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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Amazing Zafara
by Vinylchloride

Today we celebrate a 'pet that's grand
One that prefers to visit Faerieland.
A 'pet known for being good at running
As well as their looks, which are very stunning.

If you ever came across this 'pet one day
Big, beautiful eyes will take your breath away.
When it comes to smiling, they never fail
And each and every one has a long tail.

Long ears and a small, pink nose
One of the friendliest 'pets, I suppose.
They are especially cute in plush
The first 'pet able to use a Royal Paint Brush.

Omelettes happen to be their favorite snack
Every one you'll meet 
Has three spikes on its back.
Still don't know which 'pet? I am nearly done;
Here is a clue: Kayla is a famous one.

A Neopet that always wears a furry suit
You would agree that this 'pet is cute.
A day to celebrate -- hip hip hurrah!
An amazing 'pet species: the Zafara!

Attack Of The Adverts!
by Dr_tomoe

A hot new game 
Is out to play
Starring Ace Zafara 
Out to save the day.

The premise is easy
Beat the Race Robot
By clicking the "Go!" button
And trying not to stop.

It should be easy
And all skill with no luck
Until the next round
When there's suddenly pop-ups!

They block the screen
They block the game play
But Race Robot isn't affected
And he'll ruin the day!

Click to close them
Move them around
Click the "Go!" button
To win the round.

But the ads keep coming
They take up more space
No, I don't want Gross Food
And I don't have Neoscape!

Close the Battledome ad
Scorchy Slots isn't for me.
And I won't do it now
But later I'll go to the Money Tree!

Just let me play the game!
Ace Zafara must save the day!
But the pop-ups keep stopping me!
Enough with the pop-ups, I say!

No, I don't want to change
My homepages to!
And likewise I don't want
To download Virtupets add-ons!

My career isn't on empty so I don't need
An ad for the training school.
And the Neofriend ad is unnecessary!
There are no Neoschools!

It soon becomes too much
The ads came in a barrage
And Ace Zafara lost
To the pop-up montage.

And the shouts you hear
From the games in a rage.
"Doctor Sloth should be frozen
for making a fake log-in page!"

The Disco Zafara
by Chavo_guerrero

I'm a party animal,
I like to sing all night,
And if you hand me a guitar,
I'll tune it up just right.

I love to hold a microphone,
Or dance a step or two,
And I always live for music,
I'm disco through and through!

My fur is pink as it can be,
With brilliant flower flair,
And often I wear glitter, too,
And gel to style my hair.

Amongst the other Zafaras,
It's agreed that I have talent,
And when I'm standing on the stage,
I always look so gallant.

When the disco lights turn bright,
And the discos ball's in swing,
I'll grab the nearest Neopet,
And make them want to sing!

So if you hear a song today,
Please raise you voice -- join in!
Or play it on an instrument,
Accordion or violin!

And let the music play on,
Zafara Day is great!
I hope we all can have some fun,
On the 3rd Awakening date!

The Zafara Altador Heroine
by Jokerless

Descendant of the sky above
Within these pallid marble walls
Legend of the great city Altador
Is not alone amongst the halls

Hair bun woven between gold
A gown the colour of the sky
Glittery jewels ooze elegance
Whilst walking caught an eye

She fully commands respect
With a graceful wave of hand
Few others can compare to her
None posses beauty so grand

As a mind of noble sentiment
Her courage in matters shared
Goes on to spread in faerietales
Strong in opinion as she is fair

This Zafara is an inspiration
An Altadorian to be proud of
Lady of adept remembrance
And a sweet 'pet that I just love!

A Sonnet To The Help Zafara
by Rielcz

If you need an answer or a solution
One Zafara will always help you out
You need no fancy institution
Just give your friend Sarah a friendly shout

As the cornerstone of the Help Section
She'll always offer you a helping hand
Pointing the lost in the right direction
Her glasses are known throughout every land

Your questions answered, your inquiries solved
She's helpful with her vast knowledge of all
Where support is needed, she'll be involved
Pose your question -- don't hesitate or stall

All come to visit her, from near and far
(Though perhaps just for her great avatar!)

