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Neopets Poems

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Gam_ Ov_r for Tico T_ms
By Zoewantspudding

A ball balanced on his nose,
The children applaud as they laugh.
The Tuskaninny performs in many shows,
Too many to even do the math!

An icy wind blows as he climbs,
The green Tuskaninny is near the peak.
He has walked here so many times
And fallen with a loud shriek.

A Tuskaninny with a ball is normal;
A Tuskaninny in the cold mountains is normal.
What happens when both come together?
Tico Tems.

Right Forward and quite the whiner,
He scored for Terror Mountain's team.
None could find someone finer,
He'd get Yooyuball fans to roar and scream!

Now wait a moment, what is this I hear?
The whining Tico Tems no longer plays at all?
It seems this poem is outdated, oh dear...
Seems this Tuskaninny lost his ball and took a fall.

A Tuskaninny's Dream
By Umbrex

There was once a baby Tuskaninny
Who had eyes that sparkled
With a diamond glint
On pupils of blue opaque tint.

There was only one thing
This adorable little guy
Had always wished for,
And that was to fly.

How he yearned to be able
To spread his wings,
Like a Pteri or an Eyrie,
Swooping through the air, free
As a gypsy.

But alas this notion
Is just that:
A dream with hardly any potential
To bloom to fruition.

The baby Tuskaninny zoomed through
Lakes, rivers, and seas.
He closed his eyes and imagined
That he was in flight,
Oh, and what a sight!

One day a brilliant idea came to him;
Why hadn't he thought of it before?
Faeries can fly, can they not?
Faeries could soar
High above the clouds.

He knew what he needed now
Was to pay the Fountain Faerie
A little visit
To ask if she
Could kindly allow him to splash,
In her magical fountain pool.

Out from the pool emerges
The most handsome Tuskaninny.
Reds, oranges, and yellows,
He flaps his new wings,
And off he goes!

Tuskaninnies Across the Sky
By Tealnova_dragon and Philopoet

Out among the blue, blue reef,
Near to the shallow shoals,
If you wait for the darkening sky,
A treat you'll soon be in for.

For here, in the shallows,
A colony of Tuskaninnies swims.
By day you see their darting forms,
Slightly below the waves.
You'll see some flicker, barely there,
And seconds later, no more.

Soon it's night and you'll begin to see --
The colony of starry Tuskaninnies.
They jump for joy with all their might --
With the twinkling stars above.
Their bodies are glistening wet,
Shining with their own light.
Up outlined against the sky, when they jump,
They look as if they're --

Swimming above the stars.

With a cool breeze on your face,
The smell of salt in your nostrils,
Even you will being to feel
The pressures melt away,
And feel as if you can walk upon air,
And join the Tuskaninnies in --

Swimming in the sky.

The Tuskaninny Cheat
By Tanikagillam

He is tiny, really quite small;
He has a cheeky smile upon his face.
He'll smirk at you, tip you a wink,
While he's holding a joker and an ace.

He'll invite you to play a game,
Promising that he'll let you win.
You glance around the table of four,
As they ask you to come and join in.

The Tuskaninny looks smug,
Almost certain of your fate.
He'll deal you a deck of cards,
And lean back in his chair to wait.

He thinks he has it in the bag,
What with his cheats up his sleeve.
Never did it cross his mind,
That you might be the one to deceive.

You hold your cards, you wait your turn,
You notice everything that they do.
You won't miss anything, nothing will get past,
As they try to keep an eye fixed slyly on you.

Out is Kalora, and you turn to face Timmy,
He glances at you with a look of surprise.
You play your cards, another cheat is out,
And you've got your mind fixed solely on the prize.

Stuffed Simon
By Strokemypet

Simon the plushie Tuskaninny
was either very brave or foolish,
but was definitely determined
to finish his Negg collection.

He set off on a dangerous journey.
Disregarding the numerous warnings
of his family and friends
and throwing caution to the wind.

He travelled through blistering cold
and crossed the slippery ice,
until he arrived at a place
that was bursting with treasure.

