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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Lenny Day Delight
by Peircedchic

The birth of the Lenny 
came as such a delight,
a Neopet who's kind and bright.
With an intelligence like that of no other,
bright as any color.

A Lenny's magic is very neat,
many come along and take a seat.
To watch the Lenny magic show,
a lot of magic no one knows.

Most think Lennies are wimps, 
and that they read all day,
but if they knew the Lenny
they would just say,
that Lennies are sweet as can be,
a delicate creature, as you can see.

Lennies love to dance,
and Lennies will always take a chance,
to make a friend any day,
because Lennies also love to play.

The best thing of all 
about the dear old Lenny, 
he loves ice cream, and I mean plenty.
He could sit up and eat it all day, 
even if it meant staying in to play.

So give a shout out 
to one of the best species here,
the Lenny, a Neopet 
we hold so dear.

Moss Tullerby
by Chocolate_lover67

We all recognize
That familiar face,
With large wire-rimmed glasses
That look out of place,
Next to his gelled
And puffy red hair,
We'd recognize him

We're all quite familiar
With his choice of career,
Saving the wheels
Of lands far and near.
His hippie lifestyle
And lack of savings,
And inability to get
Sufficient funding.

It's quite obviously
Moss Tullerby,
It's very clear to see.

Confusing Conundrums
by Dr_tomoe

When a new week comes
We all know what it means
The Lenny Conundrum Wizard arrives
With a new question to tease

The questions are all tricky
The answers can be strange
And word problems to pictures
Are all in the range.

"What is the missing number?"
"What is the secret phrase?"
Sometimes it's easy to solve
Sometimes it can take days.

Sometimes it is nonsensical
Sometimes it's just a blank.
Occasionally it's Neopian lore
And once it was Altador Cup ranks.

Still, the prizes are good
For 'pets who are clever
And for those who can guess how much NP
Was spent on that doom lever.

A trophy and an avatar
Are prizes and quite nifty
But only the first 250 get them
So you'd best answer quickly.

So if you fancy a challenge
Give the conundrum a try
Just don't be surprised
If it makes you want to cry.

The Lenny's Library
by Togepi_forever

Welcome to my library --
a place of endless joy,
filled with books of every sort,
for every girl and boy!

Over here you'll find the books
on crooks and thieves and spies --
tales of those who've made their way
with trickery and lies.

This shelf holds the stories
of adventures 'cross the lands.
They tell of those who've gone and
shaped the future with their hands.

These are scrolls of Altador,
and here of Sakhmet fair -- 
these regard Tyrannia;
be careful, though -- they tear!

Here are books of pirates ships --
here's science, math, and jazz!
And these shelves cover botany;
oh, the wonders this place has!

Don't be shy my dear -- no, please!
Look around yourself!
For in this Lenny's Library
there's magic in the shelves.

How To Draw A Lenny
by Chavo_guerrero

First let's draw some circles,
For the head, the body, toes,
A curve to join them here and there,
As we sketch in the pose.

The wing will need some feathers,
And the head will want its hair,
When the tail feathers appear,
Our Lenny's almost there!

We'll draw a beak upon the face,
And claws upon those feet,
A flourish here, a feather there,
Our picture's near complete!

Grab a small eraser,
And rub out those surplus lines,
This stage has to be finished,
In all Neopet designs.

A tongue, some pupils, eyebrows,
Just little things to add,
A nostril on the beak as well,
Is one more thing to be had.

And now it's time to colour him,
What shade should we pick?
I think a nice deep blue or red,
Should surely do the trick!

And that, my friends, is how we draw,
A Lenny to look great,
Now, enough of listening to my guide,
Why don't you go and create?

Lenny Magic
by Saqo

Step up, all Neopians
To read this great book.
I'm a talented Lenny, and 
I'll show you, just look!

It's called Lenny Magic.
For sure, I wrote this!
I'm the king of magic,
Just watch... make a wish!

You wished for a card trick?
I've got tons of those.
They're a wonder to behold!
I'll show you one, I suppose.

