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Neopets Poems

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Annual Gormball Championships Special

How to Play Gormball
by annikkiadepp_

Gormball is a competitive sort of game,
winning the championship will bring you fame.

You will be able to win a cup,
if the ball in your hands doesn’t blow up

You can throw the ball in a few minutes,
to bring its durability to its limits

If it explodes in your hands,
it will ruin all your victory plans 

If one of your enemies is hit, 
they will be forced to quit

The last two contenders standing,
will surely be the most outstanding

As the ball chooses its prey, 
the last one standing will win the game.

Stay Dry!
by ennyra

Gormball is a fun game,
It's very easy to play.
There's only one goal,
Keep the water away!

Take your turns,
Passing the ball around.
Pick the time you want to hold,
Let's see what you have found.

If you're lucky,
You get to stay dry.
It gets harder and harder,
As the seconds tick by.

You never know what will happen,
And that's what makes it fun.
The water can be cold though,
So make sure to play under the sun.

Why not give it a try?
Grab some friends and let's go!
Today is the Gormball Comp,
So circle up and throw!

Gormball Time
by therainbowsheep

The Annual Gormball Championship is here,
Join us on the field with all your gear!
This game is a classic, a true gem
So come join the chaos and mayhem.

Two parts hot potato, move fast
The key to this game is the speed of your pass.
One part water balloon fight, beware!
When the ball bursts, it causes quite a scare.

First, the pink Gormball is tossed,
If you get out early, not much is lost.
The early bonuses are small, slow to grow
But wait till the electric and fire balls show.

Before you know it, your passes are bold,
Winning means you'll take the gold!
A five second hold, you have no fear
And all the fans begin to cheer!

Remember today, your points are doubled,
So go all out - it's worth the trouble!
May Lady Luck forever be in your favour,
And grant you a sweet victory to savour!

Gormball Time!
by kellyclark1115

Thyassa, Brian, Zargrold, 
Kevin, Gargarox, Ursula,
Who will represent you
in the Gormball Championship?

Or perhaps Farvin III, 
with his six ears always listening,
Or maybe Ember the fire faerie,
will she win yet again?

2, 3, 4, 5,
Carefully count the seconds.
Don't let the Gormball explode,
especially not anywhere near you!

5, 4, 3, 2
Test your luck,
Test your skills,
Test your patience.

The time has come,
Pass, throw, hold, pop!
Who will be the last one
standing dry and unscathed?

Gormball- Year 2-10
by honorrolle

Oh so very devious, Brian causing scandal,
Disqualified, rigged ball, did Brian handle. 
Twitchy eyebrows gave away the fated cheat, 
Thyassa proved once again, she can’t be beat. 

Year three was not quite so dramatic, 
Thyassa’s practised grit systematic, 
Closely sneaking by Farvin III, 
Winning title remained untransferred.

Coming from behind in year four, 
Ursula’s year was anything but bore,
Practice makes perfect is the Usul’s motto,
Celebrating her win with a big ole’ chokato.

Dividing fans both near and far, 
Brian Scorchio played like a star,
Winning hearts and taking names, 
Finally winning against no claims. 

Year six was a doozy that’s for sure, 
Thyassa championship did she secure,
Runner up Kevin, a promising player, 
Quickly came to be known as the Gormball slayer.

Seven was a first for faerie’s all around, 
When Ember of the flame won the Gormball crown,
Her victory was fiery, consuming and a blaze,
Faerieland talked of her first win for days. 

Relaxing into her skills, the fire faerie brought the heat, 
Her competition quickly found she couldn’t have been beat,
Ember’s zen-like calm made Ursula lose her cool,
Burning bright, her championship seemed the fire would not lose fuel.

Farvin III’s year nine showed victory at last, 
So so many times had the championship barely passed,
Overtime and strange space accidents occured, 
The Ailen Aisha bested Ember, first place secured. 

Maniacal Dr. Sloth subbing in for Kevin surprised all, 
Such a coincidence, simply cannot be small,
Perfect game of Gormball, no one has seen since year ten,
Also, no one would even question the dastardly villain again.

Ember the Fire Faerie from Gormball
by roxanna203

Others said she was crazy to join,
Water and fire do NOT conjoin,
But she was interested watching the players,
Getting covered in mud, water, all the layers!

Ember the Fire Faerie went to practice,
Her first one and she was not distracted,
Game face on, she was ready to play,
She stretched and conditioned for today.

