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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Skeith Day Special

Double or Nothing
by theguy2020

Do you like making money,
No I'm not trying to be funny,
Double or Nothing may not be the best way,
But it's so addicting you'll realise when you start to play!

Snargan is the Skeith who hosts,
Luck is usually on his side as he boasts,
Remember not to risk what you can't afford to lose,
Or your day will become very blue!

You want to get heads when you flip the coin,
So hurry over to Meridell Castle to find a game to join,
If you keep getting tails you won't be happy,
In fact you may go home quite snappy!

If you win a lot in a row your winnings will pile up,
More Neopoints than you can fit in a large cup,
You may even take home a cool new avatar,
You can use it to show everyone you're a star!

The Skeith Titan
by precious_katuch14

The tiled floors tremble,
Faerie Palace's walls shake
As the Skeith Titan thunders past,
Leaving cracks in his wake.

He roars, and his foes scatter,
At the sound of his voice.
This Skeith is not hard to miss,
Thanks to all of his noise.

They run, they hide,
But he blocks their path.
He claws, he swipes,
Bringer of Terask's wrath.

He scales the stairs
Up Faerie Palace's towers.
With his bulk and strength,
He doesn't need magic powers.

The Skeith Titan stands guard,
An imposing sentinel,
Ensuring that no one finds
Queen Fyora's cell.

But his days are numbered,
For there will come a day,
When Fyora's rescuers
Will make him pay.

The Skeith and the Thorn
by darkhound45

There was a Skeith that growled up a storm.
Something about him was out of the norm.
He thundered through the nearby woods.
Perhaps he was misunderstood?

As he thundered, many pets ran.
He was such a big pet and they weren’t a fan.
One pet remained and stood their ground.
It was a Uni that was rather quite proud.

The Uni dug its hooves real deep.
She was getting ready to take a leap.
As the Skeith was within a few feet,
The Uni charged, she was ready to meet.

The Skeith swerved like he was scared.
The Uni was shocked and wasn’t prepared.
She felt real bad and saw a strange sight.
He was under a tree and was full of fright.

She slowly approached the frightful Skeith.
She noticed the Skeith shaking his feet.
“What is wrong, what can I do?”
The Uni said while wanting a clue.

The Skeith looked up and was in some pain.
“I’m actually nice, let me explain.”
Very carefully he held up a claw.
There was a thorn that she saw.

“No wonder you were mad and quite mean.
It was something normal not what it seemed.”
The Uni grabbed the little thorn,
And told the Skeith to grab her horn.

“Hold real tight and close your eyes.
As I pull you’ll be surprised.”
The Uni was right, it seemed real quick.
The thorn was gone. It wasn’t a trick!

“Why did you help me?” the large Skeith said.
“Fear and demise is what I spread.”
The Uni smiled and told the Skeith,
“I noticed a lot of pain in your feet.”

The Skeith was thankful and full of joy,
Especially since this wasn’t a ploy. 
Then he had a thought since he was skilled.
He approached all of the wreckage and began to rebuild.

Snargan the Castle Treasurer
by therainbowsheep

Skeiths are quite strong,
Do not get that wrong!
When their tails swing,
Upon contact the pain stings.

Their strong paws of power,
Can cause some to cower,
But despite all their strength,
Skeiths can be lazy at length.

Where to begin?
Consider the Castle Treasurer, Snargan!
Despite his physicality,
He is known for his rascality.

Gambling the king's money on the sly,
He is quite the bold guy.
But Double or Nothing can be sticky,
And defeating Snargan quite tricky.

An expert gambler, he often wins,
And celebrates his victories with a mean grin.
So take a look at his snarling teeth,
Before you go up against this sneaky Skeith!

An Ode to Two Kings
by cpssgh1004

Two brothers who couldn't be any more different,
One who is thoughtful, wise and the other grumpy and vociferant.
Polar opposites from birth with built up tension,
They lead two kingdoms in constant contention.

King Hagan renowned for his wisdom and knowledge,
It's a must for his citizens to attend his college.
Neopians visit Brightvale on their journey to learn,
King Hagan loves to say "Knowledge is a gift you can never return" 

To the east of the castle is Meridell,
Where education is a bit of a hard sell.
Though their leader may be a tad crass,
Under his mighty leadership they defeated Lord Kass.

Though these two Skeiths are not alike,
And their feud may be childlike
Their many accomplishments are so great
Let us honour them this Skeith day and celebrate!

Plushie Skeith
by kellyclark1115

I'm a Plushie Skeith,
turquoise, purple, red, and white.
I may look soft and squishy,
but I definitely pack a mean bite!

I lounge around all day,
waiting for a tasty snack.
I'm not picky at all,
give me something before I attack!

Hewn stone bed or normal platinum nerkmid,
blackened watermelon or pineapple breeze,
really, anything is fine by me,
just be sure no cheese please!

Hurry hurry, my tiny wings tire
and my paws are sore.
I sure need my energy,
otherwise I'll be a bore.

