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Neopets Poems

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A Visit To Jhudora's Bluff
by Smokingurl05

I made my way to Faerieland today
And paid a visit to Jhudora's Bluff
Her house is quite a gem of a display
But the climb up the cliff is pretty rough

She merely asked me for a simple book
I only wish the price was not so high
I'm really not as rich as I may look
There's so much I cannot afford to buy

I gave it to Jhudora, all the same
She never said a single word of thanks
I really am regretting that I came
Still at the bottom of the high-score ranks

I do not know why she asks for this stuff
But I'll still go back to Jhudora's Bluff

The Jhudora Wig
by Chocolate_lover67

Jhudora's wig, perched on the stand,
With streaks of purple and green.
It's really quite stunning, it may just be
The nicest wig I've ever seen.
At first I can't believe my eyes,
But then I try it on for size,
A perfect fit, what do you know?
Spectacular, what a show!
I really want it, oh-so-bad,
If I don't, I'll be so mad!
And throw a tantrum, maybe two,
(If only for lack of things to do)
But when I get my wallet out,
All I see's an empty shelf.
And then I spot the wig again,
On the head of a passing friend.

A Haiku For Jhudora Day
by Auraichadora

Evil Jhudora
February 4th is yours,
So celebrate right.

On top of your bluff,
Clad in shades of violet,
Green, and crooked smirks.

On your throne, you sit,
Enticing brave Neopets
With dark artifacts.

If we dare tempt it,
We can try to please your needs
For priceless rewards.

Illusen loses,
In your frightening presence.
She just can't compete!

Evil Jhudora,
Ruler of this special day,
You have all control.

by Chavo_guerrero

"A quest! A quest!" they all demand,
When they come forth to me,
And like any other faerie,
I'm happy to agree.

I send them on an errand,
And wait for their return,
And give them any prizes,
That I think that they may earn.

But still they do not like me,
They call me evil -- bad!
I think that this is most unfair,
It really drives me mad!

I surely cannot help it,
If I cackle from time to time,
But is a wicked-sounding laugh,
Really such a crime?

I know I wear strange clothing,
But I'm a dark faerie after all,
I don't think I'd look right at all,
Dressed up for a sparkling ball!

So why not give me just one chance,
Before you turn your back,
Try and get to know me,
And learn my heart's not black.

I only want some friends around,
To share my special day,
Who'll love me for exactly who I am,
And stand by me come what may.

Failing Jhudora
by Dr_tomoe

Upon her throne, Jhudora sits
An evil feeling in the air.
And at her feet, her servant Welldap
Is cowering from her glare.

He took her quest, he ran outside,
He scoured the land, searching far and wide.
To find a tiny charm she wanted
He scoured the countryside.

His search successful, he rushed quickly
To bring the trinket to her.
Welldap hopes it's not too late
And wishes he'd found it sooner.

He returns and Jhudora questions
If he was successful.
The Kacheek holds the item out
Handing it to her upon arrival.

Jhudora takes it, looks it over
And its exactly what she needs.
Welldap is relaxed, but what happens next
Makes him fall to his knees.

He had failed her,
She began to state
For he did get the item
He was five seconds too late.

Welldap is trapped, Jhudora's spell starts
And shadows come from all around.
The Kacheek tries to flee
But he is trapped to the ground.

As darkness overcomes him
Jhudora speaks without hesitation.
"Whoever said failure is its own punishment
Suffers a severe lack of imagination..."

Jhudora Day Festivities
by Chelsey22189

First things are first on Jhudora Day
Head down to Jhudora's Bluff to say "Hey."
She'll probably have us fetch an item or two
For she is so busy with other things to do.

So we'll go get her some items 
And make it quick!
Because Jhudora can be quite a critic.
If we are fast and thorough 
And please her enough
She might give us an avatar from her bluff.

The next task we have is to visit Illusen
Because, as you know, 
The two have some friction.
So we are going to play a Jhudora Day prank
And cover her glen with something quite rank.

We'll put on our camo 
And do something unkind
Leaving some Dung Cake 
And Dung Muffins behind.
For, on Jhudora Day, everyone needs a treat
But Illusen is not allowed 
To have anything sweet.

The last thing we do 
Is to attend the grand festival.
Where we celebrate with Neopians 
Who are also faithful
To Jhudora, the queen of purple and green,
The most wicked dark faerie 
You have ever seen.

So, eat your Jhudora Day Ice Cream 
And Jhudora Jelly
And make it known that Illusen is smelly.
Enjoy this day more than others because I fear
That Jhudora Day only comes once a year!