Ursula, a veteran, smirked at Ember,
She knew she was a target, she remembered,
Ursula smirked right before she threw,
Ember braced herself to prevent being blue!

As suspected, Ursula beamed the ball,
Ember caught it, standing very tall,
Did a small victory dance before passing,
She loved this game, this was smashing!

A Storied History of Gormball
by hectic_haley

Challengers come from far and wide to play this storied game.
The Gormball is tossed from player to player,
until one is left standing.
How is there any storied history, you ask?

The inaugural championship was scandal-ridden,
Brian was the winner, yet later disqualified.
He brought a rigged ball,
and Thyassa was declared winner.

In year 5 Brian redeemed himself but it wasn't without controversy.
There were two camps of spectators.
Those who believed he played fair and square,
and those who thought he improved his poker face.

Dr. Sloth made an appearance in year 10,
and he took the Championship while bringing many players to tears.
More controversy came in year 13,
as Brian's win was yet again disqualified.

It was another rigged ball that plagued year 13,
and resulted in Kevin's first Gormball gold.
In years 17 and 18 there was so much cheating,
the committee opted to not post scores.

Things have been calm since,
but this popular game has a storied history.
Will this year bring fairness,
or is Brian due for a disqualification again?

Play Gormball!
by theguy2020

Gormball is one of Neopias toughest sports,
You might get wet so bring an extra pair of shorts,
Play the game by sitting around other players,
Hope that it doesn’t explode on you so say your prayers!

You can hold the ball for a couple seconds,
However don’t wait too long or it may turn on you and become the deadliest weapon,
Your job is to be the last Neopian standing,
You’ll need to make sure all over you the ball doesn’t go landing!

While playing you can win many prizes,
They come in different shapes and sizes,
More of an incentive for you to start and play a game today,
Don’t wait - no need for any more delay! 

Many Neopians find this game fun,
If you haven’t tried yet it may be your new favourite one,
The annual championships are only once a year,
Keep practising though and before you know it the next one will be near!

A Lenny's Gormball Dream
by darkhound45

Many loud cheers filled her head,
As Lilly the Lenny got out of her bed.
She was very excited about this day,
Because of the event that many would play.

It was the Annual Gormball Championship.
She wished she could go on this exciting trip.
Every year she missed this game,
With all the players seeking their fame.

Posters and pictures filled her walls,
Of all the players, big and small.
She loved the game with all her heart. 
The movements of players were a work of art.

She would always settle to watch on TV.
Wishing to be there in person would she.
Suddenly there was a knock at her door,
So she scuttled forward across the floor.

As she opened the door she let out a shriek,
As the colour of blush filled her cheeks.
Standing in front of her was a great sight.
It was Brian the Scorchio. "What a delight!"

"What are you doing here," the Lenny asked.
Brian said, "I'm in need of a task."
The Scorchio motioned to his leg.
He seemed in pain as he started to beg.

He needed some ointment to relieve the pain.
"If I don't get help, it will be in vain.
I can't compete with it looking like this, 
So will you help and bring me bliss?"

It seemed very obvious that she needed to help,
So she began to care for the whelp.
She put on some ointment and wrapped it up.
Then she went and filled a water cup.

"You seem stressed so take a drink.
You will be fixed up before you can blink."
Brian was happy for all Lilly knew.
The Scorchio knew what he had to do.

"I noticed the posters. You're quite the fan,
So I just came up with the perfect plan!"
The Scorchio held out his left red hand.
There was a ticket but not for a band.

The ticket was for the Championship!
She couldn't believe the amazing trip!
"You are caring of others which is a great thing,
So take this ticket and decide what to bring."

Lilly quickly packed her all of her bags.
She was very thankful and refused to brag.
The two of them flew with nothing at stake.
Lilly was happy she was finally getting a break.

And The Champion Is...
by andrehmf98

Eight contestants, a title to be earned
Boom! Splash! Pass the ball!
Now only seven remain
Who will be the champion of Gormball?

And the ball splahes again, six!
Three seconds, it's all it takes
Bursting in a stream of cold water
Making them five, catching no breaks

Soon enough, they were four
Watch out, by the tree!
For there the ball exploded
Making them only three!

It didn't take too long
For the ball to explode again
Now out of three,
Only two remain!

Swish, swosh, the ball goes far
One way and the other, but...
Midway, the ball explodes!
Both of them taking the cut!

Now that's a sight
We don't see every day
There is no champion!
It's no one this year, nay!

