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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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The Jelly Chias Of Shootout Showdown
by Auraichadora

We all know the drill,
When June finally rolls around.
It's that special time of the year,
When the AC whistle begins to sound.

While Neopians play the games,
And try to increase their ranks,
I personally give Shootout Showdown
My personal thanks.

Not because the game is easy,
Or really quick to play.
But it's because Team Jelly is here,
And I really can't stay away!

Five Chias from a world disputed,
Does it exist, or just imagination?
Despite being a faerie girl,
I can't help but support the existence notion!

I play hundreds of games per day,
And I try my hardest not to miss,
Although, when I do, I know what happens;
They always laugh and diss.

But honestly, I don't get annoyed,
After all, I'm still gaining points.
So I'm still helping out my team;
This game never disappoints!

So thank you, jelly Chias,
For coming all this way.
I really do hope that people will recognize
Your existence someday!

Cap The Chia
by Chavo_guerrero

I'm a brave adventurer,
And my name is simply "Cap."
Not short for Capsule or anything else,
But simply to rhyme with "bat."

I'm a fire Chia, really,
Although I love the sea,
Riding on my pirate ship,
Is quite the life for me.

I explore the many jungles,
Upon Neopia's sandy shores,
And I'm not the kind of Neopet,
You'd ever see indoors.

I love to tell my stories,
Around a flame at night,
And some of my tales can fill young 'pets,
With dreams and hopes, or fright!

For I love to live quite dangerously,
But today I'll stop for a time,
To join in with the celebration,
On this special day of mine.

For every Chia loves to be,
Together on their day,
And then, tomorrow, I'll sail again,
I wouldn't want it any other way!

The Ballad Of Fufon Lui
by Lord_of_fantasy

Sir Fufon Lui
What an honorable chap, indeed,
He parries and lunges and swings his sword
With accuracy and speed

Proud and brave and oh-so-handsome
A real Chia heartthrob
With mustache combed and hat cleaned off
He’ll never be a slob

A cold steel stab is all it takes
To vanquish this Chia's foes
His sabre, light and flexible 
Sends them to their death throes

“En garde!” he yells out through the air
A duel’s about to start
He saves the damsels in distress
And helps the weak of heart

A hero braver is not known
His fame rings through the land
For such a strong, skilled warrior
He has a gentle hand

I know no other like him
He’s put down every raid
He’s prevailed in every battle
Armed only with his blade

As I sing his praises
As I complement him more
Fufon is off in combat
He’s off to win a war

Poor Pea Chias
by Mamasimios

Poor pea Chias, small and round,
Are coveted, easily found,
But they're rarely loved for what they are
And get tossed around for avatars

Pea Chias make lovely Neopets
They're clean and quite affectionate,
They're patient, meek, make little noise,
Don't mind if you don't buy them toys

You can stick them in the Neolodge,
Cockroach Towers won't give them pause,
They bide their time, are confident,
One day you'll give them attention

And, oh cruel trick, the day arrives
When excitement touches the Chia's life,
And though he doesn't understand,
He stares at the caped pea in his hands

He dreams of entering the Battledome
Or being brought to your Neohome
But the weapon's gone, he's sent to friends,
Who hope to use him once again

Back to the lodge, a simple fate,
Where the poor pea Chias must sit and wait,
Hoping to recapture the fading glory
Of holding a Super Attack Pea

Adee The Helpful Chia
by Ohgodkillit

Dodging ice cream is her game,
As the strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate fly by.
Adee the yellow Chia is her name!
She won't get a mouthful 
Of garlicky bratwurst if she's sly!

Something has happened!
Oh, it's Adee! What's the chance?
"Here are some radical postcards 
To send your friends!
Might I suggest the Chia Dance?"

Browsing again, orange pigtails come to sight.
"Half price day is just around the corner,
And the Health Frog is donating, 
So make sure your 'pet is eating right!"
Adee is always ahead of the news, I infer!

Alas, we meet again, to no surprise.
What have you to tell me this time, Adee?
"Neobadges are totally in! 
You'll get one if you're wise!"
She proclaimed then skipped away merrily.

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Adee?
She's got plenty of advice to give!
As quickly as she visits, she leaves.
She doesn't mean to bother, so please forgive!

Mika And Carassa
by Fleur_411

Up upon a mounain high
The Chia siblings live
But lately they’ve begun to cry
“We want some place warm instead.”

