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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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By Pringlz

Winging swiftly through the skies
Plumage perfect, not disguise.
Pteri caws resound about,
To the air they are devout.

Fluttering in morning air,
All exit from a cosy lair.
No one's slow as they leave,
Through chilly winds they gladly weave.

Flips and turns, dives abound,
Laughs at Neopets so land-bound.
Pteris make them stand in awe,
Daring tricks earn oohs and ahhs.

Though ruffled feathers need a brush
Thoughts of leaving in a rush --
Put them all in such a gloom;
It won't be later till they groom.

At last it's late and in they fly.
Pteris dream of morrow's sky;
Each sleeps soundly in its nest,
Happy to be feather-blessed.

So Take That Plunge
By _Razcalz_

My essence is of
air, as they say, and of flight
through this air --
but with the years of changing winds,
some such as I have
come to see...
that the impediment of
what element we fly is set in place
only by a veil of
lapping, lapping blue.

East to the coasts, and
further over the deeps of the seas;
then the names upon the
compass mean no more as
downward becomes
forward in the sense
of breaking
barriers into new worlds --

My beak touches
water first,
then my wings folded in dive;
my breath is held and
my eyes open,
and what wonder is the sea.

Nights over forests,
days on air --
and, on occasion, times when we
take that plunge into the
blue... Do we Pteris not fly
three skies as one?

Two Pterrible Pteris
By Mamasimios

Two Pterrible Pteris: one magma, one ice,
Two hearts opposed, rivals supposed,
Antipodal, yet when juxtaposed,
They are less different than alike.

One Pterrible Pteri, made of magma, lava, rock,
Deep fires burn, his insides churn,
Companionship is scorned and spurned,
He wears his flames to shield and block.

One Pterrible Pteri, made of crystals, frozen hard,
With glacial soul under his control,
He freezes out Neopia, whole,
He wears his feathers like icy shards.

The Pteris chance to meet one afternoon,
Each circumspect, a distance kept,
Each floats and flies on wings adept,
Each poised to fight if opportune.

Two Pteris ponder their counterpart:
What if they met? What would happen next?
Would one heart cool while the other melts?
Or would they simply come apart?

Two parting Pteris: one magma, one ice,
Take to the skies, to pterrorise,
Sneers mask the pain behind their eyes,
Two halves of one, forever spliced.

The Winners
By Dragonstorm_75

The wind is fast,
A storm of colours,
The hues of sunrise,
And fleeing colds of night.

They rise to fly,
A flurry of feathers,
The five Pteri racers,
What a proud sight!

Each Pteri leans,
Eyes glinting with fire,
Great hearts soaring,
On bright wings in flight.

One winner shall fly,
The others beside it,
Five happy racers,
Singing in the light.

The Golden Pteri
By Chaenda

Look up in the skies above!
Are you dreaming, perhaps?
Pinch yourself and make sure;
You may just collapse!

It's raining upon where you're standing,
But it's rain that looks quite gold.
You're getting richer little by little!
It's raining Neopoints, lo and behold!

Now what cloud is responsible for such a thing?
Is it a cloud, after all?
Or is there some greater being
Responsible for the golden rainfall?

You catch a glimpse of a golden creature
Soaring in the sky.
It watches you staring back at it
As it gives out a happy cry.

You immediately recognise who it is --
It's the Golden Pteri that you've heard about!
It's your lucky day today, you know --
So feel free to be happy and to shout!

For Pteri Day
By L0vely_u

'Tweet' goes the Pteri, one of those pets
who can fly and soar among the best.
Why, today is Pteri Day, and I must say
that there will be much celebration today!

For although Pteris are small, they are known
to have much pride that is not often shown,
but felt within. For they sincerely feel
that the strength of their breed is real.

Have you tried the Pteri featured games?
How about seen their plushies or key chains?
The Pteri is quite famous, this is true,
and there may be one waiting in the Pound for you.

