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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Neopets Birthday Special

A Magical Birthday
by roxanna203

A birthday comes once a year,
Celebrating the beginning of life,
Neopets has a special occasion, 
For it brought light to many lives. 

Neopians from around the globe gather,
Thanking Neopets, the faeries, games,
For the joy we never expected to find,
In a wonderous place creating memories. 

For 23 years, so many lives changed, 
Many families created with different pets,
That we never imagined even possible, 
All due to the birth of one special place. 

We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
For the joy and magic we experience daily,
May there be many birthdays for years to come!

Which Birthday Cake?
by precious_katuch14

Happy birthday, Neopia!
It's time for us to take
A hefty, frosted slice
Of birthday cake!

Will it be 13th birthday cake
With stars climbing atop?
Or the 16th birthday cake
Whose chocolate drips and drops?

The 10th birthday cake is classic,
With fondant and a bright yellow ten,
But did you know that once,
A birthday cake was baked by Illusen?

Do you want a mini birthday cake?
Or a Giant Slice of Neopets Birthday Cake?
There's just so many to choose from,
I think I need a break.

All the sprinkles and icing,
Candles and candy galore,
'Tis truly the season
For the cakes we adore.

But I saved a classic cake
Tucked away in the Safety Deposit.
A Large Slice of Neopets 5th Birthday Cake,
Hopefully still good to eat!

Here’s to Another Birthday!
by darkhound45

Neopets’ birthday is here again!
It’s time to celebrate another win!
I remember playing ages ago.
The site was very young I know.

I was younger as well but then got bored,
So I moved on and pulled the cord.
Many years later I saw an add.
I wanted to come back pretty bad.

I plugged in the cord and pulled up the site.
I couldn’t turn away with all my might.
So much changed, the fun wouldn’t end.
I even made many new friends.

So every year at about this time,
I celebrate their birthday and return of mine.
Thank you Neopets for not being a bore.
Here’s to celebrating many more!

A Neopets Cheer
by fizztop

Neopians everywhere celebrate with a cheer,
A twenty-third birthday party full of delight, 
In case you hadn’t heard it’s a big day around here, 
So this is your formal invite!

The Breadmaster’s Bakery has treats galore, 
In all different flavours for today’s celebration,
A vanilla frosted or chocolate glazed as you walk through the door,
There are so many delightful creations!

Balloons and piñatas make Neopians wild, 
Neopia’s Toy Shop has much variation,
It will definitely bring out your inner child, 
Why not take your chances with a goodie bag for added elation!

For something different why not go off and explore,
Whether it be Shenkuu’s bright lights, 
Roo Island’s parades or Faerieland’s magical splendour, 
Celebrate all across Neopia with the most beautiful of sights!

After a day well spent celebrating one more year,
The memories made and the moments treasured,
Let us all have one last loud cheer,
For twenty-three years of love of Neopets goes unmeasured.

Happy 23rd Birthday Neopets!
by kellyclark1115

Grab the confetti,
grab the sprinkles!
Add sparkles here and there,
til everything sparkles!

This special day comes once a year,
Neopets is turning twenty three.
Everyone is celebrating,
everywhere you can see!

Even the birthday Petpets are outside,
say hi to the Birthday Babaa!
Here comes the little Birthday Kadoatie,
with this year's goodie bag in its paw!

Huddle around let's open it,
what's in this years bag?
Just kidding, you can't see yet!
I really want to see, darn, what a drag. 

It's time for cake though!
Is it vanilla or chocolate?
Ooh! I'd love a slice of it,
not too much please, just a bit!

Turning 23
by i_lovee_icecream

Some might say,
“Nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three”.
But if you ask me,
I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Neopets has gotten me,
Through so many seasons of my life.
From being a kid to a teen and now to a wife,
Neopets has brought me glee.

Turning twenty-three,
Should be worn like a badge of honour.
So many players have become marathoners!
And that doesn’t exclude me.

Neopets, this is an ode so true:
Happy 23rd birthday, old friend.
From our heart, love we send.
We wouldn’t be who we are without you.

