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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Fire and Ice
By Mamasimios

A fire Quiggle, too hot to touch,
Went for a stroll one June.
His webby feet singed the ground beneath;
His passing hands caused the buds to swoon.

The Quiggle was oblivious
To the scorch marks that he trailed,
Did not see that the flame upon his head
Caused a swarm of Draphlies to quake and quail.

So preoccupied was the fire Quiggle
As he enjoyed the late spring day
That he didn't notice that he now shared the path;
Indeed, an ice Quiggle headed his way.

Cool blue and clear, nearly transparent,
The ice Quiggle chilled the day's noon heat.
The air around her seemed to crystallise;
Ice shards like sparks flew from her feet.

She did not see the fresh green shoots
Curl up defensively as she passed,
Or that the confused swarm of Draphlies
Hit her cold front, turned, and gasped.

Two heedless Quiggles passed unaware,
One looking high, the other low.
What would've happened if they chanced to meet?
I guess that we will never know.

Down She Comes
By Reggieman721

The Quiggle scout sails though the air
And scans the battlefield below.
Upon his patched dirigible,
He drifts on breezes, shaky, slow.

He holds a spyglass to his eye
And squints the other tightly closed.
With planted feet, he grips a rope
And stands thus gallantly composed.

A gust of wind snags his balloon
And gives the scout a mighty lurch --
The spyglass tumbles from his hand;
He struggles to maintain his perch.

As brassy glint streaks down to earth,
The Quiggle flails and flings his hand
To grab a saving length of rope
And pull himself back up to stand.

Control regained, he takes a breath
And squints to see the distant field.
There seems to be commotion now;
He steers toward ground to better see.

The troops observe him flying low,
And with a cheer, they yell aloud,
"Their general! You've knocked him dead!"
A shadow falls upon the crowd.

The Quiggle scout, distracted, pleased,
Has seen his spyglass lifted high
And let his craft, unmanned, begin
A swift, careening, downward dive.

The soldiers scatter: "Down she comes!"
The Quiggle gasps and hauls the rope.
Too late! He crashes to the ground,
His blimp in pieces on the slope.

The Quiggle Food Guide
By Sordid

We all have had our Quiggle stop
At dinner, then complain
That Neobread is getting old
And soup seems rather plain,
That maybe we should change it up,
And cook a meal brand new.
Well, friends, I recommend one book,
That tells you what to do!

Quiggle Food Guide, purchase now,
One hundred great meals wait!
Each recipe is guaranteed
To end with a clean plate!
Each does recommend you use
A fly, bought fresh that day!
For stuff tastes better, guaranteed,
When cooked the Quiggle way!

Each page presents a new concept
To thrill the Quiggle pet.
Appealing to refined palate,
With tastes you can't forget!
They say those who have tried the meals
Report such great success
That Quiggles soon eat nothing else!
(Which seems the point, I guess!)

Your Quiggle will think you're the best,
A chef of high degree.
(Your Lupe and Grarrl, I must admit,
May try one bite, then flee.)
The guide to keeping those complaints
Of boring meals right back,
Grab the Quiggle Food Guide now,
Whip up a Quiggle snack!

Quiggle Day Corruption
By Filter

I see you seem to have found your way,
So try your luck and let coconuts fly.
It's a very special Quiggle Day,
Down here at the Coconut Shy.

My name is Leeroy but you know me well.
What? Of course I don't rig my game.
Throw the coconut and win a prize that's swell,
If your throw isn't so tame.

Don't yell at me, you clearly missed!
It just grazed the side, I swear!
Don't get angry at me and raise your fist,
My game is certainly not unfair!

You just have to start with a harder throw,
And make sure to keep your aim.
Wow, look at that coconut go!
It still didn't fall down, what a shame.

How dare you accuse me of cheating!
Where would I even get that much super glue?
My game is fair, it easily takes a beating.
You don't believe me? Well, it's true!

I'll even show you, because I'm nice,
And today's day is very dear to Quiggles all.
I'll wind up my pitch, I won't think twice.
Just keep your eye on the ball.

Ready? Here I go, it's sailing through the air!
Are you watching? Here comes the action!
Wait, what's that behind you, across the fair?
It's a cleverly placed distraction!

Happy Quiggle Day, Hawkshanks!
By Agedbeauty

It's the AC and it's Quiggle Day,
And all of the Quiggle fans turn out.
They'll root for KI's Hawkshanks to play,
As he's the only Quiggle about.

