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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Mirror, Mirror, Watch Me Fall...
By Sordid

Dare you look beyond plain sight?
My journey, such a ride,
For nothing makes you fall as fast,
As overwhelming pride.
Warped by vanity stand I,
Obscene through spite and hate,
Shattered mirrors, broken glass,
And such a lonely fate.

Oh, my beauty I embraced,
So careless, though, was I!
Thought of nought but my fair face,
As years rolled slowly by.
Though when you care for just one thing
You've no room left at all,
And thus from on my perch so high,
You'll find I quickly fall.

One wish I held most sacred, dear,
Beauty, surpassing all:
A face that would stop everyone,
A face that would enthral.
So self-absorbed, I fear, was I,
The wrong ears heard my plea,
And now this monster you do watch,
This beast, you know, is me.

Now shield the mirrors, cover glass.
Don't see the beast gaze back.
Don't see the monster I've become,
Don't see the charm I lack.
For so long had I cared for me,
For others, no joy shown,
That when I lost my beauty fair,
I'm left here all alone.

Femme Fatale
By Caily_

The thief of thieves she was to be,
Stealing Galem's heart with glee,
A femme fatale Kanrik could see,
A frozen heart without a key.

Ambitious and without a cause,
She'd take the guild with wit, not force,
Not one to obey simple laws,
Pretty with no apparent flaws.

She held her brooch filled with woe,
Stolen for her once, long ago,
By her friend but now her foe;
Kanrik was foolish to trust her, though.

She held the brooch inside her paw,
The most infamous of all outlaws,
The emerald was without a flaw,
Inside the brooch she held with awe.

Masila would've liked to toss
The brooch to be among the moss,
But to do so would be her loss,
The Mistress of the Double Cross.

Vira's Mirror
By Agedbeauty

Oh dear Vira, Acara vain,
Does have a wretched mirror.
Twisted visions, horrors seen
Have led for all to fear her.

Perversion of Vira fair
Drove away all those near her,
But all Vira saw was her
Comeliness never clearer.

Poured into her mirror fine,
The pain of all those dear to her.
Reflected back in cruelty,
Now lost, they cannot hear her.

And our dear Acara vain
Has lost those who'd revere her;
Beauty twisted, beauty lost...
If only she'd seen clearer.

Roberta's Eyes
By Carrotbreath

Roberta's Eyes are now for sale;
Get them before they're stale!
I kid, I kid; they aren't real:
The actual pair contains too much to reveal.
For Roberta has lived a full life,
Despite her current lack of strife.

Where would Altador be today
If Roberta hadn't saved the day?
The Darkest Faerie would still run amok,
Leaving the protectors tightly struck,
But Roberta ventured from Brightvale,
And soon her terrorising was curtailed.

Modestly she retired to the Scrolls;
Oh, what wisdom her eyes must hold!
Pay a visit to her humble shop,
One stare into those violet stars and stop
Dumbfounded how copies can be mined,
Because the original seem one-of-a-kind.

A Wild Water Festival!
By Filter

Though it only comes one time a year,
An Acara will celebrate every day.
The Acara Aquatic Festival is here,
Let's celebrate in the swimming way!

A day of races, relays, and sprints,
Though none of these are on land.
Strap on your flippers and your goggles;
We're jumping off the sands.

Glide through the water like the graceful Acara,
Try to keep up with them if you can.
They zip through the water, so fast and so free,
Doing spins and flips like aquatic stuntmen.

Sign up for lessons if you don't know how;
Acaras are the best swimming teachers.
Their svelte bodies and aerodynamic horns
Give them their graceful swimmer's features.

Have fun today down at the beaches,
From Mystery Island down to Smugglers Cove,
The sights, the sounds, the cheers, the splashes,
From the way they jumped and dove.

You'd better be ready to swim today;
Acaras won't let you hang out on the beach.
It's a wild, wet, and fun afternoon,
So dive on into the breach!

Scaredy Acara
By Saqo

W-wait, please don't come so
close. You see, I'm a little
nervous about things I cannot
see and things bigger than me.

You may have seen my book,
"Scaredy Acara". This happens
to be my nickname, but, you
see, it's not really that fair!

