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Neopets Poems

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Kalora and the Tiara
By Tealnova_dragon

Sparkling light dancing across the stones,
the tiara rests on fur of blue,
belonging to only Fernypoo.

Kalora stares with growing wistfulness,
a strange longing she doesn't know.
The tiara twinkles, as if winking,
And Kalora knows she must have it.

During the night, she sneaks,
over creaking floorboards and
making cricket sounds.
Hooves trembling, she approaches
the Princess, ready to pluck from
her head that coveted tiara.

She places it upon her own head
and approaches a mirror.

She looks beautiful!
Not too wide, not too narrow,
The band of gold rests regally.
She sighs and feels that bubble
of happiness...

But all too soon, both
silence and happiness are shattered,

As her ears twitch, sending tiara to floor...

The Kau Fortune Teller
By Superpepe

A mysterious gypsy
living in a small tent,
known only by the name:
the Kau Fortune Teller.

"I've been expecting you,"
her voice ever so cryptic,
when one stumbles into
her tent by chance or fate.

Wearing a purple robe,
and a translucent veil
over the strange markings
on her face of intrigue.

With a colour of red,
her hair swings with her slow,
graceful movements as she probes
into her crystal ball.

As it swirls with weird colours,
and fumes began to emerge,
her eyes see what others can't,
and your fortune will be told.

Grazing in the Moonlight
By Sordid

Daylight gives way to the night;
The dark falls, idle sigh.
A thousand tiny glowing stars
Do scatter 'cross the sky.
Underneath, the endless green
Of fields so rich and lush.
The wind doth rustle each small blade,
It drifts, the endless rush.

There they come at midnight's chime,
The herd do wander by,
Drawn by scent of sweetest grass
And charm of starlit sky.
One hundred Kaus of different shades,
From grey to rainbow hue.
Not a sound, no signal here,
Yet all know what to do.

They graze where field of silken jade
Is lit by faintest light.
One hundred Kaus who graze, serene,
So sweet, the gentle sight.
They munch as dew in bubbles forms;
They'll savour each sweet blade,
Then wander off to fields afar,
As darkness soon shall fade.

A Meeting with Kalora the Kau
By Saqo

She sits down, and you almost falter.
She is intimidating in her green visor.
Kalora the Kau is the new competitor;
to win at Cheat!, you must beat her.

She may look harmless in her spotted
red dress, perhaps a little silly even.
But when it comes to cards she has
a poker face that's good for many reasons.

She looks to the side and to the other,
holding those cards in front of her.
You look down, and pause. The next card
is a five, but you have none of them!

With your face as still as you can make it,
you pull out a six and place it down. "One
five," you say, staying as calm as you can.
Chuffer Bob lets you slide -- that's one down.

Brucey B looks you over for quite a long
time, but he lets you slide as well.
The time comes for Kalora the Kau to make
her move -- she takes a long time then.

"Cheater!" she finally exclaims, and you
let out a sigh of regret. She giggles and
hands you the 14 cards that were in the
pile. How did she know? How in the world?

You see Kalora is a pretty good player;
she knows to watch other players' faces.
If you have the right card or not, one can
always tell if looking in the right places.

You are so far behind now. How can you
possibly win? Kalora the Kau has just
three cards left. Unfortunately for you but
lucky for her, those three cards are twos.

And two was the next card to come up.
She wins then; you just sigh and stand up.
Angry and sad but determined, you decide...
you will become as good as Kalora someday!

Buyer Beware!
By Reggieman721

I'm sorry if I lied to you --
The pink Kau Fortune Teller thinks --
Well, actually, that's not quite true:
I'm sorry you messed up with things.

The problem's not my prophecy;
It's just you acted on it wrong.
The future has no guarantee;
Your confidence was much too strong.

Yes, yes, I told you to invest,
But what a silly thing to ask!
I'm not a market litmus test.
Your finances are not my task.

I merely mentioned how the moon
Was inching toward your lucky day,
And that the stars would very soon
Spell out success without delay.

You said your job was killing you;
Your clothing you could scarce afford.
I said, "Why not invest in DROO?"
And then you went way overboard!

You cashed your shares in Stuff-A-Pet, Inc.?
You quit your job? You sold your flat?
You took out loans? You really think
That I'm to blame for all of that?

Excuse me, my head's gone a-spin.
I'll catch my breath and hope you see
The sign outside when you come in:
"No Refunds, That's Our Policy."

A Feeling with No Name
By _Razcalz_

Her mind was like
those wind-worn, late-summer fields --
not long ago still green and
basking in dew of spring.
Then gradual aridness
and homesickness for rain
took its toll, rendering what was
once virescent
boring, boring,

There the Kau stood,
among stalks yellowed that,
not dancing like they used to,
rasped at contact --
reduced to
pastures that felt too low
to ever touch the sky,
and she could not help but
feel the same.

