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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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On the Night of Hallows' Eve
By Dragonstorm_75

A whisper in the weeping eaves:
Chilling tongues of fear,
Tasting twisted moon-lit leaves --
Jagged, harsh, severe.

Footsteps part the sloshing mud,
Liquid earth grips strong;
A knock on wood, dulling thud,
Followed by silence -- long.

The doorway parts, Korbats scream,
Golden light floods post and lintel,
A hollow chuckle, an eye's sharp gleam,
Embraced by midnight's mantle.

A gasp of fear, the laughter echoes,
Bringing forth a gloved fist.
Like a flower, on the palm blossoms,
Little round candy and a liquorice twist.

The 'trick or treat' is spoken too late,
To a closing door and a moaning draft.
A shudder of fear, twisted, ornate,
Crawls up the spine like a ghostly raft.

Leaden feet continue their path,
For only the road does not deceive,
On this frosty, dark autumnal night,
Of an ancient Hallows' Eve.

Retain Your Wits, My Child
By Mamasimios

Thick as curtains part the clouds
Revealing a coral moon.
Indigo sky bejewelled with stars
Cushions the orb that rides the skies;
Kreludor, the spying eye.

On this night, this Halloween night,
Retain your wits, my child.

Traipsing through the Haunted Woods
Roots and branches hook and grasp.
Each tendril gnarled, like fingers bent,
A child so small is easily caught,
Take care to watch your steps!

Swamp gas fogs the night chartreuse.
Mind you, there be witches here.
Enchantment spreads the mental mists,
Leading children off the safe path,
Losing them to the clutching bog.

My child, heed my warnings well,
Yet fear not to make the trip.

For on this night, this Halloween night,
Every child will pass unharmed.
Each fright is meant for your delight
Tricks are purpose-made as a treat.

Beware of Halloween
By Anjie

Can you hear that in the wind?
Or was it just a dream?
"Beware the night that doth approach!"
The raging breeze does scream.
Do you see the bare boughs bend?
The moon that hides away?
It tells us darkness doth creep close,
And nightmares drift this way.

On evening held once every year,
Neopia grows dim.
As beasts and all things one avoids,
In shadowed evil swim.
They creep through paths, the Haunted Woods,
They dwell where good folk go.
Near Edna's Tower, windows lit,
They bask in sickly glow.

Dare you, young pet, venture out?
To knock on each small door?
'Trick or Treat, oh Trick or Treat!'
With laughter do you roar!
A treat is given, something sweet,
Small toy, maybe a game.
But do not knock in Haunted Woods,
You'll never be the same!

Some folk who shiver on this eve
Will tell of days of past,
When they did knock on Thade's own door,
Then fled back twice as fast!
"What I saw..." They tremble hard,
"Did make me fast retreat!"
They'll say no more, so knock yourself,
Step back, yell 'Trick or Treat!'

Into the Woods
By Lotusbutterfly

A cloudy night and darkened sky
Across the Haunted Woods may lie,
And those of faint heart now should leave
Upon this night of Hallows Eve.

The Brain Tree takes a well-earned rest
From setting cemetery tests,
And hungry still, the Esophagor
Ceases from requesting more.
While Edna in her tower tall
Looks down kindly on it all,
Her cauldron simmers gently low
As she ponders where else to go.

And yet brave pets may still return,
To see what goodies they can earn.
Quietly they tiptoe on,
With their masks and costumes on.
Onwards past the Gypsy Camp,
Though no one dares to light a lamp,
Looking for a quiet house
Whose occupants they'll try to rouse.

Past the darkened Haunted Faire,
where hangs a soft and eerie air,
A barrow full of tricks and treats
And apple-bobbing snacks to eat.
Through the Fairground, dusty dead,
Its Haunted House and coconut heads,
The grinning clowns that never frown,
However much you knock them down.

Then on into the murky woods,
Though now they tremble where they stood.
Meowclops yowls rent the air,
As one pet calls out, "Who goes there?"
They stand together huddled tight,
Looking left and looking right,
Listening for the tell-tale sounds
That seem to now be all around.

And through the thready mists of gloom,
The revellers await their doom.
Crunching leaves and padding feet,
Then someone yells out,

By Elizafe42

Dust forever lines these shelves,
How slow the candle burns.
Books that few have ever touched,
Their pages cease to turn.
It seems that no one lives here now,
This library, alone,
Though one remains to guard these books,
A being carved from stone.

He knows each book that can be seen,
The ones that can't, as well.
A statue, yes, but what he knows,
Is more than I could tell.
To sit all day in dust and gloom,
Stone Meowclops, where he dwells,
How lonely for Familiar,
To wait amongst these shelves.