I'm a little skittish, yes,
that's true. I tend to jump
at small things -- AH! Oh wait,
that was just my shadow, I think.

But wouldn't you be too, if your
owner built your home in the
Haunted Woods? Every night
ghouls float past my window.

I hear moans from outside, as
our house creaks and cracks.
Ghost and Halloween pets call
this place their humble home.

But it's not right for me! You
see, as I'm a little nervous by
nature, I would have liked to live
in Maraqua; I'm an Acara after all.

But the Haunted Woods my owner
chose. AH! See, the Game Graveyard,
there are ghosts and ghouls galore!
Why, wouldn't you too be scared?

Today is Acara Aquatic Day, I hear.
I'd like to go celebrate, but I'm
a little scared of big crowds.
And noise. And... well, many things.

Aquatic Day, you say. Why, how I
envy all those Acaras who live
in Neopia's ocean! At least there,
no ghosts could follow me around.

If you read my book, please tell
my owner it's time we moved away.
We could move to the ocean, it's
the perfect time -- Acara Aquatic Day!

The Daring Acara Pilot
By Kaibeau

She rides the winds toward distant shores;
Her courage is unmatched.
Hours past the dawn she'll fly;
She prays her petrol lasts.

The swooning heights will keep her
Far from landlocked souls beneath.
Twin propellers whip the clouds
Into an airborne wreath.

She does not long for a life on land
Or for one within the waves.
Her place is in the great beyond;
It's the space above she craves.

So on this day of aquatic delight,
Spare a glance above --
There passes a daring Acara pilot,
One with the world she loves.

Who Comes for Lucy
By Concertogreat_8

keeper of all cares
smoothing wrinkles
soothing lost minds
easing them back from twisted paths

just one Acara
in a blank white smock
with the green cross
and the ceaseless smile
that means help
can always be found here

like a gardener
tending exotic plants
that wilt without care
and surrender their stems
to the falling rain

here in the darkness
betwixt sad walls
where cages exist without bars
among empty-eyed souls
and screaming silences

lucy oh lucy
locked away so long
without a glimpse
of the sun
flowers wither and die --
who came for you?

Acara Princess
By Jjquil

Pristine white gloves, and
Frosted pink dress,
The elegant carriage of
a true princess.
The golden tiara
With polished jewels
Carries the weight of
Following the rules.
Keeping up appearances,
tending the estate,
is it any great shock
that royalty was not her fate?
Her arrogance and vanity,
Fierce temper and pride
Drove her to leave home
and challenge the world outside.
She struggled at first, but
It was the right thing to do.
Now her name is well known --
The free Princess Fernypoo!

Acara Aquatic Festival
By Calicolupe

Always you make me wonder,
Can't imagine Neopia without
Acaras drifting lazily along the surf,
Reeds swaying in their wake,
Aquatic creatures of daylight and sun.

Anyone would enjoy watching
Quietly from the rocky shore
Until you dip down underwater
Always shy, rarely bold,
Telling quiet stories to your friends
In mild and modest tones
Crafting sunny days and cloudless skies with words.

Free as birds but never so flighty,
Each Acara dreams of peace and
Stillness in the day:
Their festival revolves around the ocean and
Its quiet coves and inlets,
Very still on this, of all days.
Aimless they wander,
Letting the sea push them into sweeter dreams.

By Kyndalbrooke

She's more beautiful than a rose,
But she doesn't seem to know it.
She always craves grand adventure,
And all of her actions show it.

Her family expects one thing:
For her to study ever-so-boring diplomacy,
But her natural ability and love for magic
Drive her to seek the art of sorcery.

Her fur's the light colour of water,
And her hair is black as night.
Her dainty pink-purple lips
Say every spell totally right.

She protects others from danger
With a wave of her powerful wand,
As she goes out to explore and seek
Adventure, of which she is so fond.

As she and her companion travel the land
And shatter evil into thousands of pieces,
It becomes increasingly obvious
That she's not like other nieces.

Her uncles sit in their castles --
One constantly studies, the other eats all day --
While she stands on the frontlines
With her companion, blasting evil away.

