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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Zenco, Master Of Dueling Decks
by Dr_tomoe

A hit new card game
has just come to town.
Everyone is playing it.
It's the hottest thing around.

Dueling Decks is the name
and everyone is playing.
And out of all, there is a champ
the best of them all is waiting.

Zenco the Magnificent
is the Mynci's name
and he is considered
the best at the game.

Hundreds of foes he's faced
and hundreds of foes he's beat
And still they keep coming
only to face defeat.

And as champion he'll battle
anyone who wants his crown,
but since he's the best
most will leave with a frown.

All challenges are welcome
if you want to try and see
Zenco welcomes the attempt
but know it won't be easy.

So, try if you dare,
play the game as best you can
for the master of Dueling Decks
wants a challenge again.

The Crimson Duke
by Chavo_guerrero

Above, in the skies of Meridell,
In a glider red as flames,
The Crimson Duke is flying,
The champion of these games.

A brave and fearless sky pirate,
He is the strongest of them all,
When other pirates can't succeed,
They give the duke a call.

He flies there in a hurry,
Swooping proudly through the clouds,
He doesn't care if the enemy comes,
Single or in crowds.

With a few manoeuvres here and there,
He outflew all who dared.
Those that sought to challenge him,
Were often unprepared!

For the Crimson Duke's been sailing,
In the sky for many years,
And has great respect from everyone,
Challengers and peers!

Above the farms of Meridell,
His glider hangs in place,
And all who have seen the Crimson Duke,
Say his piloting is ace!

by Jjquil

We are M*YNCI! 

Dance, dance, clap your hands! 
Cheer for your favorite boy band! 
You know we love all our fans:
So show us how you dance! 

M*YNCI is here!

Yeah, we are the show! 
Jump up high! Get down low! 
Gimme a smile when I say hello 
To everyone in the front row! 


Yeah, that's our name! 
You know how we love our fame!
Three shows a month, that's our game!
The songs are catchy, and we're to blame! 

You love M*YNCI! 

Yeah, we know you do! 
You bought our tickets in the queue! 
Seen every concert since the debut! 
Our biggest fan was always you! 


Ode To Master Vex
by Honeybee54321

Once a simple prison guard,
Turned Cellblock pro,
Master Vex helped Meridell,
Against their Darigan foe.

Vex helped The Yellow Knight escape,
Running he did go,
Spreading Vex's name to everyone,
Telling all he did know.

Vex is a hero to all Neopia,
And it is said that he's quite brave,
In the face of danger,
He knows how to behave!

Later during the Kass wars,
When Meridell's defense was grave,
Master Vex and Galgarrath,
Were all the Citadel's rave!

So here's to a great Mynci,
His name is Master Vex.
Although he's a champion at Cellblock,
Who knows what he'll do next?

Master Vex's Game
by Kaddiez

Bored upon his makeshift throne,
Master Vex awaits.
Hoping for a worthy one
To test his wits against.

In the depths of murky chambers,
This mysterious Mynci dwells.
Regulating prisoners
Trapped within their cells.

Forced to watch them over
By the Lord of Darigan,
Bitter from a rigid order
That on him was placed upon.

Bred from desire to pass the time,
Vex brewed up a kind of game.
Each inmate constrained to play it --
Holding Cellblock as its name.

If anyone dared challenge Vex
And win they would be free.
Any other outcome
Bids eternal captivity. 

But yet to lose a single match,
Ennui lingers in his eyes.
Vex still waits to play a game
Where he actually has to try.

Arnold's Super Strength Game
by Ohgodkillit

Come one, come all, 
And come test your strength!
Are you useless and pathetic,
Or are you impressive and amazing?
We'll see if your swing does the trick!

Arnold owns this high striker game,
Some say it's strategically rigged,
But he assures you it's fair,
You've got to be tough 
So you don't snap like a twig.

Once you've been persuaded,
He'll subtly lighten your pockets.
So, it's time to pick up your mallet,
And smash it in the jackpot socket!

All too often, you'll lose more than you paid,
And Arnold will ask you back in six hours.
He's a little rough around the edges,
But he's really not that sour.

So if you're near the Deserted Fairground,
Why not Test Your Strength just to see?
Your pockets may not concur,
But you'll get to meet a bow tied Mynci!

Myncis Love To Have Fun
by Dortho

As we all should know, 
Myncis love to have fun,
Playing on the beach 
While catching some sun!
Tiki Tack Tours seem to be a big hit,
The Myncis all go, loving every bit of it!

