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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Loss of Appetite
By Carrotbreath

Take it, I certainly want no more,
No wait, maybe just a taste,
Maybe just one or perhaps four,
I shouldn't let it go to waste!

No! I've surely had enough!
But so delicious and good,
No! I must be tough,
If I must, I'll bite wood!

A Gnorbu Burger with a side of
Gnorbu Salad; as a drink
Apricot Gnorbu Juice, and for dessert
A Meaty Gnorbu Pie! Mouthwatering!

But that's surely a lot,
Sure, some would think I'm obsessed,
One more bite... I should not,
But I can't help it --
Gnorbu treats are the best!

I had ordered a cake,
And this was baked without care.
I now have a stomachache.

To Gnorbu treats I was bound.
Always reluctant to share,
Until in my cake I found
Some Gnorbu sheared hair.

Journey of a Maraquan Chomby
By Mayfloziarea

In waters running deep,
Chomby graces through.
Darting past the twisting weeds,
In silent lakes of blue.
Fleeting glimpse of silky green,
Of purple velvet fins.
Chomby sings a lilting song,
Of life and hopes and dreams.

Were she to brave the stormy nights,
And seek the sea beyond,
Far from what she called her home,
Far from where she was born.
To idyllic oceans far away,
A new life for her awaits.
The choice now is in her hands,
She will choose her own fate.

Beyond her lake of paradise,
She travels out to sea
To the home of Maraquans,
Where she can be carefree.
And now she smiles her beautiful smile;
She knows that she belongs,
And in the light of setting sun,
She sings her lilting song.

"Happy" Grey Day
By Saqo

Oh, it's Grey Day. I guess I should be
excited, but I'm painted grey, you see,
for a most certain true reason I'll tell,
as it matches my personality so well.

I find myself moving a little bit slower,
now that I've been painted grey by my owner.
I don't smile much anymore, and when I do
it's usually followed by a tear or two.

I used to be a pink pet -- can you believe?
But then one day my owner found a deal
on a new paint brush and decided to see
what the outcome would be and painted me.

It's just a little dreary, being grey,
and not so very fun, I must also say.
I usually sit under the rain clouds
that follow me and add to my frown.

I guess I miss being pink; it's quite
the opposite of what I am now, and I might
say that I'd like to switch with you...
but who'd want to switch with me too?

But I don't believe being grey is so bad.
For while it's depressing and a little sad.
At least I get time alone to my thoughts too
and had the time to write this poem for you.

Happy Grey Day... I guess.

The Grooming Parlour Usul
By Chocolate_lover67

You stroll on inside, ready for a new look,
But the Usul inside, when she saw you she shook,
With great apprehension bordering on fear,
"You certainly need help, and a lot, my dear!"
She stares for a bit, her expression so strange,
You realise that you are in for a big change,
For that Usul holding those tubes of lipstick,
Has up her sleeve all sorts of queer tricks.
From shadow to liner to use on your eyes,
You'll certainly be in for a great surprise!
She first smears on lipstick, one of bright red,
After wrapping a towel a few times on your head.
She surveys your new look, critically, it seems,
But then she smiles brightly at you and beams.
"Red's totally your colour," she says with delight,
While you stare at her, your face full of fright.
The Usul then grabs a big purple brush,
Runs it over your cheeks after dabbing at blush.
The eyeshadow is next, which she seems to love so,
She tries on some green, then pink and yellow.
When none of those colours are the right hue,
She tests out a palette of pretty sky blue.
Then puts on eyeliner and mascara of black,
Testing colours she finds on the rack.
She leans back and grins at your new style,
"This took a long time, but it was worthwhile!"
You don't seem to agree that this was a success,
When you look in the mirror, you see quite a mess!

A Brightvale/Meridell Tour
(Translated from a Tyrannian Point of View)

By Alagfalaswen

Want to see
See Brightvale?
Might as well.

King Hagan
Snort at me.
Brain is like
Haunted Tree.

King Skarl mad
Me not like.
Want send him
On a hike.

Meri Farm
Smell real good,
Berries big,
Dung spoil mood.

give me look.
Not my fault
not have book.

Saw Petpets
Very small;
best of all.

hard to play.
Pushed too hard,
rolled wrong way.

Knowledge wheel
Thought get thing.
Got instead
weird old King.

Getting late,
Ending roam,
'cause there no
place like home.

Frivolous Lawsuit
By Jjquil

The Usukiland shop was quiet that day
When the front door swung open wide;
The owner glanced up to see her customers
Swoop in with a businesslike stride.

A pair of Usuki Usuls, both male --
One with designer briefcase in hand.
Their cherubic faces were serious, stern;
New merchandise was their demand.

The two Usuls began their search;
They scoured all the shelves.
"Equestrian, Brightvale, Little Witch..."
"Oh, he's got three Woodland Elves!"

The shopkeeper watched in amusement
As the two pawed their way through the store.
Their blue eyes missed nary a detail
As they sifted through figurines galore.

"What if we buy him the Dream Car?"
"No, I'm sure he's got that one too..."
Their fluffy tails twitched in annoyance.
They wanted to find something new.

The kindly shopkeeper decided to speak:
"Who exactly are you shopping for?"
With a pout, the pair turned and muttered,
"Our master, Lawyerbot, loves this store."

The Blumaroo smiled, she loved to help out,
And told the pair, "I've got just the set!"
With her needle and thread, she stitched at once,
'Til the Usuls were no longer upset.

The doll she created had a shiny foil hat
And a costume, robotic and steel.
"A Lawyerbot Usuki, one of a kind!"
She announced with exuberant zeal.

