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Neopets Poems

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Fyora, Queen of the Fae
By Agedbeauty

Fyora, the High Queen of the Fae
Is honoured on her own special day.
Each year pets gather to celebrate
The Faerie Queen on this vaunted date.

From far and wide, we'll all shout our joy
From biggest Draik to the smallest Koi.
Proudly we'll read our finest new rhyme,
And toast the Queen with fae drinks sublime.

We'll gather to see the latest Queen art,
As we munch on a delicious fae tart.
We'll ooh and we'll ahh over each new piece,
And toast to the Queen with each new release.

And eagerly, we'll each speak a toast,
Each confident we love her the most.
For our Queen is powerful and wise,
And as lovely as her name implies.

So Fyora, today is just for you,
As we all curtsy to give you your due.
With magic and grace far beyond our ken,
We choose to honour you now, and again.

Fyora's Day
By Aldurswolf

The queen of Faerieland.
The monarch of the fae.
The keeper of the Hidden Tower.
The holder of great artefacts.

Celebrate, rejoice, today is Fyora Day.

She who wields power in abundance.
She who gives grand quests.
She who is ageless beauty.
She who watches all.

Celebrate, rejoice, today is Fyora Day.

Helping pets she comes across.
Protecting Faerieland from foes.
Attempting to beautify Neopia.
Working tirelessly.

Celebrate, rejoice, and thank Fyora today.

Fyora's Vision
By Almightywebmistress

She oversaw her cloudy home,
A wispy land where faeries roamed.
Her staff held firmly in her hand,
Fyora ruled Faerieland.

Anchored tightly to the skies,
Barely seen by earthbound eyes,
Large as life and light as feather,
Fyora knew they'd last forever.

Through her guidance, magicians learned;
One had a vision, but it was spurned.
Unable to halt her spells alone,
Fyora had been turned to stone.

Engulfed in otherworldly flame,
It left the skies from whence it came.
A blazing streak, it struck aground;
Fyora's world had come unwound.

Awaking in a scattered plain
Laced with remnants of her domain,
Part of the planet she once outranked,
Fyora's land and heart both sank.

Her subjects pained but still alive,
Only one had not survived --
An Ixi, stone, frozen in place,
Beside a knight with a tear-stained face.

"He sacrificed himself," she said,
"Despite the wayward life he led
He did this to save everyone else."
'Til now Fyora had thought of herself.

She placed a palm on his granite skin,
Summoning strength still left within.
A light entrapped him and he screamed,
Awaking as if from a dream.

Now too weak to return to air,
Inspired, they'll rebuild down there.
She's determined, while she can stand,
Fyora will rebuild on land.

Not for her crown or for her power,
Not even for the Hidden Tower,
For Hanso earned her admiration;
His actions were her inspiration.

A Neopet's actions let them thrive,
A selflessness for which faeries should strive.
They'll rebuild here, for their new wish:
For faeries and Neopets to coexist.

Fyora's Conversation
By Amitybelle

Oh, my dearest Faerie Queen,
For now I dwell as stone.
But beware! For some day it will be
Me who takes your throne.

Betrayer, say it isn't so!
So long we've lived in peace.
I don't believe that you would dare
My castle to try to breach.

Oh, but Fyora! You did fall!
A statue you were too.
I will rise some day, somehow,
So perilous for you.

Betrayer, I must disagree.
You cannot take my reign.
Since our Ruin, I am much stronger;
Your work would be in vain.

Oh, such a naive Queen...
Nothing ever lasts!
You may think that you have won,
But darkness will advance.

Betrayer, I must say good-bye,
But if what you say is true...
The faeries will be on their guard;
Our victory you won't undo.

Xandra's Letter for Fyora Day
By Angel_star7

Fyora, Fyora, those words I hear,
Make me want to hide in fear.
The selfish faerie is she,
To stone her student like me.

She doesn't listen or help you at all
And doesn't give quests when you give her a call.
Fyora, Fyora, why is there a day
Dedicated to her is all I say.

So look at me, stone and true,
To help you Neopians be ruled through,
Correct ways, no 'Fyora is grand.'

--Xandra, Ruler of Faerieland

I look at the letter and shook my head.
"Fyora is good!" is all I said.
I laughed and stood up and walked to the fireplace
And looked at the note to decide my fate.

I took a deep breath and tore the letter,
And I'd had to admit, I felt a little better.
I tossed it in the fire as I ran out to scream,
"All hail Fyora! Long live the Queen!"

