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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Eleven Years
By Dianacat777

Eleven years can come and go
In less time than it takes to blink.
From the ceiling streamers hang,
And baubles flash and wink.

Neopia gathers to celebrate
The beginning of the year.
Revelry heralds yet another age
That's finally drawn so near.

The month of Storing always brings
New times to shine alight.
Each new year transcends the old
With changes new and bright.

Time's passage brings forth everything;
Epic battles raze the worlds.
New Neopets appear to join us as
We find new mysteries to unfurl.

Another year dawns bright and new
With promises galore,
So celebrate these eleven years,
And here's to eleven more!

Celebrating Neopian Memories!
By Anjie

One afternoon in Neohome,
As rain did splatter hard,
I sat with pets who whined and whined
To go play in the yard.
Distracting them I settled down,
To tell them stories old.
And through these tales history
Of our realm did unfold.

I spoke of days so long ago
Of Bruce in strangest shape.
Of battle in Tyrannia,
Of beast none could escape!
I told them when the fountain first
Did come to Faerieland.
"There were no royal pets back then!"
They did not understand!

Back when the desert was still lost,
(And time when it was found!)
Tyrannia, from ice caves sprung,
A crevice in the ground.
Of Sloth and all his failed plots,
(He's never won one yet!)
Of Salamanders at the tree,
And plots I can't forget.

We spoke of Draiks who did appear,
Lutari also came.
Of Dark Faerie and what she did
To rise to wicked fame.
I told them when they were still small,
Fyora's tower grand
Was not found yet, yet now in clouds,
So tall and bright, doth stand.

Of new lands found (and more to see!)
New plots and games we'll find.
Of new pet colours, clothing too,
Still to be made, refined.
They soon forgot the pelting rain,
(Subsided though, so fast!)
With stories of Neopia,
And fun times in the past!

Eleven Times
By Mamasimios

Eleven times has Neopia
Made its circuit round the sun.
Eleven times through the seasons
Since the time this world had begun.

Eleven times has the Advent Calendar
Given us our quotidian treat;
Eleven times has New Year's Day
Been rejoiced to mark a year complete.

Eleven times has Valentine's
Seen us send out heart-shaped cards.
Eleven times has Gadgadsbogen
Released new fruits for our regard.

Eleven times has April first
Seen clever tricks and jokes committed.
Eleven times has Fyora Day
Seen the Faerie Queen quite rightly feted.

Eleven times have Usuki Dolls
Been introduced at their convention.
Eleven times has the Chocolate Ball
Been brought to our palatable attention.

Eleven times and eleven more,
I wish you another eleven yet.
Eleven times we've had the privilege
To say "Happy Birthday, Neopets!"

The Birthday Gift
By Dragonstorm_75

Wrapped tight, bejewelled,
A ribbon's river ever-winding,
Meandering across the valley,
Of greenish-white polka dots,
Spread across the paper land,
Uncreased, smooth, enchanted.

A hidden surprise, concealed;
Expectant faces, nervous smiles,
Flexing paws and anxious claws,
Eager to rip the landscape apart,
And thus reveal the treasure within,
The golden apple of want.

The paper peels, a chrysalis;
A world tearing into whiteness,
A creamy box, another barrier,
That stands between the prize,
Now promptly torn asunder,
In an eager, feverish haste.

The chocolate scent, delicious;
Wrapped round a frosted cake,
Topped with little silver dragees,
(And creamy yellow ribbons, too)
Wreathed for the holiday,
Just waiting to be eaten,
On this day of celebration.

Happy Birthday, Neopets!

I Hate Birthday Parties
By Chocolate_lover67

I see no point in having
A thrilling birthday bash,
All it does is leave a bunch
Of dirty, stinky trash.

I see no point in eating
All that vanilla cake.
It gives me quite the stomachache
And is quite a pain to bake.

I see no point in playing,
That silly game with chairs,
You move around a ring of stools,
For this, I do not care.

I see no point in opening,
Those piles and piles of gifts,
They shriek and yell with giddy glee,
Their dignity adrift.

I see no point in writing about,
A silly little birthday,
But as I am already here,
I might as well just say...