Zafara Double Agent
by Xxxmagiabellexxx

She weaves words together 
like a diligent Spyder
and gives them to her "allies" 
with a sly smile on her face.
But as she shares her knowledge,
her visage unreadable,
she hides crossed fingers
behind her cloak.

She moves through the night,
stealthy, sneaky; 
she is the night.

The Zafara with no name
makes her way through the dark --
she has a destination in mind.
But her superior's trust will be broken;
she has no leader,
she plays by her rules.
Do you have any Neopoints?
Then her service is yours.

She moves through the night;
quiet, deadly;
she is the night.

How foolish they all are, she thinks;
do they never bother to check for truth?
The jingle of money in her pockets
is the only thing keeping her here.
They're at war with each other 
yet they both rely
on a mysterious stranger 
to spy on the other.
Perhaps at these times, she muses,
is when the worst is brought out in us.

She moves through the night;
covert, secretive;
she is the night.

Recipe For Baking A Zafara Cherry Strudel
by Ruthyli

You need:
To pick some Cherries
A bucket filled with berries
Sugar, yeast, and eggs
For the good taste, maybe Neggs
Three tablespoons of milk
And, to wrap it, silk.

Mix it all together
But it won't work in bad weather
The sun has got to shine
Like it always does on Coltzan's Shrine
At first you've got to knead the dough
Maybe it could help to blow
Stuff it with the Neggs and Cherries
Put on top a couple of berries
And ready is your cake
I hope you won't get toothache!

"Oops!" A Poem For Kayla
by Squeak13

Oh, welcome! Come in, sir! 
What ails you today?
In need of a magical potion, you say? 
Well come right this way, 
I've just fixed up a brew,
A fresh steaming batch of my Snidberry Dew!

Oh... what's that, you say? 
It doesn't quite work? 
Well, that rarely happens, it must be a quirk!
My potions are famous, the best in the land!
Although, I admit, they don't 
All go as planned...

May I suggest a Bomberry Elixir?
An excellent cure, it'll fix you right up, sir!
Oh my! Are you saying you've tried it before?
It made you feel weaker? And dizzy, and sore?
How did that happen? I just can't immagine!
Here, let's try this fizzy one, 
Mixed with Ummagine.
Oops, there's a reaction that I've never seen!
Perhaps you should lie down, 
You look a bit green... 

A tonic of turnips -- have we tried that one yet?
Oh, right. Never mind, how could I forget?
Side effects happen, heh, what can you do?
I had no idea it would turn your fur blue!

Well I've done all I can, sir, but magic is fickle!
And it looks like I've gotten you into a pickle.
My power is spent, I'm one tired Zafara!
Perhaps you should visit 
My good friend, Kauvara?

Edna's Gift
by Ladygaladriel213

Crippled with incantations
Bent with wicked power.
Oh, but thou art so wise,
Edna in your witch's tower.

Steam billows out both night and day
In spirals of greenish smoke.
If one dares draw too close
On the fumes you shall choke.

Grasped and shaken by wispy fists
Tossed and turned about.
Wander that way if don't believe
For she's sure to assuage your doubts.

Through the twisting, turning path
That meanders through the Haunted Woods.
You'll come out from the groping branches
Amazed you survived with your goods.

You carry them tightly, almost there now
These items for the witch's stew.
Random assortments 
Of codestones and eyeballs
All for Edna's gruesome brew.

A mad cackle fills the air
She thanks you for your aid.
You wait in wonder believing that now
You shall surely be paid.

"Begone! Go on! Get out of my sight!"
She waves her staff before your eyes.
You hesitate for only a moment
Not wanting to face your demise.

Scampering out, tail tucked between legs
You look back at the stone facade.
Is Edna evil? No, surely not
She's powerful, yes, you nod.

The faint light that's left in the day fades,
You're left facing the blackened trees.
All the bravado you'd built up so well
Looks at the black and flees.

Shadows dance before you, 
A trick for your eyes?
No, there's one flitting about now!
It's traveling to the place where shadows go
And you suddenly wonder how!

A glance behind you to the cold stone tower
And you sense Edna's eyes glowing with mirth.
A sudden hope fills you, 
A strength you don't possess,
And you understand Edna's worth.

The prize you sought 
Has been granted, after all,
In the way you look at the night.
The moon above you is pale and placid
But you find, after all, you don't need the light.