Setting up lounge chairs, 
Enjoying a tropical drink, 
Relaxing way to spend a day, don't you think?
The parasols up and sporty sunglasses on, 
All ready to go, even at the crack of dawn.

One heard a sound, 
While sipping coffee from a cup, 
Could it be the volleyball nets 
Were being set up?
A couple of them got 
The biggest happy grin,
Since they knew their 
Favorite game was about to begin!

Why in Neopia is the Pawkeet, 
A Krawk Island Petpet,
Flapping about just above the volleyball net?
Chance of a power-up if you bonk it in time,
May give an advantage that 
Could make an opponent whine. 

Watch out for the Turdle, 
Sure to slow you down!
Might make the ball go past you 
And land on the ground.
Might also make you 
Or the net get bigger, 
Random power-ups happening 
As fast as a trigger!

Oh, what fun the Myncis have, 
How submlime!
Even several palm trees up, 
Which they can climb, 
If this sounds like an ideal way 
To spend a nice day,
Consider adopting a Mynci 
With whom you can play!

If life on the beach is the place for you, 
A Mynci may be perfect, this is all too true!
Happy Mynci Day, to the monkeys among us,
Lucky little chaps with no reason to fuss.

Mynci Desire
by Agedbeauty

Ara was a Mynci once,
Though she no longer wears that face.
For many years she loved to leap
And swing from place to place.

While Myncis don’t enjoy
Popularity the way Kacheeks do,
They have a special savoir faire
Even when they’re plain and blue.

That said, the royal Mynci pair
In their royal dress costume
Will dominate every eye
When they enter the room.

And desert Myncis are
Also quite fine, indeed,
With commanding airs
That you’d do best to heed.

But when all is said and done,
It’s the plushie Mynci Ara envies.
With their teeny button nose,
They’re simply sure to crowd-please.

And so, on Mynci Day,
It’s a sad Ara who does reflect
On the species she once was
And its tireless subject.

The Founder's Tale
by Mamasimios

There was a Mynci, known as The Founder,
Who discovered a magic wand.
This artefact, the Wand of Wishing,
Should, perhaps, have not been found

The Founder, amazed, his mind awash
In dreams of what he could wish for,
Decided to dream his biggest dream:
A world that he could rule over

No sooner wished than it was granted,
A new world, Petaria, came into being
And The Founder took his place in charge
But soon grew bored of overseeing

Tricky Mynci, like all his kin,
Would rather spend his time at play,
And, disguising himself as a lowly thief,
The Founder simply slipped away

Petaria soon dropped into chaos
As rivals battled for its crown,
But when a brave Petpet named Fluffy arrived,
The Founder led him to the wand

Immortalised in cards and books,
The Founder's tale should caution you:
Be careful what you wish for in life,
Because those wishes just might come true

Friends Are Mightier Than The Banana Sword
by Malebranche

A young but brave Mynci 
Set off from his home,
To prove to his friends 
He could fight in the 'dome.
He’d built up his muscles 
By swinging in trees,
And speed came to him 
As a matter of ease.

Soon he was there 
At the 'dome with its gates,
And thought of the words 
He had heard from his mates.
Like "You are not brave," 
And "You are not strong,"
Well, now he was ready 
To prove them all wrong.

He felt his heart race 
At the sound of the crowd,
But a sign on the gate 
Said "No Myncis allowed
Unless they are wearing 
The proper attire,
If you need more 
We have some you can hire."

And written below 
In a book he could read,
A long list of Mynci things 
That he might need.
Some made for attacking 
And some to defend,
He wondered which ones 
He would ask them to lend.

Banana Blade Mynci Sword 
And Full Mynci Armour,
Were top of his list 
To keep him out of drama.
Mynci Slip Na-Na 
And Polished Wooden Mynci Shield,
Were certain to make 
All his enemies yield.

Regal Mynci Boots and cloak 
Made him look just right,
In he went to rent them, 
Ready now to fight.
He entered the arena, 
When they called his name,
Armour on, weapons set, 
Ready for the game.

But soon he fell victim 
To both fear and doubt,
Then deep in the crowd 
He could hear people shout.
"You don’t have to do this, 
We know we were wrong,
We knew all the time 
You were brave and were strong."