Though minutes turn to hours,
And hours pass in flight,
He knows each week and every day,
Especially tonight.
He'll lure a visitor inside,
Lit by only candlelight,
Where they'll read a chilling tale
Of ghosts and ghastly wails,
And scream in terror as they leave,
While he laughs, this Hallows Eve.

Halloween Costumes
By Pansyparkinson14

As Halloween draws nearer still,
And the air chills while the trees grow bare,
Neopets of colours and sorts
Seek to find a proper costume to wear.

Neopets painted Halloween have it best,
For they're always geared for the special day;
They need not spend time looking for a costume,
Unlike pets painted Island or grey.

Zombie, ghost, and transparent pets
Are also equipped with a frightening look,
With their menacing stares and mannerisms,
They can always manage to spook.

But what about faerie, pink, or royal pets?
What can they be for Halloween?
Well, they can dress up as ghouls too --
But I think they prefer to dress up as faerie queens.

With paint brush clothes and Uni's Clothing Shop,
And with the help of a few things from the NC mall,
Halloween costumes can be found for any pet:
There is something that suits all!

Awaiting All Hallows' Eve
By Concertogreat_8

In the shadow of an empty night,
we wait,
mouths dry with thirst, bellies tight with hunger.

In the dubious shade of waning light,
we wait,
with bated breaths and pounding hearts.

Three times one hundred and sixty-four days,
We lurk in the backdrop, as shadows and wraiths,
awaiting our wakening.

Three times one hundred, and sixty-four days,
we exist as mere fragments, shades of pale grey,
dust by believing, dust by pure will.

All Hallows' Eve, and the night is alive,
split by the shrieks of the Neopet pups,
so alike in greed and the song in their blood,
of sugar and freedom and fear.

All Hallows' Eve, and the night is alive,
woke by our stirring, roused by our glee,
held conscious by belief, power of the mind,
as we stretch and yawn, and feel hunger's bite.

By Clockworkchildren

Halloween has crept up on us,
All candy, terror, and surprise,
Pumpkins everywhere you turn,
No escape from the hollow eyes.

All I can think at this time of year
Is that its time again to indulge
In a good old Pumpkin Pot Pie
And some Pumpkin Cookies on the side.

A Slimy Pumpkin Soup, perhaps?
With a steaming cup of Spiced Pumpkin Coffee.
A satisfactory meal indeed,
Especially with a Pack of Pumpkin Seeds.

My favourite snack on Halloween
Is a nice Candy Pumpkin Latte,
With a packet of Crispy Pumpkin Chips
And a Pumpkin Marshmallow thrown into the mix.

Pumpkins everywhere in the streets,
As the young ones go and trick-or-treat,
Dressed as scary, ghoulish creatures,
But to me the pumpkins are the main feature.

As I put up my Pumpkin Lights
And smooth on my Pumpkin Lip Gloss,
I look out the window and see glowing eyes,
Where in the streets the pumpkins lie.

The Witching Hour
By Beagums

The autumn leaves have left their trees;
The frost's begun to creep.
The tempting smell of apple pies
Wakes creatures from their sleep.

The Towered Witch has left her home
To harvest fruits aplenty.
You'll find not rue nor fennel there,
But Meepit flax, there's twenty.

The Shadow Usul creeps along
In this month more than ever
To claim the wayward walking souls
Who think themselves quite clever.

Meuka makes his presence known
When warm fast turns to cold.
His slimy hands spread sneeze and flu
From young to reach the old.

Count von Roo sleeps most of the day.
Try to wake him, should you choose.
Those who fancy themselves brave
Feign sleep, but often lose.

Hubrid Nox comes out to play
When moon doth reach the sky.
He plots his evil all the day,
Then takes the night to fly.

Then quick as month has settled in,
It leaves with quite the bang.
A day for monsters, ghouls, and ghosts,
Nails buffed and polished fang.

They spook, they scare, they trick and treat,
And roam the streets all night.
But once the dawn; that's it, they're gone!
With holiday bells in sight.

What You'll Find
By Autotune

have you been
to the Haunted Faire?
there's nothing that
you won't find there;
but what do I know?

what do I know
of the Haunted Faire?
there's nothing that
will find you there;
but how do you know?

and what to expect
of the Haunted Faire?
caramel apples. candy corn.
that can't be all, no;
but what do I know?

what do you know
of scares beyond compare?
what do we know
of the Haunted Faire?
oh, you'll know, once we

get there. please;
enjoy yourself at
the Haunted Faire. please;
don't let me find
you there.

