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Neopets Poems

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To Meiau -- With Love, Asellus
By Agedbeauty

Some say that Kikos
Are just not fun to own.
They're too hard to dress,
And caring for them is a pain.

They need water, and
Well, they have no legs!
And it's true, that makes
Kikos a little tough.

But let me tell you a
Secret, one that I hold dear.
I love my Kiko muchly,
From her head down to her... head.

You see, Kikos are good at
Many things, such as
Giving hugs, and they're
Good at good-night kisses.

And if you need a
Friend for the beach,
Look no further than a Kiko --
A joy that can't be beat!

And my darling Meiau --
She's quite the little diva.
You may not think her
A beauty queen, but:

There are two places
You should look before you judge.
Check her closet and her
Trophy case and be amazed!

Kikos may not be for
Everyone, but my Meiau is
A joy to have around,
And a fashionista to dress.

So Kikos have no legs.
So what? So they can't
Wear those spiffy pants
You overpaid for.

My Meiau, my Christmas Kiko,
Brings me lots of joy.
So I say Happy Kiko Day,
My dear, and many, many more!

Kikos: A Word of Warning
By Akalanka90210

Reader, beware! Do not trust your senses!
Although they may seem small and frail,
there are Kikos afoot! You'd best not mistake them;
their image makes some pets grow pale!

Neopia's history is littered with tales
of Kikos who inspire fear.
I'll share just a few, as a Kiko Day service,
to all who have gathered here.

Perhaps you have heard of old Captain Dread;
a pirate who pillaged the sea?
Armed with eyepatch, cutlass, and his own justice,
he would steal and then charge his victims a fee!

And who could forget the merciless Wrawk,
a sorcerer down on his luck?
Many a good Neopet was hurt by his hand
as Wrawk with his power ran amok.

I would be at fault if I didn't mention
a Kiko more feared than these:
Niten Hiroru, the silent assassin,
would punish wrongdoers with dumbfounding ease.

I hope you have learned an important lesson
on this, a fine Kiko Day:
Kikos aren't always what they seem to be --
they're tough! Now, stay out of their way.

Kiko, My Kiko
By Alagfalaswen

When I say I have a Kiko,
People mostly stare,
Wondering why I made my choice so
with the variety out there.

Well, while I might like those Shoyrus
and Krawks and Draiks and such,
but let me share my own views
on the Kiko in my clutch.

He may be round and bouncy
With legs that number none,
But he dresses up real dandy,
And is always up for fun.

He's king at playing Kacheek Seek,
He owns at Solitaire.
He's anything but really meek
When playing Maths Nightmare.

His game skills not withstanding,
He listens really well.
He's never rude or demanding,
And he never sneaks and tells.

My other pets all love him,
And it goes without being said
The decision to adopt him
Was the best I'd ever made!

The Carpenter of Kiko Lake
By Amethyst_81

The carpenter of Kiko Lake
Works hard to stock his store
With nothing but the finest crafted
Wares on Kiko shore.
Quite late into the night you'll hear
His hammer pounding nails
As carefully he tends to
Even tiniest details.

His Purple Coral Table
Is the strongest you can find,
But styled with the latest
Kiko fashion trends in mind.
The Sunset Coral Wardrobe
Is a piece you'll use with pride
As neatly you can fit all of
The clothes you own inside!

Imported from Maraqua
Comes the Orange Coral Bed,
With nothing but the softest
Seaweed Pillows for your head.
And at the end of hard day's work
You'll head toward home and know,
That through your front door welcomes you
A Coral Lamp's warm glow.

Lessons Learned
By Aurorapearl

An age-old mystery yet unsolved:
A Kiko's bandage it involves,
The source of which it does revolve,
And if the guilty are absolved.

Why do they wear the bandage proud
Against their forehead, above the brow?
And who, in any place or crowd,
Would hurt a Kiko anyhow?