Jhudora, Jhudora
by Secant

Jhudora, Jhudora,
I completed your quests.
You ask for items harder to find
Than pirates' treasure chests.

Jhudora, Jhudora,
How I admire your hair.
Royal purple with green,
A complimentary pair.

Jhudora, Jhudora,
Why must you be so mean?
That poor Petpet did nothing
But you zapped him into a bean!

Jhudora, Jhudora,
Where is my reward?
What am I to do 
With this half-eaten gourd?

Jhudora, Jhudora,
In spite of my delusions,
I'll stay with you always
Instead of with that Illusen.

Jhudora For the Win!
by Dortho

Jhudora, did you hear what Illusen did?
She asked for an item, with nowhere to bid.
It was really rare, a friend was sad. 
No Honey Potion for them, makes them mad!

She's supposed to be the nice one, 
Some people say, 
But she seems to be out to ruin 
Some Neopians' day.
So, Jhudora, do you think you could,
Call her out to play if she would?

Here's a deck of cards so you may play, 
If you do win, it'll make your day!
The winner takes all, 
The cosy home in the clouds,
And also, a swamp in the glade, 
Of which not to be proud.

The cards were dealt, 
Jhudora's cards were bland.
Illusen, on the other side, 
Had a pretty lucky hand.
However, Jhudora kept betting, 
To fool the other faerie.
Illusen fell for Jhudora's bluff, 
With her head held low, 
She went back to the glade 
To pack up her stuff. 

Jhudora decided she didn't 
Want the stupid swamp anyway, 
And as an act of kindness 
In honor of her day, 
She let Illusen keep it anyway. 

Jhudora has a heart, too, you see?
Just because she's dark, 
Doesn't mean she's evil as can be.
If you'd like to see her smile along the way, 
Stop by her bluff and wish her 
A Happy Jhudora Day!

My Jhudora Usuki Doll
by Mamasimios

When I look at my collection
Of sweet and dear Usuki dolls
There is one that I vocally
Esteem above them all

With hair than hangs in flattened hanks
Of aubergine and green
It is my Jhudora Usuki Doll
That I declare to be the queen

Her mouth is set into a frown
With lips as green as sour gas
Her violet eyes glint knowingly
Like shards of broken glass

Her wings look prehistoric,
The claw-tipped sails of some loathed beast,
And although her tail is fluffy,
It is not touchable in the least

Her robes are a tad ill-fitting
Topped with a ruff of sickly fur
And they say this doll's so grumpy
She makes the others fetch for her

I don't remember how I got her
But this is one Usuki I can't forsake:
I will long sing Jhudora's praises
So as not to provoke my doll's namesake

by Firestorm_563337

Enter my not-so-humble abode.
If you dare, take the long trek 
away from those silly faeries,
down below my presiding bluff.
Stumble down deep, dark pathways,
littered with the essence of 
foolish Neopets that dare come in late.

Come, fulfill my quests,
and I will grant you a reward.
Beware, shall you arrive any second late,
I will bestow you a fitting punishment.

Shall you come across my castle 
with a whiff of Illusen's scent on you,
I guarantee that you'll be smelling,
like those swamp gas critters across the way.

How dare you mention Illusen in my presence!
Have you looked at her face?
Obviously I am far superior,
not to mention,
my castle rules greatly over 
her little shack in who-knows-where.

No matter, her rundown living space 
fits her scroungy personality.
Now, go fetch me a Drackonack.
I don't have all day!
Make haste, you bumbling fool.

What, you have it?
What in Fyora's name took you so long?
I could have walked there faster myself!
Hmph. Take your leave.

Jhudora's Celebration
by Lute248

Today, purple and green would fill the air 
As this is the special day 
Everyone would share.
You will wonder who I am talking about 
"Jhudora!!!" I angrily shout out loud. 

When a cloud of smoke begins to build
Our bones would feel nothing but chilled
As all Neopians would let out a scream 
"This can only be our worst dream!" 

Illusen has mysteriously taken a day off
Many would wonder whether 
She is faking a cough?
As Jhudora takes her dominion 
"You are now officially all my minions!" 

As snarkie is hit by Jhudora's wand 
She lets our a shriek 
As her hair has turned to blonde
The evil fiend angrily demands
"I want a slice of cake in my hand!" 

"Where is my (Quest Item)?" 
She usually requests.
All Neopians would be amazingly stressed  
As Jhudora's gift expectations are high
Everyone would immediately rush out and buy.

