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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Grarrl Day Special

Our Lovable Beast
by gracemellody

Neopians say what a ferocious beast
With teeth so sharp always ready to feast

A long strong tail following every step
Standing fierce and proud, a creature so fearless
Neopians meeting the beast for the first time
Would never be judged for feeling distressed

For many may cower at the sight of the beast
Towering above them, ever so tall
Yet they look down confused, they don't understand 
Why do you hide, looking so small

We were scared, we were frightened
We thought they'd thrash us in a brawl
But as time passed, we began to realise
Maybe these pets aren't so vicious after all

Whether representing their land in the Altador Cup
Leading an Army, being a Gladiator, or hosting Keno
These pets showed us all the truth we'd been blind to
They are so much more than just a challenging foe

Neopians declare what a lovable beast
Underneath your brave face, there's a loyal friend inside
It's time to celebrate you, together we shall feast
Oh our darling Grarrl, my greatest friend of all

The Grarrl Who Sells Unusual Treats
by _brainchild_

O'er desert sands, there is a store
Which purveys yummy foods galore!
The fruits and veggies, honey, and...
Dare I say insects? Are so grand.

A friendly Grarrl greets you. He
Will sell you something nice to eat.
A Pyramid Banana will
Give you a satisfying fill!

The Cheops Plant is very sweet,
But absolutely trash the leaves!
They're poisonous, the Grarrl will say.
The toxins leave one in dismay!

Corn Pyramid is fine with butter,
Sure to cause your heart to flutter.
Bugs are gross, you say? Well, you
Have not tried these ones. Time to chew!

A Peppered Kersla Bug is filled
With yummy food to make you thrilled.
A classic Grackle Bug is on
A stick. It makes me rather fond.

I thank the Grarrl for these gems---
Despite your worries, please try them.
You'll certainly be glad you did---
They're better than old fishing squid.

The Misunderstood Grarrl
by neoholic17

It was his holiday,
Gregory the Grarrl.
Grarrl Day was here!
He wanted to be celebrated,
Maybe even have some chocolate cake.
Blow out a candle or too,
Have a smile on his face.

His friends were here,
Coming in from far away,
Just to be near.
With party hats on,
Laughter all around,
Gregory the Grarrl went to cut his cake,
Just to wind up,
Eating the vase.

His friends laughed and poked fun,
Gregory the Grarrl tried to join in,
Just to be sad about the demolished vase.
A misunderstood Grarrl,
On his very own day,
He just wanted some cake!

But his friends began to realize,
This wasn't okay.
They cut him a slice,
Put a smile on their face,
And joined in with Gregory the Grarrl,
On his special day!

Grarrl Enchantress Outfit
by indulgences

She uses spells and sorcery.
She makes her grand debut.
The Grarrl is an Enchantress now,
Embued with golden hue!

Her Wig is blonde, and gleams so bright,
Pulled back with aqua pin.
It graces her fine forehead, and
The magic that’s within!

Her Jewellery is made of gold,
And turquoise gems as well.
They make her look enchanting, and
She’s quite the magic belle!

Her Dress is silken coral cloth.
Its belt is satin white.
The skirt is such a lovely thing
That shimmers, pink and bright!

The Sandals are the palest tint,
And sparkle with such sheen.
They grace her otherworldly feet.
Her steps are so serene!

And finally, we have the Staff
That’s made of solid gold.
It emanates with mystic power,
So awesome to behold!

The Grarrl Enchantress is a soul
Of magic, charm and poise!
This outfit quite befits her self…
A thing of style and joy!

Grarrls Are Great
by twinkle_jazz

Grarrls are great, there's no debate,
Even though they stay up late.
A common trait's their heavy weight,
Cuz they always finish their plate.
They're big and strong, their tails are long.
They use their tails to play their gongs.
They sing their songs and move along,
Looking for where they belong.
They look scary, so people are wary,
When they come around the prairie.
But, they can be very happy and merry,
Go ahead and ask the fairies!
Sometimes they'll play for the whole day.
You never know where they may stray.
To stay away from being prey,
Don't ask them how much they weigh!
They like to eat a lot of meat,
It is among their favourite treats.
But, if you meet and you are sweet,
They're more likely to retreat.
And, if you make friends, they will defend
And have your back until the end!

