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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Pure Energy
By _Razcalz_

I'm a
current of the skies, a lightning-shard;
my pulse, jagged, runs with
the rains of the oceans and those
meadows darkened.

Hear my thunder and you'll see --
see, the fork of energy blue
that cleaves the skies
murky and mighty, momentarily,
into five;
and I'll fade and plunge you
into total black amidst
the roar of the depths and
the thrum of the
downpour --

And I'll return, brighter and
more terrifying than
before. For I am a Bori, a
gale-watcher, and
pure energy streams down my
cheeks and through
my claws: and
the storm is my element.

Life of a Leaf Carrying Bori Gnome
By Anjie

Where dappled is the morning sun
In patterns plays the sheen.
Behold the crystal, brilliant dew,
The world so soft, serene.
Where pebbled steps do idle down,
To garden, emerald ground.
Beneath the drape of petals bright,
The Bori gnome is found.

When sunbeams trickle to his realm,
He'll wake and greet the day.
A splash of dew to stir him fast,
Then ambles on his way.
Across the garden to the trees,
Where boughs shed overnight.
Where leaves did part from outstretched branch,
Then softly, took to flight.

He'll gather each, one at a time,
From where they last did fall.
Then leaf in paw, he'll wander off,
Across green garden, haul
To make a pile, brilliant green,
Of leaves so lush and soft.
You'll see him if you peek on through,
With his leaf held aloft.

For pets, you see, do seldom wish,
To spend a sun-lit day
Cleaning leaves from garden beds,
Alas, they'd rather play!
So Bori gnome, a tiny help,
He keeps the garden clean.
With twilight, though, he settles down,
To watch the fading green.

The Bori
By Mamasimios

We have all heard the stories
Of the timidity of the Bori,
But who could blame them for being cautious
After awakening from their fortress?

Long frozen in the mountain
Were the Bori in their thousands,
While the Keeper of Time stood guard
With a fierce vigilance in his heart.

Armin the Small was the first to wake,
And though fear set his hands to shake,
He fought to overcome his fright
To defeat the Bringer of the Night.

So too with the Bori Guard,
Quaking amongst the crystal shards,
He summoned an unseen boldness
To quash the fear and foes and coldness.

The Bori Mage can channel the force
From the Bori Cave's strange quartz.
As an alchemist she's peerless
And in battle stands firm and fearless.

So while their mountain home is frigid
And the Bori may seem timid,
Do not discount the courage
They can display in a skirmish.

My Bori
By Concertogreat_8

my Bori is made of sweet chocolate;
bitter and dark, from the cacao bean,
and light cocoa dust sheen.

my Bori is made of buttercream;
frosting thick and yellow-white,
sugar, milk, butter, whipped light.

my Bori is made of candycorns;
small triangles so adorn,
white, yellow, orange sugar corn.

my Bori is made of sprinkles;
sweet chocolaty sticks,
sugar strands, gone in two licks.

my Bori is a confection;
far too stunning to be put between jaws,
lovingly crafted with careful paws.

my Bori is a chocolate;
decorated so stunningly,
detailed so attentively.

my Bori was made to sit on a shelf;
perhaps be bought in a glass case,
and displayed on a doily of lace.

my Bori is so beautiful;
but to move, she would never dare,
for fear of the fate of chocolate everywhere.

Mysterious Bori Islander
By Tealnova_dragon

Round his neck, in links,
Are bits of stone and bone.
Scruffy, his neck, not groomed
Like the wild forest untamed.

His shell, hard like diamonds,
Swirls of smoke scattered in war paint.
White trails, intricate,

Green leafy bracelets,
Swishing to and fro,
Whispering a chant,
Only Mystery Islanders know.

The ears are perked, alert.
Hearing whistles in the air,
Seeing signs from the Tiki,
The crashes of the sea.

The Island Bori is there --
Hidden among the palms.
Look closely and you'll see,
The deep and clear brown eyes.

Don't close your own, don't blink,
For when you open --
Only the smiling coconuts you'll see.

Little Darigan Bori
By Pansyparkinson14

What is that in the shadows?
That creature with the glowing eyes?
What is that ominous beast lurking there,
Heaving those raspy, sinister sighs?

In the dim, foreboding light,
I can make out the heavyset paws,
Kneading tensely on the pavement,
Armed with glittering, razor-sharp claws.

