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Neopets Poems

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Sophie's Gift
By Agedbeauty

Despite today's holiday,
Sophie's been hard at work.
Eye of this and tail of that
Mixed as Meowclops lurk.

For today in celebration
Sophie has a new potion,
One she'll reveal to you
With a flourished motion.

Its bottle throbs and glows
With a soft emerald light
And makes you slightly nervous
As it illuminates the night.

Uncorking the bottle,
She laughs with a wink.
"Go ahead, little one --
Just take a tiny drink!"

As you reach for the bottle,
You notice your hand shakes.
Confident, you only laugh
And ignore the nervous quakes.

But as you gulp it down,
You begin to realise --
Perhaps you shouldn't have let
The effects be a surprise.

And when the elixir's downed,
Sophie laughs as your hands glow.
Gasping, you stare down at --
What? At first you don't know.

Glossy fur, long limbs, horns,
Hooves that number four?
Then stunned, you understand --
You're not a Kougra anymore.

As Sophie's grin gets wider,
Something new comes clear.
Kauvara and Sloth aren't the sole
Species changers to fear.

For today on Ixi Day,
Sophie had a present for you.
Because you drank her potion,
You get to be an Ixi too!

An Ixi Once
By Concertogreat_8

when betrayal falls
like a whispered rain
and hallowed are the lips
from which the dread word falls;

then who is she,
left in the wake of a war?
one bedraggled Ixi
colours bled and faded
allegiance drifting in the wind.

Once lady graceful courtier,
she ran swift as such
to succour the gold and trust
and beg for Kass, her lord,
that he might win the war;

But no more:
the Citadel slumbers secure
under rightful ownership
and who thinks to seek out
the girl who was the villain's paw?
just a simple tool no doubt.

so wand'ring now,
with tatters left of courage
and slivers of ruined pride,
fleeing a moulded heart
where pity whimpers
and all in shallow graves.

A broken promise left
abandoned to herself,
how once the door swings --
no opens no more.

Ixi Glade
By Mamasimios

Deep in the forest of Meridell,
There is a hidden glade
Where Ixi meet in secrecy,
Beneath the trees' full shade.

Sprouting like green mushroom caps
Are a dozen Ixi Forest Hoods;
Wrapped in their Ixi Forest Cloaks,
They are concealed both well and good.

The spirit of the forest harkens
To the call of Enchanted Ixi Wands;
The leaves whisper in their rustlings,
Secrets sigh through low fern fronds.

A jug of Elixir of the Woods
Is passed from hand to hand.
Incantations are spoken, hushed,
In a tongue only they can understand.

A dozen Forest Amulets
Begin to glow and spark;
Carved from the trees of Illusen's Grove,
They dispel the chill and dark.

Beloved so well by Illusen,
One wonders if even she
Knows what transpires in the Ixi Glade
Within the realm of the earth faerie.

The Chuckles of Chortle
By Sordid

Undulating, emerald green,
The sprawl of endless field.
The breeze doth part the swaying crops,
What realm shall new sight yield?
Meridell, the monarch's land,
Hark now, hear merry calls!
For someone plays a jolly show,
In Skarl's own regal halls.

A flash of colour, brilliant blue,
The hat with bells doth ring.
For King's amusement shall he dance,
Shall joke, shall jump, shall sing.
Chortle, Ixi of the realm,
Creates a merry din!
His purpose here remains one thing,
To make the old King grin.

A frenzied giggle, he backs up,
Then sprints the castle hall.
A tumble, handstand, cartwheel too,
One twist, then down he'll fall.
A merry bow, then topple forth,
So nimble this routine!
Even Skarl has said of him,
Best jester he has seen!

He'll trick a guest with pack of cards,
Or joke, then dance in jest.
Spare time spent at a table, round --
At poker, he's the best.
An Ixi with a tumble trick
Or tale tall to tell.
You know you'll clutch your sides in mirth,
At ring of jester's bell!

Riddle Me This, Sinsi!
By Filter

Such a puzzling day that today would be,
A celebration of all the Ixi you can find.
Though one Ixi in particular is having a time,
Creating brainteasers to confuse your mind.