It went horribly wrong and the Snowager woke
forcing Simon to hide amongst the treasure,
But the Snowager could not tell the difference,
And now Simon is trapped there forever...

The Purple Tuskaninny Balloon
By Sordid

Dreamy wanderings aloft,
The sphere rolls slowly by.
Take a look, you've never seen
A Tuskaninny fly!

Though no wings adorn this shape,
The Tuskaninny soars!
The joy of air-inflated gift,
Designed for the outdoors.

A bright balloon, in purple hue,
With Tuskaninny shape.
Hold tight the string, for if you don't,
Your new friend may escape.

With merry grin attached in place,
The creature drifts and sways.
Rarely are the clouds the place
A Tuskaninny plays!

Only as balloon escapes
And drifts to cobalt sea.
The Tuskaninny toy might find
The place he's meant to be.

Alas his fate floats ever on,
A bright and plump balloon.
A mystery, his landing place,
Should wind give way so soon.

Purple glints near golden light,
As idle does toy move.
That Tuskaninnies fly, indeed,
The thing this flight may prove.

Rolling Briny
By _Razcalz_

Others of the sea may sometimes tell
of a certain longing:
a longing for
worlds besides the one, however
magical, in which they will
stay for life.

Who am I, then, to say
and honestly say,
I dream of nothing but
the churning, churning deeps --
not of the lands evergreen
nor the skies serene;
for what is
running with the
heartbeat of the forest
or soaring in a draught,
when eventually you will slow, land,
be made to stop --

for the oceans so drawn
by bright Kreludor's pull never really
cease to move --
never resting,
never again to be the same;
thus neither will I, a
Tuskaninny who will
be swept along even as she sleeps --

and as she sleeps she will dream
of the rolling briny.

In Honour of Tuskaninnies
By Pixielites

Sun-soaked waves gently cradle the
Special Neopians of today.
Their gentle, loving smiles earn them
The lasting love of Neopia!

With flippers that enable them
To be stealthy swimmers unsurpassed,
If so they deem a fish their goal,
It's no question of who'll outlast.

When the weather's pleasant and sunny too,
They rest their weary fins on rocks.
To let themselves soak in much light,
They rest content and take a nap.

They crave the company of fellow beings
And are famed for their lovely nature;
They have a firm grip on their temper
And rarely scare away a stranger.

Yet despite their welcoming presence,
They can be trained to be some fighters
That scare the living daylights out
Of the unfortunate to provoke.

It's agreed that the little tufts of hair
That sit upon their heads
Stand them out among the crowds
And attract the many fans.

So without further ado, I leave you this conclusion:
Although the official Tuskaninny Day ends
At the final stroke of midnight,
I remind you to appreciate
Your faithful friend forever.

The Cowardly Tuskaninny
By Moulinrouge21

Lonely and shy, so very alone,
Hiding in shame, cowardly shown.
Sitting in silence, his head bowed,
Remembering a time, he stood loud and proud.

On top form, a confident guy,
But one single fall, because of a lie.
Greedy and cocky, arrogant was he,
Too big for his boots it was all clear to see.

Now scorned everyday, he cowers back,
A successful life, he does now lack.
Honesty is key, the truth will prevail,
Confined in his home, his very own jail.

But still within, a light does glimmer,
A proudness within, slightly does shimmer.
To one day return and bounce back to life,
His old confident self, with no more strife.

The arena he must go to face his fears,
Uncertain who to trust, dodging the spears.
Moving through the land, where anyone could turn,
To gain his courage again, the coward must learn.

Arnie Hulltusk and the Glorious History of Cheese
By Mamasimios

Hello there, friend, Mr. Hulltusk,
Or Arnie, if you please.
Do you have a tale for me today?
Perhaps about the history of cheese?

The Tuskaninny ponders,
Scratching the pink hair upon his pate
And clears his throat most noisily
Before beginning to orate.

"As you likely know, or maybe not,
It all began at Kau Kau Farms.
Milk was spilled and left on a rennet pile
Where it curdled and firmed, unharmed.