Today you may clearly show your Pteri pride
that you Pteri owners feel deep inside.
Now spread the word so that Neopias may see
the good points and skills of the Pteri!

A Wintry Song
By Elizafe42

She sings as the snow falls,
In flakes so light,
A world of white,
That dust her wings of song.
It chimes throughout the village,
A voice so clear,
This music, dear,
That sweeps the snow along.

The merriest of Pteris,
With eyes so bright,
And wings of white,
Set in tan and coffee feathers.
Her cheeks are robin red,
The warmest heart,
The snow will part,
To hear her song again.

She's but a Christmas Pteri,
Not faerie, not cloud,
Nor royal, proud,
And though Christmas has yet to come,
Hers is the sweetest voice,
To make the skies rejoice,
And send more snow along.

Wings of Defence
By Poldon19

The sudden wind carries a shrieking cry
to warriors who wait, grim and set,
A few brave Pteris who fight and defend,
armed with weapons, courage, and hope.
They risk all so that all might not be lost.

With a call from the sky they descend,
three there are: red, blue, and green.
They ride the winds with a fiery wrath
laid upon their wings as a pyre of hope.
The flight is short and the enemy awaits,
this battle shall be quick in a flurry of fate.

The conflict now within the whirling winds
is fought with fierce vigour and a savagery
with deeds that few dare to repeat in song.
'Ere the daylight's end a hundred will fall
from the crimson sky above this ancient land.

Three streaks of feathers dance between
the many foes who cannot keep pace,
and the strikes come swift and precise.
The band of twilight fades into black night
and the now darkened sky is still alive
with the cries of the fallen and hope anew.

At last they must flee, two hundred fewer,
and the blazing fires are finally quenched.
A starlit night hangs over the broken valley
where three heroes shall long be celebrated
as the ones who turned the winds in the skies
above a world of fire and smoke and ash.

One small Pteri will never have the knowledge
or the comfort of the victory hard-earned,
nor see the youthful morning sun rise high,
nor feel a cool breeze flow across the plain.
Yet this end has not been reached in vain,
as any can bear witness to the rising cheer
which across deep canyons and wide plains
greets the blessed coming years of peace.

Pteri Flying Championship Contender
By Pansyparkinson14

A Pteri's look is deceiving:
Isn't he just so cute and round?
Who would guess that the little creatures
Could fly at such speeds that do astound!

Small and playful they may be,
But weak of heart they are not:
Determination, stamina, and strength too,
They have surely got.

In the Pteri Flying Championships,
Each Pteri looks as good as the rest:
Fleet of wing and sharp of mind,
The race is their ultimate test.

They fly at such accelerated speeds
Doing twirls and tricks -- all the while at ease,
They want to win, but show off too,
For they have a crowd to please.

And while only one Pteri shall truly win,
Snatching a victory from the others' claws,
Every Pteri competitor is impressive and great,
Deserving of much applause!

Shadow and Gold
By Calicolupe

Drift softly on wings of night's silence
Where melodies whisper on the wind
And discordant leaves rustle in the trees
While a shadowed bird caws from tombstone.

Aching wants and needs unfulfilled
To die seeking breath in thick air,
Air too thick for shadows,
Yet the shadowed bird remains, red of eye.

Reach for softness to find frailty
Of dried thorns long dead and gone
Thirst never slaked by a stream of dust
And the shadow's arrowed tail whips in expectation.

"Nevermore," the shadowed Pteri cries
As the last breath is drawn,
Impatient for his departure from the stone,
Only to sigh out as the sun breaks through the trees.

Night is eternally thwarted by day.

Dawn breaks in a flurry of gleaming feathers,
Replacing shadow with gold,
Restoring life and hope from death,
And the golden Pteri takes to the air on gilded wings.

Of a Hatchling Pteri
By Blumaroocrazy21

It's awfully dark,
there's not much sound,
is it me, or are the walls too round?

