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Neopets Poems

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The Altador Cup Is About to Begin!
By Ktkdk

Once again, it is that time of year,
When Yooyuball fans happily cheer.
It's time for the beloved Altador Cup,
A Neopets tradition that's never given up.

All of your favourite teams are there,
So don't you fret or pull out your hair.
Even Faerieland, who suffered a blow
From evil Xandra, didn't fail to show.
Although it's rumoured they have a new logo,
Rooting for them isn't something to forgo.

Yooyuball is great but not the best.
I like Make Some Noise better than the rest.
Nor can I resist the game Slushie Slinger,
But it puts my nerves through the wringer.
With greatest shame, I must confess,
That my Yooyuball tactics are a mess.

Last but not least, who can forget the fun,
cheering on your team until it's all done.
You meet Neopians you have seen before,
And you bond over your team's latest score.
Even if your favourite team does not win,
You can't wait for the Altador Cup to begin!

By Emilysusanburt

It's just around the corner;
You can feel it in the air:
The tension and excitement
Rippling outward like
Waves in a still pond.

You can almost hear the cheers,
The roar and laughter
Of crowds united by
Loyalty and devotion
To team and homeland.

Like a calm before the storm,
A most incredible storm,
The queues and lines appear
To join the fray and fight
For honour and glory.

The Colosseum looms ahead,
Bearing the memories of
Past victories and failures,
Dreams made and shattered,
All united under common banner.

Echoes of the referee's whistle
Can still be heard through marbled
Halls and round stone pillars
As again the warriors gather
To defend their team and name.

Soon the seats are filled,
All hearts swell with pride,
As the players march onto the field.
The battle is joined
And the whistle is heard.

Through the rest of the year
There will be separation
And routine, as daily life
Takes hold and the excitement
Fades away into memory.

But once a year the tension builds,
And a stirring in the soul
Reminds one and all of the joy
And might in that glorious month
When the whole world unites.

The Return of the Altador Cup!
By Filter

Do you have fantastic aim?
Can you yell and scream?
How well do you sling a frozen treat?
Can you show your pride for your favourite team?

The Altador Cup has returned again,
Flags flying from every team.
So many choices on whom to stand behind,
Players from every land it may seem.

Yooyuball is the chosen sport,
Even the Yooyus don't mind the game.
They'll curl up in balls and goad you on,
Every year, just the same.

Scream your head off in Make Some Noise,
Can you be the loudest fan?
Sling a slushie and help the concessions;
Not making a freezing mess is the plan.

Can you beat the goalie one-on-one
Playing in the Shootout Showdown?
Don't get nervous, just focus your skills,
When you win, you'll be the talk of the town.

Head out to Altador and play in the Cup,
As fun and exciting as each previous year.
Wear your team colours, fly your team flag,
And always make sure you cheer!

It's AC Time Again!
By Agedbeauty

And so does the Cup begin,
With practice in a fury.
Yooyuballs thrown here and there,
And goalies in a hurry.

With protest for new controls,
And new players who abound.
Yes, time to choose a new team,
Or your old for another round.

Time to admire new things,
New team colours and players.
To Make Some Noise and not spill
The pretty slushie layers.

And we can still practise goals
As we play Shoot Out Showdown.
Practise launching left and right,
As we work hard for that crown.

Oh yes, the AC is back!
And we are all here to win.
Hello again, Krawk Island --
You can always count me in!

Focussed on the Cup
By Mamasimios

It's been a year, a year in training,
Since the last Altador Cup.
A year of wind sprints, laps, hard cardio,
Weight-training, building muscle mass,
Feeling stronger, faster, than ever before.
The whistle blows and I am ready,
Anxiously shifting back and forth,
Testing the bounce, the elasticity,
In my muscles; I am ready.

Running, loping easily,
I spring with cool responsiveness,
My muscle memory serving me well.
It has been a year but feels as though
No time has elapsed since last
I dodged and feinted, passed and
Received, dove and blocked,
And turned and caught;
I am forever focussed on the cup.

This year I will not look at them:
Not see their faces, the gritted teeth,
The waving arms, the anger
And impatience that they direct at me;
This year I will focus on my own game,
I will pour the slushies and turn and sling
Them sliding down the counter, and I
Will block, will catch the empties with focus;
Forever focussed on that cup.

Altador Cup VI
By Wawa5000

Hear the drums, the trumpets sounding,
Heralding this glorious day.
Eighteen teams will battle here,
But only one will walk away
Victorious, with a trophy gold
Shining for all to revere and behold.

The Altadorian Colosseum
Shines majestically in the light
With torches burning with a passion
And columns gleaming pearly white.
Where better than in these marble walls
To compete in the game of Yooyuball?

