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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Poogle Parade Special

How Alstaf Poogle Selects Poems
by frankie8492

Alstaf Poogle is the greatest poet bar none,
And has chosen all the winners since day one.
No one knows what he is looking for,
Because he never stated his criteria before.
Perhaps that makes the contest more fun.

For some people, it may come as a surprise,
That Alstaf doesn't care about the poem’s size,
Or whether one line rhymes with the next.
This may make them feel quite perplexed,
But he picks the ones that catch his eyes.

For Alstaf Poogle, the poems that are gold
Are the ones that are unique and break the mould.
Those poems stand out and make him chuckle,
So much so that his knees may buckle,
And that’s how he knows when he is sold.

A Very Festive Poogle
by darkhound45

There was a Poogle full of cheer.
She was also festive and did not care.
The Holiday season was simply the best!
She even wore her Holiday vest.

Not everyone felt quite the same.
They often thought she was very lame.
Over the years it became too much.
The Poogle started to get sad and such.

She decided to go for a quick walk.
She would just go quickly around the block.
She started to think about the season.
“Why don’t they get it? What is their reason?”

As she came back around towards her home,
She noticed a broken Poogle Gnome.
“What could have done this?!” she said with a roar.
Then she noticed the open door.

She quickly ran inside her house,
Thinking it might be a Tigermouse.
She then noticed her Holiday tree.
It was shaking and shaking like it had fleas.

Then it stopped as she saw a cute sight.
A Cougi was on top next to the light.
It seemed real cosy laying there.
Somehow it didn’t show any fear.

It quickly woke up and looked down at her,
As it showed its festive fir.
“Why don’t you come on down and sit right here?”
The two became friends and shared Holiday cheer.

Poogle Racing
by hectic_haley

If you're ever in Faerieland,
check out Poogle racing.
It's all the rage in Faerieland,
people come from far and wide to cheer their favourite Poogles.

One, two, three, four, five,
those are your options every race.
Do you pick your favourite?
Do you pick at random?

The Scorchio at the gate may offer some advice,
he hears the gossip on any sick Poogles.
You didn't hear it from me,
but number three has the itchy scratchies.

When the race begins,
cheer your Poogle to victory.
If you're feeling generous,
cheer all Poogles to victory.

Just remember that the next time you're in Faerieland,
make sure to check out Poogle racing.
It's all the rage,
and loads of fun.

The Poogle Apprentice
by therainbowsheep

Listen to the tale of the Poogle apprentice,
Who set out to achieve something quite momentous - 
He embarked on a dangerous quest,
Putting his magic to the test!

Hubrid Nox, evil to his core
Has caused chaos and struck once more!
He stole all of Neopia's heroes,
So villains chance of failure is zero.

But the Poogle apprentice is up to the task,
In victory, he will definitely bask!
Though at magic he is a mere beginner,
He is determined to be the winner.

Though there were times where he was scared,
He tackled every ghost, because he cared.
We should be proud of this magician,
For taking on such a big mission.

To escape, he teleports -
Freeing heroes and gaining support.
At enemies he waves his wand,
Causing them to abscond.

Ultimately, of course he succeeds,
And all our heroes are now free!

MSPPs Deserve a Chance
by ennyra

Most people think of Poogles as happy,
As most of them always are.
But sometimes you see one who is different,
You might think they aren't up to par.

The truth goes deeper than you think,
Like from far away they were sent.
Sometimes a Poogle is more than a Poogle,
Sometimes they're plain malevolent.

If you see one of these types,
You'll know right away.
They look like a plushie but a little bit off,
And their stares can change your whole day.

Take the time to get to know one,
They really aren't pure evil.
They can be loyal, funny, and entertaining,
As long as you remember they like darkness still.

They deserve to be celebrated today,
Along with their kinder counterparts.
Just try to keep it in check,
No glitter, confetti, or hearts.

Poogle Racing
by sportsagain

Gather round
Place your bets
Choose your Poogle
Who will be best?

Poogle 1 is the favourite
But Poogle 4 looks quick
Don't bet on Poogle 3;
That Poogle is sick!

Poogle 2 is just chilling
In its Tyrannian Hammock
Poogle 5 seems very

Poogle 3 is calling to me
I hope the judges do agree
And they are off; this should be on TV
The Poogles are sprinting as fast as can be!

Now it is the moment of truth
They are coming to the final turn
Will my bet pay off?
Some Neopoints earned?

