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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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It's Tonu Day!
by Mamasimios

Once a year in far Tyrannia
There is excitement, nearly mania,
As all the Tonu from far away
Come celebrate their Tonu Day!

Today all Tonu gather,
Work themselves into a lather,
Snorting low and stomping ground;
A cacophony of joyful sound

A parade of feet kicks plumes of dust
Yet their manes are never mussed
Swaying heads keep their hair clean;
Crowns of glory in their sheen

Now the pack of Tonu poses
Displaying the horns upon their noses
Splitting up in two groups large
They intersect with Tonu Charge

Across Tyrannia do they march
From the lush jungle to the plateau parched
The Tonu gather ten thousand strong
To stomp and sing their Tonu songs

Whether royal, ghost, or pirate,
Halloween or chocolate,
The Tonu reunite each year
To celebrate with charge and cheer

Tonu Stampede
by Doggurl21

Snap, crack, snip, snatch
With a roar the Tonu hatch
Red, yellow, blue, or green
Happy, sad, or blazing mean

With a charge, they're set loose
To torment all the ones who move
Run fast, or you'll get caught
Struck by a horn, in a place that should not

Now a stampede rules the town
'Cause Tonu Day has rolled around
Anger crosses Neopians' faces
Look at the mess in all the places

All around, others frown
They want the Tonu out of town
Or else, like me, you're quite happy
For a Tonu will make my life complete

Take A Spin!
by Dr_tomoe

"Take a spin!" the Tonu says
Who watches the 'pets line up and stare.
"Win great prizes! Win rare items!
One hundred thousand Neopoints, 
If you dare!"

The 'pets all murmur, it's a risk
But who would step up and try?
After all, if they lost that much cash
More than one would probably cry.

The Tonu watches as they work
Up the courage to try the wheel.
After all, to get some rare things
A hundred thousand NP is a steal.

One brave Korbat steps up
And hands the Tonu the fee
With a heave he spins the wheel
As all the others wait and see.

'Round and 'round and 'round it goes
Where it stops, no one knows.
Clicking and clacking the wheel does spin
And they wonder what he wins.

The wheel comes to a stop
The spinning is done
And the Korbat won his Neopoints back.
Well, his fee back, plus one.

The Tonu looks out, the crowd wants more
And another Neopet wants to play
He hands the wheel master his fee
And does his spin for the day.

His luck, however, wasn't so good.
He lost everything on that spin
But that's how the wheel goes
Someone's gotta lose and not win.

One final 'pet tries his luck
And gives the Tonu his cash
A spin of the wheel and he wins
A Maraquan Paint Brush! What a splash!

The Tonu smirks, the crowd goes wild
More want to give it a spin.
It's an expensive wheel, but you know
You've gotta spin it to win.

Play Your Part, Wila!
by Brittanyftw

Time for another rousing game!
For Yooyuball, it's all the same.
Let's cheer for Tyrannia with all our heart,
Or a certain player who's cunning and smart.

We'll talk about a player who's somewhat new.
She's a strong species, she's a Tonu.
Her color is brown and she loves to play.
I'm talking about Wila Benne.

The Left Forward for her team.
Quite the player, so it seems.
She's played this position for quite a while!
Pretty weird, according to her file.

She used to go from team to team.
They're all missing something 
Part of her dreams.
Until she came across Tyrannia, it's all great!
Playing each game, putting it all at stake.

When she came to Tyrannia it was a blur.
Scared of the team, that's for sure.
Until they tested her skills and then she knew!
That was the team for her, time just flew.

Now onto her skills, the best part!
Now the true fun surely starts.
Wila excels at stealing 
And racking up the score!
To Tyrannia, she's the best Left Forward.

Though there are faults to her great play.
She can't focus or block balls that stray.
But that's nothing, we still cheer!
Go Wila! Take the cup this year!

Tonu's Charge
by Duckywaddle

What's the frightening noise coming from afar?
Sounds like it may be a Tonu's charge.
The noise is echoing out from the Battledome,
Such a terrifying noise, 
It makes you wanna run home!

I've heard it's all worth it 
To win a fight against a Tonu,
Others say, you may have bitten off 
A bit more than you can chew.
Take a step inside the Battledome 
And see for yourself,
You might come out 
With some serious wealth.

You may be nervous 
When starting the fight,
Keep your cool, though, 
And everything will be alright.
Keep in mind, the fight won't last long,
That could possibly help you remain calm.