Some think violence is to blame,
That Kikos are just often maimed.
I'm not sure about this claim.
I think the reason's rather tame.

You see these Kikos, and they incite
Within you a fuzzy light
Of warmth and pleasure, pure delight --
And so you hug them, hug them tight.

But that bubbly joy's not gone!
Still there's that great urge to fawn!
So you lean down to kiss them on
The forehead -- but oh, there's something wrong!

See, such an action can be construed
As romance, which you mustn't do.
So in an 'X' these Kikos glue
Their bandages to remind both me and you.

Such is the price of bearing witness
To the Kiko's divine cuteness.
So today we must remember this:
You can hug, but please don't kiss!

Behind the Bandage
By Carrotbreath

Innocence seeps through their eyes:
A sight you can hardly despise.
For Kikos look just too sweet,
Making them capable of deceit.
Little arms to love and hug,
Also serve to hurt and mug.

From sight of the bandage ensues pity,
"Aw, they must be hurt and look how pretty!"
But take caution and care,
Because like the Pant Devil they ensnare.
Foremost, to the bandage pay no mind,
For Balthazars in Petpet clothing are their kind.

Take it from me, for I know best.
On Kiko Day especially they don't rest.
Lock the doors and stay inside,
For I've experienced the Kikos' dark side.

The Angry Kiko
By Chocolate_lover67

No matter what they did to him,
He'd frown and huff and scowl,
Getting angry every day,
With screams and shouts and growls.

Those concerned, they tried to help,
While others didn't care,
The replies were same for both of them:
An angry snarl and glare.

He rose to fame around the world
For his horrid attitude;
It only made it so much worse,
Deepening his bad mood.

Before long, they all knew him;
It had gotten just that bad.
His newfound fame he hated so,
It only made him (more) mad.

They eventually put his name
On a collectable card.
This incident was humiliating;
It left him quite mentally scarred.

Although they discontinued the card,
He's famous, at this time;
Neopians are writing poems about him,
With terrible, horrible rhymes.

All About Kikos
By Ecaligiu

Splashing around with merriment,
There is always a time to be had.
Without costing even one cent,
They are economical to boot.

They are a caring sort,
Always ready to lend a fin.
With friends in every port,
Kikos never are a lonesome lot.

Bandages placed with care,
They can defend and protect.
No one would even dare
To underestimate their strength.

Their little village of homes
Nestled between two lands.
In the shape of domes,
Kiko style is unique.

While water is where they start,
Land will suit this special species too.
But at home with you at heart
Is where their true home can be.

The Path of Niten Hiroru
By Emilysusanburt

You may chance to see him
Follow the road.
Does he turn to look,
Meet your eyes,
Nod a silent greeting?

To glimpse him at all is a
Sight all too rare.
Was it really a shadow,
Perhaps a trick
Of the passing evening light?

When your need is most dire,
He may appear.
Can you see the sword
In the moment
Before it strikes the final blow?

They say he's a phantom or a
Ghost of the shadows.
As he watches does he see
That which others
Only imagine and dream?

A warrior Kiko and master
Of the hidden arts,
Does he follow his path in search
Of vengeance, love,
Or the simple pursuit of justice?

He desires no reward, at least none
That any can guess.
And when he slips into the night,
Do you look upward
And thank the stars on his behalf?

It Doesn't Say Kiko Pop!
By Filter

The warning labels were not big enough,
For this Kiko's wide eyes.
Huge as they were, she just couldn't see,
That this Chia Pop would offer a big surprise.

They're called Chia Pops; who would be worried
Except the uninformed Chia who ate it?
But a Kiko with a sweet tooth had nothing to fear;
That was the thought when a Chia Pop she bit.

This Kiko had tried so many varieties,
Chia Pops in every assorted flavour.
Blueberry and Carrot, Lemon and Grape,
The taste variations never did waver.