Happy birthday, Neopets!
Here's to eleven years,
Eleven years to celebrate,
To laugh about, to cheer!

Happy Birthday, Dear Neopets
By Handuran

Happy birthday, Neopets, it's your time to shine,
We all hope that you have a wonderful time!
For the joy you've given us over the years
Is enough to bring every fanatic to tears.
The pets, the paint brushes, the plots,
A few of the things of why we love you lots!
Celebrate this day with all your heart,
For this is the time for the party to start!

All of Neopia begins to cheer,
For it is this day, that means most this year.
We've all waited to show our adoration,
For you have inspired a generation.
So many years to come and go,
And my, compared to this day, they go so slow.
Nothing means as much as celebrating this day,
As all of us scream a mighty big 'YAY!'

So thank you, dear Neopets, for you are so good,
I could go on forever, I really wish I could!
Celebrate in style and carry on forever,
For the end is never in sight, oh no, never!
We love you so much and today we sing,
About this day and what it brings,
The eleventh year of something we'll remember,
In this wonderful month of November.

Eleven Years of Neopets!
By L0vely_u

Today is the day we have all been waiting for!
Today Neopets turns eleven, what can be in store!
There will be much celebration on this day indeed;
I will be thinking how much Neopets means to me.

Really, can it be, now for over eleven whole years,
Neopets has persevered through the sweat and tears
of frozen accounts and built a site, through which
many have made friends, memories without hitch.

Eleven years of Petpets, Haunted Woods, and lore,
eleven years of quests, faeries, and Alkenores.
So many years of Neohomes, items abound;
Neopia is a world of escape we all have found.

Congratulations! From one Neopian who had
left for many years but now found their way back,
Neopets, thans for memories when I was young,
even now as an adult I say: Here's to eleven more!

And Bring That Party Hat
By _Razcalz_

under the
it is quite
gold as merry
as the fireworks
over fair Shenkuu,
dancing the brilliant
green in deep stripes
aslant, shining as party
hats shine -- and the only
thing that out-shines is the
number upon its brim, twins
silver and sleek and proud of
history as digits can be:


To My Neopets: Another Year
By Autotune

today we come together
to commemorate the years;
the years gone by,
the years to come,
and the years of our lives.

today we come to celebrate;
we'll blow out the candles,
eat too much cake, and
smear frosting on our faces.
together we come to wait,

and together we remember
these joyful years on Neopia.
eleven years we've had each other,
and here's another year
that we'll belong together.

Happy... First Birthday?
By Lily2b18

This day
Year we
Have all
And so much has happened in that time.
We've saved the Wheels from despair,
And discovered new friends in Moltara.
We've challenged (and lost to) AAA,
And helped Kari get a needed vacation.
Tarla toured Neopia and we found her,
And the Lost Desert won the fifth Cup.
We battled some wraiths to save Neopia
And Mr. Coconut bid us a fair evening.
But as we remember all that's happened,
I feel as if we forgotten something... ARGH!
We've forgotten the second candle!

Blowing Out 11 Candles
By Bluelollipop_x

So finally the day is here,
the one we've all been waiting for.
So come on, and shout a cheer!
You'll remember this day for sure!

Neopets blowing up balloons,
lazing around in lagoons.
Baking cakes and sweets,
tasting the yummy treats.

Happy tunes are played,
sadness throughout the town will fade.
Confetti will be on the floor,
bright signs pinned up on everyone's door.

Celebration everywhere!
All through the day.
Neopets with smiles on their faces,
too busy cheering to watch the Poogle Races!

Cake is shared amongst us all,
the children playing Wingoball!
Such a lovely sunny day,
visitors are tempted to stay.

And after all this commotion,
just to end the night on a good note.
Fireworks fill the sky,
exploding right before our eyes!

We wish you a Happy Birthday!
Hip hip hooray!

Thank You, TNT!
By Pansyparkinson14

Happy Birthday, Neopets!
Is it that time of year again?
A time for celebrations,
And all sorts of fun mayhem?

This place might be one year older,
But certainly not a year less great,
What surprises does Neopets have in store?
I really cannot wait!