Gnawing on the end of a pencil,
Staring down at a charted grid.
Sinsi's masterful mind is hard at work;
She knows she has the doldrums to rid.

She loves to challenge you and work your brain;
The puzzles she creates will cause you frustration.
Sinsi will leave you stewing for hours,
Trapped in your Shapeshifter concentration.

While you shift your pieces, she'll giggle along,
She'll keep quiet if you make a wrong move.
She wants you to try as hard as you can,
Beat the puzzle like you've got something to prove!

All day and all night, Sinsi creates these puzzles,
Barely ever taking a rest.
She feels the pride back every day,
When a Neopet steps up to take her test.

Happy Ixi Day, Sinsi! Puzzle no more today!
Rest your mind and take a break!
We'll puzzle tomorrow, 'til we pull out our hair!
Though your puzzles are hard, it's a risk we'll take!

Briar, Briar
By _Razcalz_

am I right in thinking
that in this hub of summer days
you'd be in the lakes
or the meadows just begging to be
picnicked on, rather than
a woods -- not one
for berry-finding or tree-climbing,
for only
sweetbriars grow there;
a place so remote
that it is beyond reach save for
the very most curious

and if you weren't
in this particular wood,
you wouldn't find beneath a
single prickly branch
a teary Ixi
huddled in the corner

Briar, Briar, why do you cry?
why do you hide away
and lock your tears in
thickets hostile?

come out and see the sun;
you won't see the wind,
but it'll dry your tears
for in the shadows it is
easy to cry
but daylight does not hold back
from anyone
and then you won't help
but to smile.

Ready to Lead
By Jayo289

Valka doesn't rest until justice is served,
Remaining stoic, with a will unnerved.
Leading the Resistance with all that he can,
Never without a well thought-out plan.

When Sloth overtook, he remained strong;
His determination could never be wrong.
He ordered surveillance and prepared to attack;
Thanks to him, Sloth's force was pushed back.

When the Cybunny scout was missing in action,
Valka kept a hold over his elite faction.
Cylara appeared, but he stayed by his scheme,
Working her into his ultimate team.

When Valka was cornered and things looked dim,
Sloth as the winner, and results seemed grim.
The Resistance lived on to continue the fight,
Valka surged forward to get to the light.

When the battle is over, Valka gets no rest,
There're mountains of paperwork for him to best.
He is something that every land needs,
Commander Valka, always ready to lead.

Royal Ixi Scholar
By Tealnova_dragon and Philopoet

He sits behind his desk,
Great big hat perched precariously upon his crown,
Quill in hand, hand on cheek,
Thinking about his latest masterpiece.

What might befit my people,
What new rule or order
Will combat war and usher peace?

The feather in his hat sways.
He tilts his head to the side --
A furrow in his brow.

He scribbles some but crosses out more
With ink-stained fingers
and lightly clenched teeth.

Blurred eyes whip over the parchment.
Blank ink is smeared over his golden clothes
and star patterned robe --
the same robes so many envy.

But at once, an idea comes,
He leans forward, alert.
His eyes come to focus, the tension
makes his spine rigid.

Nose almost to paper, he begins to write.
This Ixi, for the betterment of Meridell,
Turns in his proposal to his King.
His success?

Only time will tell.

Variety of Ixi Collars
By Carrotbreath

Yes, as far as Ixi come, I'm pretty cool,
For I've been every colour in the Pool!
In a week I've gone from royal to blue,
and any other hue that comes to mind.

I guess you can say my wardrobe is ample,
As big as Meridell, just as an example.
With sixteen collars and counting,
You can assume I do lots of browsing!

However I want something special to wear;
I mean on Ixi Day my neck can't go bare!
So many collars to choose, but which one
would surely stun all the other Ixi?

Some are creepy and some too florid;
In this one I'll look simply horrid.
I've got it, to the Pound!
Give them to those who have frowned.

A Mysterious Shop and Its Owner
By Alagfalaswen

Buried amongst the icy hue
of Terror Mountain's white and blue,
A small hut and its owner
wait patiently for you.