The Tonu may come back 
With some painful hits,
But, it's nothing you can't handle 
With these few simple tricks.
Burrow down, drain life, 
Use a potion if you may,
Repeating these steps 
And you're sure to win this way!

You win the fight! 
So, what's your prize?
A shiny new avatar that's 
Quite appealing to the eye.
Now go show it off 
To everyone you know,
They're sure to have an envious glow!

Ode To An Unnamed Magma Tonu
by Agedbeauty

Wise in the ways of Moltara,
The magma Tonu doth step 
From the flame.

Tender steps, mincing fair
Wherefore doth he
Sway to and fro?

One foot upon the rock,
Three feet in lava deep,
The magma Tonu wavers.

What thoughts must
Percolate ‘neath
That molten crown?

Wherefore doth his
Flaming tail swish
Across his fiery flank?

And, lo, finally,
A second timid step
The mighty beast doth take.

Two feet upon the shale,
A third doth follow
Until the Tonu rests upon the rock.

Finally at rest,
The magma Tonu
Flickers, a sight to behold.

The Pirate Tonu
by Chavo_guerrero

Why do you always look so cross,
My pirate Tonu friend?
What is it that can be this bad?
I just can't comprehend.

Is it stormy on the seas today,
Or has your ship sprung a leak?
Is your eye patch bothering you again?
I just can't see -- so to speak...

I think it must be very fine,
To possess some Tonu strength,
And your mane of hair looks lovely,
And would at any length.

Your enemies will sit and tremble,
As they hear you stomp about,
So tell me what it is, please,
That has you feeling down and out.

Oh, I think I finally see the source,
Of your worry and your woe,
But I'm sure that they won't notice,
As you're running to and fro.

It might be a wooden fake horn,
But it's still a sight to see,
And believe me, I'd be very scared,
If it were charging toward me!

Tonu Day Hooray!
by Kuramas_kitsune

I'm ready to charge, I'm ready to run
Life as a Tonu sure is fun
Tonu like me are strong and tough
I prefer sports over dressy stuff
My favorite place to play is Tyrannia
Come with me, I'd love to hang with ya
The land that resembles a lost past
Where all Tonu hatched, I was last
My egg was hard but it finally broke
It was an amazing world I saw when I awoke
We can get some friends and have a race
I'm pretty sure I'll win first place
Hang out on the plateau, I love it there
After we can have some omelette to share
Then let's wait in line at the ticket booth
We can see Jazzmosis, whose jazz is smooth
It seems us Tonu aren't as popular
Most think Usuls are much prettier
But we are Neopets with huge golden hearts
Though we may be too big for shopping marts
Tonu are loyal and friends for life
So grab some cake -- cut me a slice!
Time to celebrate, it's a great day
To party and stomp around and play
Let's smash things and shout hooray
It's the best day ever, it's Tonu Day!

Khan The Unstoppable
by Lord_of_fantasy

What's that?
An earthquake, you say?
Why, it’s Khan the Unstoppable
The greatest villain of our day

His strength is amazing
His power is unmatched
He's the only evildoer 
That Judge Hog can't catch

No cell can hold this Tonu
No chains can keep him bound
If he can't get out the exit
He'll burrow through the ground

From his mighty kicks and punches
To a beating from his horn
Khan was made for fighting
Since the moment he was born

He is evil and notorious
Arrogant and cruel
But if you think about it
He's really pretty cool

The Charging Tonu
by Dortho

Tonu, Tonu, do I know you?
I'm not so sure when I think it through. 
I do know that you can be rather large, 
And also that you absolutely love to charge!

Trampling happily across 
The Tyrannian Plateau, 
Playing some Destruct-O-Match 
While on the go!
All those stacks of blocks, 
Just too much to resist.
You plow right through them, 
Leaving nothing but a dusty mist!

Mini golf may not quite be your thing, 
But it is rumoured that 
You have quite a good swing! 
He took a pause to land 
Himself a hole in one, 
And that was just 
For a little bit of fun. 

Charging about is what 
He dreamed of doing, 
He sought out the Battledome, 
No time for fooling!
An opponent awaited him, 
Oh so patiently, 
While the Tonu trotted in, 
Oh so daintily. 

Now the game is over, the battle is ON!
After charging twice, the opponent was gone!
Down on the ground, and down for the count,
It's part of what Tonu are all about! 

An avvie may be granted in such an event.
Battling with Tonu is time well-spent!
You may want to stop 
And thank them along the way,
And perhaps wish them luck on Tonu Day!

by Jjquil

I flare my nostrils, stamp my feet,
And sound a mighty bellow! 
Come meet me on the battlefield 
No place for the meek or yellow. 