As the players ready their gear
And strap on their Yooyu slings,
The loyal fans ready their cheers
And put on their team-coloured things.
Now here is the question that makes many bicker:
Which of these teams will emerge as the winner?
Will it be Lost Desert
Who took the Cup home last year?
Or maybe Moltara,
Left behind at the rear?
Perhaps Tyrannia or Terror Mountain,
both in the median.

Will it be one of the islands,
Krawk, Mystery, or Roo?
Maybe Maraqua or Meridell,
Perhaps misty Shenkuu?
Or it could be old Altador,
For whom the tournament was named for?

Will it be Haunted Woods
Or now nearby Faerieland?
Is it Virtupets or Kreludor,
both so far from the mainland?
Maybe it will be Brightvale
Taking home that cherished grail.

Perhaps even little Kiko Lake?
No one knows for sure yet.
But as for me, Darigan
Will win this game, I bet.
Those Darigans with skill so fine
Can surely win the cup a second time!

Make Some Noise!
By Jjquil

I eagerly eye the calendar's date;
It's almost time, and I'll never be late!
I've been anxiously counting down all year;
Finally, finally, can it be here?

I get recognised when I walk down the street;
They shout out my name, ask me when I compete.
They call me Fanatic; well, I guess that's fair.
I bet they're just jealous of my rare sportswear!

The hot summer sun feels good on my scales
As I warm up my vocals and stretch out my tail.
A good athlete always prepares beforehand,
And I make no exception as I enter the stands.

The crowd is impatient; they stomp and they roar,
But I merely smirk -- I'll show them so much more!
I take a deep breath and flex down my knees,
Square my shoulders, and test the breeze --

Bellowing is my greatest joy;
And now I hear the whole crowd scream!

I want my team to win the Cup!
And until that happens, I won't shut up!
You'll hear my voice echo loud and strong
In this stadium, all summer long.

Support the Sport
By Crazy_dramaqueen

Frumball? Gormball? What a bore!
Head on over to Altador!
The wait is over, the time is up;
Each team is back to win that Cup.
They're training hard at Yooyuball
And all are ready to enthrall,
For many exciting games await
And all the players in good state.

Two hours now are left to go,
But whom to support? I just don't know.
The Lost Desert has had past success,
But can they match Kreludor's prowess?
Sporting a purple and orange kit,
They are certain to be a hit.
Last year Moltara brought up the rear,
They're hoping to do better this year.

Mystery Island was my team last time,
Maybe now they've reached their prime.
The Haunted Woods and Kiko Lake
Are hoping they won't make a mistake.
Krawk Island has been working hard,
hoping to earn their sporting reward.
Altador play on homeground,
But can a better team be found?

With banners reading 'Maraqua,'
This team is hoping to go far.
Sponsored by the restaurant kelp,
They don't need to ask for help.
The bookies think that Meridell,
With all their training, will turn out well.
Or perhaps Roo Island will be this year's surprise
And spring from nowhere to claim the prize!

Terror Mountain players, used to cold,
Might fight back, strong and bold.
Tyrannia will go to any length,
To improve their skill and their strength.
But Virtupets and Shenkuu
Are hoping for support from you.
With all these teams, how can you tell
Which will rise and which will fall?

Darigan, Faerieland, or Brightvale?
Just make sure your team doesn't fail.
Whichever team you come to choose,
Train hard, play hard so you don't lose.
So join the action and go compete,
And save your team from a defeat.
Or simply support and join the crowd,
So you can hold the trophy, proud!

Thoughts of a Yooyu
By Kykygilde

I really can't stand all this waiting;
I've never liked at all the suspense.
The thing that I'm awaiting
Has made me very tense.

And now it's beginning
And I'm really so glad.
I'm definitely grinning,
'Cause the waiting was driving me mad!

And now I can tell that I'm rising,
So that at last we can finally play.
The crowd's big, but it's not that surprising;
The tournament is beginning today!

I can hear the crowd's deafening roar,
And I'm so ready to do this.
I just can't wait anymore...
This game is true bliss!

And now they've got me,
And the game finally starts.
I'm filled with unending glee,
Just like a million hearts.

I know I'm not alone
In loving this wonderful game.
So many fans watching at home
Are this sport's true claim to fame.

So now, at last, the game has begun
And so many are glad.
We'll all be sad when it's done...
Yooyuball is our one really big fad!

A Yooyu's Chance to Shine
By Dynablde

Roaming free through the pastures,
Yooyus play in the grasses,
Happily awaiting the time when
They can be used in the greatest game in Neopia.

They seek their pens in the stadium,
Fresh with excitement and thrill of the Cup.
Joy fills the air as each of the little Yooyus
Have their chance to become star of tournament.