Neopia is Twenty Three!
by honorrolle

Free lunch from the soup faerie,
Or buttercream icing from the dairy, 
The birthday site theme on the sidebar, 
Or the HBD avatar, 

Neopian birthdays are sure to wow, 
But, it’s okay, don’t have a Kau,
Take a spin on the most exciting wheel, 
See the Cap’ and train in his spiel.

Scores galore and additional points, 
Treasure of the Pawkeet never disappoints,
More tickets for a Tyrannian show, 
A new toy goody bag to tow!

Lots of exciting new Neopian gifts, 
TNT working overtime shifts, 
Not to mention Neocash, 
Seals the deal, completes the bash. 

Neopia is twenty three!
Can’t wait for the jubilee!
Balloons, confetti, and especially cake, 
Missing this party would be a mistake!

My Life on Neopets
by ayakae

I was 10 when I started playing Neopets
To a kid like me, it was so much fun!
Little did I know that my life on this website
Had really only just begun

For at 13, I discovered the Neoboards
On there I met so many new friends
All day did I talk and chat and blabber
New things to talk about to no end!

And then at 16, I started feeding Kads
Feeding those brats brought me much glee
It was the thrill of feeding before everyone else
The Kadoatery was where you’d find me!

Sadly, at 20, I tried to quit Neopets
Real life had just taken much of my attention
Between school and friends and work,
I just had too many stresses to mention!

Then at 23, I came back a better woman
Fresh out of college with not much fun to do
I needed some relief, I needed a safe space
Oh, Neopets, I knew I’d come back to you

And now here I am at 26, still on Neopets
Somehow, to this website I always come home
From happy moments to sad moments,
This site has been with me for every milestone

Today, as Neopets turns another year older
I look back at how it has been with me every day
I look forward to spending more years with you,
To Neopets, I wish you a very happy birthday!

A Day Like No Other
by _cherry_kisses_

It’s finally, here; we’ve been watching the clock
as its hands move slowly—tick tock, tick tock.

Time to blow up balloons and call our Neofriends.
Quick! Before all the festivities end! 

We’ll all be awake as soon as the golden sun rises
to open our goodie bags full of sweet surprises.

We’ll laugh as we spot a Kadoatie or two
all covered in frosting and bright sprinkles too.

You might find a Meepit or Hasee in a cupcake.
Don’t forget we have dozens of cookies to bake!

We’ll dance and eat cake and throw confetti about.
We’ll light the candle on each Birthday Snorkle snout.

There will be piles of presents, mountains of bows.
A Neopets birthday is like no other—everyone knows.

We’ll all sing together at the top of our lungs.
This celebration is always way too much fun.

So come and join us all filled with glee
because today Neopets turns twenty-three!

Festive Birthday Petpets
by therainbowsheep

Birthday cheer in the air,
Celebration everywhere!
When November 15th rolls around,
Neopets takes the birthday crown.

Festive Petpets take to the streets,
Passing out sugary treats.
These sweet little friends love to bake,
So today we celebrate with tons of cake!

In fact, these Petpets are fully decked out,
Lots of frosting and sprinkles, there is no doubt.
In cupcake liners, Warfs and Meepits nestle,
Celebrating this joyous day from their vessel.

Iclesaurs and Flowpers favour the party horn,
To party with cheer is why they were born.
Streamers for the Slorgs and Doglefox,
And of confetti and candles there is big talk.

Together these Petpets come together to shout,
What Neopets birthday is all about!
Join them in their merriment and cheer,
As we come together to honour another great year.

by hunni_bun_137

Today we celebrate
We look back on the years
Every pet created
Neofriends made
Trades and auctions won
Yes, so many things to remember
The first guild we joined
How excited we were at our first pet trade
Random events that left us laughing
Every day we still log on for dailies
Every year we remember!

Birthday Goodie Bags!
by theguy2020

Birthday goodie bags are fun for all,
There are even ones that can be found in the NC mall,
The ones from the mall usually contain a nice wearable,
Try not to miss it as that would be terrible!