If that feeling had a name, it
might be

Perhaps, with luck,
the rain
would return before first snow.

Leader of the Skies
By Moulinrouge21

Array of diamond droplets fill the darkening sky,
Igniting life around us; the evening is nigh.
Stars glisten innocently, dancing in the dark,
Spreading light to all, leaving their mark.

Yet one sparkles more, amongst the priceless jewel,
The starry Kau she shines against this navy pool.
Memories she reawakens, hope this one does bring,
Courage, strength, and love, in our hearts she sings.

Security and safety, always looking down,
Even in the daytime, she will be around.
Leader of the skies, ruler of the night,
Sun starts to fall, she starts to take flight.

Glowing once again, shines forevermore,
Burning away evil, right to the core.
Her serenity, a calming aura, watching in awe,
The most beautiful soul and spirit you ever saw.

Wrangler, the Biscuit Kau
By Mamasimios

On the hill stands Wrangler, the biscuit Kau,
Dragging her hat across a sweaty brow,
Standing sentinel at Kau Kau Farm,
Keeping her flock of Babaas safe from harm.

Busier than Samrin or a Petpet sitter,
Wrangler watches over her grazing critters,
Ensuring that they don't roam too far
Or fall victim to the lurking Balthazar.

Squinting hard against the sun,
Wrangler watches the Babaas skip and run;
Though she smiles as they cavort, careen,
The Kau remains alert to the threats unseen.

A panicked bleat reaches Wrangler's ears
And icy splinters pierce her heart with fear.
The Kau is off at tremendous speed,
Kicking up the dust of a one-Kau stampede.

Wrangler finds a yearling, scared and alone,
Just a short walk from the safe fields of home;
Trapped in a ditch, short and shallow,
Too scared to pass by its own shadow.

Releasing a breath of pure relief,
Wrangler saves the Petpet from its grief.
After herding the Babaa back to the paddock,
The Kau resumes her watch over the flock.

Kauvara's Terrible Idea
By Mach_ninja_neo

In the centre of Neopia
A magic shop there was.
Smoke was rising from the chimney;
It obscured the sky because

Within the shop there was a magician,
A brilliant starry Kau.
She was cooking a concoction;
It sent off the smoke, but how?

Kauvara looked into the cauldron,
Focusing on her work.
The potion would go on sale tomorrow;
This job she couldn't shirk.

The Kau watched her creation,
Adding objects to the mix.
Unstable Slime, a scrambled Negg,
A bunch of pick-up-sticks.

The potion boiled; it spewed slime,
But Kauvara remained unfazed.
The ingredient of Achyfi
Reduced the chance of being razed.

At long last, pot stopped bubbling.
The texture within was soft.
Kauvara glanced at her checklist:
All items had been checked off.

That night, the Kau cut off the room
Containing her creation.
The contents of that cauldron
Would give immortalisation!

Now, Kauvara tipped her hat;
Her hooves shook as she walked.
She approached her cooking chamber;
The door was heavily locked.

She removed the canvas from the pot,
Several fantasies in her head,
But all that remained was a sloppy note;
It might as well have said:

"Hello, dear Kauvara,
I was in the neighbourhood.
Shall I tell you of my evil scheme?
My conscience says I should.

I, the overly self-centred Sloth,
Have brought terror to your realm.
I have a massive mothership!
Guess whose face is on the helm?

Anywho, of my dastardly plot
To turn you pets into my slaves,
How did I manage to come up with such a thing?
I've studied you for days.

I know of the Transmogrification Potion,
A concoction of grotesque impurity.
Few know of its power to mutate Neopets.
It is tainted by obscurity.

I have taken your first batch of them,
That you so responsibly procured.
I will use them for my evil deed,
Of that, you can be assured.

And so, with a kind gesture,
I give you one last warning:
I'd check what potions your regulars have bought
When you tend your post in the morning."

Down on Kau Kau Farms
By Ladygaladriel213

I'm down on Kau Kau Farms
Where the sky is blue and clear,
And the gentle mooing of the Kaus
Is all the sound you hear.

Where gentle brooks doth babble
And grass waves in the breeze,
Where Kaus delight in prancing about
And the sun kisses the trees.

Chocolate Kau Kau Farm Milk
Is a delicacy.
And lovely wedges of cheese
From mozzarella to brie!

I'm down on Kau Kau Farms, you see,
Where the world slumbers contentedly.
I'm down on Kau Kau Farms today
Where the Kaus laugh and run and play.

I'm down on Kau Kau Farms;
You ought to join me here
And rejoice on Kau Day
With a jubilant cheer!