The midnight-blue fur on the beast is handsome,
And the ears are large and almost cute,
But as I hear this monster growl,
I know he must be a nasty sort of brute.

I back away in trepidation,
And the Neopet emerges completely from the dark,
And in that second I heave a relieved sigh,
To which the creature utters a disapproving bark.

The creature is none but a Darigan Bori:
The dim lightning had made his shadow so tall!
Perhaps the little Neopet would be scarier,
If he were not so adorably small!

The Bori Mage
By Dragonstorm_75

Swirling blizzards, wreathed in snow,
Embraced by a violet glow,
Hungry flames, roaring thunder,
Used with mastery and splendour.

The master wizard, expert mage,
With ancient wisdom -- eyes so sage,
Closed in utmost concentration,
To wield his power with ease and caution.

Mighty elements surround the Bori,
Hidden legends so old and hoary,
Dancing to his chanting tune,
Summoning forth the magic rune.

Screaming water, hissing fire,
Raging winds and rocky spire,
Brushing by his fingertips,
Called to being by cracking lips.

Finally the storm is quenched,
By beads of sweat he is drenched,
The power's gone, strength is sapped,
Lively eyes are darkened -- trapped.

It is there, within his ken:
He's just an old man again.

Armin the (Not So) Small
By Stunningdream

Armin the Small,
one of the quiet, peaceful, timid species:
Breaking the norm,
he was a hero.
In Terror Mountain's harsh winds,
bravery in his heart,
acting on his instincts.
When Hannah collapsed at his feet,
he neither fled nor gasped,
but rather brought her to safety,
not thinking about how she would react.
Bori, at the time,
were not so known.
He told his story,
of himself and of the Bori,
but when he battled,
he was no longer just a Bori.
Instead, he was far more;
he was a hero and a friend,
and armed with his slingshot,
he single-handedly insured the safety
of all the Bori to come.
It wasn't out of personal gain,
but rather out of the kindness
of his heart,
as one of the
quiet, peaceful, timid species:

Perfection Has Taken Form
By Carrotbreath

I've always been drawn to this particular pet
And just from spotting one I begin to sweat,
Because this pet is surely second to none,
The Bori has definitely my heart won!
No, this declaration of love is not a jest,
But let me just tell you why a Bori is the best!

Bori have perfect strong front and back claws,
The type that will in awe make you pause!
They use the front to break rocks with a sway,
While with the back they push the rubble away.
But certainly not to worry if a cave-in starts,
Their back plates make useful defence parts!

Not to even mention that irresistible face:
Large eyes and ears and a smile with grace,
And a small nose that moves with a twitch.
Clearly for a Bori any pet I would switch,
But Christmas, faerie, and baby, so many
And sadly on my account I don't have any.

Today I plan to create one of my very own,
And I'll make it through Neopia known!
Follow my lead and create one too,
Before Bori Day is soon through!
Set aside the Poogles and Usuls, I'm sorry,
Because perfection has taken form in a Bori!

Prince Aerusso's Song
By Saro_the_legendaerie

I come from a long, old family
Of faerie Bori, yet look at me --
I'm a wingless cloud, born to be
Kingdom Russo's only Crown Prince.

The open sky, it calls my name,
But I am earthbound, crippled, lame.
My heart and my mind want the same:
To fly, to be a true Crown Prince.

But I'm still a prince, wings or no,
And I'll fly through the ground, under snow.
While I lack the wings of the royal Russo,
I can be myself; the Cloud Prince.

I'll plant my roots deep in the ground;
I still can't fly, but I have found
There are more ways to get around.
I'm the earthbound Cloud Prince.

While I still long to be in the sky,
I won't just mope and wonder why,
I'll be a good King, or at least try,
But for now, I'm happy as a Prince.

Bori Cupcakes
By Chocolate_lover67

I wandered to the Bakery
To get myself a snack,
And guess what I saw sitting there,
Prettily on the rack?

It was a Bori cupcake,
A cherry one at that,
With whipped cream ears and candied eyes,
A cherry for a hat.

This scrumptious treat was baked just for
The special Bori Day,
When cupcakes are consumed with glee,
When Bori laugh and play.