Other birthday goodie bags can stock in the toy shop,
Everyone will be excited for the new ones to drop,
Neopians will be standing in line,
Getting the first few is more exciting than finding a gold mine!

New bags are released in the toy shop every year,
The next one is arriving soon and is already near,
Usually stocked with lots of cool stuff,
I guarantee you this is not a bluff! 

Last year's bag had an exclusive stamp,
A must have for any stamp collecting champ,
Neopians are always excited for the new Petpets that are sure to be exciting,
Be on line quick as everyone who wants one may start fighting!

Happy Birthday Neopets!
by ennyra

It might feel a little different,
When you wake up today.
You'll probably see balloons and cake,
And hear everyone shouting HOORAY!

Today is the big day,
Neopets turns 23!
There's no better way to celebrate,
Than to jump, play, and run free.

We've all been here through the years,
For all the games, news, and fun.
Now it's time to let them know,
All of our hearts, Neo has won!

We can't wait to see what happens,
For many years to come.
If we could give Neopets a trophy,
It would for sure be platinum!

Neopets has been our escape,
From good times to bad.
Our childhoods are on this site,
And there are more memories to be had.

Happy Birthday Neopets!

Happy Birthday Neopets!
by agedbeauty

Happy Birthday Neopets,
Today you're TWENTY THREE!
Let's celebrate with lots of cheer
And cupcakes at the Money Tree.

You only turn 23 once,
So let's make it a great one.
We'll with a walk down memory lane,
And make sure we have lots of fun.

The year that Neopets turned 3, 
Glass pets began to disappear.
In their place Tyrannian pets
Brought courage without fear!

The year that Neopets turned 4,
Meridell's loss made us cry,
But lots of jelly began to appear,
It's yummy sure, but we don't why!

And when Neopets turned 6,
Maraqua was drawn into a fight!
But all the players rallied,
Defeating enemies with great might.

When Neopets turned 7, 
We were grace with wooly Gnorbu.
Oh and Lutaris, too - 
I love them both, don't you?

And then when Neopets turned 8,
The Meepit did appear.
It said we were not prepared - 
We weren't, but hey, the mall was here!

Let's skip now to turning 11,
When we learned the Neggery was run by Kari.
And Faerieland came under attack,
Gosh, those Wraiths were scary!

Forwarding to turning 15,
We first met JumpStart.
We all were nervous, of course - 
Because Neopets has our heart!

Then remember when Neopets turned 18,
And the wraiths had all - come back?
Neopia went on the march,
With villains to ransack!

Now Neopets is turn 23,
With a new year to celebrate.
Happy Birthday Neopets - 
This birthday will be great!

Birthday Petpet Parade
by punk_rocker_pip

Celebrate Neopets’ 23rd birthday with a new Petpet
There are so many adorable options you can get

The birthday Kadoatie is a biscuit-coloured cat
Topped off with gobs of pink frosting
Be warned though it can be a brat
This hungry kitty will cry until you bring it just the right thing

The Birthday Babaa is another great pick
Topped off multicoloured candles flickering bright
As long as you don’t mind that this lamb is prone to bouts of fright

Others prefer the brown and white Doglefox
He loves eating new candies
His only downside is he can get fleas!

The Birthday Faellie has ice cream cones for ears
With plenty of whipped cream and a bright red cherry
When working with them patience is key
These little guys are nervous with many fears

Finally, the Birthday Harris is as cute as can be
Covered with sprinkles the colour of the rainbow
She looks just like cookie dough
Oh no, when did she climb that tree!?

No matter what Petpet your pet picks to play
We hope you celebrate this special milestone day

Celebrating Twenty Three
by lesslynope

Today Neopets is twenty three! 
Yippee hoo rah, yippee hoo ree!

Grab some treats, eat them too, 
there's celebrating we must do. 

Grarrl's, Usul's, and all Lupe's
throw confetti, shout some 'Woops!'

All Buzz, Eyrie, and every Kacheek
shop for birthday gifts, don't peek!