Now pick a number, from
These cards I spread out.
A seven of spades?
I knew it, I'm right!

Lennies are smart, I think
All Neopians know this.
But we also have a talent
For magic and tricks.

You know, since it's Lenny
Day, I'll give you a free
Show. Maybe you have some
Talent, too, we'll see.

You can learn from my book,
If you have the passion.
See this Top Hat I'm wearing?
This is magical fashion.

Lenny Magic is the title
Of my novel; I put all of
My best tricks, but saved
A few of them for my own.

Since it's Lenny Day,
Why not support one of us,
A hard-working Lenny?
(Oh, I mean me of course.)

Come into my shop, friend, 
Sit and take a short read, 
I'll give a demonstration,
For it's sure to please!

Lenny Magic is the perfect
Book for a day like this.
A special one, when Lennies
Are celebrated, it's bliss!

The Brightest Of Them All
by Iridaceous

Oh, you may say that Lennies 
Aren't as bold or brave as Lupes,
And sure, they can't fly very far
Or do fancy loops and swoops --
But they have a gift unique to them,
And it is no small irrelevance:
Every Lenny, big and small,
Is esteemed for their intelligence!

If clever thoughts were water drops,
A Lenny's mind would be an ocean:
Wave on wave of wondrous theories,
A sea of philosophical notions!
They thrive on telling riddles
(And solving riddles, too!)
Plus no conundrum stumps them,
For they're just too smart, it's true.

They devour stories, facts, and figures
And memorise everything --
From the history of Lost Desert
To the lyrics that M*YNCI sings!
You'd be hard-pressed to outwit a Lenny;
They’re brighter than a summer's day.
If one challenges you to Cellblock,
I suggest you run the other way!

So, while they may not have a Uni's poise,
Or hold the title as the belle of the ball,
Lennies can hold their heads high and proclaim:
They're the brightest Neopets of them all!

Lenny Conundrum
by Pachacca

Looking for a new 
Lenny Conundrum in the news,
Every Wednesday I peruse.
Nearly jumping when I see
New puzzles in a riddle waiting for me. 
Yet again my best I try,
Challenging my wit, my patience, my mind.
Only a select few can get 
The trophy, avatar, and prize
Not only the fastest, but the most wise. 
Until I get a shiny gold trophy, 
I’ll continue to play
No, after that, I still won’t 
Be able to stay away. 
Don’t give up if 
You don’t understand the question
Reading and rereading is 
Often my suggestion.
Ultimately, the number of puzzles 
You get right can’t be that many,
Maybe unless, of course, 
You are one smart Lenny.

Conundrum Lenny
by Dortho

Conundrum Lenny, what are you doing?
Teasing us with the hardest things.
You may think your puzzles are enlightening,
While several Neopians find them frightening!

Known for your intelligence, be that as it may,
Some aren't as bright, as you might say.
Do you think you could, do you think you would,
Make it a little easier just for a day?

It is known you have done that for us,
Many have seen, yet some still fuss. 
Many thanks to you for that, at a glance,
For offering some that give everyone a chance!

Also known for your Conundrum Wizard Hat.
I really hope it doesn't make my 'pet look fat!
The hats are hard to find, 
They seem pretty rare.
Many who buy them have 
Very few NP left to spare. 

Known for your genius 
And magic mastery, too, 
I'm not sure what else I can do, 
But let you know I was thinking of you.

I figured writing a poem was a good way, 
To wish you and yours a Happy Lenny Day!

Faerie Lenny
by Xphieldz

His beauty
He shows it true

His plumage
Purple, green, and blue

His intelligence
Wise beyond his years

His loveliness
A gem among peers

His vigilance
His eyes see it all

His strength
Not afraid of a brawl

His pride
Knows he is appealing

His modesty
Won’t hurt others' feelings

His perseverance
Never to quit

His perfection
The simple way to say it

The Lenny Sorcerer
by Mamasimios

The poor Lenny Sorcerer
Just wants to be more popular,
But though he's long searched for a spell,
It hasn't worked out very well 

Working frantically in his attic room
His shadow thrown by a slim moon
His spangled cloaks sweep o'er the ground
While his pink feathers swirl all around