Ode to the Grarrls
by dollsuki

A grarrl, what an awesome dinosaur! 
With his appetite, it is easy to eat an Aisha Riceball!
Be cautious of your inventory,
Limits on what they can eat is a mystery,  
After all, they came straight from prehistory!

A grarrl, what a tall animal! 
Even when it is in the air, they can catch a Kyrii Balloon Animal! 
When they are at the Tyrannian Plateau, 
We share an omelette, so tasty, oh!
Then, you can still watch a Jazzmosis Show!

But maybe they rather listen to Sticks N Stones, 
Because they will feel the rock in their bones!
In the following day you can read Grarrl Power, 
There will be no other pet quite brighter!
You should take them out of their comfort zones!

Don't be fooled by their groans!
Perhaps a Tiki Tour is what they need! 
Or a Beach Volleyball, indeed. 
You'll need a resistant float!
Their claws can pierce even a boat.

A grarrl is a versatile pet.
After reading this, you will adopt one, I bet!
In the battleground they are unwavering,
A rival will never be disfavoring! 
As you can see, they are amazing!

The Skeletal Jailer
by precious_katuch14

Woe to Meridell's king,
Locked in Ramtor's cells,
As the door shuts tight
Like the toll of a bell.

But King Skarl isn't alone,
For lurking within the halls
Is the morbid apparition
Of a skeletal Grarrl.

The Skeletal Jailer,
Ramtor's personal warden.
Dons his coat, carries his keys
Like his own personal burden.

He roves the dungeons
With watchful, empty eyes.
And sometimes he's so quiet
He takes you by surprise.

Nobody leaves under his watch,
Not even King Skarl himself.
The Skeletal Jailer is unmoved
By pleas and bribes of wealth.

The Jailer trusts but one,
Ramtor the Advisor, his master.
For Ramtor he takes up his duty,
With the strength he can muster.

Woe to anyone in Ramtor's dungeons,
Wandering the Jailer's domain.
Why place yourself in danger
And go against the grain?

Behind the Roar - Grarrl
by hectic_haley

A powerful roar,
and large sharp teeth,
are the notable characteristics of
Tyrannia's most ferocious species, the Grarrl.

There's more to the Grarrl,
than the powerful roar.
Let us take a look into the Grarrl
behind the roar.

Their appetite is as ferocious as their roar,
able to eat just about anything,
whether it's food, a toy,
or even a poor petpet.

Grarrls place a high value on courage,
they are both fierce and fearless creatures.
They are strong fighters,
and have historically done well in War.

This Little Poem
by isanonymous

I write this little poem for 
all the Grarrls in diff’rent lands
from the cutest lil Baby to
the Elderlyboy pets - I’m quite a fan!
Your appearance may make others
think you are menacing or rude
but true Grarrl fans know better,
a gentle kindness you exude
(though I sometimes wish that
you’d stop eating all my food!)
I may not have one as a pet but
how can one not love at least one?
My personal fave is Rosie because
as a friend she must be so fun!
I write this little poem for 
all the Grarrls from here to there
I know appetite’s part of your rep
but if your cake’s big, please share.

Mama Grarrl
by ayakae

Come join us everyone, let’s play Grarrl Keno,
Where you can see eighty large eggs sat in a row
Remember to be gentle with all the eggs, though 
Mama Grarrl’s got surprises inside them, you know!
To play the game, you’ll need a good guess
For all these eggs are an absolute mess
Ten of these eggs you need to press
Find at least five correct ones for success
Correct eggs have Mama Grarrl’s daughters and sons
You’ll see the hatchlings if you pick the right ones
This game involves a lot of endless fun
And of course luck will help you out a ton!
If you choose the wrong ones, it’s not so bad
Though losing all your money might make you sad
You can still turn those eggs to dishes so rad
Eating yummy eggs will surely make you glad!
So, let’s go to Tyrannia and play the game away
And maybe even give Mama Grarrl a nice bouquet
For this is the message all of us wish to say:
Congratulations, Mama Grarrl, and Happy Grarrl Day!

Rosie the Grarrl
by kellyclark1115

Once its spring everyone knows,
it's Rosie the Grarrl's time to shine!
around and around she goes,
basket in hand, she is simply divine.

Never a dull moment with her,
that Grarrl will put a smile on your face!
With her floppy hat and bunny ears,
she walks through gardens with grace.