The Usul boys began to chuckle.
"Why, it's perfect, he'll love this for sure!"
"He can sue for copyright infringement --"
"-And other infractions, more obscure!"

The Blumaroo blanched. "W-wait, don't say that!"
But the Usuls were quick to depart.
They had found for the master the ultimate gift:
A lawsuit, to warm his metallic heart.

Off to the Races
By Aldurswolf

Visiting Faerieland and all is going well;
We're heading up to see what's there to do.
There's a Wheel to spin, a Plushie to see,
And a tower hidden somewhere, too.

But something catches our eye.
Something exhilarating and exciting.
We're going to go see Poogles race,
With some as quick as lightning.

Poogle One is the best around,
The favourite for the win,
But Poogle Two may be the victor --
Or not, as distracted as he's been.

Poogle Three is a tad bit clumsy,
Though he does have bursts of speed.
While Poogle Four was once the best 'round,
But lately not much in the lead.

The last one left is Poogle Five,
And he's rather out of shape.
So armed with all our knowledge,
It's time for us our bets to make.

The race is on and the Poogles line up.
On your mark? Get set? Go!
We cheer and wave our hands around,
Excited by such a show.

Round the track they hustle,
Sprinting and jumping hurdles.
Everyone wants to be in first
And not look like a Turdle.

But there can be but one winner,
And, oh? It's Poogle Five, you say?
Well, wow, that's unexpected.
I guess it's possible on Poogle Day!

Cancelled Due to Lack of Clubs
By Filter

It's a boring day down in Altador.
My need for a hobby is rising.
Let's head down to the Altador Archives
and see what clubs are advertising.

Oh, look here! A mining club
Digging down in the quarry all day,
Exploring the earth for the values within,
Cataloguing the rare finds that we survey.
Oh, wait, cancelled due to lack of interest.

OK, well here, the engineering club!
Building contraptions and learning the crafts,
Finding out what makes things tick by
Working with motors, gears, and camshafts.
Ugh, what? Cancelled due to lack of interest?

Huff and pout, OK, moving on
An herbalism club! Working with plants!
Classifying flora and finding its uses,
Cooking, displaying and making enchants.
Oh, come on! Cancelled due to lack of interest!

This is getting silly now, but try again.
An alchemy club, brewing new potions,
So many things we could discover
Creating essences, drinks, and lotions.
Cancelled due to lack of interest, figures.

A dance club, that has to be popular!
Grooving and moving, shake and shout.
The lights, the music, the pounding beat --
There's no way this club could have a drought!
Cancelled due to lack of interest...

The last sign on the list, the astronomy club,
Charting the planets, suns, and stars,
Staring up at the night sky in awe
Of the celestial worlds that aren't ours...
Canceled due to lack of constellations.

I give up.

Conversation with the Ghost Lupe
By Agedbeauty

Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls,
"Don't go to Mystery Island!"

Oh, why not, Ghost Lupe?
I have an itch to go.
Tombola calls with Toenail Soup,
So I really have to know.

Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls,
"Did you know that
Mystery Island is haunted?"

Haunted is an awful scare;
It sounds an awful fright.
What if by day I went there
And avoided it at night?

Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls,
"It's rumoured that Neopets that go
to Mystery Island never return!"

Ghost Lupe, how you scare us so;
My Eyrie's frightened to his core.
He had really hoped to go
On a cutesy Tiki tour.

Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls,

Well now, Ghost Lupe,
There's no need to be so dire!
I am sure that as a group
Our little trip won't backfire.

Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls,
"Begone! Leave this page!"

Really, Ghost Lupe, why so inexplicit?
What threats could await us on the Isle?
Our goals are legal, not illicit,
And it's a sojourn, not an exile!

Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls,
"My, what tasty Neopets you have!"

Well now, Ghost Lupe, that's a threat!
And one I don't appreciate.
While nothing bad has happened yet,
I'll leave before you become irate.

Something has happened!
The Ghost Lupe growls,
and suddenly all your Neopets
are healed back to max hit points!

Perhaps, dear ghost,
your heart is in the right place.
I'll heed your warning, avoid the coast,
And cede this argument with grace.

A Lupe's Lunch Libretto
By Beagums

Oh, Chias are so tasty
Boiled, baked, or raw.
I'd eat them with spaghetti
Or drink them through a straw.

I'd serve them fried with eggs,
Or stew them in a stew.
They're positively scrumptious
In a tarte tatin for two.

For lunch I like my Chias best
Served with swiss on rye.
And for dessert they're best
When cooked inside a pie.

So on this day for them we cheer:
It's Chia Day, rejoice!
'Tis my favourite day for pigging out
And I have first Chia choice!

But ask me not for seconds;
Ask not for recipes too,
For Chias are my favourite food,
And I won't share with you!

The Wind Up Dr. Sloth Toy
By Tiptoeboo

In the shop of wondrous things,
Items made just for joy,
Lives one plaything that is different --
Beware the Wind Up Dr. Sloth Toy.

He sits on the shelf, meek and quiet,
Observing through the slit red eyes
That stare around the room,
And an evil plan he starts to devise.

As the shop shuts its wide red door
And darkness settles all around,
The toy turns his wind-up key,
Whilst making not a single sound.

Furtive, the miniature green Dr. Sloth
Climbs down from the wooden ledge,
Slips through the gap in red brick,
Making for the leafy hedge.

Suddenly with a clunk and a twitch,
The Wind Up Dr Sloth Toy falls to the floor.
His key stopped turning, though next time
The world will be his for sure.

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