But he does his species great credit
And lobs that Yooyuball with true skill.
Zooming 'cross the field like a rocket,
He makes it seem like the rest stand still.

Though his profile says that he lacks size,
You'll soon come to know that he isn't weak.
He scores quickly, his eye on the prize,
Shocking opponents who thought him meek.

Play on, Hawkshanks, get KI the win;
Steal victory on this Quiggle Day.
Play on, Hawkshanks, let's do it again --
Send that Yooyu up, up, and away!

Hop Toward Health
By Belowzerokelvin

Heaps and heaps of helpings
of snacks less than healthy
make Neopets quite sick.
Only Quinton can help!

He thought well to himself,
"How can I make veggies
and fruits more exciting?"
He leaves for a journey!

Across Neopia
he ventured and braved the
Cold of Terror Mountain
and heat of Lost Desert.

His motivation to
make the world a healthier
banquet of fresh greens is
incomparable to all.

Unsatisfied and irked
by Dervinn's rare food wares,
Quinton travels further
for the Golden Carrot!

A mention from merchant
Dervinn reminds Quinton
to go to the deep, dark,
damp caves of Kiko Lake.

Parched from the journey's strain,
sprinkles of Kiko Lake's
crisp, aquatic waters will
cool and soothe any soul.

Something feared has happened!
A Jetsam's jaw nearly
chomped our loved traveller.
Quests are never easy.

Rumblings from the mountains
Puzzled the star Quiggle.
The pursuit of the prize
motivates him to dare.

The rumbles and trembles
alerted Quinton to
look overhead. OH NO!
A rockslide approaches.

Quick wit calculations,
the Quiggle connoisseur
crossed crevices and dodged rocks
and dove into the dark.

When the Quiggle came to,
a bead of sweat rolled down
like the drops of water
from stalactites above.

The hero wiped his brow
only to be scraped by
a brilliant object in
his hand: Golden Carrot!

Yearly, this Quiggle brings
Golden Carrots to the
Cybunny Festivals;
Everyone eats healthy.

His great accomplishments
are worth recognising!
Where can you learn much more?
The Neopedia!

The Quiggle Gentleman
By Ktkdk

He struts along the streets of Neovia
With his shiny top hat and his cane.
This Quiggle is the renowned Leo Phia
Who owns all of Prigpants & Swolthy's Lane.

Although he has no hair upon his head
(A fact he hides with his stylish hat),
He has a well-groomed mustache instead,
And everyone, of course, respects that.

A smarmy monocle covers one eye,
Which just speaks to his high class.
It is something that most can't buy
Due to the exorbitant price of glass.

Of course his clothes are expensive too,
Like his silk pants and his wool coat.
And this costliness applies to each shoe;
Each costs more than the average boat!

True gentlemen have more than just cash.
"Gentlemen" would overrun us if money sufficed.
But Mister Leo Phia, unlike others, is not rash.
He is a true gentleman: mannerly and nice.

With his impeccable Quiggle conduct,
He helps elderly Neopians cross the street.
Also, he never leaves his shirt untucked.
He smiles and chats with everyone he meets!

Royal Quiggle Dreams
By The_hoshi_pixi

With hops and bounds,
A little Quiggle hopes
On the marshy mounds
Of slick swampy slopes.

The day she becomes
What she always dreamed:
A princess of kingdoms
Someplace quite esteemed.

A quick kiss from royalty
Or a coat from a brush
Will make her a beauty
And make everyone blush.

She thinks herself ugly,
So royalty is desired.
What a life it must be
To be so greatly admired!

Inside grand castles
She imagines herself in,
Her imagination chortles
At the swamp so disgusting.

Servants come on call
To do whatever she could bid,
But of course the downfall,
She could never be a kid.

Being royalty, responsibly
The true purpose of the crown
The Quiggle grins happily
In her now lovely swamp of brown.

Monotony's Rambles
By Aurorapearl

There is no one else
more blessed than I in this world
when you think of it.

I challenge you all
to find a better career
than the one I have.

I doubt you'll find one.
There are few jobs where one can
do nothing at all.

Do absolutely
nothing and still have quite a
thrilling time -- sort of.

See, I guard over
the Wheel of Monotony
every single day.

I watch as it spins,
then watch some more, then some more,
until finally --

It comes to a halt.
Landing on junk, as always.
That's my favourite part.

Looking at faces
of disappointed hopefuls
as they trudge back home.

And that's all I do.
Again, again, and again.
Twenty-four hours.