All visit these Farms
And delight in their great find!
For the happiness that is found there
Is not easily defined.

So come to Kau Kau Farms
Where the grass is soft as silk,
And you will never go thirsty
When presented with Kau Kau Milk!

The Brave Kau Defender
By Kuroge

A defender of Neopia
with a brave warrior's soul,
as she roams around,
always on a patrol.

Her ethereal hair
sways in the open air;
her emerald eyes,
always shining with flair.

Her sapphire pendant
dangles about her chest,
as she eliminates the
town's villainous pests.

To maintain the happiness
and keep those laughs,
only ever selflessly act
on others' behalf.

Like a star in the sky,
she brightens the mood,
never to allow
any villain to intrude.

The Rare Royal Kau
By Ktkdk

Rarest of royals! Or at least
Among the most rare.
You are such a beautiful beast
Because of what you wear.

Why can no one find you
When they look on the Pound Chat?
Never can hear a little moo,
Or anything so lovely as that.

There is a saying so trite:
"Like a Kau in a china shop,"
But that simile is not right,
For in grace you are the top.

Why can no one find you
No matter how hard they seek?
Royal Kaus are just so few.
They have a certain mystique.

Maybe many people believe
That aforementioned saying,
So connections to Kaus they cleave
To avoid hosting your playing.

Perhaps that is the reason
Why no one can find you.
But as a royal declare it treason
For them to not pay respect to you!

Then I could gaze upon a royal Kau
For as long as my heart desired.
(That is, if you would allow)
You deserve to be admired!)

A Desert Kau Herd
By Kaibeau

Cloven hooves pack down the dirt
On roads where the desperate trod.
Malevolent sun sneers down with mirth,
But onward they must plod.

Mouths are parched and silent,
Horns sway to and fro.
100 miles they have marched
And 100 left to go.

A desert Kau is born to roam
Far from familiar plains.
His compass is his blistering thirst;
He seeks the blessed rains.
A cursed species, some might say,
To wander so forlorn,
But together they have naught to fear --
Their courage is inborn.

Their fate is one with the storm clouds
That churn just beyond the hill.
Instincts deep within the bloodline
Urge them forward to drink their fill.

The mighty Kau herd ambles on
Into the darkening sand.
They may not pass this way again,
Though their journey is unplanned.

How Now, Brown Kau?
By Jjquil

How now, Brown Kau?
Dozing beneath that tree bough;
After farming with the plow
You take your nap, so peaceful now.

And how, Brown Kau, you sleep so sound?
Curled up in a ball so round
Warmed by sunlight that you found,
Your hooves so snug against the ground.

Brown Kau, so placid in this dale!
Swish and sway your furry tail.
You smile so warmly as you inhale
The flower scents upon this trail.

Brown Kau, so mellow and serene,
Relaxing in the grass so green.
You complete this summer scene --
My bovine friend, with your routine.

How now, Brown Kau? Was your nap fair?
The sun is warm against your hair.
You look so happy in the summer air...
Can I sit with you, over there?

A Kau Day Celebration
By Indulgences

Today we celebrate the Kau,
The cutest creature ever seen.
Its large brown eyes are mild and soft
And shimmer with a tender sheen.

Its tail is meant for flicking flies,
But no fly does alight on it.
The Kau is far too beautiful
For any insect to have bit.

Its hooves are sharp but not for fights.
They mainly trod the grassy fields
Where Kaus can find their nourishment.
Their cud reveals their grassy meals.

The Kau is sweet as sweet can be,
Its personality so kind.
Our love for Kaus is limitless
Because we love their tranquil minds!

Glowing Kau -- Journey Home
By Guddi6

Silent, the sleeping dusk
Her ebon curtains drawn
Onyx rays do inch forth
And beckon soft to coming morn.
Sudden flash doth greet the night,
A luminescent green,
A lost star, torn from skies,
From miles away, her radiance seen.
Hooves clomp down upon the ground
And forward doth she spring,
Determined gleam in shining eyes
Where cyan and azure ring.
Home is high in haven skies,
A struggle doth lie ahead
To claim what once belonged to her
And brush aside the fears, unshed.
A steady gallop doth cleave the way,
And bravely, she turns to face,
The starlit home where she once did shine
She soars, to take her place.
And so it was that the Kau did leap,
Up high, o'er the moon,
Beyond Neopia's greenest fields
To shine amidst the gloom.

No Rest on Kau Day
By Filter

Today is a very special day, a holiday indeed,
For Kaus of every creed, caste, and station.
Though one particular Kau never takes a break,
Regardless of need for well-deserved vacation.

Kauvara mixes her potions with utmost precision;
Her elixirs and mixtures are the best in the land.
She'll work tirelessly, regardless of the day,
Even when outside, there's a rocking Kau band.