A basic Yooyu is chosen by the claw of fate,
And as it is raised up into the centre ring,
The crowds cheer, for the round has begun.
This Petpet, though normal, is full of pep
And raring for the moment to be the
Controller of all eyes of the many fans.

A player lunges forward, the first
To take hold of the Yooyu.
The forward races toward the goal,
Friend in hand,
And the Yooyu holds tight to ensure its form.
Then a throw! A catch! A score!
The Yooyu waves with glee to the roaring fans.

Down beneath, a mutant is waiting.
It is chosen and the crowd gasps in response.
This is its hobby:
It loves the time that it can prank the players,
Switching movements with each throw.

However, there is a smart Neopet on the team;
He studies Yooyu's plan and devises one of his own.
Predicting the path, one more point is scored
Against opponent; Yooyu sighs with disappointment.
But he will have his chance tomorrow!

A scorching fire Yooyu emerges from the plate;
It is its time to blast through all barriers
with a blinding light as it whizzes by.

Bouncing off barricades, it flies from sling to sling,
Getting ever so close to the opponent's goal.
But suddenly the crowd counts down,
Chanting the last few seconds of the game.

Pumping with the last bits of strength, the fiery ball
Shoots toward goalie, singeing his padded defence.
The shot has been blocked and the whistle blown,
But game has been won with help of all Yooyus.

As the crowd vanishes until the next game,
The Yooyus settle down into their cages.
They dream about the next game:
Another day full of Yooyuball,
The greatest game in all of Neopia.

Sailing to the Cup
By Quillweave

The slings are being dusted off;
Yooyus uncurl their tails.
We're heading toward Altador!
Each team unfurls their sails!
Off we are, to the great stage,
To test our skill and might.
The crowds so soon are gathering,
And cheering, 'Fight, fight, fight!'
No sweet slushie can quench the thirst
Of the insatiable crowd.
The players have only one goal:
To make their homeland proud.
Prepare the Colosseum!
The flames are dazzling bright;
To the weary travellers
It is a welcome sight,
To those who come from near and far
To witness the great games,
Waving banners, calling out
Their heroes' fables names!
So light the fires, fly the sails!
As the fans call us up,
We're heading off to play the games,
And to take home the Cup!

Yooyuball Memoirs
By Ash_mistycute_321

He enters the arena of memories past,
A battered Yooyu in hand.
He smiles; for once, he knows that his name
Was known and heard of throughout the land.

He looks around the empty stands,
The screaming fans in his mind's eye.
He closes his own and remembers...
But then he just has to sigh.

The energy of Yooyuball
Is not something you can just forget.
He narrows his eyes, looks at the goal,
His last game is set.

He quickly runs to the net,
Dodging invisible enemies along the way.
He swerves quickly and dashes for the goal.
But will he make it?

He shoots into the net...
He does! He scores!
He thinks back to that single moment.
'Krawk Island wins the Altador Cup!'

He smiles to himself as he quietly leaves.
For now, he knows and sees...
That his name is 'Dasher' Soley,
And forever it will be.

The March of the Citadel
By Dragonstorm_75

This is our time of reckoning,
When ancient feuds are stirred to life.
Where the chastened crowd is listening,
For the beat of the Darigan heart!

Forward, mates, let's settle old debts,
And claim the gold that once was ours!
Let us throw our will to the nets,
And pierce the air with victorious cries!

Summon your strength, we need it now,
Cast it forth before your sling.
Through vast defences we shall plough,
No foe shall stand before us.

For dare you stop a shadow,
That follows your every move?
Dare you catch an arrow,
That rips through iron mail?

The gates of the Citadel open once more;
The darkness within cannot be contained.
Match our stride, hear us roar!
The purple and black are back!

Go, Go, Shenkuu!
By Sordid

From ancient world they did arise,
Where mountains through clouds peek.
Where those who seek the floating ship,
Will find the crew they seek.
Where Lunar Temple sacred stands,
Where golden mists do plume.
A land of regal, ancient pride,
Where fragrant blossoms bloom.

When whistle blows,
When game is through,
One team remains,
Go, go, Shenkuu!

United with the goal to win,
And matching aim and drive,
There they stand, the perfect group,
Behold, the Shenkuu five!
Brave Mirsha leading forth her friends,
Takes Yooyu up the field.
Xana guards her team's own goal;
No points will goalie yield!

When whistle blows,
When game is through,
One team remains,
Go, go, Shenkuu!

Antola steers the Yooyuball,
Foltaggio runs near.
As they grow closer, foes cry out,
And frenzied crowd doth cheer.
Larcy dives through players fast
And puts the ball to net.
Watch Shenkuu win their every game,
A sight you won't forget!

When whistle blows,
When game is through,
One team remains,
Go, go, Shenkuu!