Bring me what I want,
and I'll be your best friend.
I'll let you in on a secret,
I love a good blue and orange rambus blend.

The Bank Manager
by i_lovee_icecream

A Skeith of green hue,
In front of him, a long queue. 
Neopians awaiting assistance,
For their financial subsistence. 

The National Neopian filled,
With wealth and bars of gild. 
Protected by the Bank Manager,
Who’s far from a monetary amateur. 

Neopoints in massive surplus,
The opposite of worthless. 
Hoarded in locked vaults,
With prosperity to a fault. 

Wealth as far as the eye can see,
Spending it on you and me. 
Never incurring a tardy fee,
As Neopoints give us massive glee. 

The Bank Manager grimaces,
As he calculates derivatives. 
Neopoints are meant to multiply,
As the time to spend them draws nigh. 

A Skeith of green hue,
In front of him, a long queue. 
Neopians awaiting assistance,
For their financial subsistence.

Grumpy Mutant Skeith
by roxanna203

Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, stomp stomp stomp,
There's a Mutant Skeith at the swamp.
His rose blush coloured skin,
He is anything but thin.

His sharp teeth can eat any food,
He craves it all in any mood.
When he is happy, his tail brandish,
The ground beneath crumbles and vanishes.

One of his favourites snacks is cheese,
But Neezles occur with persistent sneeze.
He has a Petpet who does his tasks,
As he is very lazy if you need to ask.

But today is Skeith celebration day,
If a Mutant Skeith approaches, clear the way,
Hide all your items in your inventory,
If you don't, it will make for a great story!

A Skeith is a Friend
by bittersweet52

A Skeith is a friend with spikes down his back,
who will never quite mind if you bring him a snack.
In fact, a snack sounds like it would be just the thing
to cheer up a friend who has been on the wing.

A Skeith is a friend with a point on his tail,
who will always be there when you need to rail
against those who may have been deeply unkind.
He can make you some tea if you feel so inclined.

A Skeith is a friend with a belly quite large,
who is quiet and doesn't quite like to take charge.
But threaten those that he loves with his heart
and he won't hesitate to tear you apart.

A Skeith is a friend that you might like to make.
If loyalty and honour are ever at stake
you never need question his place or his zeal
so long as you're willing to share your next meal.

Many Sides of Skeiths
by ennyra

When you look upon a Skeith,
You may think they're so strong.
While that is indeed the case,
There's been more to them all along.

Skeiths are great friends to have around,
They'll always make you smile.
Whether you just see them in passing,
Or hang out with them for a while.

They love to laugh,
And will do whatever it takes.
They're loyal to their friends,
No emotion do they fake.

They deserve all the good things,
On this special Skeith Day.
So come on out and celebrate,
They'll love you hear you shout "Hooray!"

A Word of Warning on Skeiths
by annikkiadepp_

Today is the day we all celebrate
our Skeiths, that we so much adore
we don’t care if they put on weight:
it makes us wanna hug them even more

Our dear friends love lazing around,
and enjoying  the occasional good snack
Although I’ve recently found,
they will eat any inventory item behind your back. 

They don’t care if it’s an omelette or a rock,
they will gobble it down - to my shock!

For that, it’s best if you keep your items secure,
stick them in your gallery or SDB, just to be sure.

Please, take good care of your Petpet
because they, too, can be eaten up
pretty please, do not forget!
Now that I have given you a heads up. 

Despite their voracious appetite,
Skeiths are in fact quite all right

Just remember to feed them proper foods,
you don’t want them to eat all your goods.

Skeith Day- For the Love of Coin!
by honorrolle

Skeith Day is just around the bend, 
Can I share an interesting trend? 
Skeith’s forever attracted to coin, 
But not in a malevolent way, to purloin!

Affinity for coins you say?
Please, example, do convey!
I will tell you- you will see-
Examples I will give you three. 

Second runner up and residing in a tent, 
In Meridell proper, taking every neo-cent.
Double or Nothing is his game, 
Make sure to lose or he won’t be tame. 

Gordos is next, tax collecting is his post, 
So fair in Altador, citizens rush to toast. 
Elevated to the hall of heroes,
He must bring in lots of ones and zeros. 

Lastly on our list, this professional boaster,
Calculating interest, and dishing out the toasters.
Bank Manager keeping thieves out of National Neopian, 
So Neopia can be a little closer to utopian. 

There you have it, reader, three Skeith’s to celebrate,
All three must truly enjoy working with coin, how deliberate!
The day is almost done though now, so now we leave with this-
Make some coin, eat some cake, and these Skeiths- do reminisce!

All the Guile of Malkus Vile
by actiontal

This is a story of Malkus Vile
A Skeith the authorities could not profile
Old King Coltzan he couldn’t bring down
But he got away with stealing his crown 

His Meerca henchmen help him steal
Deep in the thieves guild is where they deal
Heermeedjet and the goods he’ll track 
Meerouladen always keeping an eye out back 

However, Malkus tells them if they get caught
There’s no affiliation, he’s heard of them not 
Thieves in the night, they plan their route
Malkus in charge, no shadow of doubt
With his fedora brim pulled down tight
Engulfed in shadows, concealed by night
“Collectible Sea Shells”, reads the shop text,
“Watch out, Choker of the Deep, you’re next…”

They hold their breath and cram the wet wares
Vile doesn’t even plan on dividing the shares
The coins they’ve stolen require skill and guile 
Did you expect anything less from Malkus Vile?