In Honour of the Faerie Queen
By Anjie

Where mist in spirals soft doth twist,
Entwined, the tower's peak.
It shall drift up past window's ledge,
And to the turret, sneak.
Within stands maiden so serene,
The lady, flawless, fair.
Crystal tones, tiara bright,
That sits on violet hair.

In tones of indigo her gaze,
Doth scan the realm below.
The world, like she, a violet haze,
Lit by sweet magic's glow.
Slender hand with grace now lifts,
Staff held to lofty height.
The orb now shines, the world below,
Lit by Fyora's light.

She who keeps the realm of clouds
Safe from the darkest foe --
Fyora, Queen of Faerieland,
So soft doth beauty glow.
Upon her back twin violet sheaths,
Wings gossamer, so light,
Vibrant as they span and lift,
Preparing now for flight.

On friendly breeze she'll tour high,
The realm she loves, see all.
For now things grow, and world repairs,
Since Faerieland did fall.
On clearest eve you'll glance above,
And see her glide the night,
Faerieland below, alight,
Lit by Fyora's light.

Smoke and Mirrors
By Aurorapearl

Sharp violet --
(Piercing a sinister story.)
Against alabaster white --
(The colour of death.)
With spidery fingers,
Curling around the symbol of imprisonment --
(The magic of happy illusion.)
A crown of justice --
(An emblem corrupted.)
She smiles.
(The handprint of cruelty.)
They see a queen.
(Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.)
I see a tyrant.
Faerieland never had a greater foe.

Her quests turn innocents to brutes;
Her towers sell bloodthirsty weapons --
(She is the mother of violence.)
Her words are propaganda;
Her magic, invasive --
(She is the instigator of ills.)
She lets no one contest her rule,
No one appeal for change,
No one plead an idea.
(She blackens the name of those who try.)
I once had a name.
(It's now charred.)
They call me the Darkest Faerie.
(They're wrong.)
That's not me.

That's not me.

A crown of justice --
(It should be mine.)
She smiles.
(My body writhes.)
They see a queen.
(Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.)
I see no more.

Regretful Thinking
By Caily_

Here in my tower aloof and alone,
I'll sit in the dark; I'll sit on my own,
I'll think of the day 1,000 years past,
When I sealed the Darkest Faerie at last.

Here in my tower I'll wait for a sale,
Trapped I feel in this bar-less jail,
Customers few will ever stop by,
As they search for the hidden place in the sky.

Here in my tower I'll groom and I'll preen,
I'll look at myself through the eyes of a queen.
Thousands of years mightn't show on my face,
But never will I truly beat time in a race.

Here in my tower I'll question the days,
When I wished to be queen, so set in my ways.
The time for glory has been and has past,
So here I'll sit alone in the dust.

To Fyora
By Chaenda

To Fyora, the great faerie queen,
Who resides in Faerieland.
Oh, how many Neopians look up to you,
Due to your being so grand!

Many appreciate all that you've done,
Such as protecting Faerieland from the vile.
A lot are thankful that you were chosen
To be their queen, for you make many smile!

Your taste is one many find impeccable --
Many have learned to love the colour pink.
Your wisdom astounds Neopets of all ages;
Due to you, they learned how to think!

Those who feared the Darkest Faerie
Are eternally grateful for your protection.
Also, many love your magical artefacts
In your Hidden Tower, which avoids detection!

So many wish for a faerie quest,
Especially coming from you.
Many would do just about anything --
That, I promise, is true!

Well, I would like to wish you a really long life,
And may you continue to rule Faerieland well.
I hope you know that all of Neopia respects you,
Whether they be from Maraqua or Meridell!

A Cake for Fyora Day
By Concertogreat_8

Take creamy yellow butter,
Freshly churned and pressed
From the finest frothy milk
At the finest farmer's behest.

Then have stone-milled flour
From ripe golden wheat
Sown in Meridellian fields
And scythed in summer's heat.

Two smooth oval eggs,
Find only the best,
With unblemished white shell,
Lifted from a Mallard's nest.

Milk left from the butter,
Pure and rich with cream,
Would satisfy even a Meowclops
On Sophie's disgruntled team.

Now sugar from sugarcane
Imported from the tropics,
Mystery Island supplies,
No white and brown will mix.

Baking soda, a pinch of salt,
Vanilla from the vanilla bean,
A curl of orange peel,
Scrubbed fresh and clean.

Cream the butter with the sugar,
Combine the dry, mix the wet,
Add the eggs one at a time,
Pour into pan and let batter set.