My Own Poogle Parade
by lesslynope

For me the Poogle Parade is every day, 
just look at my Poogles, it’s quite clear!
So if you hear a resounding “Hip Hooray”
It might be all my Poogles giving a cheer!

I have many Poogles, I’m obsessed
If you count, there is nineteen in all,
in Poogles I’m more than blessed!
So here we go, a Poogle roll call!

Cinctures is disco: happy, carefree. 
Their style is retro, a real throwback.
A peaceful soul, they’re quick to agree, 
and even provoked, will never attack.

Liserty loves to garden, as she should.
She feels one with all that she grows,
after all, she’s completely made of wood!
Her green thumb thrives, in foliage shows.

Syiean’s overlooked, in a literal sense. 
Her brilliance quite often goes unseen.
Wait, apologies, I sound so dense!
She’s invisible! I wasn’t being mean.

Asuvula lives in a large wet swamp. 
Her friends are fireflies and a frog. 
Through the mud she loves to romp,  
She feels at home in midst of a bog.

Ceavo prefers the tundra, the cold. 
Fearlessly voyages in winter storm,
he braves the ice, a Poogle so bold.
Wearing furs to stay toasty, warm. 

Faeviun sneaks in shadows at night,
patrolling the streets, looking around. 
He's a protector, brings safety not fright.
Silent and stealthy, he makes no sound.

Crasula wears his heart on his sleeve
Literally transparent, all can be seen! 
Desert dweller, thriving in sunsets eve,
he’s named after the succulents green. 

Ferratuss lurks in the oceans deep
She’s only aggressive when pressed.
Amongst the kelp she lurks, creeps. 
The water is where she feels best.

Frozery once served Sloth in space, 
a former robot warrior who fled. 
Turned a new leaf, found a new place, 
He left behind the war and the dread.

Jawps is intimidating and wild, 
a mutant who appears ferocious.
Cross paths, you’ll leave beguiled, 
he was nice but sounded atrocious!

Jithi is covered in teal lovely marks, 
a maractite wonder, skin aglow.
Surrounded by bright magical sparks, 
a walking and brilliant light show!

Kydni herself is quite the enigma,
a faerie who can’t choose a side. 
If she wants to avoid a stigma, 
soon she will have to decide. 

Lizlas is chocolate, and aptly sweet. 
He embraces all the joys of life, 
thinks that each day is a treat.
Easygoing with almost no strife. 

Nohrea is Lizlas’ absolute best friend
Her candy exterior is shiny and hard, 
but she’s a softy to the very end. 
She’s loyal, to her friends a guard.

Pootly is the young, just a wee bae, 
The others adore him and babysit.
They teach him, but more often play, 
endless energy, he never wants to quit!

Shukita is mischievous, plain to see, 
His antics can cause either joy or woes
His smirk marks a prank, that ol’ MSPP
He’ll keep you up on your on toes!

Slipika looks preppy, but is a smarty.
Loves to debate, makes her voice heard.
Her thoughts on fandoms are hearty.
After all, she is quite the big nerd!

Wek is a Desert power of past times, 
Awakened now from a long sleep 
He seeks to right ancient crimes, 
What his enemies sow they will reap!

And certainly not least is the last,
Yomea is completely made of gelatin, 
She loves to dance, thinks it’s a blast!
Jiggling through jigs, she has no skeleton!

That’s the list, I’ve named every one. 
Though at times they’re demanding,
my big Poogle family is lots of fun
and may even soon be expanding!

Buster the (not so) Brute
by cpssgh1004

Deep in the depths of the dusty Tyrannian plain,
Lies the great oracle who waits in her obelisk and reigns.
Week after week a great battle wages,
In a prehistoric war that has been going for ages.

Amongst the brute squad is our favourite Poogle,
Who's wrath I hear is rather brutal.
But did you know he wasn't always engaged in battle,
Instead, in trumpet playing, he used to dabble.

The stone, starry or jelly trumpet and more,
He'd master 'em all to play any musical score.
When the coffee cafe moved, he was out of a gig.
Luckily Alhana spotted Buster, a Poogle so big. 

Despite being on the brutes, he's actually quite nice.
To hurt an opponent, he would truly first think twice.
Buster with a heart nearly as big as he,
Defends Neopia from all enemies.

So this Poogle Parade let us celebrate Buster,
A relic who dazzles in his gold armour luster.
With all the glee and trumpeting we can muster,
Let's see if we can get this gentle giant to fluster!