Jhudora is unhappy about 
The celebrations this year
"Hfmp! You'd all better stand clear..." 
As a powerful gust of wind starts to roar  
We could do nothing but stand in awe. 

As the blue skies begin to clear
We realized Jhudora had disappeared  
Neopians can all rejoice 
As we lend out our cheering voice 

Happy Jhudora Day!

Jhudora, The Queen Of Mean
by Darkobsession

You arrive at the mysterious bluff
After a long climb, you huff and puff
"Oh, Jhudora!" you breathlessly say
Give me my quest for the day

She appears in a smoke of purple and green
Who else but Jhudora, the queen of mean
"Get me my item," she cackles quite smug
"Or else I'll turn you into a Grackle Bug!"

She might ask for a pizza or a slushie
Or even that elusive Lord Kass Plushie
She snickers: "Get me a Bag of Peanuts!
You only have fifteen minutes..."

There's no time to haggle at the Trading Post
You must get her the item at any cost
With no chance for a discount 
You willingly empty your bank account

As you hurry back before time is up
Hoping you don't get 
Another Poisonous Lollypop
You push the door and, much to your surprise,
Jhudora is smiling; come and claim your prize

"Forget about Illusen's quests
I promise my rewards are the best!"
Just before you pass out from exhaustion
She hands you ... a useless Caustic Potion

Jhudora, I Adore Her (So I Am Told)
by Malebranche

The greatest faerie ever known,
Rightful heir to the faerie throne.
Her heart is full off magic dark,
See in her eyes an evil spark.
With other faeries she won’t bond,

Just please don’t hit me with your wand.

To get a quest seek out her bluff,
Beware, the challenge will be tough.
A book, a potion, or a 'shroom,
She loves it when you’re full of gloom.
She knows that fifty you won’t see,

Hey, call your Bartumus away from me.

Hates Illusen with such passion,
Purple really is the fashion.
Dark is good and light is weak,
For power she was born to seek.
Would kick Fyora out the door,

Untie me and I‘ll tell them more.

Full of cunning, for help she’ll call,
So someone else can take the fall.
Her hands stay clean while plots are hatched,
Such scheming simply can’t be matched.
Planning out her next endeavor,

Don’t say that I’ll be here forever.

Her evil deeds spread far and wide,
Those that know her step aside.
Fear is what gives her such power,
She bides her time for just the hour.
When she is ready plan is set,

Oh, haven’t I said plenty yet?

One day she’ll take her rightful place,
And all will recognize the face.
The time is nigh, her plan is brewing,
The faeries once again in ruin.
Kneel before her, their power stripped,

Release me now! I read the script...

Please help me she has stepped away,
She gave me all those things to say.
The fear of being in her power,
Or locked away in some dark tower.
She’s back, her stare is dark and cold,

And I adore her (so I am told).

Jhudora The Evil One
by Peircedchic

She's a mean one, you can bet your tail,
she has nothing you want for sale.

He items are cursed with mean delight,
she stalks innocent Neopians at night.

Dare not go out of your home,
and dare not walk at night alone.

For Jhudora might be there,
waiting to take you to her lair.

And cook you in one of her spells,
where no one can hear your yells.

She feasts off your fears,
and doesn't want you around,
she will do anything to 
always stand her ground.

She invites you in for a quest,
and when you try your best,
she gives you nothing but junk,
this is just her evil luck.

So, on Jhudora Day, Neopians beware,
of Jhudora's evil stare.

They're Just Jealous, Jhudora
by Pinkprincess899

Jhudora, Jhudora, so misunderstood
You just wanted to be unique
Your faerie sisters don’t know you 
And we all abhor you
But you’re nothing if not exquisitely chic

Your hair glistens violet, with one green highlight
Your nails never unmanicured
Green and purple are perfect 
You own it, you work it
Your one main goal is to be observed

They’re just jealous of you, Jhudora
With your beautiful, pale, snow-white skin
Just celebrate your day
And know that one day
They’ll see you for your beauty 
Outside and within

Jhudora's Bluff
by Dark_lady_gray

If you wander into Faerieland, 
You’ll find a dreary bluff.
They say a dark faerie lives there,
But beware, she's rather tough.

They say she asks for trinkets,
Cheap things from any shop.
They also say she rewards you,
With her notorious poisoned lollypop.

Her gifts are so alluring,
And you can't help return for more.
But her demands are getting bigger,
And more expensive than before.

She cackles and she mocks you,
As you scramble to answer her quest.
And should you return victorious,
She only gives you one day to rest.

Again and again you may return
To answer her dark calling.
But beware Jhudora’s fading patience
Or you’ll return to her crawling.