It was a rather peculiar blue pop she eyed,
That caused her stout hand to pause.
Brown spotted, called Chokato, how odd,
Though it passed just the same through her jaws.

The flavour was odd but delightful,
Though a rumble came from her tummy.
A soft gasp escaped her lips as she noticed
That it came with a cost to be so yummy.

The spots crept over her body;
A blue hue erupted through out.
To this day, this Kiko warns everyone
What Magical Chokato Chia Pops are all about.

Chocolate-Coated Kiko Day!
By Juney4

Down in Neopia Central amidst pastures green,
there's a strange site to be seen,
a factory stands with no worker in sight,
yet chocolate is made all day and night.

Nobody ever goes in,
it's such a strange thing;
nobody ever comes out,
a mystery, without a doubt.

Wally wonka donk,
with loud clangs and clonks,
the Chocolate Factory whizzes and churns;
those cogs know how to turn.

Questions quiz hearts,
but with words he never parts;
some youngsters saw him once,
but they never got a response.

Mysteries made him,
the Neopet with chocolate limbs;
though he stands with no legs,
this Kiko knows how to make his Neggs.

Every Neopet eagerly wishes
for him to fill their dishes
with the pride of his work,
good enough even for Captain Rourke.

Always actively developing,
a new treat so enveloping,
it dazzles the mind of young and old,
so they are immediately sold.

You will yearn for only this brand,
and everything else will taste bland;
the mysterious Chocolate Factory Kiko has it good,
everyone wants his sugary and chocolaty food!

Team Kiko Lake
By Kitokat_mh

Each year a competition comes
And every world has to compete,
They practise for months in advance,
Hoping they will not be beat.

One team is often overlooked,
But every year they try their best,
Playing games every day,
Hoping to rise above the rest.

Their captain, often called 'Poke',
Can be counted on to steal the ball;
Then there is Meela Kitah
With the strongest shot of them all.

Erli Quinnock guards the goal,
And Ditan Colb holds the defence;
Holbie Pinnock shoots at the goal,
With speed and skill that is immense.

Yet every year they don't do well
And never get in the top four,
This year finishing 16th,
Leaving their fans hungry for more.

But in their hearts they still have hope,
And every year they'll try once more,
For one day Team Kiko Lake will win
And their fans will give a mighty roar!

Kiko Hide and Seek
By Ktkdk

It's hard being a Kiko, I daresay.
No legs make it hard to get away!

I have one way to fend off foes;
All I have to do is simply pose.
My round shape and small size
Help me hide from evil eyes.

I was going along one day,
And a zombie walked my way.
So I tucked my arms in tight
And hoping to avoid a fight,
I began rolling down the street
Like any ball you'd happen to meet.

One day like this, rather sunny,
I withdrew quite a bit of money.
The Meerca Brothers gave a shout
When they heard my coins jangling about.
Then, the Fruit Machine I did see.
I jumped inside in order to flee.
So that I could hide from those felons,
I disguised myself as a melon.

I think my best hiding place yet
Was when I hid myself in a balloon set.
I was being chased by two Lupes,
But both of them I did dupe.
A peddler selling fine balloons
Came between me and those buffoons.
As fast as I could, I climbed the strings
And hid among the inflated things.
Let there come whatever may,
Hide and seek skills will save my day!

Tubular Kiko Racing
By Kuroge

Rays of light dance
across the playful stream,
as Kavi the daring Kiko
races to the extreme.

His tube decorated with
an array of red and white
speeds him over the water
like the speed of light.

Enemy Kikos on the shore,
but Kavi is never scared;
intelligent and cunning,
he always comes prepared.

His nimble movements
allow him to navigate
the turbulent river
at a very speedy rate.

His concentration never
wavers as he races,
and at the very end,
he will win first place!

How the Kiko Got His Bandage
By Ladygaladriel213

The Kiko managed his boat tours
Where you can see through the boat,
Because the bottoms are made of glass,
And you are surprised that you can even float!