I bet you're jealous.
It's a fantastic lifestyle...
Except not at all.

Maybe Quiggle Day
they will let me retire.
Pah! -- well, I can dream.

The Quiggle Knight
By Dragonstorm_75

Behold the valiant Quiggle Knight,
All dressed in gleaming mail!
In his livery he's quite a sight,
A protector of mountain and vale.

Upon his armoured Uni steed,
He rides to battle with spirit.
See now as he takes the lead,
Through field and barrow and thicket.

All enemies fly before his gaze,
And those that remain a challenge,
They meet a foe who will not faze
Before a warrior's lunge.

Lead the host, O Quiggle Knight,
The militia await your command.
Help those who are in desperate plight,
With your armed and webb'd hand!

Hail daylight with a raised sword,
Hail night-time's westward flight,
Hail Meridell's famed cavalier ward,
The courageous Quiggle Knight!

The Ballad of Quaglor
By Fyora_fyora__33

He walks through the diamond tunnels,
His heart beating at a fast pace.
It just isn't too late to get out
Of a horrible and lonely place.

"I have to find those keys... that door,"
He says to himself in pain.
Quaglor must be in quite a horror,
Never again will he see the rain.

But hope he keeps in his heart,
"I will get out... I shall get out."
Intrepidity must be his stunning art
Or wisdom from his Quiggle mouth.

And he ventures more into the lonely cavern,
Seeking signs and seeing illusions.
"Perhaps here is another pattern?"
He asks himself in confusion.

Evil and darkness are on the way,
And some traps and obstacles to go.
But our 'hero,' surely he'll save the day,
And slay his fear, his foe.

And at last! It's the moment of glory,
He finds the unattainable key!
He grins, "Fyora, now you'll feel sorry,
For endlessly trapping me!"

And when he unlocked the door,
The next was a horrible sight,
It turns out there were even more
Of his endless faerie cave plight!

Coconut Shy
By Jjquil

Daylight dims, the sun has set;
Shadows lengthen o'er the ground,
And if you won't leave, not just yet --
To your ears, a hollow sound.

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! A hammer and nail?
Coming from that fairground stall!
Is it safe? You're growing pale --
And that noise makes your skin crawl...

You clutch your coinpurse closer, tight,
As you spot the Quiggle there;
Those buggy eyes give you a fright!
That ugly mole, that facial hair!

He turns to face you with a leer --
Hammer in hand, approaching fast!
You stumble backward, trembling fear;
Nothing puts you more aghast!

As you flee the Haunted Woods,
You hear the greasy goblin cry:
"Don't you want to win the goods?
What's the matter -- Coconut Shy?"

Catching a Meal
By Kuroge

The hungry Quiggle
on a usual sunny day,
just an appetite for flies,
trying to have his way.

The tranquil pond
on which he thrives
becomes his lair,
as the flies arrive.

Not those vicious bees
will deter his lunch,
as he swallows flies
voraciously by the bunch.

Quick and nimble,
he moves his tongue,
like a spring
that has just sprung.

His keen eyesight
fails not his hunting skill.
Nothing can dent
his adamant will.

Quiggle's Delight
By Emilysusanburt

How privileged I am
To be a Quiggle
And to know the joys
Of scanning the swamp,
Peering through the lilypads,
For the delectable swarms
Of flies.
They come through the reeds
One after the other
Like a carnival parade,
A juicy, sweet, buzzing trail
Weaving through the grasses
Right into my mouth.
So tasty!
Yet dangers lurk from
Every corner as I
Conduct my search and wait
For the delicious prize to appear.
If I don't watch closely
A deeper buzz will sound.
Look out!
The bees are coming to end
My quest and sting my aching head.
So I dodge and I duck
And I shoot out my tongue
To catch them before
They catch me.
Got you!
It's a wonderful joy
To be a Quiggle
And know the pleasure of searching
For lovely and delicious flies
Like chocolate candy on the wing
In the sunny, swampy marsh.
A true delight!

Quaglor the Intrepid
By Amitybelle

A perilous journey lies before him;
These puzzles he knows he must solve.
Collect the purple keys to proceed,
What else does this involve?

This Quiggle must be wary now:
These caves can be unsafe.
Volcanic boulders can be of help...
Or squash him. Quaglor, make haste!

Dynamite may knock him down,
May serve as a useful tool.
And balloons, they must be utilised,
To prove he is far from a fool.

