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Neopets Poems

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Venuquin's Call
By Emilysusanburt

Follow me home, you who are lost
And wandering across the sea.
Be you thirsty and cold,
Attacked, plundered,
And plagued by monsters dire,
I'll shine a light to the tempest-tossed
A guide to safe shore I will be.

Follow me home, you without hope
Who no longer believe to find land.
No matter how hungry
Or beset by depair,
I will be there without fail,
Through any danger I'll help you cope
Until you again set foot on the sand.

Follow me home, you scoundrels, too
My aide goes out to you all.
Though you be pirates
Or smugglers and thieves
Who skulk in the dark to steal.
Don't know where I am? I'll give you a clue.
Just follow my clarion call.

Follow me home, you sailors bold
Though you may never see my face.
I will always keep watch
For those who go astray
Ever faithful to my chosen task.
Always leading the lost back to the fold
And then vanishing without a trace.

Peophin Warrior Queen
By Darkobsession

She is her people's provider
Guarded by Marak, the Waverider
She always sits alone
Looking deep into the ocean
With a helm and a spear
Bracers complete her gear
She valiantly watches the shore
Overlooking the city of Altador
There's talk of unrest
On Krawk Island, nonetheless
But she is not afraid, she stands brave
Born under the sign of the Wave
She is the mightiest Peophin I've seen
Peopha, The Warrior Queen

Lonely Peophin
By Ecaligiu

There once was a lonely Peophin,
So shy that friends could not be found.
So melancholy and blue,
This Peophin wished upon a wave.

His words of hope flowed into the sea,
The hum of the waves soothed him so.
Gracefully swimming along the reef,
He immersed himself in thought.

What would a dear friend say,
To calm his broken heart?
When suddenly he crashed,
Upon the warmest of sands.

Looking around dazedly,
With haze around his head.
Awkwardly moving about,
When he heard a voice say hello.

Such a friendly voice,
Coming from behind.
Turning very slowly,
This lonely Peophin
Was never lonely again.

Pheophin Desperado!
By Ecobabe

Ay, he runs through the night
This dark creature, this thief.
He'll take your hard earned Neopoints
Without a kind relief

He has a cause, or so he claims
This desperado wanderer free
But still he'll haunt the lonely roads
A highwayman stays he

He answers to no one, this criminal true
No leash from a little Thieves' Guild
He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants
Can't break him, he's so strong willed.

He taunts those who would find him
With satires and elegant prose
Which the
Neopian Times editors
Would not publish, Fyora only knows!

The Defenders are all in a tizzy
For this bold one can't be caught
For there never was anyone quite so clever
Judge Hog? Certainly not!

The Pheophin Desperado
The idol of thieves in the night
But when the sun is risen?
Be among us? He might...

The Mother of All Peophins
By Sadinei

From her lonely rock she watches,
Waiting for the perfect wave.
She needs no boat, nor surfboard,
For as a Peophin,
The ocean she does crave.

She is known to some as Venuquin,
To others, a mysteryious pet unknown.
She drifts in the ocean's deepest blue,
Sometimes a dark and dangerous zone.

Her horn and hooves glitter golden,
Her mane is a majestic aqua blue.
Venuquin waits for the perfect time
To take to the ferocious waves anew.

In the past she has been a saviour,
Once guiding two island natives home.
When darkness and waves threatened,
Venuquin swam beside them,
Through the foam.

Now listen well, young Neopian,
Please make sure that you do.
For if you heed this strange tale,
Perhaps Venuquin may someday save you.

Ode to the Woodland Peophin
By Havittaa

Knock, knock!
With the body of wood
And a mane made of leaves
How lucky we are to be graced,
If you please.

Knock, knock!
The Peophin trembles,
The green foliage rustles,
It bellows out of the wood,
A body carved with great muscles.

Knock, knock!
Nature has visited the Peophin,
Made it out of the forest
So when it goes calling, it shouts:
"Come, all, join my chorus!"

We know of no other
Who the earth has so touched like
The woodland Peophin.

I Met a Peophin the Other Day
By Secant

I met a Peophin the other day
With purple hue and majestic waves.
She motioned for me to swim
Across the deep blue waters.

Purple hue and majestic waves,
The Peophin possessed fluid motions
As she dived across the waters,
While I followed close behind.

The Peophin had supple limbs,
And she swam through the wet blue.
I followed, panting to keep up
With the swiftness of it all.

The Peophin swam in the ocean,
And I struggled to keep up,
Swallowed by the swiftness of it all.
What an extraodinary Peophin I met!