A soft murmuring on the wind and you know
It is Edna's laugh.
You turn and wave to the slit in the tower
And are graced with the waving of her staff.

Happy Zafara Day!

Edna's Quest
by Brittanyftw

A little Kacheek in the Haunted Woods.
A little Kacheek not being where he should.
He comes across a little tower.
He takes a look and start to cower.

He comes to the tower 
And gives it some knocks.
1, 2, 3, making the door rock.
No one answers, so he turns the other way.
Then out comes a witch, 
With something to say.

"How dare you knock, you useless kelp!
Unless, of course, you've come to help."
Exclaims the witch with a nasty snarl!
He has met Edna, who's sturdy and tall.

The Kacheek agrees out of pure fear.
He sits trembling from ear to ear.
"Go find me these items, very quick!"
The Kacheek goes off in a split.

He only needs two items, cocoa and water.
Now that he's calm, he starts to think smarter.
He gets water from a lake, now one item to go!
He goes in town to buy cocoa, running like so.

He buys some cocoa and it's back to the tower!
Knowing what's ahead, he doesn't cower.
He brings the items back and to his surprise,
He gets a gift! Not his demise!

They both sit down and enjoy Hot Chocolate.
Edna even brings out Chocolate Cake.
Seems like she's not so mean after all!
Seems meeting Edna the witch is a ball.

Zafara Rogue
by Chocolate_lover67

Sharp blade,
Cold gaze,
Footsteps in the shadows.
Sly smile,
Wit, guile,
Where did all your coins go?
Just around the corner,
Out of sight...
It's the Zafara Rogue.

Searching for her target.
Do not let her see you.
Just a step ahead,
Out of sight...
It's the Zafara Rogue.

The Zafara's Flask Adventure
by Dortho

Zafaras love to adventure, 
As we all know.
Through any forest, 
Or places covered with snow. 
Along the way, 
Something neat in the sea, 
Flasks of Rainbow Fountain Water, 
Don't you see?

Changing to Maraquan, 
He wanted to explore more, 
He swam and swam until 
He reached the Mystery Island shore. 
Upon arriving, he took another sip.
You know the island colour is pretty hip!

After enjoying a Tiki Tack Tour, 
He wondered of other lands 
With just such allure. 
From there he changed 
To a Christmas colour,
Adorned with wings 
As pretty as flowers.

Off to Terror Mountain he went, 
And the flight didn't cost him a cent! 
The Advent Calendar was closed, 
But the Igloo was fun. 
He flew off to find more sun. 

Next door, Tyrannia wasn't far away. 
He changed to Tyrannian and decided to stay. 
He loves the concerts, and mini golf, too! 
If you were that happy, 
You wouldn't leave, would you?

The adventurous Zafara will likely venture on, 
Maybe not at the crack of dawn,
For now, a fun and friendly place to stay,
It's inevitable that exploratory spirit 
Will have sway. 

Zafaras' adoration for exploring, 
Need anyone say anymore?
They can be spotted all over Neopia, 
You might say.
Don't forget to wish them 
A Happy Zafara Day!

by Alyiousa

The most hated witch in all the land,
In the middle of the Haunted Woods is found.
Like the faeries she gives out quests,
To eager Neopians who do their best.

They come for rewards, but it is not stats,
They seek something 
Far more valuable than that.
For, rarely given but highly sought,
Is a Neopian's dream 
Which can never be bought.

Theories are rampant, 
But none know for sure,
Exactly what is needed, 
Or what they must endure.
Still they try, up to ten times a day,
In the vain hope that today it will pay!

But that green Zafara just cackles with glee,
Knowing she gets her ingredients free.
For, as much as they hate 
The witch in the tower,
They will travel Neopia 
To search and to scour.

And one day, for a very lucky few,
They will be rewarded 
With something brand new.
For if you are lucky 
And the witch is kind,
Edna’s coveted avatar 
You may just find!