Standing in dim light barely twinkling,
Alit by candles in a ring,
His long beak curved into a hook
Seems stuck within his sorcery book

His wand trails sparks throughout the air
And yet, to his prolonged despair
No charm nor spell nor incantation
Has led to increased approbation

Were this sorcerer yet more wise
He'd know that Lennies were made to fly
And he'd take wing from his garret
And join the other Neopets

For friendship isn't to be found
In grimoires, aged and leather-bound,
It takes little more than thoughtful deeds
To increase popularity

Plastic Lennies
by Autotune

My bright (pink) spot
Of the day
In a sea of (green) grass
(cool, clean, freshly cut)
After I get home from a
Long day

And I sit
On the lawn chair
That everyone has
(An army of lawn chairs,
On every street
In every
Of Neopia Central)

And sit
Watching the Neopets pass by
And sometimes saying, "Hi!"

On the lawn
There are two chairs instead of one
And we talk about
(Faeries or
The price of hot dogs and)

On the lawn
I don't talk at all
(Just watch or maybe sleep)

But always
On the lawn
Is my favorite plastic (pink) Lenny
The bright spot
Of everyone's every day

Ol' Finneus' Lost Plush
by Dailytimes

Poor Finneus
Seemed to have lost his plushie
Not just any ordinary one
It's a Meepit Plushie, and now it's gone

Trying to remember
Where he last put it
But his mind can't decipher
Yet, he still would not surrender

He searches through the archives
Looking high and lo
He's desperate, he strives
Looking to and fro

"I know it's here somewhere," he keeps saying
As he shuffles through his files
But he does not see a thing
He's wanting to find, he'll do anything

Alas, nothing could be done
He let out a sigh, and said
"I can't seem to find it. There's no way
Maybe I'll find it someday."

To this day, he still can't locate.
"I'm relying on my fate
But time will come
Since good things come 
To those who wait," he speaks.

Celebrating Lennies
by Hogwartsbean3

Oh, it's fun to be a bird,
wonderful to have wings, 
to soar thorough the sky,
and see all the beautiful things. 

The Lost Desert is hot, 
Terror Mountain so cold, 
and, from up above, 
Altador seems very old. 

We'll travel all day,
and take in every sight,
we have to make haste, 
we can't miss our special night. 

For once every year,
we gather all together, 
we sing and we dance, 
and shake every feather. 

We're colourful and joyous, 
and all that's left to say, 
is so long, take care, 
we hope you have a special Lenny Day.

WHOOSH! ZAP! Lenny, Away!
by Jjquil

WHOOSH! FLASH! Who goes there?
Electric blue, with feathers dark
CRASH! POW! So fleet of foot!
He outruns a lightning spark!

"Trouble's close at hand," they cry
"A superhero's what we need!
Defend us from this villainy --
With your unmatched speed!"

It's Lightning Lenny, Defender brave
Fastest fowl in all the land!
No sooner than he hears the word --
He zooms away to take a stand!

Judge Hog remembers Eyrieki 
That undead wretch who threatened all!
And who was first upon the scene?
Who did beleaguered Sakhmet call?

It's Lightning Lenny! ZIP! ZOOM! ZAH!
He grappled with that mummy foe!
And on that fateful day, they say
The Lenny dealt some fearsome blows!

But though his speed is topped by none
Lightning Lenny met his match!
He ran afoul of some sedatives 
And napped throughout Eyrieki's dispatch!

Judge Hog doesn't call much now...
So Lightning Lenny awaits the day
Neopia will need his speed again!
WHOOSH! ZAP! Lenny, away!

A Festival Full Of Feathers
by Rolling_ham

Truly early birds they are,
In Neopia they are roaming since long ago,
Great knowledge is their star,
Spreading their wings through the meadow.

One of them is a hero,
He runs around fighting,
Reducing the villains to zero,
As fast as lightning.

A great keeper of all books,
Helping you link the clues,
Making Altador recover its past,
Let's hope he doesn't forget that.