I struggled to keep up,
Hindered by the fast moves and waves.
Such is the Peophin I met,
Colors like violets and orchids.

Slowed by the swiftness,
My mind wandered to our greetings.
Swirls of waves and purple,
Like the waters she waved me across.

I met a Peophin the other day
With purple, royal majesty.
She motioned for me, but I could not
Nearly swim as fast as she.

A Dead Stare: A Zombie Peophin's Eyes
By Clockworkchildren

Groan uttered wearily,
A zombie Peophins grimace,
Tired from the life she led,
And now leads from beyond the grave.
Her greying flesh betrays,
The beautiful colour she used to own,
The fall of withered hair,
As limp and lifeless as she feels.

- Until, fresh food, living brains,
A glimmer of life in those dead eyes,
The hope that maybe, just maybe,
She'll get to do what every zombie seeks,
Brains to eat, to feast upon.

The black lines around her eyes,
As dark as the night she walks in.
The grey-green eyeball that is
Usually so dull, shines.

After all, isn't today a celebration,
Of a Peophin's life and times?
So while all the other Peophins,
The happy living sort,
Are off having fun, our zombie Peophin,
Should, too, be allowed a little joy,
In her dank, cold grave,
For the only treat you can give a zombie,
To make that dead stare go away;
For just a moment, is brains.

Peophin Joy
By Agedbeauty

Peophin Day brings all the Peos out,
All shapes, all sizes, of every hue.
They all arrive to party and shout,
To revel and celebrate a big to-do.

Peophins beneath the waves,
Peophins beneath the sea.
Pirate Peo louts and knaves,
Plush Peos huggable and squishy.

Peophins on the beach,
Peophins in the sand.
Robot Peos with electronic speech,
Royal Peos looking grand.

And as the day comes to a close,
And as the party ends,
The gaiety still ebbs and flows,
For the Peos and their friends:

Peophins on the dance floor,
Peophins in the moonlight.
Disco Peos dance once more,
As shadow Peos melt into night.

Another Peophin Day come to pass,
Another Peophin Day celebrated.
We'll next year won't end so fast,
As today was long-awaited.

Queen Peopatra
By Aurorapearl

From beneath her coiled mane,
there spies several pairs of eyes
of Petpets hiding in their sanctuary
nestled against the neck
of their beloved champion.

You can sense it too, can't you?
A reverberating warmth
of ease, of pleasure.
The aura of home
she wears as perfume.

It's no wonder these critters,
lost, homeless, scavenging,
defenseless, unguarded,
have taken to her compassionate gaze
and gentle touch.

It's no wonder these critters,
tired, hungry, aching,
forgotten, neglected,
have taken to her lifting smiles
as she nourishes them.

Her name is Peopatra.
She is no queen
but of an empire she built herself
of Petpets once unloved,
of Petpets now comforted.

Queen Peopatra --
no history book equates her name
with Altador or Coltzan,
no statue commemorates her
like Fyora or Hagan.

But that doesn't make her name
any less vibrant.
Queen Peopatra --
a name forever remembered
in the work of a bard.

The Intrepid Venuquin
By Kaibeau

With eye of spangled brightness
And fin of untold blue
Her movements rang with unmatched grace
Her motives were simple and true

Long ago she was the shepherd
For vessels adrift and lost
She led them to familiar shores
With no thought of personal cost

Into the tide she would then sink
Once her job was done
Rather than linger to revel and boast
In the victory she had just won

Many a sailor adored her
And sung out her name from the deck
Many an old salty explorer
Prayed she would guide their trek

It was long ago that Venuquin roamed
Aiding the lost and the weak
Until one quiet day when
She was seen no more
Patrolling the watery deep

Her name is evoked by the lonely,
By those being tossed by the swells --
And Perhaps it is simple coincidence
That it is only then the storm quells

If A Peophin Had Legs
By Chelsey22189

If a Peophin had legs
What would she do?
Run, of course.
Wouldn't you?

If a Peophin had legs,
what would she wear?
A pair of trousers, two shoes,
And a bow in her hair.

If a Peophin had legs,
What would she say?
"Isn't the grass
Especially green today?"

If a Peophin had legs,
What would she eat?
A hot dog, a smoothie,
And a Negg crispy treat.

If a Peophin had legs,
What would she find?
That she probably should
Have changed her mind.

If a Peophin had legs,
What would she wish?
To get back to the sea,
And have a tail like a fish.