Her wrath is known through Neopia,
Though she knows there’s still much to gain.
But should you fail to provide her item,
You’ll have to restart her dark campaign.

So, should you have the bravery,
And the Neopoints to spare.
Why not head into Faerieland,
And find this dark faerie lurking there?

Sarah And Daisy
by Jjquil

Once upon a time, there was a pair 
Of the cutest Gruslen kittens
They were happy to play with anyone 
Who didn't mind getting fingers bitten.

One of them had a pelt of purple,
And her sister had fur of green
Mischievous and curious, 
And perhaps just a streak of mean. 

They remained at the Petpet Shop 
Without names or a home of their own 
Until, one day, a faerie entered the store 
Her reputation was feared and well-known. 

"J-Jhudora!" the shopkeeper stammered, 
Her Usul cheeks flushed with surprise
She knew that to anger the dark faerie 
Would be an action most unwise. 

"I'm looking to purchase a bodyguard,
Something fearsome to accompany my walks." 
Jhudora folded her arms, impatient, 
And demanded to see what was in stock. 

The Wuzzle, Tigermouse, and Warf
Were all quickly rejected
Jhudora would have left then and there
If the Gruslens had not been detected. 

The kittens glared with their ruby-red eyes 
And hissed, their little fangs bared
Jhudora chuckled, stroking their ears, 
Saying, "I'm taking home this pair." 

Thus Sarah and Daisy, as they were named, 
Became Jhudora's precious pets
They grew up big and scary and cruel
In the shadow of Jhudora's silhouette.

Jhudora's Daydream
by Ayame_23

If she had a day of her own, 
she’d spend it cooking,
pressing dynamite into muffin dough.
Poor fool that lights that candle wick,
but such a brilliant, firework glow.
Her exploding muffins...

...better even than the thorn pops and cake
with their pointed, splinter teeth,
ensuring nothing be overly-sweet
on her day of darkness and personal glee.
And what of the Eyeball Pasta? 
Jhudora Day Soup?
Child’s play to accompany 
her book of fantastic stories...

...from which she’ll read all day long 
to her captives and enemies. 
The cardboard cut-out of Illusen in the glade
will recite the story of all her great glory 
from the voicebox she taped behind the mouth. 

They’ll praise and adore her 
as the Healing Springs
run green and the Faerie Queen asks her
to take to the tower for an hour, 
wear the jewels,
the crown, the purple dress -- 
upgraded with shades of green.
They’ll flock from all over Neopia if only
to revel in her impressive shadow. 

They’d accept all of her outlandish quests, 
fill her bluff with gifts and finished deeds,
be happy with the lollypop 
they receive in return,
ask for nothing more, be pleased, simply,
that she was their new overlord, 
their reigning queen. 

On her day, she will paint Neopia 
purple and green,
be rid of all the pretty, trifling things, 
sell her wares
in every shop, be showcased in posters
on every Neohome wall. 
On her day, every Neopian will sing:
“Hail Jhudora, our Neopian queen!”

Jhudora's Jaded
by Thomashe123

Jhudora sits and pouts
From her perch in the sky
Watching the Neopets slink by

Nothing new to please her
Faeries scamper past
New jobs that never last

Her cloud is dark
Yet not bad enough
Because she's oh-so-tough

She's angry at their quests
Unlimited time and rest
How will Neopets be the best?

Her quests are hard
It pleases her to no end
She will not bend

Those other faeries
She just has to scoff and frown
And yet that queen gets the crown!

She has a bad attitude
With a mean streak to match
If you get in her way, you'll be in a rough patch

No excuses work on her
Unless they're her own
And don't you dare use a disapproving tone

If you fail to please her
If you don't pay her fee
A Blechy you'll soon be

She demands perfection 
Make sure you're precise
Nothing less will suffice

Jhudora is a dark faerie
The meanest here
She's the only thing you have to fear...

Jhudora's Wish
by Xphieldz

Her beauty is all but forgotten
Covered up by the “greed.”
Her crowd follows her directions
Even dark faeries have needs.

A shadow in the world of quests,
The second choice to the light.
She was simply cast away
She never put up a fight.

To Neopians, she’s the “bad one”
“We do her quests out of fear.”
She really hates all of that talk,
It’s not what she wants to hear.

She only had one friend,
Why they’re no longer, that’s a secret
Her feelings are hidden by an illusion,
Inside is where she keeps it.

But she still stands strong,
Giving quests out by Faerie City.
But she really has one true wish,
That someone will find her pretty.

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