Bake till warm and golden,
Place on rack and let it lay,
Frost and cut and serve,
Now go celebrate Fyora Day!

To Seek the Hidden Tower
By Dragonstorm_75

Nestled in the cusp of knolls,
Lodged there safe and sound,
Invisible in the earthen bowls,
The Tower on the ground.

Hidden from all prying eyes,
With treasures in its core,
The Faerie Queen's special prize,
Brimful with its lore.

All seek to sate their avarice
Upon its secret goods,
This mighty magic nexus,
Unseen in the woods.

Yet few shall ever find it --
Except by Fyora's hand --
Most will never sight it,
Veiled by dripping land.

So if you seek its secrets,
So coveted by all,
Then you'll never sight its turrets,
For your sight will disappoint you.

The Queen's Vigil
By Emilysusanburt

For centuries I have kept
My vigil o'er this world.
I have never faltered;
My failings have been few.
The folk of this world
Are taught from the cradle
To rely on my strength,
Invoking my name
As if I were a god.
I am their protector,
And I guard them well.
For so many years my joy
Has been to watch them live.
They are born and grow;
They love and they play.
And I stand in their midst,
The unwavering constant,
Seeing the growth and
Feeling the change like
Water on my skin,
Touching, caressing,
But never sinking in.
I cannot remember
If I was ever something else.
Was there a time in the past
When I, too, did change?
Though I am immortal,
Time still has the power
To steal my memory
And make me forget.
So I cling to the simple
Joys of my role,
The watching and waiting
For the bright and new
To replace the old and worn.
I turn my mind from time
And its tempting touch
As it slips round me like
Water over a stone,
Leaving me behind once again.

The Faerie Queen: An Ode
By Fyora_fyora__33

There appeared a silhouette,
Around it a light so magnificent,
And as it showed its face to me,
Behold, it's the greatest faerie!

Fyora, the powerful Faerie Queen,
One of the kindest Neopia has seen,
She is the queen of gentle heart,
Ever since the very start.

Her eyes of amethyst look upon me,
Which have seen the foremost legacy,
For through them I see pain and many wars,
And joy and triumph and fading of scars.

The Faerie Queen on her glorious throne,
Ruling Faerieland's ev'ry zone,
Until the least, she'll keep their peace,
And I must tell you, she'll never cease.

With courage and with a careful art,
The Queen comprises a hero's heart.
With a pure, kind, and cordial air,
No one else's fairness can they compare.

Loved by most, and feared by some,
Hear you all! For here she comes.
Fret not too, for she's like the day,
A great light, even for the darkest of ways.

Hidden Affluence
By Jjquil

Peaceful and calm, the Faerie Queen
Waits in her tower, quiet, serene.
The view from her window is much more green
Than the clouds she remembers, an aerial scene.

She alone distributes these artefacts;
No bartering, and no sales tax.
Her newest Grimoire tome attracts
Collectors, librarians, who buy books in stacks.

For the vain, she deals paint brushes so rare,
Like the elegant Royal, to add noble flair.
Or Darigan wings, to glide in midair --
Maractite and Baby, the quartet of her wares.

Warriors fierce still visit her tower,
Seeking the weapons with superior power.
A Ghostkerbomb will make enemies cower
Or Sword of Skardsen -- wield with a glower.

Fanatics delight in her collection of dolls,
Although for most, the price tag appalls.
Plush Faeries and heroes, so detailed and small,
They will never be found for sale at a mall.

So what does Fyora do with this income?
Millions of Neopoints daily as a sum.
Rebuilding Faerieland, so it can become
The cloud that she loved, where she came from.

An Ode to the Lovely Fyora
By Ktkdk

Although Xandra accused her of being a tyrant,
Everyone knows Xandra was just giving a rant.
We all know that Fyora is extremely kind
And is the best citizen that you will ever find.
Today is the day to thank that good faerie,
So let me begin right now; I should not tarry.

First, let me praise her awesome power
That saved Neopia in its darkest hour.
The poor hero Hanso had turned to stone
Leaving the lovely Brynn miserably alone.
Then Fyora arrived and saved the day.
She returned Hanso to flesh in a magical way.

Next, let me laud her mind that is so smart,
But she never forgets to think with her heart.
It is magnificent Fyora's immense cunning
That keeps our Neopia smoothly running.
Our Faerie Queen has the answers to it all.
Because of her, our world does not fall.

Fyora is so kind. If a Neopet is feeling sad,
She endeavours to make him or her glad.
She'll have them find Neopoints on the floor,
So that they feel rich rather than poor.
That is just the kind of nice thing she will do.
I am sure that sometime it has happened to you!

