pick?
I do so like the Peadackle,
At the same time the Fleurbik...

Then there's always the Kepru,
But I also like the Puppyblew...
Oh, but what about the Ghostkerfish,
Or perhaps the loveable Bleamix?

And of course I could never miss
The ever-so-nice Alabriss,
Or if I ever did get stuck,
I could always go with the Altachuck.

If I only want something small in the house,
I could always get the Miamouse.
You can't go past the Grackle Bug
Or even the little Scarabug.

Then there's a nice Seti
Or maybe even a Djuti.
There's always the robot Orbulon
Or its relative the Pinceron.
Perhaps I could choose a Fungree
Or a happy little Hasee?
I definitely like the Pyon
And, last but not least, the Frillabon.

There are so many Petpets
Of every shape and size,
So many colours to choose from...
Finding the perfect one is the ultimate prize!

Petpet Quest
By Phadalusfish

I set out,
One bright Relaxing morning,
To find myself
The one thing
Every Neopet needs:

A Petpet.
Being a desert Lutari,
By nature,
A rather shady
Sort of character,

I wanted a rather shady
Sort of Petpet.
Maybe something glowing
To light the dark places
I like to wander,

Or maybe something
Like myself,
To divert the suspicion
Of watchful Neopians.

Hours I spent
At the Petpet Puddle.
Hours searching
For the perfect,
Perfect companion.

But then,
After a long day,
I returned home,
To find that my owner
Bought me a Babaa.

A Babaa is NOT
A rather shady
Sort of Petpet.

Have You Looked Further?
By Sarnfox

What better gift can be found,
What better gift is known,
The thing that all Neopets seek:
A Petpet to call their own.

They're sweet and cuddly and so cute;
They jump and run and play,
But of the hundreds you could buy,
How many are loved, would you say?

Gallions are a choice Petpet;
They're brave and strong and cool.
They match up fine with lots of pets,
But to buy? You'd be a fool.

Harris, Slorg, and Snowickle too
Are all a popular one,
But you don't see the unpopular ones;
For them, it isn't fun.

Have you ever heard of a Clompkin?
There are very few pets who know,
But this forgotten fellow is quite cute,
If only you'd let it show.

So when you are picking a Petpet,
When you search for the perfect match,
Take care to look past what is popular --
You never know, you might find a catch!

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