The Cutest Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Poogles are cute and lots of fun,
And everyone should have one.
They are often short and stubby,
And get quite round and chubby.

They come from places that are cold,
And have fur that's warm to hold.
Despite their looks, they can run,
And not just a bit, but a whole ton.

Poogles also like to climb and hike
And know how to ride a bike.
When tired, they fall in a heap,
And go straight to sleep.

Their favourite thing to do is hug,
And to cuddle together on a rug.
Don't wait to adopt a Poogle today,
So you can have one to play.

Happy Poogle Day!

The Skunk Poogle and her Flower
by roxanna203

It was a hot sun-a-blazing day,
All the flowers on the meadow,
Silently throwing a parade,
Loving the sun-bathe blow.

The scent from the sunflower,
Drew a particular Neopet close,
The aroma filled with sweet power,
A Skunk Poogle assumed a rose.

The Poogle drew its nose closer,
Its black and white colours contrast,
The yellow and brown looking older,
Bird's eye view meadow appearing vast.

The Skunk Poogle was in heaven,
Enjoying the aroma from nature,
Changing into many expressions,
She thought, "There's nothing greater!"

Funky Poogle
by i_lovee_icecream

As I was walking home the other night,
Walking past the NC Mall and its flashing lights;
A Usuki Dram Car pulled up to me and a Neopian said,
“Have you seen a Silver Poogle with a ribbon on his head?”

I thought to myself, “She must be a fool,
In this part of town, a Poogle could be anywhere, even at the Rainbow Pool.”
But she looked serious and so I said that I thought that I might have,
Because I was delirious, in dire need
of any old bills that she might have.

She opened the door and said to come in,
Offered me a Tchea Fruit from her stash.
I told her, “No thanks. My mother told me
Don't accept a thing from a stranger unless it's Neocash.”

She said, “Who are you not to surrender?
A poor kid like you aught to be thankful just being alive.”
And I thought, "Man, this is my lucky day."
That was until I thought I heard her say…
“Funky, Funky, Funky Poogle.”

The Realm of Alstaf Poogle
by precious_katuch14

Welcome to the Catacombs,
Alstaf Poogle's realm,
Of these verses and rhymes,
He is at the helm.

A consummate poet,
An appreciator of art.
When you're stumped on poems
He'll tell you where to start.

What rhymes with what?
He always has a reply.
And a word of advice
For frustrated sighs.

Years of experience,
Poetry books stacked high,
Alstaf truly is 
Quite a remarkable guy.

Brimming with inspiration,
A poem for every season,
To put pen to paper,
He always has a reason.

Welcome to the Catacombs,
For a special gallery today,
Alstaf Poogle presents his collection
For a glorious Poogle Day!

Wishing a Burlap Poogle
by annikkiadepp_

Will my poem be accepted
on this merry Poogle day?
Though rejection is to be expected
as I don’t seem to have much to say

I will narrate to you about that time
when I got the perfect lab zap
and without spending a dime
I got a Poogle, painted burlap. 

I made a mistake just now:
that colour doesn’t exist yet
I must have dreamt it somehow,
although it would be a nice colour to get.

So here’s my poem that’s more of a hint,
please TNT, give us what we want!

Not a Faerie Poogle, not an MSP
but a Burlap one - this is my plea.

Hope you’ll consider my request,
because Burlap Poogles are truly the best!

The Poogle Duo
by andrehmf98

Poogles are joyous species
Trotting around in daylight
But there is a duo that will
Fill you to the core with fright

One of them is a plushie
While some are red or blue
This one is Malevolent
Even sentient, mind you!

The other is a Mutant
With fearsome eyes
For they glow in hues
Revealing their guise

Both Poogles know it well
They are more than it seems
Shoud you give them a chance
You will see how they gleam!

The Plushie hugs like no other
Such a soft, sweet embrace
Why would anyone run away
Of such a lovely face?

The Mutant brightens the mood
Of any room they are inside
A personality so marvellous
Why would anyone hide?

So you shouldn't be alarmed
In frightening Neopia nights
When you meet a Poogle Duo
That you fill you with delight!

Poogle Day: Poogle Racing
by snape___

Roll up, roll up,
Place your bet.
Don't miss your chance,
The odds have been set.

It’s Poogle Day,
A day at the races,
You can see the excitement
On all Poogles’ faces.

