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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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The Reporter
By Dragonstorm_75

A thief breaks into the iron vault,
A gymnast does a somersault,
A ship is named with champagne,
A distant king begins to campaign.

Whatever the news, whatever the tale,
The Usul Reporter will always be there.

Good King Hagan makes a decree,
A pirated village in Shenkuu is free,
Smugglers' Cove is selling new peas,
Faerieland's sinking behind the trees.

Whatever the news, whatever the tale,
The Usul Reporter will always be there.

The Esophagor is finally full,
King Jazan has strengthened his rule,
Princess Amira began to complain,
And in Maraqua it started to rain...?

Whatever the news, whatever the tale,
The Usul Reporter will always be there.

Skiing Season Begins
By Moulinrouge21

Further down the icy slopes she goes,
Precision, dedication skiing through snow.
The undulating landscape, a bumpy ride,
Avoiding obstacles, not wanting to collide.

Blanket of snow, shining bright white,
Glistening sunshine, spreading golden light.
Usul curving in and out of trees,
Freedom is hers, while skiing she is free.

The season of skiing upon us today;
A contest for the best, enter you may.
But skills are required, not one for the weak,
A golden trophy to win, with glory you seek.

Snow lies waiting, its secrets are hidden,
Explore if you wish, unearth the forbidden.
A serene landscape, the shining white snow,
A gentle icy breeze, through the trees it flows.

Alabaster the Usul
By Mamasimios

Stronger, smarter, fiercer, faster
Is the Usul known as Alabaster.
Despite her slight and petite frame,
Best run away if you hear her name.

Riding astride a companion Krawk,
The duo is stealthy as they stalk.
Seeking adventure, wherever found,
They move like shadows, without a sound.

Helmeted is her furry head,
Ruby armour glints with sparks of red.
Gilt sword and shield are held aloft;
Alabaster the Usul will not be mocked.

She seeks not battle yet never runs
When faced with beasts low and loathsome.
She can wrestle the largest to the ground
Until cries for mercy do resound.

Mercy sought is always granted,
Though opponents may be disenchanted.
At least they learn for another day
To stay out of this Usul's way.

From jungles dense to dim-lit caves
Alabaster proves both strong and brave.
Though adventure is all this Usul seeks,
Do not mistake her as mild or meek.

Shadow, Shadow Usul
By Lachtaube

A distinguished figure
Only in rumours:
The silhouette crept up my bedroom wall with ease.

I lay very still watching it move,
Lithe, fluid, and
Strangely beautiful in all its grace.

Its eyes searched the ceiling,
Lurking in the crown moulding,
Always only in the corner of my eye.

A bedtime story, nothing more,
Is just enough to send my imagination
Running wild into the depths of the night.

An Usul, a phantasm,
Always here but never really there
With no dimensions, no breath, no life,

Just pure spirit, a gliding wraith.
Her presence alone conjures waking nightmares,
Those of flaming eyes and seething rictus.

She has no power, but just enough
Energy to cast her hand across your face
And whisper in your ringing ear,


To Show Her Face
By Sytra

Crouched hidden alone, she wipes her eyes,
Yearning love, seeking disguise.
Her bulbous tail slithers about,
Three-eyed monster, come out, come out.

To show her face would be a blow,
She'd start a riot, star in a freak show.
Little Usul was once a splendour,
Nowadays she's quite the offender.

The stares don't stop, nor do whispers cease,
Her dreams for now are her only release
From the struggle at day and isolation at night,
Where she finds herself in a place never right.

Alleys so dark and raindrops so cold,
She hopes someone will see her heart made of gold.
Nowhere to run to, nowhere to dwell,
What are the ways to break this spell?

She knows not what she did to deserve this,
But now all that's left is to reminisce
Of days that were happier and not quite as grey...
Three-eyed monster, go away, go away.

A Skiing Dream
By Tiptoeboo

Above the clouds in a world of sky
Where all around lies snow,
An Usul polishes her skiing sticks
And braces herself to go.

Around her neck is a long bright scarf
And her ears are toasty warm.
She's swaddled up in a fur-lined coat
In the freezing winter morn.

The klaxon sounds loud in the clear thin air,
Signalling the start of the race.
She pushes herself down the never-ending slope,
Determination upon her face.

Flying as if on bright faerie wings,
Past trees and rocks galore,
The Usul starts a waking dream
And her mind begins to soar.

The black of rocks are grinning teeth
Whilst the snow twinkles like stars.
The sun is a huge winking eye,
And a forest forms a broken scar.

All too soon the slope shallows out
And the dream comes to an end.
The Usul turns to Terror Mountain
And grins back to her friend.

The Grooming Parlour Usul
By Chocolate_lover67

You stroll on inside, ready for a new look,
But the Usul inside, when she saw you she shook,
With great apprehension bordering on fear,
"You certainly need help, and a lot, my dear!"
She stares for a bit, her expression so strange,
You realise that you are in for a big change,
For that Usul holding those tubes of lipstick,
Has up her sleeve all sorts of queer tricks.
From shadow to liner to use on your eyes,
You'll certainly be in for a great surprise!
She first smears on lipstick, one of bright red,
After wrapping a towel a few times on your head.
She surveys your new look, critically, it seems,
But then she smiles brightly at you and beams.
"Red's totally your colour," she says with delight,
While you stare at her, your face full of fright.
The Usul then grabs a big purple brush,
Runs it over your cheeks after dabbing at blush.
The eyeshadow is next, which she seems to love so,
She tries on some green, then pink and yellow.
When none of those colours are the right hue,
She tests out a palette of pretty sky blue.
Then puts on eyeliner and mascara of black,
Testing colours she finds on the rack.
She leans back and grins at your new style,
"This took a long time, but it was worthwhile!"
You don't seem to agree that this was a success,
When you look in the mirror, you see quite a mess!