Through fire, water, earth, and air,
The Quiggle makes his way.
Each cave is harder than the last,
New strategies he will display.

And when, at last, the day is done,
He wanders caves no more.
Quaglor hopes tomorrow brings
More puzzles to explore.

Crooked Quiggle Sword
By Tealnova_dragon

Standing tall and fierce,
Upon the smoking battlefield,

Stands a Quiggle, back straight
And proud.
A feathered hat upon his brow,
Half-lidded huge eyes
And smiling mustache.

With mighty roar, he drew sword from sheath...
And pointed it to his foes,

His mighty Crooked Sword!
His foes laughed and laughed,

At that picture in front of them.
That's no weapon, they cried out.
It's only a bent steel!

But the Quiggle didn't flinch,
Didn't wilt from the jeers.

With a full-blown roar,
He jumped into the fray,
His Crooked Sword held high.
It smites his enemies and serves him well,
Despite being quite crooked.

A 'Shy' Quiggle
By Tanikagillam

I was just passing through;
I didn't really have time to stop.
I had many things still left to do,
When I came across this odd little shop.

A stall run by this old chap,
Who had the most unnerving grin.
He winks at me, he tips his hat,
And invites me to come on in.

"Welcome to my Coconut Shy!"
He calls as I near the stand.
"Try your luck, you might be surprised,
Winner takes home ten grand!"

I can't help myself, I am intrigued
As I edge closer to his stall.
Such an odd Quiggle is he,
Barely standing at three feet tall.

I take the coconut and pay him the fee;
I take careful aim and throw.
I frown as he giggles "Teehee!"
I must have aimed it too low.

Again and again I try to win,
But each throw seems worse than before.
He stands there with his awful grin;
I throw the coconuts until my arm is sore.

Hours pass, my Neopoints are spent,
And not once did I manage to win.
You know what; I barely made a dent,
So I'm starting to think this game is rigged...

The Wheel of the Quiggle
By Yoshifan272

The Tyrannian Quiggle is sitting there,
sitting next to the Wheel
that never stops spinning,
you could be losing or winning,
but it gives it a drowsy feel.
It can be exciting, due to the great prizes;
however, it is rather boring.
It will spin for a bit, decreasing your wit,
guaranteeing that you will be snoring.
You just sit there and watch,
nothing else to do,
and as you watch you may get dizzy.
For an hour or two, the wait isn't new,
As you find some way to be busy.
You sit on a rock and look in your bag,
where you find a book that is small.
Though the book will be smoke,
and it may make you choke,
it is better than nothing at all.
The Wheel has now stopped spinning,
and you then look up
to simply see what you won!
But it's The Lair of the Beast,
so it may have a feast,
at this point you wished that it was none!
So when you go to Tyrannia, go to its Plateau
and find that Quiggle, you don't even have to pay!
You just have to be merry, no burdens to carry,
just say Happy Quiggle Day!!!

The Eyes of a Quiggle
By Laurapet131

Have you ever looked this closely
Into a Quiggle's eyes?
Two orbs perched on a flat head
Now widen in surprise.

Those eyes can show many things:
Anger, sorrow, and more besides.
But mostly I see friendship
Glowing clearly in those eyes.

Quiggles may not be loved by many;
It takes a special person, true.
That user will receive the love
That a Quiggle gives to you.

Next time you meet a Quiggle
Or pass one on the street,
Take a look into his eyes.
(Please don't stare; be discreet.)

If you see love and friendship
Reflected back at you,
Maybe you should adopt a Quiggle,
The newest member of your crew.

The Ever Healthy Quiggle
By Anyways

Quinton was a cheery chap with a sunny smile,
A gentle Quiggle accompanied by a jolly soul.
His days were always brighter than the one before;
He had in life only one goal.

For starters,
Quinton had always been an active child,
Jumping and hopping boisterously every day;
I wouldn't be surprised if he ran a mile.

Keeping good health was most important
To an active Quiggle such as Quinton.
That was why he started his shop
South of the dense Neopian glen.

"Would you like to buy some nice,
healthy food for your Neopet?"
He would greet his customers.
"He'd love Chokato Honey Sticks, I bet!"

He would then polish his reddest apple
In a dazzling ray of morning light.
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Not to mention, it does wonders for your sight!
Would you care for some
Fava Beans or Black Eyed Peas?
Mixed Veggie Kebab and Organic Leek?
Tropical Trail Mix or Vegan Cheese?"

Lovely, lovely healthy food!
It's cheap, organic, and 100% good!

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