"From there it took one brave farmhand,
A lad less smart than tough,
To pop that first cheese in his mouth
And proclaim, 'Now that's good stuff!'

"Over the years, the cheese improved,
With added flavours, whatever you will.
Here's my advice: avoid a certain Techo
Who insists on rolling it down a hill."

Well, Mr. Hulltusk (is it Arnie?),
Perhaps I'll seek you out another day
The next time I have insomnia --
You could explain to me curds and whey.

Senator Palpus
By Magicalcameron

Medals glossed and shining,
He watches over the Lost Desert,
Watching and aiding those whom he serves.

He tells tales of old wars,
Of lost tales long ago forgotten
Of victories and losses.

Tossed back into the past,
He speaks words to bring us there,
To watch and listen to the conflicts
He won and to old scars,
Each with its own story, its own history.

Progression and Strengthening,
Our Desert,
Our Lost Desert,
Is all he has in mind,
To open the floodgates,
Allowing all Neopoints to be collected for goods.
Even in the King's death did he continue this advancement,
This continuation of the king's legacy
To keep it intact
For Amira.
For Amira.
For us all.

Tales of a Slushie Slinger
By Ladygaladriel213

The Tuskaninny wipes her brow
"Excuse me, sir! Order up!"
She tosses the slushie down the counter.
"Phew! It's hard this Altador Cup!"

Meeting the demands of the customer
Leaves her confused and tired!
"I need a slushie over here!
And don't slow down or you're fired!"

Yells and shouts for flavours of slushies,
Ranging through all the best.
But this poor Tuskaninny waitress
Really needs to sit and rest!

"Slushie over here!" a customer yells
And off she runs to the machine.
Sticking straws in the plastic cups
Of slushies purple, pink, and green!

When will it end? Are they not full yet?
The customers pour on in!
And back and forth the waitress runs
She refills the slushies again and again!

The customers grow impatient;
They tap their feet and click their fingers.
"I'm going, I'm going as fast as I can!"
Says the poor Tuskaninny slushie slinger.

Some get mad and turn to go,
Their impatience winning the day.
This red Tuskaninny waitress sometimes
Wishes she were instead painted grey.

But then she brightens as her speed picks up;
She's tossing and slinging left and right.
The daylight is quickly fading,
And soon Altador will be bathed in night.

The sleepy Neopians will retire home
And snuggle down to sleep sweet dreams.
And all throughout the Tuskaninny's head
Is shouts for orders and the Techo's screams.

"MAKE SOME NOISE!" reverberates still;
Her ears ring with the sound.
But slowly, slowly the store empties out,
And not a player is left to be found.

The waitress wipes her brow, and
Cleans up the mess in her shop.
"Now where is that Yurble Janitor?
I could really use his mop!"

It's been quite eventful,
Truly, I must say.
So let us thank this waitress
And enjoy Tuskaninny Day!

The Trapped Tuskaninny
By Kuroge

On a cold wintry day,
an adventurous collector
bravely dared to venture
into the Snowager's sector.

So avid a Negg hunter,
that not even the icy horror,
could threaten this
passionate explorer.

Inside the frozen cave
stacked piles of wealth,
to not awaken the beast,
he moved with stealth.

A Super Negg resting
atop a colourful Negg pile
lit the Tuskaninny's face
with a big bright smile.

He threw a stray rock
with his strength and might,
and down the Negg fell
from its precarious height.

The noise that ensued
woke the cave's keeper,
who had just become
the poor pet's grim reaper.

Luckily, though the beast
angrily scoured his cove,
he could not find the intruder
to his precious treasure trove.

The stranded Tuskaninny
displayed his displeasure,
as the Snowager mistook
him to be its treasure.

The plushie Tuskaninny,
forever lost within the lair;
his freedom forever vanished
in front of his now-blank stare.

By Jjquil

My w_nter coat bundled so t_ght
These arct_c w_nds are fr_g_d cold
The gusts are strong at th_s great he_ght
But closer to the edge _ strolled.