Who will win today?
Poogle one, two or three?
Place your bets, Neopians,
And then we shall see!

With the blow of a whistle,
The racing begins,
Off charge the Poogles…
The fastest will win!

Poogle one takes the lead,
Poogle four is quite slow,
But all this could change,
You simply never know…

Poogle five tries his best,
But he’s a chubby little guy,
Poogle two overtakes three,
As number five gives a sigh!

Poogle three speeds up,
Poogle two is less bold….
Poogle one is still winning,
He’s going to take gold.

All of the Poogles,
Are doing just fine,
But Poogle one is the first
To cross the finish line.

The spectators cheer,
“Yay!” And then “Nay!”
As they watch this charade…
For it’s Poogle Day!

The Yellow Poogle Kite: A Bright Companion
by _brainchild_

The Yellow Poogle Kite is grand---
It soars with grace above the land!
I have to buy one, though it's rare.
It sure will garner many stares!

The eyes are precious, oh so sweet!
They really are an awesome treat.
The smile is cheery, raising moods
In angry people sure to brood.

The hue is lovely, very bright,
Resembling warm and soothing light
Of sunshine. Ribbons flow and glimmer,
Light bestowing gorgeous shimmer.

This amazing toy will be
A friend of mine. Most certain glee
Is what I'll feel once I have found
This gem, which is a choice so sound.

Poogle Races
by theguy2020

Poogle races are quite exiting,
Running is a lot better than fighting,
You can bet on the most promising Poogle,
Don't even need a lot - you can be frugal!

The races are quite quick and short,
An athletic gathering of some sort,
Some say its more entertaining than the Altador Cup,
So go on ahead and cheer on your favourite pup!

These Poogles really need your support,
Poogle 1 is the favourite according to a detailed report,
However it is still uncertain who will win,
Poogle 3 looks confident with his big grin!

You can feed a Poogle to help it go faster,
It may even help them win and become a master,
These raced will likely have you addicted,
You'll for sure keep trying and hope it goes as you predicted!

Poogle Day Parade: By Alstaff Poogle
by honorrolle

No need to Poogle ideas today, 
Sir Alstaff Poogle is here, hooray!

I’m happy to give you an idea for glee, 
To celebrate Poogle Parade, jamboree!

We’re off to the races both figurative and literal,
With fun today, we will be most liberal. 

Who will you choose, five, four, three, two, one?
Will you feed it Meerca Cinnamon Bun? 

Today Poogle Races are extra intense, 
Neopians waving bet slips over race fence!

Routing for Poogle number four, 
Cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer - you roar!

Barbats! Poogle two is the victor this race, 
No Poogle Day victory in your trophy case. 

The race is completed, our rhyme is all done, 
Poogle Day fun run, under the sun.

Merry Poogle Parade
by x_hollisterjuicy

Oh, what a glorious day,
Today there is a Poogle Parade!
Poogles of Faerie, Pink, and Plush, 
Saunter through town, 
Each in a rush.

Poogles of Jelly, Chocolate, and Snow, 
All take their places and watch the crowd grow.
Spectators line the sides of the streets,
While shopkeepers cry out, 
“Get your keepsakes and treats!”

More performers file in,
Robot, Desert, Woodland, and Grey.
It’s nearly time to begin the big day!
The buzz of anticipation turns to a dull roar,
The Grand Marshal checks the list,
“Just a few more!”

The last Poogles shuffle in,
Royal, Mutant, Baby, and MSP.
Strike up the band,
We march on the count of three!

The procession lurches forward,
The time to celebrate is here!
Shining confetti fills the air,
Followed by music and loud cheers.

March on, Proud Poogles,
 And let them hear your shout,
“Our parade and making merry are what Poogle Day’s about!”

Poogle Race
by melncholy

Welcome to the races, friend
Poogle Racing's done in fives
The Poogles run, the fans all cheer
so keep your eyes alive

Sit down, stand up, have a look
at this Poogle race of speed
My money's on that number one
He's bound to keep the lead

If you think that number two
is fast enough to win
Take your hard-earned Neopoints
and throw 'em in the bin

Number three's all well and good
If you didn't want to eat
Put your 'points on number four
Don't bother keeping the receipt

Poogle number five, you say?
He's overweight and sluggish
He couldn't beat a Starry Slorg
Just absolutely rubbish

There they go now, 'round the bend!
Be fast, be swift... Oh, no!
My precious Poogle number one
has stubbed his Poogle toe :-(

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