You see many things beneath you:
Bright vivid rainbow-rific sights!
The Kiko speaks with all his passengers;
The rides will only last till night.

Then each passenger must disembark
And return to Kiko Lake's shore.
But alas! Do not worry!
You can come back tomorrow for more!

One day a Neopet was riding
And chewing on a rock stick as well,
And was not paying attention
When the boat hit a larger swell.

The glass bottom tipped upward
And all shivered in fear.
Except for this one Neopet,
Who didn't see what was near.

The wave loomed up larger
And threatened to engulf this one.
But the Neopet didn't notice;
He was too busy having fun.

The Kiko in charge of the boat
Lunged backwards lightning fast.
He reached the young Neopet
As soon as the wave hit the mast.

It sent the bottom a-rocking,
But the Neopet was safe in the Kiko's arms.
The Kiko looked around desperately
Trying to determine the passenger's harm.

But it was the Kiko's head that was aching;
The dull pain didn't fade.
So a spot on his head was patched up
With a tattered old bandage.

But all was not for nothing --
Fyora's warm glow filled the day.
"Do not fret, young Kiko,
I have something important to say.

"From now on all Kikos shall know of your deed,
How to another's life you sped.
And from this day forward all Kikos
Shall bear the same heroic mark on their head.

"So farewell to you, bright Kiko,
You have certainly made a way
For all Kikos to be remembered,
Thus this shall be Kiko Day!"

Fyora's glow departed,
And all around were excited.
And through a simple act of kindness
The Neopets were united.

Solar Fyre
By Mamasimios

Ten years, a decade, has nearly passed
Since Solar Fyre the Kiko last
Set limb within the water's wake
Of his former home in Kiko Lake.

Amphibious though his kind may be,
This Kiko renounced the surf and sea,
Denied his aquatic origins
To make a peculiar bargain.

A fire faerie offered him
The gift of flame and flight at whim
If he stayed and remained at her behest,
A decade in service to her quests.

Ten years, a decade, to the shrewd,
May sound like a long servitude,
But to the Kiko Solar Fyre,
The flames were all to which he aspired.

And now those years have nearly passed,
His bondage to be removed at last,
But will his thirst, his ambitions, slake
When he plunges into Kiko Lake?

Will the waves be cooling, a welcomed reward,
For satisfying a youthful accord?
Or will the tides tame and extinguish
The flames by which he was once distinguished?

The Beauty of Kiko Lake
By Moulinrouge21

Pool of sparkling water resides nearby;
Azure blues reflect down from the sky.
Delicate gardens surround this wonder;
Kiko Lake, beauty lies all around and under.

Seaweed swishes to the rhythm of the breeze,
While trees sway delicately, rattling their leaves.
Sun glistens against the pristine water top,
Kaleidoscope coral available in the shop.

Sea life grows majestically deep down,
While Kikos meander, explore all around.
Glass bottom boat tours, scenic view,
Listen to its history from a knowledgeable crew.

Swim down under, a whole new world to see,
A never-ending place to delve in, somewhere free.
Kikos celebrate, their day is finally here!
Together with pride, they give an almighty cheer.

I Am Not a Pumpkin
By Raezyr

I am not a pumpkin,
Nor any kind of fruit.
Though I may look like one,
That fact is simply moot.

Heed my warning now, please,
Or I will be annoyed.
Don't tell me of the pumpkin
Pies that you've enjoyed.

And don't think you can set me
Outside your front door.
Yes, I've heard of Halloween.
That's not what I am for.

Also, do take notice
Of my handsome face.
Please don't carve a new one on
My back or some blank space.

Also, unlike pumpkins,
I happen to have hands.
I truly hope within my heart
Everyone understands.

I am not a pumpkin,
But a Kiko (Halloween).
Suggest that I am lying,
And I may just make a scene.