The snow _s crushed beneath my ta_l
As _ cl_mb up, ever h_gher,
My breath _s frost, as _ exhale
My s_tuat_on grows more d_re.

Th_s cl_ff arches stra_ght to the sky
And _ see clouds below me, wh_te,
Reflect_ng sunl_ght to my eye
_nst_ll_ng me with anx_ous fr_ght.

The ha_l may st_ng aga_nst my cheeks
But _ w_ll press on, and w_n th_s race.
A Tuskan_nny, scal_ng peaks,
Must not seem so commonplace!

The Tuskaninny King
By Jayo289

The Tuskaninny King beneath the sea
Paraded around for all to see.
But when he wasn't showing off,
He'd order food that he could scoff.

His followers would ask him thus:
"It's not that we don't like to fuss
Over you and your fabulousness,
But there are problems to address.

"You see, there's a plague of Staragus here,
And a rogue Jetsam is causing some fear.
When we told you of this before,
You bellowed a most ferocious roar!

"We explained our worries and our woes;
Like neighbourly feuds with fierce Kikos.
But your reply was still the same:
'Where's my food?' you did proclaim.

"'I need some salad and juice,' you said,
'Bring me soup, and soft white bread.'
We did as you asked, with nothing amiss,
But our cries for help you would simply dismiss.

"When a Koi invaded my family home,
I brought you steak with toffee foam.
When pirates invaded and pillaged our land,
I stood by for your culinary command.

"But now, a problem we need to work out,
To calm you, I bring a fresh Snorkle Snout.
With one final plea, we hope you comply,
As the royal food stock has finally fun dry."

The Cowardly Tuskaninny
By imogenweasley

It was a chilly night,
Dark except for moonlight.
As a storm raged outside,
A little Tuskaniny sighed.

Jaared was his name;
Paranoid he became.
whenever thunder boomed,
he'd cower in his room.

His Petpet was with him,
His figure small and dim,
But all he did was stare,
Which gave Jaared a scare.

His plushies, old and new,
He felt they watched him too.
His toys with button eyes,
Both big and small in size.

The shadows his things cast
Would make his mind race fast.
Reality would become twisted
To horrors only he thought existed.

I hope it'll make you cheer
To know Jaared beat his fear,
But you need to buy his book
So you can take a look!

The Slushie Slinger
By Frenchmutant

Some red, soft curling hair,
A white flowing dress,
And beautiful brown eyes to match.
She's a graceful creature
And tries not to make a mess,
While slinging slushies here and there.

Impatient fans
Of the Altador Cup
Gather to have a sweet treat.
Perfectly refreshing
With ice and your favourite flavour,
You must try this Tuskaninny's drink.

She keeps a smile upon her face,
But how is that possible
When everyone is demanding
And just won't stop pounding?
It's a hard task,
That's for sure!

And to make things more complicated,
She doesn't even have legs!
So thank goodness the competition is over,
Just in time for Tuskaninny Day.
Let's honour her work,
And wish luck for next year.

But maybe we can help
By keeping our voices down
And keeping our tips up!

Avoid the Cliffs on Tuskaninny Day!
By Filter

One poor Tuskaninny doesn't celebrate today,
When all his kind is out stuffing their faces.
While the rest are all happy, having a dance,
This one little Tuskaninny is counting his paces.

He begs you to concentrate, think hard and long,
Pick the letter that you know is right.
Study the phrase and know the answer,
With the end of the cliff, he won't fight.

Poor little Cliffhanger Tuskaninny,
How many times have you fell?
Deliberate or not, you've taken some hits,
Exactly how many, we'll never tell.

Your little face pleads for us to succeed,
You promise us riches when we win.
Failure is not an option for you,
Just keep your resolve strong and hold up your chin.

Poor little Cliffhanger Tuskaninny,
Maybe we'll all go easy on you.
Play a few games of the easy variety,
Though prizes you give just a few.

How about instead, you just take a break today?
No puzzles we will do so you can rest.
Curl up in the lodge with your blanket and cocoa,
A day off from falling would be the best.