Halloween Greed
By The_hoshi_pixi

Never venture into the Haunted Woods
On the night of Halloween
Where the forest grows cold
and dark, void of anything green.

I ventured one night into
the heart of these woods
in hopes to renew
my bank with expensive good.

Surely on a night like this,
in a place so haunted,
I'll find nothing amiss,
except treasure to be flaunted.

As the night grew darker,
I began to think what I wanted
as the night grew colder
and I continued undaunted.

I began to disbelieve it all.
"How could this be so scary?"
"Then you've just started," said a Grarrl.
I leapt around, being quite wary
of this creepy Neopet with a Cobrall
upon his shoulders, looking so merry.

"Who are you?", I asked suspiciously.
"Oh, no one of importance," he replied,
then added, "Are you looking for treasure?
Perhaps to fulfill your life's pleasures?"

"How did you know?!", I was taken aback.
"It happens every night this black,
some brave soul treasure-hunts
in these Haunted Woods. But to be blunt,
it is not that wise.
For you see, these trees have eyes."

"Eyes? You mean to see with?
That's silly, no plant has pupils!"
"I'm not lying, it's no myth --
these trees are cursed, they're evil."

I kept walking, that Grarrl was crazy.
"I'll tell you a riddle," the Grarrl spoke.
"Who is the one who is greedy and lazy,
who heeds no warnings, and evil provokes?"

What a stupid question.
I continued, acting my toughest,
then a thousand pairs of red gleams
burst through the foggy forest.

And then my spine felt icy
for I knew the answer,
and the answer was me.

Halloween Fright
By Corfolan

It's getting close to Halloween,
Spooky nights of thirteen.
The Haunted Woods are all in a flurry,
As ghosts and ghouls hurry and scurry.
Bob for an apple with a Gnorbu named Bart
And vote for the costume that is really art.
A shadow watches a wheel go round;
Pets get tricks or treats from doors they pound.

To compliment the season the faeries are all stone,
And only brave souls dare risk their own.
In Xandra's library you will seek,
For artefacts you might peek.
In a dark castle heroes wait,
To be released by a champion great.
In the library books to sort,
With a Yurble who doesn't belong at court.
Fight the spectres, win the war,
We'll conquer all with a roar,
Though after we might be a little sore!

Enjoy Halloween and the days before,
Because you never know what's in store.
Ghosts and ghouls, Kads and Korbats,
Have a blast with gummy (almost) rats.
Visit the Haunted Woods and Faerieland,
Because you could be the one to make the mend.


Halloween Is for Hunger!
By Pomaddict

Dressed as a ghost, a plushie, a clown?
On Halloween ask for food donations instead?
Not asking for treats should never bring you down.
"Today we should think of the hungry," he said.

Generous Neopians are asked to come out.
Please, on Halloween could you think of the needy?
We don't care what food, maybe a Snorkle Snout?
Oh, please, tell everyone to not be greedy.

This time of the year is when it's real cold,
Some aren't fortunate enough for a Neohome.
The Money Tree would not mind some gold.
After all it's Neopia where we all roam.

Think of the young ones who are sick of hunger,
Something even Flat-u-Less Tablets can't cure.
Time to help those Neopians who are younger.
We also take Vials of Water -- pure!

This Halloween let us make Neopian History!
The Money Tree will be overflowing with stuff.
To some it will be a marvellous mystery.
For others they know this project was tough.

The ghosts are going to help too,
Neopoints will come flying into the Money Tree.
Don't worry, today they won't say 'Boo!'
It's all going to be a great day, we all agree.

So needy Neopians out there, come to the Tree,
No need to worry, you'll see, you'll see.

Spooky Day
By Aldurswolf

The sun sinks down,
Beyond the hills.
Spooks creep out,
Ready to thrill.

It's that time of year;
For trick or treat.
When you can't be quite sure,
Who you will meet.

Magic and wizardry
Run rampant tonight.
So watch your back,
Or you're in for a fright.

Pets are dressed up,
As Sloth or Sophie.
Hoping to get,
A treat oh so tasty.

Going cottage to house,
And all else in between.
Saying as they go,
"Happy Halloween!"

Happy Halloween, Balthazar
By Selenial

I was flying through the forest.
Such a long trip, and my first.
Always, something seemed behind me.
My throat dried, though not with thirst.
How, of all times could a faerie
(And a faerie of the light)
Be lost here and be forced to tarry
Here at such a time of night?
I wish that I were somewhere hot,
Or in Shenkuu. If I could,
I'd be anywhere, but never,
Never in the Haunted Woods!