They’ve decided to sell their wares
From an icy igloo
They want to sell the stuff of theirs
So that they can finally move.

Mika and Carassa hope
For nothing more than to be warm
So, one day when you’re on the slopes
If you’re not caught in an ice storm,

Make sure to go and see the Chias
If you are wanting a good deal
I’m sure that they’ll be glad to see ya
And their prices are a steal!

Terrorizing The Carnival
by Trubiekatie

“BOO!” he screams at you,
Throwing pie in your face,
He falls from an umbrella
With the utmost grace.

With little time left,
The game is almost done.
Shooting one last time,
It seems that he has won.

“Try again,” he taunts,
And you grudgingly accept,
More practice will help,
Soon you will be adept.

Aiming high and low,
You shoot all the clowns.
Watch out for your ammo,
You have just a few rounds.

SPLAT! Pie on your cheek,
The clown Chia laughs away.
Don’t be too upset,
It is Chia Day today!

Eat Your Heart Out, Florg!
by Comawhite333

What is yummy and delicious?
It comes in many flavors
It is not a Petpet, Florg
Yes, we know of your endeavors

Why eat such precious Petpets
When your species is so yum
Apple, asparagus, blueberry, even chocolate
Your tastebuds must be numb

I wouldn't trade an orange
For a spyder or a warf
I'd take a bite of your species
Better hope you never morph

Because, if you ever turn into
One of those yummy colors
I'm gonna put you on a table
And smother you with butter

I know this comes off strange
Since I'm a vegetarian
But put yourself on that table
Now who is the barbarian?

Chocolate Chia
by Jjquil

All of my Chia brothers are veggies:
Asparagus, pepper, and pea; 
And all of my Chia sisters are fruits:
Lemon, lime, and blueberry. 

They lecture me all of the time, every day, 
About becoming a piece of produce
How healthy they are, how fit they feel,
How they make their own fruit juice! 

But I think it's lame to want to be leafy 
I always hate eating my greens! 
Why would I want to turn into one? 
Those silly berries and beans! 

No, I have a loftier goal in mind: 
I want to be a chocolate Chia! 
So decadent, soaked in cocoa, 
I think it's an excellent idea. 

Imagine their faces when they see me
The opposite of their health food! 
Sugary sweet, with a whipped cream cap, 
They'll be in such a sour mood. 

They'll never catch me eating veggies again
I'm saving up chocolate for nibbling! 
Three square meals of fudge a day 
Until I'm their chocolate sibling!

Cheers For Chias
by Malebranche

Of all the species in the land,
From pirate sea to desert sand.
The Chia, I feel, excites me most,
So join me in this thankful toast.

I’ve had some fruits like peach and grape,
I must have more there’s no escape.
Amongst the best are plum and lime,
But you want several at a time.

The veggies all agree with me,
Make room for onion or a pea.
The pepper can have quite a bite,
While carrot makes a pleasant sight.

They come in basic colours, too,
Like red and green or pink and blue.
They’re not really to my flavour,
Pear and orange are fun to savour.

A Chia is good throughout the year,
Try Halloween, but show no fear.
And if you need a special gift,
A Christmas Chia makes your heart lift.

But some my taste don’t really suit,
Like tomato, is it veg or fruit?!?
Snot to slimy, robot to cold,
Thornberry is one for the bold.

These two always make me flustered,
Can’t say no to good old custard.
But chocolate really takes the cake,
I have a sweet tooth, no mistake.

They all look good, most delicious,
And just in case you are suspicious.
They’re not my 'pets and here’s the scoop,
I’ve ate them all, signed Bob... the Lupe.

The Wondrous Chia Treat
by Kaddiez

Delicious, scrumptious Chia treats!
Handfuls of flavors galore!
Chocolatey drizzles and durian pieces 
Baked into the gooey core.

Cookies shaped into adorable figures,
Each smile and foot unique.
No other good can claim the title
Of Neopia's favorite 'pet-shaped treat.

Though one might think that this Chia sweet,
Would take the shape of a Chia head.
The name there is misleading,
As it forms a Lupe instead!