The Vagabond
By Favonianbreeze

On one road (I've travelled many)
I met with a Tuskaninny.
His eyes held a curious stare,
Voice, wild like a Uni's whinny.

The road was long, otherwise bare.
I was surprised to find him there
Alone and gazing to the sky,
Not seeming to go anywhere.

"Good sir, what gives? You're lost?" asked I,
Not wanting to just pass him by
And leave him in the wild to stray.
We spoke until sunset was nigh.

I stood in awe of him that day!
If you could hear the things he'd say
Of his adventures, filled with glee,
The thoughts in your mind, too, would play.

"But doesn't your kind love the sea?
Do tell me, sir, why did you flee
From that wonderful world below,
From all your friends and family?"

Replied he, "Life is strange, you know.
Oh, how I miss the undertow,
The gentle rhythm of the waves,
But simply put, I had to go!

"I wanted to see faerie caves,
To walk through Haunted Woods's graves
And see the folks throughout these lands,
Meet everyone from kings to knaves!

"I've stood upon Lost Desert's sands,
Felt Shenkuu's trees with my own hands,
But life like this, it has a cost
A youngster never understands.

"Of all these lands that I have crossed,
Moltara's fire, the Mountain's frost,
Not one could satisfy my soul.
You see, I really am quite lost.

"If I am to be once more whole,
I must again assume the role
Of son and brother to my kin,
But this road long since took its toll.

"For I cannot return again,
The road will always twist and spin,
Never leading to the ocean.
I must remain; hope has grown thin."

I was so filled with emotion,
Hearing of his strong devotion.
I said, "That way will end your chase,"
Turning with a pointing motion,

For I knew well the ocean's place.
But as I turned to see his face,
My mouth let out a startled groan;
Where he had stood was empty space.

On the road's edge, I found a stone,
And all it said was
Name Unknown. I knew that he'd forever roam,
If he stayed on this road alone.

So I stood on the water's foam,
This earth he need no longer comb,
For I threw in that little stone,
Returning my friend to his home.

By Aurorapearl


They say Aishas have nine lives;
I am a Tuskaninny who has lost count
of just how many lives he's gone through.


You think it'd be nice to have
this kind of immortality, don't you?
Yeah, I'll bet.


Think of all that you could do.
You could be Neopia's greatest scholar, maybe,
Or the richest Neopian the bank ever saw.


I think I'd like to be a superhero.
Training with codestones by day,
Fighting villains by night.


Villains wouldn't stand a chance against me.
Not when they're combating someone
who can regenerate in the blink of an eye.


Kind of a bummer, though,
when your immortality is considered in terms
not of how long you can live,
but how many times you can die.


I'm not a superhero.
Instead I'm stuck here,
repeating life on Terror Mountain's slopes,


counting the letters


until I'm reborn again.

The Slushie Slinger Waitress
By Amethyst_81

Dashing quickly left and right,
As customers demand,
She effortlessly serves them
With a slushie in each hand.
The Slushie Slinger waitress
Works to please throughout the day,
As slushies, green and pink and blue,
Come whizzing down your way.

A thankless job, but still she works.
Some pleasure she must gain,
From seeing happy customers
Walk out from every lane.
Perfecting her technique,
She's like an athlete on her game,
Calm and levelheaded;
Slushies slide with expert aim.

This Tuskaninny waitress
Is a sight you've got to see,
And once you've had her slushies,
You will find you must agree,
There is no better place to go
When seeking something cold,
That's served with unmatched style and grace,
A wonder to behold.

faerie tuskaninny
By Agedbeauty

stop! lest thou miss
the beauty over

for when thou doth
race there is no time to

how doth the
faerie tuskaninny

in fields of blue where
sunshine on water doth

how doth she
rest her sun-bright

upon pillowed sands
at twilight when the ditrey

how doth she fly
from airy clouds to shining

on bursts of joy
aloft as she's content to

and as she flies
canst thou see her

her beauty as
the sun doth warm her

or is she merely
passing whimsy, quickly

too quickly we do
move on, ignorant of the

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