Falling goodie bags, perhaps?
And a special themebar for all,
More gameplays for everyone!
Maybe new items for the NC Mall?

And don't forget free training today!
For that's how Cap'n Threelegs celebrates.
Yes, the site has many surprises today,
Let's give TNT a "thanks," and not be ingrates!

But the best gift that TNT can give,
Is not prizes, more games, or cake (yum!)
It's that the site maintains its fun atmosphere,
For years and years to come!

Eleven Years of Neopets
By Calicolupe

Eleven years of history I shall tell
From Macy Grays to Stone Faeries
Each leading to more stories
Neverending, ever rolling.

Year One was the year of Borovan,
A year of beginnings and human pets,
A year of Sloth, Mystery Island, and Virtupets,
The age few of us are left to recall.

Year Two brought the destruction of Maraqua
And the changes making Acaras, Tatsus, and Kaus
Let us not forget the new art -- so much now!
And as popularity boomed with a mighty POW!

Year Three brought us Terror Mountain
Land of Chombies, earthquakes, and war.
Eyries and Kyrii erupted from their forms,
And Zafaras stood up to bare swords.

Year Four came with a mighty clash
Of Lost Desert, Meridell, and Darigan.
Brucey B's quest was overran
By the first multi-month war of Darigan.

Year Five brought us another plot.
So many now, our trophies reach a row,
Mystery Island's volcano erupts
And fire faeries dance in the snow.

Year Six was a year of peace,
Brightvale and Kreludor discovered at last,
But on real-life stores Neopets cast
A bright light that awoke our wallets as none past.

Year Seven awoke us anew,
Maraqua rebuilt, attacked, and restored.
Jazan saved his people, into his heart they poured,
And Geraptiku rediscovered once more.

Year Eight brought us Altador, Darkest Faerie, Cup,
Neovia and Shenkuu both woke us up,
To clothing pets and video games,
And an April Fool's Gnorbu becomes real again.

Year Nine brought us our first recurring quest
Of Hugo and Roxton in the Lost Isle,
A meteor crashes into Kreludor, but no one's riled
Poke it with a stick, and vanish will the pile!

Year Ten brought back Sloth, ever failing,
So much so this time that the plot never rose.
Our trophies are overflowing now --
There's no telling where our next story goes.

Year Eleven carried us into Moltara
Where lava pets and electrics return in force
From whence they vanished in Y2, of course,
And bugs are sought in every door.

Year Twelve curses faeries into stone
And makes us ponder over all we've known,
For each year of quiet brings two well-sown
With delights of brilliant gaming, world renown.

The Best Year Yet
By Kitteh_love_forever

The clock counts down --
Tick, tock; two, one.
Midnight comes,
And heralds the sun.

Anxious breaths held
In anticipation release.
Shouts and cheers exchange,
Thwart the night's peace.

As the sun does rise,
There's birthday cheer,
From Shenkuu to Maraqua,
Pets with grins from ear to ear!

There are streamers and hats,
and a gigantic, delicious cake!
There are hugs and laughs,
and many a present to take!

The sun does set,
Old friends part ways,
And exchange fond memories
Of past wonderful days.

Night settles softly
And heads are laid to rest
Throughout Neopia, a single thought:
"This year was the best."

A Song of Cheer
By Warzia

A match is struck,
burning the dark,
flickering amok,
an inspiring spark.

The flame is brought
down to a wick,
the wax is sought,
the fire flicks.

And in this action,
a chorus arises;
the treats are a distraction,
as the crowd awaits their prizes.

For cake, plates are choices,
as the candles burn spry;
the singing voices
carry out high:

"Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear Neopets,
Happy Birthday to you!"

Eleven Years of Fun
By Moni32g

Eleven years already?
Time flies when you are having fun, huh?
Happy Birthday, Neopets,
please, never change.

Back in Y1,
when Neo was born,
the first species were appearing,
the Fuzio, the Fleye, and the Badeek...

And the faeries?
No faces first?
Disco fever then?
How can we forget them?

And the drawings?
The Old Neopia?
Neopets is full of history,

So happy birthday, Neopets,
thanks for all,
from plots to April Fools' pranks,
for being with us for 11 years.

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