A Kiko to His Cherry-Vanilla Tube
By _Razcalz_

I love the clear
blues of the river, the dash
of a swift current, the blowing of
raspberries at arrows missing us
by a mile -- and most of all you, my
cherry-and-vanilla striped rubber tube
with whom I cross all finish lines! You
keep us skimming over water and
I keep us turning, turning, away from rocks
and hungry whirlpools, missiles, and all things
unkindly sharp from my tube: for without you
my silhouette would not be complete!

Kiko Lake: A Dream Getaway!
By Saqo

Welcome to my travel agency
on this fine day, Neopian.
You are looking for a good
vacation spot, you say?

Well, I have just the spot
for you. Nestled between
Brightvale, Neopia Central,
and Roo Island is this place.

Why, it's Kiko Lake. And
I can guarantee it will be
a trip you won't forget.
Why not consider this getaway?

Most of the population are
Kikos, with some Jetsam and
other pets. It's a quiet place
where you can get away from it all.

Why, just look at this weather
forecast: "always calm and
sunny." You couldn't ask for
a better climate, I must say!

If you like water sports, it's
the perfect place. Or if you want
to relax, there are the Glass
Bottom Boat Tours as well.

You can hire pedaloes and have
fun with friends and family,
and if you like shopping more,
then why not try Coral Creations?

If you are stressed by life and
just want to get away from it all,
come to a place that is known for
its calmness and serenity.

Come to Kiko Lake! This getaway
is on sale for Kiko Day, but only
for a limited time. This will surely
be a vacation you won't soon forget!

Rapids on the Lake
By Sordid

Feel the beat of molten beams,
The sun shines bright above.
This weather brings a summer wind,
The type that Kikos love.
For with the touch of frenzied breeze,
The lake, so calm, serene,
Turns to a raging river track,
The wildest ride you've seen!

Kiko Lake, once calm and blue,
Now wild through tempest's whim,
A rapid torrent, tidal rage,
That no sane pet would swim!
The bravest (some claim oddest, too)
Of Kiko folk rush out.
"The rapids!" cry the eager pets,
"It's time to raft!" they shout.

Inner tubes inflated fast,
Then to the waves they float.
Those who brave the tide and win,
Do win the right to gloat!
They'll trace the path of rapid's sway,
Such speed they will engage!
Daring to ride on the lake,
Defying rapid's rage.

Master Chocolatier
By Sylviau

So many times I've stood at these gates,
Wondering what goes on within;
No one ever comes out of the factory,
For no one's ever gone in.

Yet every day the chocolate comes out,
Selling by the truckload,
With sweeter-tasting treats in stock,
Than the health store down the road.

A mysterious Kiko runs the place;
He's as crafty as he's small,
Though the wide-brimmed hat upon his head,
Makes him at least another foot tall.

With his hat and his cane he welcomes you in,
Offering you a tiny taste,
Every cookie and every gumdrop,
Is with chocolate interlaced.

To children near and far he brings,
A joy quite like no others;
His sugary delights are loved by all,
Save for disapproving mothers.

The mischievous smile upon his face
Makes you wonder what he's hiding,
What secrets he's got in his head,
The truths he's not confiding.

Despite all efforts made in vain,
He refuses to give out tours,
For only he knows what goes on,
Behind the factory doors.

Royal Kiko
By Tic2tac

The lightning streaks and cuts the night,
Bounding across ivory hand in flight.
He plays with energy that surges through his palm,
Twisting and mending and causing no harm.

His regal disposition wavers not,
As though caring little for the lightning caught.
Besides him sits his lovely queen,
Goddess of skies with a sight so keen.

Lilac waves of pristine hair
Wrapped up carefully 'neath crown with care;
A turquoise dress that falls so gracefully
And stern ocean eyes that watch so patiently.

They sit atop their throne so high,
Perched far above the clouded sky,
And as the storm continues its dance,
There's more to them than meets first glance.

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