Nadia the Peophin of Love
By Moulinrouge21

Forever waiting,
For her beloved to come home,
Nadia paces the shores,
The lands she does roam.
Heart still whole from love,
A warmth inside,
Devotion for each other,
Feelings she does not hide.

Sweet and serene,
A delicate air about her,
Caring and forgiving,
Her soft gentle nature.
Big beautiful eyes,
Full of concern,
For her one and only,
Her heart does yearn.

How long does she wait,
It hurts each day,
Needing someone to help,
Show her the way.
To eventually let go,
And say goodbye,
Wondering where he is,
And never knowing why.

Eyelashes glitter,
From the arrival of tears,
Eyes hide the pain she feels,
Along with fears.
But still waiting,
She won't let go,
One day to return,
She'll never know.

A Family Tradition
By Squeak13

At the height of the evening,
In a small village square,
Dozens of citizens rush to prepare
A seat in the center,
A warm cup of tea,
And enough room for little ones
Gathered to see.

A hush takes the crowd
As the old one draws near,
(They've been waiting all day
For this guest to appear)
They shout as he passes:
"Make way for our sire!"
As Old Grandfather Lupe
Approaches the fire.

He lays down his cane
And he takes up his tea
As he smiles at the young pups
Who sit at his knee.
The story begins,
And they lean close to hear
(Though they know it by heart,
For it's told every year).

"I'll bet you don't know,"
Grandpa Lupe will say,
"Why a Lupe would
Celebrate Peophin Day?
Well I'll tell you a tale
Of a cold stormy night
When your Grandpa was struck
With a terrible fright!

I had set sail to
Mystery Island that day,
And was planning to dock
Down in Tiki Tack Bay.
A few souvenirs
And a Tiki Tack Tour,
Then I'd watch the sun set
On the Tiki Tack Shore.

But I had not yet traveled
A third of the way
When my near-perfect skies
Turned a startling gray!
Dark clouds rolled in,
Bringing lightning and thunder
And crashing waves threatened
To drag my ship under!

A storm was upon me,
And so far from land!
This tempest was more than
My ship could withstand.
I would be stranded,
My ship would be wrecked!"
(And here Grandpa paused,
For dramatic effect).

"What happened, what happened?"
The pups all pretended,
(For they knew very well
How the story had ended)
"You must have been frightened!
Please Grandpa, explain!"
And the old Lupe took up
His story again:

"My maps had been blown
By the relentless gales,
The howling winds gusted
And tore through my sails!
Not a star in the sky
And no compass in hand;
I feared I would never touch
Down on dry land.

Well, just as I thought
I was done for, I see
A glimmer, a shadow
Upon the dark sea:
A flip of a tail,
A shimmering fin-
I thought her a legend,
But no - Venuquin!

At her arrival,
The storm seemed to quell.
She bade me to follow,
She knew the way well
She guided me safely
The rest of the way
And I docked, at long last,
Down in Tiki Tack Bay.

"Oh, how can I thank you!"
I fell to my knees
And I kissed the sweet sand
(And I cursed the rough seas)
She smiled, and *poof*
She was gone, in a flash!
She left not a ripple,
I heard not a splash!

"And that," said old Grandpa,
"Is why our little clan
Celebrates the day Peophins
Came to the land!"
The young pups all cheer
And climb onto his lap
As the old Grandpa Lupe
Sits back for a nap.

But before he dozes,
He opens one eye
(The pups are not fooled,
Though he thinks himself sly)
As he looks all around,
At his friends and his kin
He whispers to himself,
"Thank you, Venuquin."

Transformation: A Peophin Story
By Sordid

Kacheek did gaze at endless blue,
Entranced by yonder sea.
For there alone did lift her heart,
She longed to be set free.
Alas, all claim, Kacheeks don't swim.
They seek the higher ground.
Yet she longed for aqua blue,
And ocean all around.

Small comfort though the lab did bring,
She changed to blue Mynci.
Yet still she dwelt on solid ground,
And sadly, watched the sea.
Inspiration came one day,
When idle did she roam.
A morphing potion, high of price,
Her path to surf's white foam.

Silver would it change her to,
A Peophin of grace.
Hope did fill her Mynci heart,
A smile lit her face.
From that day on she saved each coin,
That potion was for her!
Silver Peophin, her fate,
That nothing would deter.

Hark, the fated day did dawn,
She swallowed silver brew.
A brilliant flash, she did transform,
And dived to briny blue.
There you'll find her in the sea,
On cobalt waves she'll roam.
For now a silver Peophin,
She has found her home.

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