My leathery hide is olive green,
Baggy and wrinkled and scarred
My defense is impenetrable 
But I won't lower my guard. 

I toss my horn impatiently
I need a worthy adversary! 
I pace around the Battledome 
Hoping to catch the unwary.

My handsome mane is cobalt blue
Like a Noil's, fierce and proud
You should be intimidated 
Before you're thoroughly cowed. 

I am a Darigan Tonu! 
I will face every challenge I meet! 
Strap on your armor and enter the ring 
And be ready to taste defeat!

General Dacon
by Aquaticblumaroo

Now gather around my friends
To hear a very special story
This story is about a very brave Tonu
He went by the name of Dacon
But it was best to just call him general
He was a loyal resident of Sakhmet
A pretty strong one, too
But sit back
Just relax
As I tell you his story...

General Dacon was a hero
For he fought hard and never gave up
When Prince Jazan struck Sakhmet
He ordered his army to fight
Just to protect their rights
It was a difficult brawl
He might just even have been outnumbered
But while Tomos and Nabile got the spotlight
Pay less attention to them
For Dacon was a proud fighter 
And an honor to all Tonu
You might just even say 
He was an honor to all of Neopia!

Now let me tell you
'Bout how the Tonu celebrate
This brave hero's victory
On February 21st all the Tonu gather around
Others say the Tonu are celebrating their birth
Yet I know better
For I know they are celebrating 
The birth of General Dacon
They gather far and wide around Neopia
To be adopted by a kind owner 
And tell their tales again
So this here Tonu Day
Be a kind Neopian
Rush to the pet creation page 
And create a Tonu today!

Tonu Origin Tale
by Saqo

One fateful day in the forests
of Tyrannia, dark and deep
a large egg sat, alone. But
something inside creeped.

A crack was heard, and then
another one. Slowly, slowly.
And then a strange new Neopet
was seen climbing out wholly.

What was this new Neopet? How
strange and wonderful it seemed.
Something none of us could 
have ever imagined or dreamed.

And where did this egg come
from? Surely not man or beast.
Perhaps some unknown monster,
is what I'd guess at the least.

This new 'pet was found and
its name was to be "Tonu."
How strange it was, a mane
around it's head and eyes too.

A horn atop its head sat,
and claws adorned its legs.
Its body was large and round,
this 'pet that came from the egg.

We soon got to see the ways
and personality of this new 'pet.
It liked to charge around
and cause havoc with its steps.

Whatever gets in a Tonu's way
doesn't last too long, it's true.
If you see one coming, I hope
you'll know what's smart to do.

But this Neopet can also be cute
and today we will honor them.
Today is "Tonu Day," and surely
Tonu will today have fun!

by Trubiekatie

If you have some Neopoints,
And are really quite wealthy
Take a stroll through Qasala,
Though you'll need to be stealthy.

In a shop so obscure,
(It's not on the map)
Awaits a charming Tonu.
But wait, it's a trap!

His game is a wheel,
100,000 every spin!
With a price like that,
Are you guaranteed to win?

Unfortunately, no.
Though the prizes are great:
An avatar and rare items,
Your heart will elate!

But, along with the good, 
Comes the bad and worse.
I feel that, sometimes,
This wheel is a curse.

He pities your loss,
But grins at his gain.
“Come back tomorrow,
You can spin again.”

So this Tonu Day,
Gamble on this wheel.
Spin it and wait,
For your prize reveal!

The Magma Pool Guard
by Rararee

He stands in flaming watchfulness
Upon the magma shore
In deep and vast Moltara
Near hot Neopia's core
The great lake with its secrets
Brings many tourists down
To see the flaming Magma Pool
All orange, red, and brown
But if they wish to take a dip
They must wait a while
For the Tonu who guards the place
Is full of wit and guile
Though he keeps a tight vigil
Waiting's all you'll need
Until the poor chap falls asleep
To do your rotten deed
You sneak up to the magma
And take the magic for your own
Painting your Neopet magma
Lest your cover be blown
When he sees you flaming
He'll always let you pass
For you've gained Moltaran citizenship
By being bold as brass

the plushie tonu tries to tell a tale
by autotune

a story, then,
of a thousand days ago,
(or something like that)
told from one stuffing heart
to another;

a story with so many stories
sewn into so many seams
tangled with a thousand threads
spun for a thousand days,
so many stitches ago.

