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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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A Mysterious Valentine
by Trubiekatie

On February 14th,
Grams are all mailed.
For on Valentine’s Day,
Love is unveiled.

Each Neopet is giddy,
Their hearts filled with fear.
Awaiting each letter,
For one from their dear.

But Neopians are frenzied,
Wanting the best gift of all:
A Mysterious Valentine.
For, if you recall,

This Valentine is special,
It unlocks a sidebar,
Which lasts much longer,
The best gift by far.

If you are lost on gifts,
Consider this choice.
No matter the person,
They will surely rejoice.

So, for this Valentine’s Day,
Find a deserving friend.
Give them this card,
It is worth what you spend!

Valentine's Kacheek Plushie
by Ohgodkillit

Manufactured with love and care,
And heartily stitched and threaded,
To prevent even the slightest tear,
The Valentine's Kacheek Plushie is created.

We'll first spread out and cut the fabric --
Kadoatie pink, fuchsia, cream, and white colors,
Now we'll thread the needle to do the trick,
While tightly weaving to make it adorable.

Now that the needlework is done,
What will we do with this flimsy, pink cloth?
It's time to insert the cotton,
But only the softest, most delicate, 
Coziest fluff will do!

This plushie is starting to come along,
But something is still missing... 
The button eyes!
We'll sew those on the face 
Where they belong,
And stitch the final touch -- 
The smitten Kacheek smirk!

Now you've made your 
Valentine's Kacheek Plushie!
Make more to give to each of your 'pets,
Or even to a pal, if you're feeling friendly,
So its cuteness can brighten 
Their Valentine’s day!

A Valentine Haiku For Brynnso
by Auraichadora

For Brynn and Hanso,
I write this special haiku,
On this lovely day.

During our last plot,
We watched you work together,
To save Faerieland.

Uniformed distrust,
Made Hanso seem a villain,
But one did believe.

Despite crooked pasts,
Brynn, you trusted his statements,
But just did as told.

Of course, no jail bars,
Could hold back a clever thief,
From such a brave fight.

It was obvious,
That feelings started budding,
But Hanso denied.

As the clock wound down,
Before you, he saved many lives,
Much to Brynn's sad tears.

With Fyora's magic,
Hanso lived and Brynn smiled,
Waiting with a kiss.

Brynnso fans cheered happily,
Including fans like myself,
At this small moment.

With this just for you.
On this so-named day of love,
I celebrate you.

Oh, Torn Valentine's Day Card!
by Rielcz

Oh, Torn Valentine's Day Card!
Your past remains mysterious
Were you some production error
Or proof of unrequited love?

Oh, Torn Valentine's Day Card!
Received by someone too delirious?
When it tore, were they in terror?
Or did they just wish it disposed of?

Oh, Torn Valentine's Day Card!
Unfixable by those best at repairs
Do you serve any purpose at all?
You're a useless gift, if nothing more

Oh, Torn Valentine's Day Card!
Do you feel like nobody cares?
You're not a game, a trinket, or a doll
Does anyone buy you at the store?

Oh, Torn Valentine's Day Card!
I want to use you, but I just can't
It would show crudity on my part
No better than if I gave away rocks

Oh, Torn Valentine's Day Card!
The users of you would be scant
Receiving you would break a lover's heart
You are destined for my Safety Deposit Box

A Mysterious Valentine's Card
by Dr_tomoe

A Mysterious Valentine's Card
has just arrived for you.
On top of the pile 
of mail to sort through.

There's no return address
no name but your own
listed on the front
and addressed to your Neohome.

You ponder who it could come from
You wonder who it might be.
Could it be from a stranger?
Or one of your Neofriends? Maybe.

You open the card
and read what's inside
and lo and behold
you are someone's valentine!

To someone out there you are
the best in the world
you're someone special
and that's what the card's words unfurled.

You wonder who could have sent it
when you notice one thing
the words that are written
match your Neopet's handwriting.

Now that you know who sent it
you give it a smirk.
You'll be sure to return the favor.
Another Mysterious Valentine's Card 
should work.

So, on this holiday
there's one thing to say:
find someone you care about
and wish them a Happy Valentine's Day.

The Silver Weewoo Perch
by Dortho

Waiting patiently upon a silver perch, 
One little Weewoo watched and lurked.
Though a cute Beekadoodle flapped along,
They just don't have the same song. 

Along came a Grustlen 
With a flower in it's mouth,
Which took an abrupt turn 
And continued south.
A swarm of Slorgs slithered on by, 
Carrying chocolates, I wonder why?

Huggies hopped happily along for a while,
They had the biggest smile!
Pikis shortly followed, 
Showing hearts on their chests. 
Could they be better than all the rest?

The Weewoo, all alone, 
With just a pretty perch to share, 
Started getting a feeling of despair. 
Is the perch not shiny enough to alert a friend? 
Or will the darkness fall, 
Bringing the day to an end?