And he saw all his friends 
With eyes full of pride,
He took sword and armour 
And threw them aside.
And said to the crowd, 
"There’s no greater reward,
Than to know friends are 
Mightier than the sword."

by Lil_hrobi

Since last night I’ve been waiting to buy,
Tickets to see my favourite band,
I’ve wanted to hear them for so long,
But their concerts are always in high demand,

At the news they were coming to Tyrannia,
I nearly jumped out of my seat,
I rushed to be first at the Ticket Booth,
Because M*YNCI I’ve been dying to meet,

Now the fateful day has finally arrived,
And I’ve tried hard to look my best,
Hair tied to the side and a sweep of blush,
I hope they will all be impressed,

This band of Myncis is oh-so-dreamy,
When they dance I can feel my heart thaw,
The look in their eyes 
As they sing a love ballad,
Fills me with adoration and awe,

The Concert Hall opens -- it’s almost time,
I’m scrambling to get inside,
What’s that you said? You don’t have a ticket?
I’m sorry, but access denied!

Hubert, Master Of Hot Dogs
by Nomyle

Hubert, Mynci hot dog master,
No one can churn them out faster.

Mustard, ketchup, onions, cheese
Will you have some more? Yes, please!

Everyone crowds 'round the stand,
Crying, "I'm a Hubert fan!"

Hubert smiles, grabs a dog,
Then leaps around just like a frog.

Piping hot and savory,
Eating not just two, but three

This amazing Mynci guy
Though he might be a bit shy

Makes the greatest hot dogs ever
So, for that, he is quite clever

Hail to Hubert, Mynci cook,
Please write us all a cookbook!

The Melancholy Of Master Vex
by Aquaticblumaroo

Sitting alone in his dungeon
A prisoner of Lord Darigan
He lies within the cells
Waiting to be free
He created his own game
Promising freedom
Although supposedly nobody has beat him
Many can say otherwise
This Mynci is Master Vex
Call him evil or insane
But he thinks otherwise
Look around, my friend
At the Gallery of Heroes
You might see a surprising face in there
It is the face of Master Vex
How did a seemingly evil soul
End up in this glourious book?
Well, I'll tell you the forgotten tale 
Of Master Vex...

Vex was once a hero
A hero, that can't be denied
The orb drove Lord Darigan insane
Leading Darigan to fight all of Meridell
Vex was a resident of the Citadel
But he just didn't care
For he defended Meridell
With his heart and soul
He helped The Yellow Knight run free
He warned Meridell and his good friend Galgarroth of Darigan's incoming doom
Vex and King Skarl rushed to the orb
As fast as their feet could carry them
But before anyone could obtain it
It split in half in a shocking conclusion

But this wasn't even the end 
Of Vex's accomplishments
When Kass was taking over Darigan Citidel
Vex and Galgarroth tried their best to fight him
But everyone else except The Yellow Knight
Tried to defend him
The two were outnumbered, 
And soon they were captured
Vex was thrown into the dungeons
Where he created his famous game
Cellblock is its name
It is the only entertainment the prisoners have
Vex desperately tries to say 
Nobody ever beat him
For if anyone beats him, 
They get to run free
But some people know otherwise, 
As some prisoners seem to disappear
Vex himself hopes he can someday roam free
Plus some say Lord Darigan 
Set him free upon his return
But Vex can say the opposite
Vex, truly is a Master.

The Reasons You Should Like Myncis
by Dustymine

Masters of the treetops,
Yonder faces laughin’.
Here comes the Myncis,
Who are never caught nappin’.

Never run out of energy,
‘Cause that’s no fun!
Watch them swing, watch them dance,
Watch them play, watch them run.

It’s a wonderful day,
Don’t forget the date!
Tonight we’ll have a Mynci party,
Don’t be late.

Always good friends to have,
Yes, indeed!
Just give them love (and bananas),
That’s all they need.

This poem was hacked,
By secret Mynci spies.
Who hid a secret message,
Before your very eyes.

On the first two lines,
Of each new phrase,
Of the first four phrases,
It says Happy ----- ---!

Mynci World Records
by Saqo

Today I was searcing through
Neopia Central's big library
and I found a book that I will
share with you all presently.

You see, Mynci Day was coming up
and so I decided to do a bit
of research because I don't know
much about this cute Neopet.

I came across a few books.
Oh, just the usual, you know.
Mynci Habitats, foods, and
favourite things they showed.

But then, just by accident,
I found one above all the rest!
Mynci Book of World Records
it was called, it was the best!