Riding without fear,
Until the level says "clear,"
He surely won't rest,
Until he completes the quest.

Intelligent and quick you should be,
If a shot to win this you want,
Running this is a bird so gallant,
That wizard robe surely is fancy.

One day he simply arrived,
With the mission to save the wheels,
He made sure it was a good deal,
"Donate or the fun won't survive."

Sporting a cool look crowned with wild hair,
Stealing the ball even in midair,
He just wants to watch his team win,
If only the Faerie Yooyu makes the right spin.

A diverse species holds a festival,
Full of the things that makes them special,
Classy, intelligent, athletic, or gaudy,
Let's party today with the Lenny.

The Darigan Lenny
by Lollypopxz

Far away, long ago,
There was a land of magic and wrath;
A citadel hovered above the ground below,
Emitting a terrifying, violet glow.

Within this citadel was a street;
An eerily haunting, near-deserted ruin.
Not a single soul would one by chance meet,
In this wraithy place of bittersweet.

On this street was an ancient mansion,
Surrounded by rumours too frightening to tell.
Although it must have been 
Of splendid complexion,
It was no longer the image of perfection.

Inside this house lived 
A strange character, indeed,
No one knew much about this curious fellow,
He was an old, unsightly Darigan Lenny,
Who shooed away anyone 
That tried to be friendly.

Some say he was once 
The faithful servant of Lord Darigan,
A most loyal subject of the Darigan court;
Executing his master's orders 
Without haste nor hesitation;
A Lenny of the wickedest sort.

The Conundrum For Our Times
by Nomyle

We all collectively sigh
And scratch our heads,
Pick up our pens
And start to think --
Puzzling over this Lenny's
Befuddling riddle,
Our mind expands,
A glass of water, perhaps, to drink...

Twelve letters in a row,
Seven numbers arranged in a square,
No one can predict
The element of the Lenny's braintease,
Inside our minds
We start to feel some pressure
A bit of, shall we say,
A squeeze...

After much erasing on our paper,
Muttering to ourselves,
Throwing bits and scraps away,
Neopia comes to a conclusion,
Anticipating the results
We must wait 
And hope for all the best,
To allay all of our confusion.

The Conundrum Lenny
by Lil_hrobi

His wits are unmatched by any other,
Not even by his father’s brother,
An intellect that surpasses many,
They call him the Conundrum Lenny,

He speaks in riddles all the time,
TNT’s partner in crime,
Confusing Neopians with complex questions,
Never giving helpful suggestions,

A new puzzle from his beak,
He offers to us every week,
Our logic and reason we must use,
In order to decipher his clues,

If you can solve his question, for you
You’ll gain riches, a trophy, and an avatar, too,
But don’t just take a single glance,
He’ll only give you a single chance,

You must be fast and swift as well,
And careful that you don’t misspell,
If you do there’s no need to worry,
For next week will come in a hurry,

He challenges us to use our brain,
And only then can we gain,
The prizes we must work to earn,
He’s the reason that we learn,

So let us thank the Conundrum Lenny,
Whose thoughts are worth 
Much more than a penny,
He’s taught us to get off our behinds,
And instead to use our clever minds!

by Vriendje282

A few times a week
A very nice Lenny,
Dressed in clothes
Only wizards can wear,
Asks you the hardest questions
Any Neopian can bare.

What will it be,
A riddle?
An anagram?
Maybe he'll be more lenient.
Or maybe he'll ask you
The one thing
That will drive you to despair.

Whatever the question is,
Go work on it now and fast.
If you ever want a shiny trophy
Or an even more sought-after avatar,
This is not the time to expect the answer
To pop up out of tin air.

Think hard,
Use some math.
It's close,
you can almost smell it.
Don't let him tempt you to give up,
the answer's in there!

Once you think you have a clue,
Hurry over and ask the Lenny if it's true.
If it isn't, what a sad day.
But if it's right,
Oh, when it's true,
You'll have something new 
At which others can only glare.

For all of those that have tried
You were one of the few
That has survived.
Enjoy your new achievements,
Even more are yet to come,
I swear!

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