Very last of all, I just wanted to say,
I wish all my readers a happy Fyora Day!

Fyora's Touch
By Ladygaladriel213

Oh, though my heart doth desire!
The candle waxes and wanes.
The light burns bright and flames,
And soon dissipates to expire.

My heart beats wildly with the thought!
I rock my heart to sleep.
The beat of my soul rings true.
For I am forever with you.
When I am snuggled in deep.
And my sword sang truth as I fought!

Define my desires! Repulse my demands!
Increase my beating heart.
Remember me when it grows dark.
Swirling depths to suck you in.
Never to release you again.
Though the light shines so stark.
And though we cannot be apart.
My love for your forever expands!

Who am I but goodness?
Have you not seen the kindness flow?
The yearning flame's soft glow,
I am goodness personified!
I am Fyora, I cannot deny.

For who would burn with a passion like this?
Who would undo you with light's gentle kiss?
To coddle and spoil and love with a touch?
Denying the evil is never too much.
The cost I pay is for good alone,
A light in darkness forever shone.
My desires denied, my heart abated.
My thirst for kindness never sated.

Forever remember my healing hand,
And life shall spring in Faerieland.

Three Grimoires
By Mamasimios

Three grimoires, textbooks of sorcery,
Have appeared in the Hidden Tower,
Each holding unknown mysteries,
Hinting at secret knowledge and power.

The Grimoire of the First Order
Is such an ordinary-looking book,
But any budding witch or sorcerer
Will be advised to take a look.

The Grimoire of Prosperity
Is of higher quality and cost,
But it contains spells of such a rarity,
They were once considered lost.

The third tome, and the most valuable,
Is the Grimoire of Affluence.
It's not for the hobbyist or the casual,
And sports a price tag that's immense.

Clear out your savings, if you desire,
And pay Fyora millions of Neopoints.
Read the grimoires to make you wiser,
The Faerie Queen never disappoints!

If all three spellbooks you buy and read,
You'll be known henceforth as "The Richest,"
Yet while in knowledge you'll exceed,
This makes for impoverished warlocks and witches.

Summoned to Faerieland
By Saqo

"You have been summoned to
Faerieland!" was the command
I received. I set off then
for the cloudy world of dreams.

I started on my journey
and finally I came upon
the castle of the Faerie
Queen, after so long.

"I have a quest for you,"
she said. "If you can achieve
this, you will be rewarded
with agility, health, and speed."

The item she asked for was
not one of meagre value.
I gathered all my Neopoints
and finally bought one.

I then returned to her and
showed her the item she
had asked for. Suddenly,
something went through me!

I felt stronger and faster --
what kind of magic is this?
The Faerie Queen is special,
and so are her quests!

As I make my way through Neopia
now and live my life through,
I wait impatiently for another
quest... well, wouldn't you?

All That Glitters
By Sarnfox

In the gleaming, pulsing light
Of the highest tower room,
Many pets were set to work
With rag and mop and broom
To clear away the dust and dirt,
From treasures great and small,
Polishing and burnishing --
No easy task to clean them all.

The Faerie Queen in lovely pink
Surveyed with a slight smile.
Her treasure trove hadn't shined
Quite like this for a while.
Great swords of power glowed again,
As shiny as could be,
To sell to the great warriors
For a certain hefty fee.

But as the cleaners marched away
And, folly, the Queen turned around,
A thief, cloaked and cowled in the darkness,
Crept in without a sound.
His hands closed over some treasure;
The sparkling metal gave a clang.
The Queen whipped round in great fury,
Wand raised, open-mouthed, and sang:

"O thief who has entered my tower,
Who would take what he has not earned,
You should take heed and beware,
Before the clothes off your body are burned!"
The thief made a noise of pure terror
And dropped his armload of loot.
Fyora kept safe her great treasure,
While Hanso was given the boot.

Fyora's Hidden Tower
By Tealnova_dragon

There up high,
Way up there, hidden among the clouds,
Is a tower, spiralling high.
If you climb, you will find,
Expensive, expensive, super-expensive things.

Mayhap you want a Faerie Doll
Or even a rainbow swirly pendant.
If you'd like an avatar, read three books,
That is, if you have the gold.

If you wish to dip into these riches,
You'd better be sure
To fork over your NP
To none other than the Faerie Queen,
Great, powerful, and soon to be rich,

Is it worth it?
Fyora thinks yes.

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