Calling out the loudest and prettiest song, 
You'll never guess who came along! 
Along came a Weewoo friend, 
Who would have bet?
Just in time to watch the sunset!

Together they sang, from dusk until dawn,
While several other Petpets chimed along!
Snuggling close and standing side by side, 
There was such a cuteness 
They could not hide. 

As the sun rose, welcoming a new day, 
Several Petpets scrambled away to play, 
As for the Weewoos, 
There they stayed and stayed so cute, 
Kept singing songs as sweet as a flute!

Someone took a picture for inspiration, 
As for the item, there is an expiration, 
It's in the NC Mall, for you and me!
So, best rush to check if you'd like to see!

The Silver Weewoo Perch, if I might say,
Inspires everyone to have 
A Happy Valentine's Day!

No Cards For Hanso
by Chavo_guerrero

Valentine's Day is here again,
And Hanso gives a sigh,
He gets oh-so-many letters,
As he's such a handsome guy.

He strolls out to his mailbox,
With a smug grin on his face,
Just to find the box is empty!
There's not a letter in the place!

Could it be he's not that popular,
To his worse fears and chagrin?
He doesn't even have a card,
From the ever-lovely Brynn!

Just what is going on here?
This has never happened yet!
This is Hanso we're talking about,
Maybe the post just hasn't come yet?

But wait, what's this I see just here?
Is that Jazan the King?
Well, he's certainly looking happy,
Clutching tightly a pink thing.

"Did your cards come today Hanso?"
He asks waving his in the air.
And Hanso slips into a lie,
"I got much more than last year!"

And then he turns and goes indoors,
And Jazan chuckles without a sound,
"It was my turn to steal from you, you thief,
That's why you cards can't be found!"

The Anti-Valentine
by Aldurswolf

I will not have a Valentine,
No, I refuse, I refuse.
I will not have a Valentine,
I mean, really, what's the use?
They don't help you with the cooking,
They don't share in the chores.
All they do is act all lovey,
And that is quite the bore.
Sure, they may bring you presents,
But they've all been seen before.
Chocolates, flowers, and jewelry.
The only good they do is for the store.
So, this year I'm having none of it,
If you disagree, well, that's too bad.
After the day is over,
I, myself, will be quite glad.

Cutting Up The Cards
by Chocolate_lover67

I got home one fine winter day,
And found atop my desk,
A pile of notes and letters that
Created quite a mess.

Confused at first, I realized,
Just why these things were here,
A glance at the calendar told me
Valentine's Day was here.

Oh Valentine's, I try to forget,
This saccharine event,
So sickly sweet and sugary,
I frown at the advent.

And so, confronted with that pile,
Of Valentine's Day cards,
I knew not what to do with them,
Despite thinking so hard.

Until, at last, an idea struck,
A smile spread 'cross my face.
I finally knew what I should do,
With all that pink and lace.

In my desk I searched and found,
Some scissors, purple-pink,
Adorned with Queen Fyora's head
And framed with heart-shaped wings

And with these scissors, snip snip snip,
The cards were soon no more,
What had been lace and glitter
Was now confetti on the floor.

The Problem With Last Minute Gifts
by Muffintins

I was all prepared and ready
For this Valentine’s Day
I had picked out my gifts,
I knew just what to say

A Golden Heart Box of Candies
A Pretty Heart Balloon
But little did I know
These would soon bring my ruin

It all started off
As I walked into the shop
To pick up the candies 
But found there was a swap

Instead of a golden, luxurious box
There was one torn and crushed on a side
Instead of delicious and sensational taste
The candy appeared to have melted and died

The balloons I had ordered
Were as bad, if not more
On them were checkered Chias 
And said, “Happy Year Four!”

I grumbled and panicked 
What could I do?
A moment later, it hit me
I knew, I knew!

As fast as lightning
I rushed out the door
I ran across the street
To the gardening store

The selection was slim
And at this last minute hour
All I managed to buy
Was a Broken Heart Flower

After scurrying around
For some last minute things
I tied them together
With some tape and some strings

I arrived at her home
Not a minute too soon
I was armed with my gift
And the Year Four balloon

She laughed at the balloon
And smiled at me
I told her that my gift was amazing
She said, “I’ll see.”

She took the package from my arms
I grinned. “You’ll like it I think.”
Among other things she said,
“There’s just one problem, it's pink.”