Never have I read a more 
interesting book about this 'pet.
It talks about Myncis who
are better than all the rest.

Why, did you know one Mynci
lifted more with his tiny tail
than any other Mynci around?
He set a record without fail!

Another Mynci ate more bananas
in one sitting than any before him.
How amazing... I can eat but two,
yet he ate one hundred and ten!

The most amazing Mynci in this book
I found, was one who climbed
the highest of any other Mynci.
"The view from up there was divine!"

He is reported to have said.
How amazing are Myncis, I realized.
And now I have reason to celebrate,
now that Mynci Day has arrived!

Beach Fun
by Trubiekatie

Head down to Mystery Island,
To avoid the winter weather.
Mynci Beach Volleyball;
Let’s play altogether!

Serve the ball over,
Watch for the Turdle!
He’ll hold you back,
It adds quite a hurdle.

As the scores rise up,
The sun starts to set.
The game continues on,
Balls bouncing off the net.

If you hit the Pawkeet,
You’re in for a treat:
Superjump, supersize,
Or even slippery feet!

If you drop the ball,
Your opponent serves.
With a hard spike,
You feel the nerves.

But this game isn’t serious,
It’s all for this day of fun.
It’s Mynci Day, after all,
We’re here to enjoy the sun!

The Tyrannian Mynci
by 1zeuslover

I’m in the forest and I hear a CRACK!
Turning around, I see a Mynci pack.

Their tails are curved 
And their eyes are so wide
I didn’t think there was a place to hide.

The floor was littered with banana peels
Seeing no way out, I tried to make deals.

Their leader was clearly Tyrannian
He stood out, different from his other kin.

I tried my hardest to beg and to plead
The leader said only, “Ugh,” to my need.

“Ugga,” he said. I didn’t understand.
“Do not come any closer!” I did demand.

He held out his right paw for me to take
I accepted it, fearing my own sake.

Slowly he took me, 
Deep through the dark wood
I wondered if I was misunderstood.

Next, I saw white light 
Streaming through the trees
I was out of the forest, filled with ease.

I turned around, 
With thanks that filled my heart
But the Mynci was gone, he had to part.

Tangor, The Moltarian Mynci
by Shiscabar

Tangor is the Mynci's name 
And the S.M.E.L.T. workshop is his,
Give him scraps of metal 
And he truly is a wiz.
Deep within Moltara 
A small workshop he does keep,
Hidden away within 
The gritty walls of Moltara deep.

In travels of the underground 
Some metal scraps you may find,
Be sure you don’t throw them away 
As the metal Tangor does bind.
What was once an old gear 
Or piece of obsidian there,
Give it to Tangor and he will amaze 
With his skill and flair.

“Do you have any items?” he asks 
“And I will see what I can do.”
Sheepishly you give him some scrap metal 
And a rock stuck to your shoe.
He takes the items without a word 
Not even seeming fazed.
A tap and polish, then behold a Petpet! 
You are thoroughly amazed. 

“Hrmm, if only you had some Red Moltite,” 
He ponders to himself,
“How do I get that?“ you ask 
“Is it something of great wealth?”
“Ah,” he replies thoughtfully, 
“It is the worms that are the key.”,
“But you will have to figure it out yourself,” 
He says chortling with glee.

Puzzled, you smile and turn 
To thank him for his time,
But already he is tapping away 
At the workbench, making scrap metal shine.
You take one last look at the Mynci 
And the workshop items within,
For Tangor, there is always 
A new exciting project to begin.

Myncis Through Neopia
by Pringlz

Volleyball soars in air
And nearly hits the hot sand
Mynci slams it back.

Screaming crowds gather
Cheering for their much-loved band
"M*YNCI is the best!"

"Enjoy," says Hubert
Handing you a great hot dog
He's grown quite famous.

Arnold tests your strength
Can you hit it hard enough?
Myncis always win.

Through Neopia
Myncis prove themselves the best
On this wondrous day.

Dear Myncis Of Neopia
by Blossomed

Happy, sunny, smiles,
In the Neopian spring,
The Mynci's spirits rise,
But what will the day bring?

Rip, tear, open,
All the presents set on the floor,
Now we wait for the next year
So the Mynci can have some more!

Clink, munch, hooray!
A party fit for a king,
The Mynci smiles all day long
But what will the night bring?

Comfy, sleepy, yawn,
In his bed, the Mynci lay,
He dreamt deeply and smiled,
Have a happy Mynci Day!

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