These cupcakes are the highlight of
This lovely celebration.
We all love us a nice cupcake in
any time and location.

Whether it tastes of banana or
Blueberry, lime, or cherry,
It reminds us all of Bori Day,
A time to be so merry!

The Bori and the Bringer
By Frost_lizard

Terror Mountain once held a secret
Deep within an ice-cold cave,
Hidden away by those who seek it,
But its power the Bringer did crave.

As the Bringer made his way through,
The Bori tribe shook with fear,
So the Keeper did what he had to do
To save his people from death so near.

He froze his people in an icy shell,
But the Heart remained on its stand.
As time went on the demigod fell,
And he was locked away in a distant land.

The Bori slept until a fateful day
When Heart would be united with Key.
In a war heroes will enter the fray
And set the sleeping Bori free.

With new friends to help the Bori,
The Bringer finally met his end,
Thus the Bori declared a victory
And won't ever be frightened again!

Encounter with an Ice Bori
By Autotune

so cold, so cold
you look so cold.
a frosty whisper,
fingers running over ice
smooth and slick, and
glistening under the sun --
surface melt.
watery eyes
and moist palms.

so cold, so cold
this mountain,
this cave of solitary ice,
so cold. aren't you
cold? the wind bites.
a snowflake twirls
and quietly fades --
(don't let me fade)
please, just let me take

home? home --
it sounds so warm,
warmer than the pale sun
in this blank blue sky.
home must be where you
are, for you look
so warm;
so, so warm.

Armin, the Bori Hero
By Sacados

Let me tell you the magnificent story,
It tells the tale of a courageous Bori.
Armin was his name, and he would never fail,
Losing was not an option at the end of his tale.

He was powerful, wise, and extremely brave,
He was discovered not far from the Ice Caves.
When Armin met Hannah, the hunter of treasure,
He kept her safe and always in good measure.

Armin will always be remembered as the best,
Saving the rest of the Bori was his greatest test.
He succeeded, and now the species is known,
The rest of Neopia watched as they've grown.

Thanks to Armin and Hannah, Bori can now thrive,
Thanks to Armin and Hannah, Bori are alive.
The Bori are not shameful, nor are they unkind,
The Bori are loyal, and have a powerful mind.

Armin's glorious tale will always stay true,
His rare hesitation proved he knew what to do.
So to celebrate this fine Bori Day,
Let's thank Armin, and then shout "Hooray!"

Bori Day Celebration Throughout the Nation
By Thelupineone

What's the word?
Haven't you heard?
It's Bori Day,
and it's time to play!
There's celebration
throughout every nation.
Let's take a tour
To find out more!

Terror Mountain, the Bori's home
Where partying goes on and on,
Throughout the day, into the night,
who cares if there's a battle to fight?
Grab a snowboard, grab some skis,
On Bori Day you can do what you please!
Get your claws on a slushie, cool!
It's a day off at NeoSchool!
But don't party too loud, because if you do,
The Snowager will wake and chase after you!

At the summit we celebrate Armin the Small.
Despite his size he would never bawl!
If Hannah couldn't do it, he could instead.
Neopia's most famous Bori, they said!
A tale for the years, that size doesn't matter.
Now let's all tuck into a sandwich platter!
A feast to celebrate our hero,
who survived the caves of temperatures sub-zero!

Mystery Island, weather is hot.
Surf's up, dude! Are you on board or not?
Paint brushes are such a hot topic,
and Island-painted Bori look so exotic!
Beautiful brown fur, a pattern very tropical.
Island Bori, always topical!
They love to party on the beach.
Fun is never out of reach!

Bori are flocking across the sea:
Cap'n Threelegs gives training for free!
One day only, to build up your skill.
Then head to the Battledome for a massive thrill!
Do it now, it's the perfect opportunity,
a battle's going on, a time of unity,
we must all fight together, for the good of Neopia.
Bori will help and make the battle over!

So polish your claws, it's time to shine.
A day made for Bori, isn't that just fine?
Who knows what new colours will be unveiled,
the wearables that will go on sale.
And the Bori art, from Bori fans,
from the best artists in all the lands.
So come together, for Bori Day!
Only once a year, a shame to say.
But this may well be the best day ever,
If only it could last forever!
So raise your claws, don't wait a bit:
It's Bori Day, make the most of it!

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