"Welcome to my Shop of Mystery,"
she smiles. "We've quite the history
of strange surprises; now, for you,
which bag will it be?"

The bags lined in a row, on each
a question mark, silently asking which
of their tightly closed knots
you're tempted to breach.

You pick one on the leftmost side.
Tarla turns; her eyes slide
toward your choice, as you
quickly peer inside.

Ah, dashed hopes of a prize sublime!
A bag of gravel, a bit of grime,
as Tarla laughs and says,
'Better luck next time!'

Nabile's Fate
By Amethyst_81

An unforgiving desert sun
Beat down upon her face,
As skillfully she left the shop
With nothing out of place.
Then down the Sakhmet streets she ran
Her pockets bulged with loot,
No gold or jewels weighed her down,
Just juicy Tchea Fruit.

A thieving scoundrel she's been called,
A no-good peasant rat.
But no one knows this Ixi's past,
She's so much more than that.
Born of ancient royal blood,
Her ancestor cast out,
A prophecy that rules her fate,
A city filled with doubt.

Nabile's determination
To restore Qasala's pride
Will lead her to become a hero
And Prince Jazan's bride.
The brave young Ixi time forgot
Has come to claim her birth;
She's saved the land from wretched curse
And proven what she's worth.

The Travels of an Ixi Gnome
By Juney4

Once upon a time,
An Ixi Gnome in his prime
Was bored out of his mind.

He decided to go out,
And see all that was about,
See Neopia and some new things, no doubt.

Perhaps make a new friend,
Try the taste of some Shenkuu blend,
Or find a pot of gold at Neopia's end.

He packed his Anubis Bag,
With the newest wearables, not a single rag!
(About those things, he liked to brag.)

Out of his Neogarden, he went,
Down the lane and around the bend,
And before he knew it, he saw a Fairground tent!

There were scary folks, not to his liking,
So he quickly continued his hiking,
But what he saw then was even more striking.

The beautiful Faerieland, of which he had heard,
Had crashed to the ground, like a smashed gourd,
So on he went, hoping to be more lucky at the third.

A boat he took to a Mystery Island,
But as soon as they approached the nigh land,
He didn't quite see beaches of white sand.

Full of pirates and thieves,
This trip wasn't worth it, he believed,
So when he rushed home, he was quite relieved.

His quaint Neohome wasn't in shambles,
There was no Cheat!, no Black Pawkeet gambles;
There was enough sunshine for all of his brambles.

Yet he sat down sulky and sad,
As if his best Appriberries were all ready had,
He was bored again, the poor lad.

But to his surprise he then saw,
And you can imagine his blatant awe,
A Slugawoo with a small Anubis Bag, in his slaw!

"What is this?!" the Ixi uttered in a yell.
"I was a bit hungry," Petpet said, crawling in shell,
"You would understand: I have such stories to tell!"

The Slugawoo continued, "I travelled far and wide.
At the state of Faerieland I cried;
From pirates and thieves I found no place to hide,

"So I fled back home, where it's nice and it's fair,
But I got lost after the Fair, and I was in despair,
And hungry too, but I could only find my way here.

"So I had a small bite before making my way;
I have to find a place to sleep 'fore end of the day."
Here the Ixi interfered, "But... why don't you stay?"

Slugawoo said in excitement, "End of my roam!"
And the ever so sulky Ixi Gnome
Was very glad he was home.

The Best Poem About the Greatest Ixi Ever
By Saro_the_legendaerie

There was a curious time, not so long ago,
When a thief was a hero, I'll have you know.
His noble heart was true
and shining fur was blue,
And the name he went by was Hanso.

Now he was an Ixi, with eyes bright
And hooves faster than that of light.
I could tell you more
And I would never bore,
But his skills might give you a fright.

But when the faeries turned to rock,
Our dear Hanso began to stalk
That villainous fellow
Of cerulean mellow,
The Chia they called Hubrid Nox.

His mansion was a vast trap;
Hanso's friends fell into his lap,
But the brilliant Ixi,
Handsome and tricksy,
Saved them before you could clap.