Though she's probably heir to the throne
Where currently sits her Uncle Hagan,
She'd rather face danger with the knight, Tor,
Her friend since their first quest began.

In their first adventure years ago,
That sorceress was key.
Without her would be no stop
To the awful vengeance of the Darkest Faerie.

That feisty Acara showed such courage, spirit,
And wisdom on the grim battlefield
That none of the Darkest Faerie's evil minions
Could do anything to her except yield.

Who knows what other adventures they had?
What unspeakable dangers they faced?
What evil plans they set out to foil, or
Against which deadly clock they raced?

Even though my poem's coming to an end,
There's more to learn about that best of Acaras.
So those of you who adore her like I do,
Raise your glasses and toast to Roberta!

In the Dark Shadows
By The_hoshi_pixi

Deep in the Haunted Woods
With a forever dark sky
Lives the eeriest Acara
Ever seen by the eye.

Face of deep blue wisps,
Mysterious as the galaxies.
Piercing ice eyes
Strike fear within the species.

A cold, thin smile
Breaks through the void,
Etches across the hollow,
Remembering something enjoyed.

Encased in bony armour,
Hard as tempered steel,
Stalks the vast forests
With movements so unreal.

In the silky shadows
The solemn beast watches,
Waiting for its next meal,
Perched on its haunches.

Born of purest umbra,
Wrapped in spooky aura,
No Neopet's as enigmatic
As the mutant Acara.

Ode to Ylana Skyfire
By Ladygaladriel213

Dr. Sloth has a favourite Acara,
A bounty hunter for hire.
She is truly brilliant,
Someone we all can admire.

Long flowing blue limbs,
Lasers at the ready.
She stands tall and slender,
Her trigger-finger steady.

Her missions are quite simple:
She reports to the evil mastermind.
It seems in doing deeds like these,
These two are of one mind.

Her first duty? Track and
Detain the Cybunny Scout!
In her abilities,
Dr. Sloth didn't have a doubt.

She teleported from the Space Station
When the need arose.
Dr. Sloth was defeated,
Or so the story goes.

Dr. Sloth has a favourite Acara,
A bounty hunter for hire.
What is her name?
Ylana Skyfire.

Ten Things I Hate About Vira
By Chocolate_lover67

Let's start by saying
She's ugly.
And then there's the fact that she
Brought that upon herself.
Even if she were once pretty,
She probably abused that privilege.
(That's three already.)
Her lifelong goal is to be
The most beautiful of them all,
When she could be devoting her time
To improving lives,
Helping others,
Saving the world.
(There's four)
We shouldn't forget her vanity
Or her unhealthy obsession with mirrors.
(Five and six.)
And the fact that she poisons flowers
When they've done nothing wrong to her.
She transforms others
To make herself feel beautiful
(This makes eight.)
She's also not the nicest Acara you'll meet.
Far from it, in fact.
And my tenth reason to hate Vira
Is that I can find ten things to hate about her.

Fauna, the Kind Acara
By Superpepe

Fauna, the kind Acara,
is one of the twelve protectors,
of the ancient and sacred land
that we all know as Altador.

Being one of the Heroes
and founders of the city,
she is affectionately
referred to as the Gatherer.

She possess the gentlest heart
known to exist in our world,
taking good care of Petpets
with kindness that knows no bounds.

Wherever she stepped foot on,
Petpets followed at her heels,
for they are willing to follow
such a gentle soul as hers.

With a knack for nurturing,
the apples Fauna tended
grew to an enormous size
and were the most delicious.

Simply using an apple,
she could tame the fiercest beast
with her kindness and patience,
and save an entire village.

Vira the Vain
By Amitybelle

Once beautiful this creature was,
Until the spell was cast.
Few memories remain for her;
Times enjoyed dwell in the past.

No longer she makes daisy chains;
She poisons them with touch.
This horrid fate befalls her vice;
Beware the mirror she may clutch.

Her spite and malice spreads itself,
Takes hold of the looking glass.
So naive, the victim smiles,
But this mirror's charm won't last.

An ugliness will slowly seep,
As beauty fades away.
For Vira, her constant, ailing nightmare
Has found another host today.