My net is ready, but I wait.
Patience will ensure success.
I'm getting tired and it's late.
One more faerie, then I'll rest.

It's not my imagination;
Something's here and it's not far!
A noise, a swish, and I'm imprisoned.
Help me, please, it's Balthazar!
Now I'll never find my way out;
Now I'll never get back home!
I might cry out, but this bottle
Cuts my voice to but a drone.

Upon us is the night and darkness,
When terror commands the mind.
But too much evil makes for starkness,
So just this once, I will be kind.

Where am I? I can't distinguish
Tree from tree from where I lie.
I might as well just relinquish
Soaring, flying, open sky.
But wait, what now? Where could we be?
Though it's very hard to tell,
Those lights look like the Money Tree,
And, yes, there is the Wishing Well!
Is this real? No, it can't be!
There's a pop. I stretch my wings.
Thanks to him, I'm home and happy.
Thanks to HIM, of all the things!

Wait, good sir, please take my blessing:
For your kindness on this night,
Now your heart, once dark, depressing,
Has been bathed in warmth and light.

By Aeronamous

Oh, the thirty-first,
The day when things are spooky,
I am panic-struck.

A savage fog covers the land;
Dark shadows start to dominate.
The full moon hovers above,
A land many cannot tolerate.

Trees with brains,
Holes with eyes.
Howls in the distance,
Everyone's in disguise.

Through the stone gates,
The streets I roam.
The place that Meepits
Call their home.

In the castle with green turrets,
A nasty brew is a-bubble,
Mortog stew, Poogle foot soup,
Double, double, toil and trouble.

Test Your Strength and Bagatelle --
SHHH! What's that sound?
Lighting atop Castle Nox
At the Deserted Fairground.

Aishas dance
Around the gypsy fire.
The lightning over yonder,
One octave higher.

Apple-bobbing, and a Wheel of terror
O'er at the Haunted Faire.
Costumed carnies and crabgrass
Are sure to create a scare!

The Haunted House and Eliv Thade,
In the land I dare not stay.
'Tis the 31st of Collecting
Every single day.

The night before Storing,
Filled with mischief and fear.
I'm sure glad the rest of Neopia
Celebrates but once a year!

By Moneymaker20022000

A full moon, a crack,
Did you hear a whisper?
We can't just head back,
In fact let's move quicker.

The grounds say deserted,
But there are screams up ahead.
Was somebody hurt?
What's that pile of red?

It's a mountain of apples,
With a crowd in a bunch.
I'm now slightly baffled,
As I hear a loud crunch.

A mysterious Gnorbu
Is eating a snack.
"Hey, next how 'bout you?
Yes, you in the back!"

Brought to a barrel
Filled with wet floating fruit.
"Here there's no mortal peril
Or old rotten boots.

"Just prizes aplenty,
So go on and dunk!"
A crowd of near twenty
Hears my head go ker-plunk.

I surface with ease,
Apple in tooth.
"What prize do you please
From my wondrous booth?"

I ask for his hat
And see his mood shift.
He goes to the back
And returns a bit miffed.

"Sorry, kid, we're out."
He says in a tone.
"Here, how about...
This. Now leave me alone."

It's a limp vegetable
That won't even crunch.
Well, this is regrettable,
So much for lunch.

His smile like new,
He returns to his snack.
"Hey, next how 'bout you?
Yes, you in the back!"

Gluttonous Halloween
By Carrotbreath

Halloween isn't about costumes and fun,
Nor about spooky stories and scares a ton;
What it's really about is yummy to eat:
The treats you receive,
When you knock on a door and say,
"Trick or Treat."

I plan to fill my bag by the night's end
And devouring the treats will I my time spend,
Because I've plotted out all the best places:
Brightvale, Maraqua, Faerieland,
And Meridell.
In these lands I'll visit all the famous faces.

*Knock, Knock*
I eagerly knocked away on Brightvale Castle,
I was mainly looking for something to eat.
With a smile on his face and a book in hand,
He happily said, "Knowledge is your treat."

*Knock, Knock*
The Hidden Tower was sure not to disappoint,
Fyora is wealthy and known to be kind.
And after a while of waiting I gave up.
Her being stone completely slipped my mind.

*Knock, Knock*
Now desperately I went to Maraqua,
Kelp would have something to offer, no doubt.
I was rudely greeted by a Scorchio who said,
"You either get a reservation, or get out!"

*Knock, Knock*
King Skarl was last on my list.
I was willing to settle for anything small
And I knocked away and asked for treats,
But it seems Skarl had eaten them all.