Then after some boring old caves
And after some glorious saves,
There was a fight
On a cloudy night
Where a Xweetok readied their graves.

Once again, Hanso and his charm
Saved the whole world from harm.
He grabbed, he dashed;
Her plans were trashed,
And Xandra was quickly disarmed.

Now the Ixi, he is ever so humble,
Though without him all would crumble.
He asked for no prize
With tears in his eyes,
And he absolutely never would grumble.

All Neopia owes him a huge favour,
For not being stone is something to savour,
So if you feel kind
And treasure you find,
He lives at 730 N Graver.

And on top of all that, he can rhyme;
He writes poetry now all the time,
Since Brynn acts tight
And keeps him in her sight
And thinks thievery is a crime! Ha!

A Darigan Ixi's Birthrealm
By Guddi6

All is still in Meridell,
For day's long washed away
And left behind the shadowed realm
Lit by onyx ray.
Crimson struggles through the dark
And blinks its presence, deep,
Ruffled fur, of regal hue,
Lost in darkness's sleep.
Ebon horns do frame the face,
With petite wings folded in;
Hooves clomp firm, yet gently,
And no sound in air doth ring.

Unwelcome guest, she wanders there,
Nocturnal company.
When all else sleeps, her birthrealm
She roams, guiltily free.
Banished is she, with furtive looks,
Whispers, vivid glares,
Never a hostile word is heard,
But they echo in angry stares.
Born of Meridell, she may be,
But of the Sky Citadel, her coat;
They care not if she hails from here,
While her facade is such, in between, she'll float.

The Ixi Woods
By Ladygaladriel213

The woods are still, you can hear it breathe,
As the wind whispers stealthily by.
A leave flutters, a flower bends,
And through the branches a Weewoo flies.

The sun is dappled on the forest floor;
It twinkles golden coins about.
A shimmering brook's melody is heard,
And the most beautiful water does it spout.

It sparkles like diamonds and glitters like gold;
This place is home to a special creature.
The emerald grass and the blushing petals
Of the flowers are some of its greatest features.

But none contend with the species itself
That lingers about in the symphony of the wood
And prances around on hooves so shiny,
Doing everything a kind Neopian should.

If you listen quietly you'll hear the steps
As they trot through this stand of trees.
Shh! Here they come! Brilliant hues and arrays
Of the rainbow! A band of Ixi!

Yes, they have arrived here!
To share with us in all their joy!
Their ears dart back and forth round their horns,
That is their attempt at being coy!

Rub your hands in their downy fur,
It's soft as gossamer and satiny too.
They'll laugh and play and dance about with you!

For these are their forests, they linger here.
And we should celebrate Ixi Day with a cheer!

So let your voice reverberate in these woods,
And celebrate Ixi Day as we should!

Remember this day as one that is prized,
The day the Ixi first arrived!

The Wrath of Sophie
By Erroro

She is a green Ixi,
Her hair long and wild.
A frayed hat on her head,
The Swamp Witch is styled.

She searches for ingredients,
Meowclops at her heels,
Although it's only hoping
For its next meal.

Sophie uncorks a bottle,
But a faint rustle she hears.
She looks around suspicious;
Does she know I am here?

All I wanted to do
was to look at plot prizes.
But if she spots me...
Well, a problem arises.

A twig snaps;
Sophie turns around.
I try hiding,
Daring not to make a sound.

Sophie points her wand at me,
Behind that mouldy log.
And well, that's how I spent my day,
As a Mortog.

Calculations of a Robot Ixi
By Twilight__rox

Somewhere inside the abandoned lab,
The robot Ixi sits and thinks.
He thinks and thinks and thinks and thinks,
And he never even blinks.

He thinks about having a brain,
To be able to trust and give aid.
To be able to gain knowledge,
More than you had when you were made.

He thinks about having a heart
And wonders how it would feel
To love someone in your very core;
Oh, if they were lost, how would you deal?

He thinks about having a friend,
Someone to like you no matter your ways.
Someone to keep you company;
Someone to say "I'll be here always."

Loneliness pangs through the Ixi,
As he looks at where he is --
Sitting alone inside an old room,
And not a friend to call his.