The din of the parties do not mar her vision;
Sweet smell of banquet does not stop her task.
She'll mix up a new batch of the finest brews,
Even a huge fiesta does not stop her flask.

Over the magic shop does her watchful gaze rest,
Though there are barely any customers today.
Most Neopets are out celebrating with Kau friends,
But Kauvara stays in, working as a potion gourmet.

She'll celebrate the holiday in her own special way,
Perhaps a new painted Kau potion or two.
Acaras and Kougras and Lupes, Meercas as well,
All soon could be hoofed and have grass to chew.

So today, after you dance and eat, after sun has set,
Head to the Magic Shop and leave a kind thought
To the hardworking Kau behind the work table;
Your alchemist skills just can't be taught!

Star Gazer
By Elly042

There are characters about
Of which I do not know the name,
But I feel that, without a doubt,
They have stories just the same.

An avatar catches my eye,
Featuring a Kau
Looking up into the sky
With a star upon her brow.

She's outside once the day is done,
And it makes me wonder whether
She and the moon are having fun
And sharing a joke together.

Or maybe she said something
To which the moon gave some reply,
And that is why she's standing
And smiling at the sky.

I'll never guess the true cause
Of her knowledgeable smile,
But it does make me stop and pause
To think for a while.

A picture's worth a thousand words,
Or so the saying goes,
But with explanations still unheard,
I don't think I'll ever know.

My Ghost Kau
By Concertogreat_8

the ghostly shape of my Kau hangs like mist
in softly stirring air
over the distance she glows
a soft-green sheen imprinted
on the backs of my eyes
when I close them.

(I oft have wondered where
you went and what you left
and how come I see just
your outline in the windowpane)

how lost must be these poor souls
whose echoing chewing I hear
when the night is still
and the moon is a ripe balloon
in a faded velvet sky.

sometimes I awake a-sudden
and by my window feel
the breath of my Kau on my arm
and her gentle low on the breeze
that stirs the curtains of my room
and pricks my eyes to tears

(oh, friend who is gone but not
and still wanders my fields
with intangible hooves
and crops my grass
with spirit teeth)

The Craft of Kauvara
By Calicolupe

Amazing sights and smells erupt
From the depths of your workshop
As iridescent smoke drifts lazily
Out of a thrown-open window.

A quiet melody is hummed
Filled with "mms" and "oos"
As our heroine splashes a drip and a drop
Of indigo into her brew.

Few Draiks would live without her;
Krawks would be rarer still.
Pirates would be silenced;
Plushies, unstuffed and blue.

Her potions have changed a million pets
From red and yellow to gold,
Helping the poor afford their looks
Without a paint brush at hand.

Digging deep in her pocket,
Kauvara finds a gleaming star,
Bright as the night's little sparks
And plops it in the bowl.

She gives the melange a loving stir,
And it bubbles, shooting stars in reply.
A deep azure, with swirls of cerulean
And all the colours between.

Kauvara adds a pinch of her own tuft of hair,
Pulled from under her hat,
Then pours it all into a jar,
And the potion is done.

A stopper with a pair of horns secures
The potion from unwanting paws,
And Kauvara places the Starry Kau Potion
On her shelf for the next pair of happy hands.

Waiting Wisdom
By Aurorapearl

Wait, they told me.
Don't count your Draiks before they hatch,
or you'll be crying over spilled milk.
Wait, they said,
until the Kaus come home.

When? I'd ask.
When was that?
Where were they coming from?
Why were we waiting?
Why did they leave?
Question not, they said.
Curiosity killed the Kougra.
Just wait.
Wait until the Kaus come home.

A child cannot wait
until he's forgotten.
I forgot.
Then one day they said,
the Kaus come home.

Prepare for a celebration of melody.
Prepare for a festivity of meadow.
Prepare for the glory you've sought all year to have,
For there is no better celebration than what is today --

Today, the Kaus are home,
and the air turns to lullaby
as they sing their song.

It's Kau Day!
By Agedbeauty

It's Kau Day, it's Kau Day,
And all the herds stampede!
Today each Kau gets her say,
To tell us what they need!

Today the baby Kaus want
Lots of brand-new toys!
And the ghost and zombies haunt
The bookshop with eerie noise.

The royalgirl Kaus, oh they await
Some brand-new poetry.
Though royalboys now debate
New clothing for their beauty.

Plushie Kaus dance impatiently
For -- what else? -- new plushies,
Pirate Kaus lurk silently
Hoping for weapons to use with ease.

Oh, it's Kau Day, and they celebrate
The joy and fun of being a Kau.
It's Kau day, that's the date --
Where are the Kau goodies now?!

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