a story, then, of life
(or something like that)
born from needle and thread
but fashioned from more;
perhaps love, perhaps laughter,

perhaps a simple story
from a thousand days ago, told
from one stuffing heart to another
(though our eyes were always
brighter than buttons)

Tribute To The Tonu
by Lil_hrobi

In the month of Awakening,
The Tonu was born,
And between its nostrils,
Lay a great sharp-tipped horn,

Hatched in Tyrannia,
From an unknown beast,
They are Limited Edition,
And rarely released,

They have luxurious manes,
And skin tough as nails,
Three toes on each paw,
And tufts on their tails,

They love to wreak havoc,
To trample and shout,
Always running and chasing,
And gallivanting about,

They can charge, they can dodge,
And they know a deadly stomp,
If you get in their way,
Then prepare to be swamped,

They are playful mischief makers,
Unafraid and brave,
You’ll need some luck however,
To get them to behave,

But today honours the Tonu,
So perhaps they’ll sit still,
There are no guarantees,
For they sure love a thrill!

The Dreamer
by Saluqifreak13

Grievous was a Tonu,
A Tonu was he.
A Pteri he met once, 
Who shouted with glee:
"Come with me and fly,
For so happy am I!
Come with me and soar,
I can't ask for more!
Come with me and flee!"
But grounded was he.
For Grievous was a Tonu,
A Tonu was he.

Out of paper he made wings,
Then jumped off of things.
He worked hard, he worked long,
But try as he might,
He never experienced
The magic of flight.
So Grievous gave up,
Shook his mane in despair.
So badly he wanted
To feel the wind in his hair.
But Grievous was a Tonu,
A Tonu was he.

Then once, late at night,
While the world was asleep,
While everyone, everywhere,
Was counting Babaas as they leap,
Grievous, the Tonu,
He soared through the sky.
Flew above oceans --
Flew low, flew high.
A place he had found,
Where his mind was unbound.
For Grievous was a dreamer,
A dreamer was he.

A Tonu Guide To Tyrannia
by Malebranche

Not long ago on the Tyrannian Plateau,
A Tonu sat eating a Blackberry Gateau.
And he thought, while he ate, of places to go,
To help pass the time 
As the day had been slow.

So he finished his meal and got to his feet,
Wiped cake from his horn, 
In the dry mountain heat.
He decided to make a rough tourist guide,
One line for each place would be written inside. 

So he set off at pace to tour 'round the land,
And at each place he stopped, 
With pencil in hand.
He jotted down words 
So that others would know,
What they could expect if, one day, 
They should go.

So listed below from his “Rough Tourist Guide,”
A sample of entries for you to decide
If a visiting Tonu would find any need,
To purchase a copy, the contents to read.

The Wheel of Monotony - Great waste of time,
Lair of the Beast - Dark cave 
With monsters and slime.
Town Hall - A vast rock. How exciting is that?
Giant Omelette - Free food 
If you want to get fat. 

Concert Hall - All the best bands 
Appear on this stage,
Kacheekers - A game that will fill you with rage.
Village - Nice place to go if you like to see huts,
Mini Golf - Don’t miss your chance 
To practice some putts.

Keno - Worth going to see 
Grarrls roaring at eggs,
Volcano Run - Fiery game, take care of your legs.
Cave Painting - Have fun here 
With color and shade,
Tyranu Evavu - Here’s points to be made.

So, just for good measure, 
He goes in each shop,
And, pleased with his efforts, 
Heads back to the top,
His writing completed, 
It helps him to see,
Right here, for a Tonu, 
Is the best place to be.

The Tonu Guard
by Shiscabar

Quietly he stands; every day 
Of every hour he is there,
Standing and barely moving 
Even one lock of molten hair.
Enduring the endless stare,
But talking to those who dare.

"No you cant pass" he says again,
Sometimes it seems like it's his only refrain.
His molten eyes gleam at with delight,
Your Neopet will not bathe 
In the molten pool tonight.

The hours pass and the minutes drag,
The Tonu Guard, his eyelids sag.
As he slumps against his staff,
It is your chance to slip 
Around him on the path.

A fiery dip later and your 'pet 
Is awash with fire,
All is well, although it 
Could have been dire
The Tonu Guard begins to stir,
And it is time to leave, you all concur

The Tonu Guard wakes 
With a grunt and a groan,
Standing up straight 
Like he is upon a throne.
Again sizing up everyone 
Who comes to his door,
The Magma Pool is safe once more.

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