Brightvale for the Cup!
By Avelaingia

Brightvale for the Cup!
Our team is the best!
Think you can beat us?
You'll go down like the rest!

We're fast and we're smart;
We're the coolest in town.
So watch out for Brightvale,
'Cause your team's going down!

You really should join us;
We're the best team around!
Do you see better teams?
There are none to be found!

For Brightvale pwns noobs;
We're the coolest of all!
Even the strongest teams
To Brightvale will fall!

Faerieland's Roar
By Lollypopxz

By the windowsill of her tower
Sat the Faerie Queen -- deep in thought.
Arched brows furrowed with a frown,
She twirled her elegant crown.

This was the year for Faerieland,
A year for glory to finally be theirs,
A parade of energy and fanciful armour,
Victory brought forth by vigour.

Hear me, good citizens of
Trust my word,
Listen to the call of the faerie bird.

I promise you that
We will bring home the Cup,
So try your best in Altador
Bring to them your fiercest roar!

Krawk Island for the Cup!
By Laura_foley_19

My team is Krawk Island, and that I say,
I wish them good luck every game, every day!
I hope they win and shout so loud;
Every moment I cherish standing in the crowd.

From one game to another with plenty to see,
I enjoy every moment and smile with glee!
The noise in the crowd to my ear,
I will always hold so very dear.

From my first game I watched back then,
I still remember the good times I had at ten.
Now all grown up, with a spring in my stride,
I still watch every game with so much pride!

This year I promised myself again,
I would watch even if there was rain.
I love the game, I love the sport
That one day I hope to be taught!

Krawk Island is the best,
Another year, another test!
We will not falter or miss a beat,
Despite the Altador Cup heat!

A Cheer for the Roos
By Thediractor

Listen up, Roo Island!
The day is finally here!
We're gonna win that trophy --
No more opponents' sneers!
No more ninth place, no more fourth!
We won't settle for that small!
Yes, this year our Roo Island
Will be taking home it all!

We've practised till our legs are sore
And showed unimagined skill,
So we're taking home that trophy --
There's no doubt that we will!
We'll show them what a team is!
We'll meet their icy stares!
We'll present to them our players,
And they'll see they don't compare!

With a spring in our tail and a smile in our eyes,
We'll quietly sneak to the goal.
While jovially bouncing from match to match,
We'll be taking the tournament whole!
We're taking it one step at a time,
Point by point we score;
The other teams will stare with awe
As they watch Roo Island soar!

Gleefully we'll beat them all!
Through the brackets we will slice!
They'll realise that they can't beat
The land of Gummy Dice!
Grab your jersey!
Grab your flag!
We'll do good King Roo proud --
Go Roo Island for the Cup!
Make sure you shout it LOUD!

The Haunted Woods Team
By Speriend_the_2nd

On the night of the full moon,
Rest assured Haunted Woods team will arrive soon.
Many think they're "washed up,"
But one victory just isn't enough.

Led by the fearsome Krell Vitor,
Showing us how to again be the victor,
Mighty and strong
Through the whole journey, short or long.

Beside him is Wan Dirx, another defender,
As tough as they come, yes sir.
He may have gone unnoticed,
But thanks to him, many of foe's shots have missed.

The defensive trio is complete with Brains Mortigan,
Never allowing a single ball past him.
He is a fairly new member to this set,
Yet already bouncing balls back to the other net.

Fanetti is the backbone of original champion team,
Minuscule and unimportant he may seem,
But it's his job to prevent opposing goals,
Keeping alive the hopes of our haunted souls.

The offensive job is given to one and one only.
Zo Junior scores goals ever-so-gracefully.
When he is around, no defender is ever relaxed;
Due to him, dreams of other teams have been taxed.

The five have finally gathered.
Past losses no longer matter.
As they howl under the night sky
They know their team will soon reach a new high.

Aldric Beign, Scoring Pro
By Sheynacruz

Aldric Beign, the scoring pro,
Has a fiery will and a fist of steel,
So it's no wonder that defenders cower
As he blazes down the field.

The Kougra's iron knuckles clench
As he readies for the shot.
His stony arm prepares to throw
With all the power Aldric's got.

And from his sling the Yooyu flies;
A lightning blur is all they see,
Whipping past the goalie's head --
"AND HE SCORES!" Victory!

Again and again he winds his arm,
Again and again he scores.
Fans roar his name, "ALDRIC BEIGN!"
Beseeching him for more.

His aim is always straight and true;
He hurls the ball with deft precision,
And all that's seen by the goalkeeper
Is a streak on the edge of his vision.

It's a mystery, then, that even with
The help of Beign, their scoring pro,
The championship's still a distant dream,
For Moltara's got a long way to go.

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