The Lovely And Spectacular Zafara
by Pahbee

Zafara, the fairest of them all
Bright, inquisitive eyes to you call

Dancing tails with leaf-shaped ends
In the shadows they do blend

Those long ears for acute hearing
Just makes them more so endearing

Three lovely spikes on the back
But beware of their attack

Strong and sturdy are these creatures
Make their species strong in features

As their friend, you've got it all
No harm to you will befall

Keep them close by, just for luck
Then it's fortune that you've struck

They'll drag you to far-off places
They will challenge you to races

They will give you their sweet grins
With Zafaras' dimpled chins

They will jump up in the air
And their grace is truly rare

Zafaras will leave you gasping in awe
Sneak up on you and give a great "A-HA!"

Creative and sensitive are they
We put their talents up for display

And jumping higher than any in joy
'Tis Zafaras' special day to enjoy!

The Striped Zafara
by Gracesneos

Spots, stripes, all around.
Pink with white, what a palette!
Bright pink nose, blue eyes.

Spikes, spikes, everywhere.
Pointy, jagged, simple three.
Gripped paws for items.

Feet, feet on the ground.
Pink striped tail, feather topped.
Zaffy perfection.

Ode To Kayla
by Trubiekatie

If you need rare potions,
Look to Meridell.
Up in Skarl’s castle,
Kayla perfects her spell.

Potions line the wall,
Each bottle with a fume.
Bubbling and whizzing,
The aroma fills the room.

Way back in Year 4,
Lord Darigan invaded town.
Wreaking havoc everywhere,
He meant to steal the crown.

Kayla used her knowledge,
Creating potions made for war.
Lord Darigan retreated,
The battle was no more.

So, thank you Kayla,
For saving everyone.
Enjoy this Zafara Day,
We hope you have some fun!

Kayla The Zafara
by Fleur_411

A small red Zafara
In a big blue hat
Adds a dash of this
And a pinch of that.

A big, black cauldron
Full up to the brim
You can only guess
The things Kayla puts in.

Stirring and stirring
Around and around
The potion within
Makes not a sound.

Shimmer and sparkle
Oh, how it does shine
Have you ever seen 
A potion look so fine?

Hour by hour
Kayla does toil
Carefully watching
Lest potion spoil.

She’s almost done
It’s coming to an end
Now the only question is:
How much will you spend?

The Zafara At The Pound
by Nomyle

There was once a small Zafara at the Pound,
Who got awfully sad when no one was around.
She felt a bit gloomy and quite alone,
And the whereabouts of 
Her prior owner were unknown.
"Such a shame," sighed her friends,
"For this Zafara's just great!
She's ever-so-punctual and never late,
Always coming up with new games to play,
And when someone's in trouble 
There is no delay
For this Zafara runs 
To help out straightaway!"
The days passed and turned into quite a while,
And the Zafara sat and cried on a cold floor tile.
But as her tears fell she heard a kind voice,
And its warmth made the Zafara rejoice.
"Come with me, little Zafara, and don't you cry,
You're coming with me -- no need to be shy!
We'll have adventures together 
Both day and night,
I heard through the grapevine 
Of your lonely plight!"
The Zafara, she smiled, and skipped away,
Also, did I mention it was Zafara Day?

Zafara Day
by Rascal

High up in the soundless black
Where weightless creatures roam
Bright Kreludor, moon hung high
Where lives no sunrise, set or gloam

Weightless, driven, ships of space
Driven forth with jets of light
Great fire in their bellies roar
As, swirling, enemies set to fight

In ships not meant for oceans
And bows not meant for game
They ride the airless currents
For glory, honour, fame

And amid their japing course
The greatest of them all
That Zafara, king of the cards
When an Ace comes to call

Poem For A Plushie Zafara
by Jjquil

A periwinkle corduroy,
Fabric, scissors, needle, thread,
A bag of cotton stuffing, and
Thick yellow yarn, to top her head.
Orange-checkered swatches, 
Two shiny button eyes 
Turquoise felt, trimmed into spikes 
Each one, a different size. 

Needle of silver, it glints and gleams 
As the seamstress begins to stitch 
Embroidering a little patch 
To cover up a hole, in which 

Overzealous little hands 
Grabbed and pulled, excited, wild. 
A plushie's greatest danger is 
The affection of a loving child. 

The plushie waits so patiently
Button eyes unblinking, bright
She watches as the tailor sews 
Her fabric tummy, blue and white. 

Finally, her repairs are done! 
The Zafara springs up in the air --
She cannot wait to play again
Despite the wear and tear.

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