The Shadow Usul
By Iridaceous

What mysteries does midnight hold?
What secrets do the shadows keep?
Those who prowl the darkness know,
While others are all fast asleep.

Remember, fellow Neopians:
Always light a candle bright
Beside you on your windowsill
On cold and lonely winter nights;
For if you don't, you may sight
She who fills the bravest with fright.

Her pelt is wrought from velvet night,
Her collar of fur, the sickly shade
Of Jhudora's looming Cloud.
A nightmare is her serenade --
The evil lullaby that pervades
The ears of all, 'til moonlight fades.

Quiet do her footsteps run,
And too with unmatched pace,
But passersby may catch a glimpse
Of her silhouetted face.
And when they do, they often freeze
Or flee to places far,
For her eyes burn razor-sharp
Like cold light from an evil star.

So beware when midnight rears its head,
When total dark impends,
And do stay near your candle flame,
Before, alas, the Shadow Usul descends.

Usul Skiing
By Ang3lgurl72

The Usul puts on her goggles,
Then she takes her skiing poles.
She takes a deep breath, so to not lose her marbles
And finally takes off toward the goals.

Setting off with a WHOOSH,
She zigzags around the slalom
She goes like the wind, SWOOSH,
Making spectators say, "Awesome!"

She focuses on the end;
She increases her speed,
Continuing to descend,
Trying to fulfill her lifelong deed.

As she nears the goal,
The competition grows intense.
Will she make it? asks every soul.
The air grows dense.

She crosses the line, awaiting the score.
The judge says, "With a time of 2 minutes
And 15 seconds... we have a new world record!"
The crowd erupts in a roar.
She is at last satisfied and
Waves to the cheering horde.

Battle Usul
By Warzia

I am NOT a sissy!
I'm as boyish as can be,
but all you see
is my species instead of me!

Usuls aren't all whiny babies,
some are pretty strong!
And in this higher group of beings
is where I belong.

Sure, my fur is pretty,
yeah, my size is small.
But keep in mind I'm witty,
and I'd never dare to bawl!

I'm the strongest of the strongest,
the best of the best.
You want to try and fight me?
Ha! Try to put yourself to the test.

You see, Usuls aren't all whiny;
I'm as strong as they come!
So if you want to try and fight me,
well... bring it on!

Usul Skiing Season Begins
By Saqo

Usul Skiing Season: It's almost time!
So much fun, it should be a crime.
It's not only Usuls that can enjoy,
Neopians from far and near all join.

Not only is this one day to celebrate
the Usul species, which is quite great,
we also are celebrating winter too,
and all the winter sports we love to do.

Get an Usul to teach you about skiing;
you'll really feeling like you are living
when you're flying down a Neopian hill
using your newly learned skiing skills.

So for this season we all say thank you
to Usuls and to Mother Nature too.
Thank you for winter and for Usuls galore,
without them: the winter would be boring!

Usul, Usul, You Little Things!
By Handuran

Usul, Usul, you cute little thing,
Just watching you, such joy it brings.
Your tail so bushy, your eyes so bright,
Your fur so soft and really light.
Scamper across the trees in a hurry,
Your feet and arms begin to scurry.
So petite, dainty, and full of grace,
As the Usul begins to up its pace.

Usul, Usul, you pretty little thing,
As I watch you now, you start to sing.
For it is the day of the Usul, how great!
And for this event, you couldn't be late.
The land begins to open and the birds call,
Welcoming all Usuls, one and all!
Every Usul starts to appear,
And with that, a mighty big cheer!

Usuls, Usuls, you lovely little things,
Celebrate today and all the joy it brings!
Grab some balloons and share your food,
Make all of yourselves in a brilliant mood.
Usuls, Usuls, you special little things,
Celebrate today and all the magic it brings!
For this is your time to shine,
And my, ain't you all just so fine!

A Usul Winter
By L0vely_u

Walking on Terror Mountain one day,
with a 'WHOOSH' -- an Usul zoomed away
past me and down the hill -- who knew
they are so good at skiing -- it's true!

Usuls live in trees, high above the ground,
but not only that, you see I have found
that Usuls thrive in Neopia's winter, too,
which means some certain advantages for you!

If you need help with skiing or another
winter sport, a Usul wouldn't be bothered
to take you up to Terror Mountain and teach
you that winter sports are in your reach!

Usul Day begins the Usul Skiing Season.
As you can see, this is for good reason.
So while we celebrate our love of this pet,
let us also enjoy winter at its best!

Beware of Usuls Sharing Tea
By Beedeebee

Usuls are proud to declare that they share.
Otherwise nice, but in this case beware:
If an Usul asks, "Hey, who wants some tea?"
You may get drenched with hot tea suddenly.

"They wouldn't," you cry. "Usuls are loyal!"
But though they seem cute, they are no one's foil.
When battle's afoot, do not pause to coo,
Lest their Usul Tea Whip be used on you!

What seems a sweet teapot decked with pink hearts
Could spell your doom if you don't use your smarts,
It swings on a rope, its liquid to fling,
You'll shout "I hate tea!" should you feel its sting.

For looks can deceive; just see in this case:
Usuls are fluffy and have a sweet face,
But they're fierce in fights! Thus please don't ignore
The cunning Tea Whip, should its contents soar!

By Pringlz

The cold rush of air
Bites her unprotected face;
She skis down each slope.

All perfect outfits
Protecting her gorgeous fur
From the icy wind.

Over hills, she turns,
Impossible flips through air
All land so neatly.

Baby Usul sits,
Hugs her Snowy Usuki,
Pleased at her new game.

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