So Many Broken Hearts
by 13germandames

Oh, so many, so many broken hearts
Are around this Valentine's Day;
Broken Heart Keyrings, so many broken parts.
Broken Heart Candy, 
Why is so much broken today?
Broken Heart Cookies and trinkets,
Broken-hearted faeries, an assortment of
Sad, broken-hearted Neopets.
Valentine's Day is to spend 
With those you love,
Your family, your friends. So why is there 
So much broken today? 
This may depress you so much,
This may make you want to weep, but, oh--
You must, must remember that there is such
An assortment of non-broken hearts;
Heart-Shaped Sand Sculpture and glasses,
Just look at all the past full-hearted arts!
There are even heart-shaped bracelets 
For the lasses!
Stained-Glass Windows 
That are heart-shaped,
Heart dreams and Silver Heart Necklaces!
Pretty Heart Balloons for those who are caped
In love on this day, so many 
Hearts from so many places!
And, amongst all these beautiful items, so fine,
You will see that there are cards 
That can be sent to you from me;
Heart-felt, Heart-Swirl, Mysterious Valentine.
But do you feel them in YOUR heart? 
This is the key.
Oh, there may be Broken Heart Thoughts,
But there are so many Neopets 
That are pink and red,
Neopets that are white, 
'Pets wearing background dots,
That would love to give you happy thoughts;
Even dead, ghostly Neopets -- 
We and they would like to say,
Have a happy, glorious, 
Loving-hearted Valentine's Day!

Half A Dozen Assorted Chocolates
by Mamasimios

Though no one ever gives me them,
I don't care for valentines
I want no roses, nor candygrams,
Nor crudely cobbled rhymes

So, you may conjure my dismay
When I found upon my stoop
A heart-bedazzled package
Wrapped in shiny ribbon loops

With a sigh I did approach it
When, to my stunned surprise it shook
And with a newly found amusement
I crouched down low to take a look

The package trembled as I poked it
And then I thought I heard a whine
So I quickly undid the wrappings
And had a hasty look inside

At first I thought the box did hold
Six large and lifelike chocolates
But as they started to move about
I saw they were real live Petpets!

The fluffy Chocolate Babaa
Had candy corn for legs and ears
And the scowling Chocolate Bartamus
Filled me with a kind of fear

I saw the Chocolate Babyca
Was topped with melted caramel
And I smiled into the cherry eyes
Of the frisky Chocolate Spardel

The jumpy Chocolate Kookith
Nearly bounced out of the box
But I closed the lid just as it
Landed on a Chocolate Doglefox

I brought my gift into my house --
This perfect valentine --
This half a dozen assorted chocolates,
Forevermore they will be mine

A Grey Valentine's Day
by Saqo

I checked the calendar and thought:
"Oh, this day... it came again..."
Why, why another year must it come?
It's not so much fun, my friend.

Today's the day when all Neopets
(Well... most of us, at least)
Break out chocolate and valentines
And dress in pink, red, and lace.

Well, today isn't so fun for us
Neopets who are painted Grey.
I'm not usually happy to begin
With, especially... not today.

There is no love in this world
Of Neopia, for grey 'pets like me.
No valentines to receive, no
Warm-fuzzy feelings to feel.

No chocolates to eat, and the 
World is not rosy in color.
Where is my Valentine? Sigh...
It's just a year like another.

Another year to be alone, painted
Grey despite my wishes. Who? Who
Would want to be painted grey?
Not me, I know, and not you...

Well, if you're feeling kind today
I wouldn't mind if you took some time
To think of a grey 'pet like myself,
And send off one little Valentine.

A Sloth Valentine
by Alyiousa

Valentine’s Day is here once more,
A day of nausea we cannot ignore.

Everything is pink and girly,
Guaranteed to make me surly.

Love and happiness seeps from every pore,
As Neopians pay homage to those they adore.

But what about me, and those of my kind?
The villains of Neopia are put out of mind!

Can you see Lord Kass 
Sending a Valentines card?
Covered in pink and glittery hearts?

What is the Pant Devil meant to do?
Give, instead of take, items from you?!?

What about the loyal Commander Garoo?
Is that the face of a loving Blumaroo?

I do not do love, nor do I adore.
I resent, despair, and abhor.

So what are we to do 
On this most dismal of days?
The obvious answer is to make you all pay.

You would not listen when we told you to stop,
So we must start a most nefarious plot.

Hearts will be broken, 
Stamped on and shattered,
Plushies will be torn and ripped into tatters.

Make no mistake, the fault is all yours,
Our words of warning you all but ignored.

So, Neopians, be on your guard,
There may be a surprise 
On your Valentine's card...

Valentine's Day On Neopets
by Sunburstshadows

On Valentine's Day the world is so happy,
Everybody buys chocolate, oh it's so sappy.
On the fourteenth of Feb 
The world shows it's love
With heart-shaped boxes 
And pretty white doves.

But on Neopets, Valentine's Day is much better
The love is more lovely 
And the water is wetter.
Even Dr. Sloth can't resist the temptation
Of the things that go around, 
Love and relaxation.

The Poogles are all happy, 
The Kadoaties so sweet,
the Eyries are flapping, the Pteris they tweet.
But what is so special about this holiday?
It's that all Neopets get along and just play.

The hitting and kicking and biting and crying
And lying and frying and flying and tying
Are all down to a minimal on this one day
The love comes out and the mean goes away.

But when the day comes to an end
The friends who weren't friends 
Are enemies again.
The world of Neopia makes people happy
When the world is alright 
And nothing is sappy.

So, if you're alone on Valentine's Day
Just come down to Neopets and you can play.

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