He has thought again and again why this is so;
His calculations are very clear.
Without a heart to love and a brain to feel,
Nobody can hold you dear.

He lets out a painful cry;
Why can't he have been born the normal way?
His gears and wires spin sadly as ever
On this lonely Ixi Day.

Halloween Ixi's Home
By Elizafe42

If you wander in the woods at night
(Or even in the day),
No matter where you wish to go,
You'll surely lose your way.
And maybe when you're out of luck,
You'll see a far-off glow,
So make your way toward the ray...
There's nowhere else to go!

Wander deeper through the woods
Within this day (or night),
And chase the glow until you find
A lambent lantern light.
But fear still chills you to the bone.
You're not alone, you see.
A lantern needs a carrier,
And that carrier would be me.

I stroll throughout these woods at night
And sometimes in the day.
You think me odd, peculiar,
But that's just an Ixi's way.
My devilish wings and pumpkin fur
Do stand out from the dark,
But the Haunted Woods are bright as flame
To the lantern of my heart.

The Ixi Hunter
By Kuroge

Within the dim forest,
amongst the towering trees,
is the Ixi Hunter,
ever swift as the breeze.

The eyes of Meridell,
always alert and shrewd;
there is not a single enemy
from whom she cannot elude.

A Gruslen for company,
her trustworthy friend,
throughout the day
he helps her defend.

A quiver on her back,
a bow grasped in her hand,
at a moment's notice
she will take her stand.

Under the soft moonlight
she stares into the sky;
tonight the air is full of peace,
she let's out a complacent sigh.

Nabile's Challenge
By Jjquil

Hanso, you think you're pretty slick --
Armed with dagger and lockpick --
But you're not the only thief
Whose fingers move so lightning-quick.

You joined the Thieves Guild, are you proud?
But Desert Scarabs run this crowd.
Your charm will get you just so far;
My skills will leave you fully cowed.

Jazan tells me you were petrified --
Did that wound your sense of pride?
He seemed impressed by your fortitude,
Moreso than even his jealous bride.

So, fellow Ixi, I challenge you!
Show me what a swindler can do.
I will be Jazan's favourite still --
Pink will triumph over blue!

The Plushie Ixi
By Tanikagillam

The sunlight hits the little room,
Pouring through the open window.
The gentle breeze, calm and warm,
Rustles the sheets of a sleeping doe.

He's got a sweet smile upon his face,
While he sleeps without dreams.
His buttons are quaint, his colours bright;
Stuffing is bursting from his seams.

The plushie Ixi, with hooves of cloth,
A smile is always on his little face.
Squishy and cuddly, he's always happy,
Made of cotton, wool, and soft lace.

A friend is he, of the very best kind,
Always offering a sympathetic ear.
He'll listen to all your woes and troubles;
With him, kindness is always near.

His nose of cotton, his tail of wool;
Never was there a friend like he.
If you've never met one, you really should,
Because none can compare to the plushie Ixi.

Famous Ixi All Around!
By Saqo

You may have heard fellow Neopians say
that today is indeed "Ixi Day"!
The day when we celebrate the date
when Ixi came to our fine land.

And we all know that as a species
Ixi are certainly one of a kind.
But if we focus on individuals,
there are many famous Ixi around!

First, Sinsi who comes from Meridell!
This Ixi is in charge of the game
Shapeshifter. Can you solve the
puzzles? They are quite a challenge!

And of course you all know Tarla,
who runs her own shop on the mountain
of Terror. She's quite famous for
her rare and... not so rare... goods.

And a trip to the library, plus a
search for Ixi books, reveals a few
more that shouldn't be forgotten
in our mention of famous Ixi!

Why, in "Extreme Ixi," we learn tales
of Ixi who have overcome near-death
situations... how heroic! And the
tales are plenty interesting too!

And then there's Trixy Ixi, who may
be known for her tricks but is still
famous either way. Keep a hold of
your items if you see this Ixi around!

There you have it! Although Ixi are
special as a species, it's fun indeed
to examine the famous Ixi who are
around our land of Neopia -- so many!

Happy Ixi Day!

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