There's not much space,
not much to do,
how I got here? Not a clue.

It's plenty warm,
but just not right,
should I maybe start to fight?

I lean to the left,
and the walls roll too,
which way is up? What to do.

I stretch and claw,
I hear a crack,
is it light that breaks the black?

The air is fresh,
the dark walls crumble,
what is this world into which I stumble?

The horizon glows,
The sky sings,
shall I stretch these tiny wings?

These wings of mine,
these things of beauty,
the wings of a hatchling Pteri.

Pteri of Water
By Tealnova_dragon

One evening I walked the sands of the island beach.
The sand hot, the water cold, tingles.
The rolling crashes of the sea is mighty,
Flinging salty spray
And foam-flecked droplets.

The sea and sky meet in one
Long line of perfect azure.
Endless for as far as the eye could see.

I sat half-submerged,
Waiting for the display I knew was to come,
Anchored in the freezing water only by this thought.

Soon, though, the water seemed to still.
Like thickened glass, it pulled away, receding.
The pull of the sun and moon brought the tide back,
And with it, a moment of perfect silence.

The sun was setting too, casting a glow of warmth.

With a mighty, immense surge --
A figure shot from the silenced water!
One small, wriggling, and shimmering with scales!
It fell back into the sea as fast as eye could blink,
But in this moment of rare tranquillity,
When the water is flat --
More jumped from the water,
Flashing tails and bright colours!

These are the Pteris,
The Maraquan ones, to be precise.
How strange, you think, to see a creature of air
So at home in water!

The affinity for air is not lost, I notice.
For when the seas calm down,
The sky the right shade of blue,
The Pteris will jump,
And in a moment, they will hang suspended,
Caught between two worlds --
Before flying back into the sky of the ocean.

Fire Pteri
By Autotune

tonight we seize the sky
when all are asleep
and the wind sings
for no one else

tonight we take back
cold and dark itself
this lonely night with
an empty horizon

tonight we will shine
set the darkness ablaze
till the clouds are nothing
but feather and ember

tonight we catch fire
and the moon will wane
and the stars will fade
for how brightly we burn.

Persevering Pteri
By Carrotbreath

As a Pteri hatches into your arms,
You become engulfed with joy.
He wants to learn the world,
Very inquisitive but yet very coy.

Then comes that dreaded time,
Adventurous the Pteri begins to grow.
He desires to spread his wings,
But you just can't seem to let go.

Protest and deny plenty,
But his wishes you can't fight.
He stands brave on a tall tree,
And prepares for his first flight.

Dashes off and flaps his wings,
You look up above but don't see a thing.
Because on the ground he sits in shock,
Cringing with a badly broken wing.

You nurture him back to health,
And say flying no more.
But stubborn as he is he tries,
And wow. look at that Pteri soar.

The Tragic Duty of the Down-for-Maintenance Pteri
By Lacieskywalker

They gawk, they gape, their teeth do gnash,
As I soar overhead,
Against my barrier they crash
And ogle me with dread.

"Not today, my little friends!"
I squawk with a wry smirk.
"Please return when maintenance ends;
Go on, no need to lurk!"

They shriek, they sob, they stamp their feet,
And still I block the path:
"To let you in would be a cheat.
You shouldn't risk my wrath!"

Don't think that I enjoy my task,
To send you on your way.
I seldom in amusement bask
When I ruin your day.

You see, my job, it is so cruel,
A burden I must bear,
When I enforce my only rule:
To bar you from our lair.

Your luscious rage, delicious tears,
Ne'er fill me with glee.
Not once have I savoured your fears
While nesting in my tree.

And never have I chortled low
At Neopians who wept
On bended knee, with furrowed brow
Outside the gate I kept.

Now run along, the way is blocked --
Grinning? No, not I!
This tragedy I'd never mock
Or laugh and squawk: "Goodbye!"

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