Woe to me and my greed,
I got nothing that I want, desire, or need!

The Grandly Spooky Night
By Tealnova_dragon and Philopoet

From the orange slices of a Pumpkin Carriage,
A file of dark figures descends.
Faces are shadowed in green,
Overhung by grotesque masks.
A shrill laugh and a stifled giggle.
If you, around the bend, peered
From about the safety of your home,
You'd shudder, quite scared,
Of these trooping black shadows.
For the sky is dark, fallen, ominous,
The tree leaves rustling
Like the growl of some wraith.
A quick gulp. Ground your fears!

The cobblestones are shiny, strangely so.
And as the figures glide over,
You can't help but wonder --
Are they each some ghostly spectre?
Complete with secrets of land locomotion?

Your home, you are proud to say,
Is the prize of the street.
Your pumpkins are ablaze --
Their smiles crookedly glowing.
Garlands of gold, red, orange,
Spiralling over the door
And weaving into the wooden windows.

And so, you aren't really that surprised when
The darkened creatures come near.

You huddle behind the door,
Ears perked to the noise.
A resounding "ding dong" --
Shooting all the way from
Your toes to rattle in your teeth.

Clenching a fistful of candles to your chest,
You conquer your fears and slide the door open...

Warm smiles are directed at you --
So different from the fantastic and bizarre attire.
A pumpkin basket is stuffed under your nose.

"Trick or Treat!"

You gulp, and offer up your sacrificial candy.
These spectres are appeased,
And move on to their next victim...
You close the door, slide down the wooden pane...
A wide grin splits your face. It almost hurts!
You press your nose to the window...
And wait for the next batch of costumed guests.

The Sealing of Eliv Thade
By Zammm2000

Eilv Tdahe, Eilv Tdahe,
Levae tihs plcae, tohu eivl sahde!
Tyh mnid si crkcaed, tyh bdoy gnoe,
Wyh deos tyh sipirt ligner on?

Tyh calste rtos, tis grnouds dceay
Wihle tohu oebsss abuot hte dya
Tyh sraevnt leookd tehe ni hte eeys
Adn ctu tyh eog dwon ot szie!

Tyh insantiy laeves em on chcoie
Btu sicnling tyh eivl vicoe!
Adn wtih tehse reclis I hvae boughrt
Utno tyh crpyt, tyh edn I'ev whorugt!

Wtih tyh griiomre I scbrie tihs vrese
oS taht tsi rdidle bnids tihs cruse
Ejnoy tihs puzlze wlihe ti mya lsat
oFr wehn ti edns, tyh tmie si psat.

Wtih tihs sorwd I ctu tyh teis
To tihs wolrd fo tyh diemse;
Tihs calste si no mroe tyh hmoe,
Ist hlals no lenogr thnie ot raom.

Tihs shleid I hlod ferfonds lal hutrs
Tohu cluod inlifct, lal hram avrets;
sA tyh tmie drwas ot na edn,
Tyh rgae on em tohu cnnaot snped.

Wtih tihs aluemt I abr tyh wya,
So foremroerve Benoyd thuo'll saty.
So nwo, sa dgihaylt bgnris the dwan,
I sael tehe wtih tihs wrod: BENGOE!

(Translation from Thade-ian Verse:)

Eliv Thade, Eliv Thade,
Leave this place, thou evil shade!
Thy mind is cracked, thy body gone,
Why does thy spirit linger on?

Thy castle rots, its grounds decay
While thou obsess about the day
Thy servant looked thee in the eyes
And cut thy ego down to size!

Thy insanity leaves me no choice
But silencing thy evil voice!
And with these relics I have brought
Unto thy crypt, thy end I've wrought!

With thy grimoire I scribe this verse,
So that its riddle binds this curse.
Enjoy this puzzle while it may last,
For when it ends, thy time is past.

With this sword I cut thy ties
To this world of thy demise;
This castle is no more thy home,
Its halls no longer thine to roam.

This shield I hold forfends all hurts
Thou could inflict, all harm averts;
As thy time draws to an end,
Thy rage on me thou cannot spend.

With this amulet I bar thy way,
So forevermore Beyond thou'll stay.
So now, as daylight brings the dawn,
I seal thee with this word: BEGONE!

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IMPORTANT - SUBMISSION POLICY! By uploading or otherwise submitting any materials to Neopets, you (and your parents) are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free in any manner we can think of forever throughout the universe. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work. Also, if you're under age 18, ALWAYS check with your parents before you submit anything to us!