From morning till evening,
can you guess what she'll be doing?
Dancing, dancing, dancing, 
her happiness like the flowers blooming.

Did you hear it's finally spring?
You know what that means!
It's time to dance and sing;
you're invited, a night to be queens.

To what? Rosie's spring celebration!
It will be beautiful and grand,
as bright as the Grarrl herself.
I can't wait to see what she has planned!

Dressed in pink and white,
she'll bake tons of treats!
She knows what's a good bite,
and always has lots of sweets.

At the end of the night,
you definitely won't forget.
For a Rosie party will be quite
the best party, I will bet.

The Grarrl's Tail
by ennyra

Grarrls have a bad rap,
You think it's all go, stomp, go.
I'm here to tell you,
There's more to them you don't know.

While they are big and strong,
Yes it is true indeed.
They still enjoy the little things,
Like sharing tea with a friend in need.

They can be kind and gentle,
And also have a soft touch.
They could walk through Brightvale Glaziers, Without even breaking much!

The only thing to watch out for,
Is their tail trailing behind.
For if they make a quick turn,
Beware! It has its own mind!

It flies through the air,
So quick it'll make you queasy.
It can ruin all the Grarrl's effort,
Into being nice and easy.

Bony Grarrl Club
by theguy2020

One of the rarest items ever,
Many thought they'd get this avatar never,
An achievement many thought they'd never reach,
Some Neopians even so excited they come up with a speech!

An item that stocks in battle magic,
If you missed one due to your internet that would be quite tragic,
Currently selling for several millions,
Far too expensive for many Neopian civilians!

In the battledome it isn't that strong,
But if you think that makes the item not important you're quite wrong,
Many end up waiting to be lent one for quite long,
And if you still need it the avatar chat boards are where you belong!

One of the coolest avatars by design,
Truly worth being rarity ninety-nine,
Make sure you flex this avatar today,
And if you don't have it yet I'm sure some generous Neopian who has one can be swayed!

A Grarrl Not Like The Others
by darkhound45

There lived a Grarrl whose family seemed fierce.
He was painted blue and was named Pierce.
Pierce was a Grarrl not like the rest. 
He was extremely caring when at his best.

His parents were Mutant and Darigan.
They hated saying things again.
This made other pets often fear them.
Pierce didn’t like this as they also scared him.

Regardless, he was excited for this day.
It was his birthday so he chose to play.
They were all about to leave their house,
To go to the store so they could browse.

His parents were looking for a petpet.
A very scary one is what they’d get.
They arrived at the petpet shop.
Pierce was excited so he started to hop.

They told Pierce to look for his friend. 
“Maybe one with a stinger at its end?”
A stinger was not at the top of his list.
Neither was one with sharp claws on its fist.

Then Pierce noticed a little scared Floud.
It was cute and cuddly like a cloud. 
“I want this one,” he said with a smile.
His parents were shocked because it wasn’t vile.

“Why did you choose this little Floud?”
His parents didn’t seem like they were proud.
“He seemed scared like he needed a friend.
I want all this fear to be put at an end.”

His parents couldn’t believe what they heard,
Or even what har just occurred. 
A feeling of guilt filled their heads,
So they did some thing that they would dread.

“We are real sorry. We did not know.
Let’s get you the Floud, so we can go.”
They paid for the petpet and walked on home.
They even smiled at the pets that roamed. 

”What was happening?” Pierce said in his head. 
Then he yawned and wanted his bed.
As they got inside they carried him in.
His parents then sat next to him.

“We’re sorry we seem fierce but that’s not who we are.
Perhaps we have taken things a little too far.
Today is your birthday so be who you want.
We will always love you no matter what.”

Grarrl Keno
by cpssgh1004

To celebrate this Grarrl day,
A game we shall play.
Off to the Tyrannian jungle we go,
To see a fierce mama Grarrl for Keno.

Eighty eggs ready to hatch,
We hope it will be luck that we’ll catch.
Rules say two to ten so we’ll pick four,
Now it’s time for Keno Grarrl to roar.

With bated breath we wait,
To win a fortune that is great.
The eggs finally hatch,
And we guessed two in the batch.

We leave clutching our wins,
With great big grins.
Perhaps next time we go,
We’ll get an avatar to show.

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