This cursed Acara we all fear,
In such a fiend she put her trust.
This tormented one was merely vain;
Was her punishment unjust?

Hunter for Hire
By Jayo289

To read this poem you must picture a scene,
And follow it closely, don't fall in-between.
The character: an Acara in high-tech attire,
Onto the name: Ylana Skyfire.

This Acara lived for a decent payout,
Her newest bounty on the Cybunny Scout.
So into the Virtupets Station we go,
To follow the story of this hunter pro.

Here see the Resistance make their attack;
Poor Ylana should have watched her back.
Her blaster zapped the target so clear,
But that troublesome Cylara ruined her sneer.

As the meddling children flee to regroup,
We pity Ylana and the failed Sloth troop.
But nonetheless she regains her finesse,
As she singlehandedly fixes this mess.

Join me as we skip to the final fight,
As Ylana and her blaster cause some fright.
See the Scout sneak behind her quick,
But Ylana fights back with moves so slick.

She never lets up; she fights for no crew,
But with Sloth defeated, she fades from view.
She'll remain to appear on another day,
Goggles on, and blasters away.

Now this is where the story ends,
Just a few more lines on the moral it sends:
If you want Ylana to fight for your cause,
Make sure you've money to distract her paws.

Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis
By Imogenweasley

"Go Maraqua!" fans cheer from the stands
As an exciting match is about to start.
The crowd of Neopets comes from all lands
To see their idols play with all their heart.

There is a player who likes to stand out:
Elon the Acara, team captain and star.
He is determined to win the shootout;
Whatever it takes, to him it means war.

There is one downside to being on his team:
He's selfish and arrogant -- he can't help it.
He wants to be the best; that is his dream.
About the others, he doesn't care one bit.

If he can avoid it, Elon won't pass the ball;
That's why his nickname is 'The Black Hole'.
He'll shoot the Yooyu at a goal or a wall;
He won't let his teammates take on his role.

So why, you must ask, do they keep him around?
Well, he's the top goal scorer of all.
All over Neopia he's known and renowned,
His talents and skills are in no way small.

So next time you attend an Altador Cup game,
Root for Maraqua, with Elon and his fame!

The Mutant Acara
By Tic2tac

The ocean waves churn lovingly;
Perhaps its better you do not see
Beyond its shores, in rocky sands,
A lonesome creature watches it dance.

Pale blue orbs 'neath starry lashes,
Gnarled long horns the colour of ashes.
His face is a mirror of the night;
He hides in shadows out of sight.

In warm island waters the Acaras frolic,
Their faces of joy leave him quite heartsick.
He cannot join in with their celebration;
He turns away angrily in hidden frustration.

The creature covers his face with heavy claws;
He cannot see past his own shallow flaws.
In a puddle he watches a mutated reflection;
He fears the others, he fears their rejection.

Along the water's edge, among the festivity,
A baby Acara slips out with creativity.
Adventure awaits her as she hops off to explore --
She discovers a creature hiding offshore.

"Why aren't you with the others?" she asks politely,
And startles the creature who watches her bleakly.
"I do not belong there, I am not the same,"
Comes his quiet answer and within it lies pain.

She twirls her small head and looks with big eyes,
Then takes in a breath and gives a reply;
"Of course you do, silly, you're an Acara like me!
Four paws, two horns, and two big ears that I see!
And all Acaras belong in the ocean so wide,
till the sun sets tonight and it turns to low tide.
And we'll swim out into warm summer waves,
We belong together on this Acara Day."

The Acara Knight
By Fyora_fyora__33

An entity of pure bravery
She is in many ways, you might.
And unsurpassable agility,
She has on ev'ry plight.

A sword, lustrous with silver,
Still is cherished in her grasp.
At sight of her, villains quiver,
Which follows, a horrified gasp!

But hush, a beautiful melody
Reverberates inside,
For it speaks of her identity
Of sweet Acara so mild.

But fear, you still must!
That is, if you are caught
Prying on forbidden dust
Or on treasure you once sought.

Though on shadows you may hide,
Still she will catch you,
For quicker than sound, she glides,
Just so you bade evil adieu!

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