First Mate Sylva, The Ghost Lupe
by Yrp22

In the thick and misty jungle,
On the hot and humid isle
Might a native crack a smile
Once he sees your fear
After the fireside storytelling
Of a Lupe named Sylva
He was a chivalrous knight
Fighting for good
Doing what’s right
Until he met his unfortunate fate
On a stormy sea, 
Leaving him and his crew
All alone.
He was the only officer left
It up was up to him to save the rest
The natives were against them
As they were strange and crude
He ate grubs off trees
He listened to horrendous chanting
Day and night, so afraid
That he would be taken away in the night.
Unfortunately, fears came true
Not for him, but for a group of seven
Dragged off in the night
By ferocious natives 
Sylva knew he had to save them
Little did he know they took his bride, too,
He went to save them, 
And he never came back
At least not as a normal Lupe...
Some say his tale is brave and kind 
Some say the Ghost Lupe means no harm
But I don’t believe, for I am a Chia
And every Chia knows
The Ghost Lupe loves to eat us...

Who Doesn't Love A Chia Pop?
by Nomyle

Who doesn't love a Chia pop?
They make your tummy go twiddly-pop,
When you start eating, you can't stop
Your scrumdiddlyumptious Chia pop.

In flavors like magical chokato,
Pineapple, pear, and even tomato,
Something for everyone's tongue taste,
But they're cold, so you must eat them in haste!

We're so happy the Chias created this treat,
You can eat sitting down or right up on your feet.
The flavors are often magical, too,
And could change your species or turn you blue!

Chocolate Chias, Yum!
by Saqo

What could be so very simple,
so pleasing and delicious
as a lovely chocolate Chia?
Eat one, it's like bliss!

It melts in your mouth,
and they are easy to find.
Did you know that they
also come in many kinds?

There's regular, of course,
which I feel is the best.
But besides that, there
are a couple of the rest.

Like Mint Chocolate Chia,
a cool turn on the original.
They are often sold out, as
they are so very popular!

If you have a taste for
something a bit stronger,
try a Dark Chocolate Chia.
A bit bitter, it's a wonder!

Feeling the need for something
a bit lighter? More sweet?
Then a White Chocolate Chia
is sure to please when you eat.

Today, actually, is the best day 
to find these chocolate Chias.
For, did you know? It's Chia Day.
(But don't eat a real one by mistake.)

Unless you're a Lupe. But that
still wouldn't be right! You see,
it's Chia Day, and we should be
celebrating this cute breed.

So celebrate, my friend, by buying
a chocolate Chia. There are a few
kinds to try, all sure to please.
Happy Chia Day, to all of you!

The Hymn Of Hubrid Nox
by Aquaticblumaroo

There was once a Chia
Short and blue
Who had a heart of stone
Along with eyes of evil
He terrorized the living
And made the dead his minions
He fought a brave Wocky named MAGAX
Along with a party of travelers
Led by a Blumaroo named Rohane
He even stole all the heroes from the TCG

This Chia was the evilest soul in Neopia
He brought illness and pain 
To those around him
Just for his own personal amusement.
But there was once a Xweetok named Xandra
Who did something so evil 
That Nox couldn't even think about
She disguised herself as Nox
To petrify the faeries
But the real Nox was framed
He was accused of stealing 
The artifact from Hanso 
To encase the faeries in stone
He ran away, far away
But he soon met his match
When he ran head-first 
Into the doppelganger at last

Xandra blasted him with magic
With incredible force
But Hubrid Nox has now passed on
Some of Neopia cheers, some of Neopia is sad
But one thing that they never accounted for 
Is that he'll be back
He is still living on as a ghost
He haunts mansions and graveyards
Laughing at the scared
Before a certain Wocky leaves in fear
Nox chuckles again and shouts, 
"I'll be back again!"

Mika And Carassa’s Igloo
by Lil_hrobi

Come and see our collection of treasure,
We hope you’ll find something you need,
Our assortment of items 
Will give you much pleasure,
Or your money back guaranteed.

We’ve got pizza, plushies, and piñatas as well,
We’ve got codestones and Chia pops galore,
Sometimes we run out of items to sell,
But I’m sure in the back that there’s more!

We restock our garage sale whenever we can,
Fill it with instruments, faeries, and stamps,
There’s something in here 
For every woman and man,
From potions to hot dogs to lamps.

Everything inside our igloo must go!
We have the cheapest prices around,
I’m sure of this fact, so sure that I know,
There’s no better deal to be found.