Kyri, Mynci, Quiggle, and Jubjub
flood into the parties social hub. 

A Skeith, Uni, Zafara, and a Bruce
are on the dance floor, lettin loose. 

The Tonu, Kougra, Ruki, and Yurbles
stand by a drink fountain that burbles.

The Pteris, Korbats, and Scorchio's
fly above, making crepe paper rows.

A Krawk, Hissi, Lutari, Jetsam, Draik
are in the VIP section eating a cake.

The Chomby, Meerca, and Ixi crowd
are in the corner talking very loud. 

Many Acara and more than a few Shoyru
want face paint, and wait in a queue. 

Peophins, Koi, Nimmo, and Flotsam swim 
in the water features at parties brim.

Moehogs, Poogles, Ogrin, and a Techo
just sit back and all enjoy the show.

A line of Bori, Kiko, and Bloomaroo
can't wait to welcome neo a year anew.  

Cybunny, Grundo's, and Tuskaninny
munch on cupcakes and all treats mini.

There's every type of Chia, how cute,
ironically sittin round a bowl o' fruit. 

Xweetok, Gnorbu, Elephante, and Gelert
wear their best, donning suit and skirt.

The Aisha, Wocky, Vanfagyre, and Kau, 
look at the opulent celebration in awe.

Truly every citizen of Neopia is here, 
celebrating this site we hold so dear. 

So let's say to neo happy twenty three, 
What does the future hold? Let's see!

Neopets’ Evolution, Through Colours
by pedunculatingly

In its first few years, Neopets
was like a BABY that grew
with increasing games to play
and pets to create, 
there were lots of stuff to do! 

Over time, features evolved
and transitions were made
like an EVENTIDE coloured pet,
it was a thrilling change in shade
Eventually, not only were pet species 
something that users can pick
but their looks with  customizing
which many found ELECTRIC!
Over time, it got sweet as CANDY
with the plots that we could follow
With such events, Neopets was
anything but dull and hollow. 
Ordinary days seemed FAERIE-blessed 
(holidays like HALLOWEEN too)
How could a Neopian feel down and BLUE?
In its first few years, Neopets 
was like a Baby pet that grew
I don’t see it now as an ELDERLYBOY,
but perhaps it’s painted TOY
because it brings lots of joy??
Happy birthday Neopets!

Birthday Party Fun
by corrina404

Hip, hip, hooray,
It’s Neopets’ birthday,
It’s the day for fun and cheer,
To celebrate with those most dear.

It’s nearly time to cut the cake,
With excitement we start to shake,
Everybody come along!
We’re going to sing the birthday song.

All the candles come to light,
They make the cake look so bright,
Neopets is twenty three,
We are all filled with glee!

The birthday candles are blown,
And all too soon we do bemoan,
The birthday party is nearly done,
What a day filled with fun!

Now another year has gone by,
But soon again the day is nigh,
Where we celebrate your birthday again,
Neopets, our dearest friend.

The Ultimate Celebration Day
by peacelovebliss

Another awesome year has passed
and wow, did we all have a blast!
Today’s the ultimate celebration day
Are you as thrilled as I am? YAY!
Today, all seems happy and right as we
reflect on the growth of this community
I think I saw several Grey pets grin at me
as all Neopians should…we’re like family!
The decorations can be seen, cakes are prepared…
All that’s left are happy memories to be shared
Happy birthday Neopets, another year older? The days just flew!
this poem comes with special, sparkly
wishes from me to you!

On the 15th Day…
by paintedl0ve

On the 15th day of the Month of Storing
we meet a day worth awaiting and adoring
It’s Neopets’s birthday! Isn’t it grand?
Bring on the birthday cake, balloons and band!
Let’s gather together and play happy songs
I’m a lousy dancer but can sway along
The past years were a big adventure, so
what happens this year, I’m excited to know
More Neopets? Paintbrushes? Petpets? Maybe!
I suppose in the days that follow we’ll see
Let’s all have a blast for turning 23!

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