Neopia's Top Gormball Players
by cpssgh1004

Brian the Scorchio
I've heard he likes to cheat
Maybe it's because he's a scorpio?
Either way he loves to compete

Ember the Fire Faerie
Was mocked by her peers for this hobby
She tosses the ball with her touch light and airy
The other faeries were just really snobby

Farvin III the Alien Aisha
Got tired of running the vending machine
After quitting and causing much hoopla
This Aisha now plays Gormball awfully keen

Gargarox Isafuhlarg the Giant Grundo
Who is known for his gourmet food nutrient pills
Neopians flock to see him front row
As he plays Gormball with mad skills

Kevin the Korbat
In his cute blue overalls
I heard he can be a bit of a brat
He doesn't even know all the different types of Gormballs

Thyassa the Chia
Ranked number one in the world
Between rounds he likes to eat a whole wheat tortilla
You don't want to receive a Gormball he's hurled

Ursula the Usul
Who has been training the last six years
Her fans have since quadrupled
And she is fuelled by their cheers

Zargold the COOL Grundo
His black sunglasses a vibe
How long he'll hold the ball? It's hard to know
His fashion sense is hard to describe

The Gormball Champion
by bittersweet52

For six years this Usul, she trained alone
high in the mountains where none else dare roam
for fear of beasts both large and small
and the unfeeling weather on top of it all.

Through snow and sleet, the icy and wet
she learned of the element and all its depths.
For of what else do you think a Gormball is made
but water? This lesson she deftly slayed.

And now in this contest, this game of wits
(although it may help to be physically fit)
she's ready and waiting to face her next foe;
counting the seconds and letting time flow.

So go for that Gormball if you so dare.
Watch carefully as it takes to the air.
Don't be surprised as it turns somehow to Steel
although it may seem completely unreal.

For Ursula knows the tricks of the trade
from hours of attention meticulously paid
as she climbed to the pinnacle of all that we know
to earn the title of Champion we now shall bestow.

Sweet Gormball Gumballs: Splendid Flavours and Patterns
by _brainchild_

These Gormball gumballs are so great!
They're my obsession as of late.
The flavours are quite wonderful;
Appearance is so mystical.

From peppermint, fresh to no end,
To sweetness in a fruity blend,
I really love these tasty treats.
They surely are a joy to eat!

The patterns are eclectic, too.
Cute flowers of such dainty hues,
When paired with pink, are really grand,
The finest blooms in all the land.

So, if your sweet tooth craves some more,
These gumballs will not be a bore.
Try one today---you'll be impressed.
In my opinion, they're the best.

Thyassa’s Big Win
by actiontal

Gormballs pass without a sound 
Off to the right, avoid the ground! 
Ember’s turn, a heated pass
Will it move without a splash?
Zargold catches and holds on tight
On to Ursula who tries with all her might
It explodes in her face wetting the ground
Now to Kevin to pick up what he found 
Five seconds, then to Thyassa it sails 
Brian catches it, balancing on his tail 
It explodes on Brian, but have no fear! 
Gargarox knows how to work this gorm-sphere
Farvin III from space, catches with glee
And ends up splashed, mysteriously 
Ember side eyes Zargold with care
She waits two seconds - Landing? Fair. 
Steel gormball bonus! Kevin loses points
Thyassa pushes the steel with all of her joints
It explodes on Gargarox, on his fork and spoon
He didn’t expect to be defeated so soon!
Ember, then Zargold, then Kevin go out
Leaving Thyassa, the Purple Chia to shout 
Slushies for all as they celebrate this victory.

Gormball Equipment
by indulgences

It’s Gormball season, everyone!
The sport is underway!
It really is the coolest game
Our Neopets will play!

There does exist a set of gear
That our pets need to wear.
It helps our Neopets to win,
And play the game with flair!

The Jersey is a sunny hue
Of yellow, trimmed with blue.
It’s made of fabric waterproof,
That cannot be soaked through!

The Mask is made of plastic, with
A tight elastic band.
It guards against exploding balls,
For splashes quite unplanned!

The Gloves are snug upon the hands,
With fabric that grips tight.
It will not drop a Gormball, to
Our Neopets’ delight!

And finally, the Knee Guards are
A padded piece of gear.
They quite protect our Neopets,
And fill our pets with cheer!

So these are all the crucial things
Our Neopets will need
To play the Gormball game this year.
They’re ready to succeed!

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