You see, my brother and I would like to move,
To somewhere much warmer than here,
But with so many items we have to remove,
We’ll have no chance to leave, I fear.

Just two Chia brothers trying to evade,
Terror Mountain’s frosty weather,
Yet, despite how long here we have stayed,
At least we have stayed together.

Henddrie, The Highland Chia
by Smokingurl05

Highland Chia was just a wee lad
Who didne want to eat his porridge
Until he got a scoldin' frae his dad
Which gae him a helpin' ay coorage

Nou he is strong an' muckle
Just like his mither said
He hud to buy a new belt buckle
As his muckle continued to spread

He ne'er did go back to his bothy
But traveled far an' wide
He drenk plenty a brew that was frothy
But felt only sadness inside

Sae he collected kilt efter kilt
An' fooght in mony a battle
He did it to assuage his guilt
He figured if anythin' would, that will

The ride to war gae him chills
Sae, in order to make his heart's speed drum
He shooted, "They may take our lovely rollin' hills,
But they will ne'er take our FREEDOM!"

The Chia’s Manifesto
by Frozenicicles

It’s time to take a stand, my friends
It’s time to say “we’ve had enough”
It’s time that this absurdity ends
It’s time to show everyone that we’re tough

We’ve always been the target of some
Who think that our tasty looks
Mean that we have become
Delicious ingredients for the cooks

I’m talking, of course, of the Lupes
With claws so sharp and teeth so quick
With a nose so keen and a paw that swoops
Just the thought of it makes us sick!

With such an opponent, what can we do?
My friends, take heart, for there is much! 
Those ferocious fiends will get their due
We will no longer be in their clutch

First, pay some visits to the Techo Master
With codestones to pay the fee, of course
You will learn to be stronger and faster
So you can attack with plenty of force

Also, we have powerful weapons to use
Like the famous Super Attack Pea
Our enemies will be sure to lose
Or be forced to shamefully flee

This is our manifesto, this is our call
We’ll become the strongest species of all

An Ode To Chia Pops
by Fadetek

So many flavors,
what a conundrum.
Should my Chia be apple,
or how about plum?

Or Borovan's favorite:
I think they're tasty;
that's a plus.

Whatever your preference,
there's a Chia pop for each.
Whether veggies like carrot,
or fruits like peach.

So start saving like me.
If you must, use the Money Tree.
Once you have the desire it won't stop,
until you give your 'pet a Chia pop!

Hungry Lupes On Chia Day
by Dr_tomoe

On the day celebrating Chias
You can hear their hollers and hoots
As Chias of all shapes and sizes gather
Including the vegetables and fruits

But Chias aren't the only 'pets celebrating
As they all gather around
For, watching the party on their special day
There are hungry Lupes that abound.

And while the Chias party
The Lupes have their own plans
About how to celebrate Chia Day
As into the crowds they scan.

They spy an apple Chia
To keep the Scourgies away
And an asparagus Chia,
Which would go well with Borovan today.

And there's an aubergine Chia
That looks good enough to eat.
And an avocado Chia is seen
That they would love to meet.

A blueberry Chia and a custard Chia
Would go well in a pie
And there's a carrot Chia and a chocolate Chia
That they would just have to try.

A carrot Chia cake the Lupes would enjoy
And chokato and thornberry Chias 
Would be sweet
Although a durian Chia might be
A bit too tough for them to eat.

Gooseberry Chias would be perfect
If the Lupes got into a jam
And plum Chias are so lovely
That they deserve a Sweetheart Gram

The smell of onion Chias is there 
And grape Chias are there, standing in a line
While orange Chias are so plump and juicy
And lemon Chias are busy 
Mingling with the Lime.

The pea Chias and tomato Chias
The Lupes spy with little haste
While peach Chias look so good that,
From where they are, 
They can practically taste.

Pear Chias look delicious although,
The pepper Chias bother their nose
And they skip over the mutant Chias
As they look just too gross

And finally, pineapple Chias
Are the last seen in the group
With the Lupes getting ready
For some vegetables and fruit.

But before the hungry Lupes can move
And ambush the Chias in the street
Several kind Neopians give them several
Chia-shaped Lupe treats.

With the Lupes no longer hungry
The Chia Day celebration goes on
While the no longer hungry Lupes
Join in on the fun.

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