Fine Dining
by drkshark

Today I was wakened by a quakin' in my house.
"My belly is aching," my little Skeith groused.
"You don't feed me or love me; you want me to starve!
Some owner you are! Oh, please have a heart!"

(I wisely decided to leave it unsaid
That last night he was bloated right before bed.)

I had a surprise; all month he'd been whining
About how he wanted to try some fine dining. 
"We're going to Kelp," I proudly declared,
"I finally managed to book a spot there."
We hailed down a taxi to dive under the sea
And readied our bellies for Maraquan delicacies.

The waitress seated us and gave us our menus,
"The special of the day is the Aged Tchea Juice.
And just so you know--" she glanced at my Skeith,
"It's one item per course, bon appetit."
"One item per course?" he repeated, disbelieving,
"Why would you do this? I want one of everything!"

With a sorrow induced by Kelp's limitations,
He returned to the menu with a new determination
To pick the best of each course to fill up his belly,
And this was his order, once he was ready:

"A Phear Juice Tonic, shaken not stirred,
An Angel Hair Salad for my appetizer,
For the main course, Luxurious Vegetarian Star Pie,
For dessert, Coral Cake with chocolate sauce on the side."

Our orders were placed, one by one they arrived
And the extraordinary flavours filled us with delight!
How sweetly the tonic would fizz on your tongue,
How pleasant the Pheasant, the Pie not overdone.
My Skeith, he slobbered all over his plate,
He slurped up the salad and devoured his cake.

There was nothing left when the waitress came by
So we paid our bill and were ushered outside.

"I'm still a bit peckish," my Skeith said to me,
"But I'm content enough, and my stomach is happy.
I know when I'm hungry, I cause a big scene
And I could probably eat your bank account clean,
So thanks for it all, I love you a bunch..."

"Also, what are we having for lunch?"

Yay for Skeith Day
by xghoul447

What is big but so very kind? 
So nice, and does good for all?
Of course, I'm talking about the Skeith!
Yes, Skeiths loves to eat
So we prepared a special cake that is freshly baked
Oh Skeith, you have done so much for Neopia
We thank you for all you have done
So relax and bask in the sun
Or swim in the pool, and have some fun
Oh Skeith, what would we do without you? 
We love you so dearly 
Today is Skeith Day, so hip hip hooray!

Siliclast the Rotten Skeith Golem: Rohane's Lament
by _brainchild_

That Siliclast is such a brute!
He really needs to get the boot.
The Skeith is oh so mean and tough---
Is metal blade of mine enough?

Poor Mipsy's spells just don't do much---
"Obliterate" won't come in clutch.
It's up to swords and well-shot bows.
How long will this go on? Who knows?

This rotten Skeith accelerates
Himself and slows us down. I hate
His magic. Beast is not so slow
When spells can cause his speed to grow!

He casts a rotten "Infestation,"
Which is quite a gross creation!
Much group damage shall abound---
This mess is anything but sound.

I swipe my sword and chip away.
Talinia starts to feel quite grey
Since bows are missing, but we must
Not let morale decay to rust.

Eventually, we have prevailed!
This rotten Skeith, who dared assail
Our team, is gone---he crumbles down
Into the dirt. Goodbye, rude clown!

The Bank Skeith
by bman_646

I see you daily in your bank suit,
collecting interest is always a hoot.

Your complexion green with gold trimmed wings,
you are my favourite Skeith even better than the kings

You keep my money safe because that’s your job,
not a point out of place, I know you’d never rob

Sometimes you make mistakes, but always in my favour,
you only ever make me a better money saver.

From junior saver to ultimate riches,
you helped me save money with the best planning pitches

Withdraw or deposit any time of day,
your service is impeccable never with delay

You are the bank Skeith the best money manager,
you take your job seriously, you are no money amateur

Happy Skeith Day/1
by slurmppp

You can find us ruling kingdoms and running the bank
We're big and we're powerful - built like a tank!
We can use our tails to knock foes to the ground
But we usually prefer to just laze around
We can eat any item, so what have you got?
Just nothing with cheese or we'll break out in red spots!
Our special day is easy to remember
We're celebrated on the 25th day of September
We're scaly and strong and we have sharp, sharp teeth
Come on, let's all celebrate our big friends, the Skeiths!

Commander Flint
by melncholy

"AAARH!" his Battlecry was fierce
His huge mace hit the ground
"Face me cowards, you will see
Who's the toughest Skeith around!"

Countless wraiths hissed back at him
One screeched an eerie sound
This didn't shake the fearless Skeith
Who stood below and frowned

"That mewling is your warcry?
I thought you could do more
Let a Skeith show how its done!"
He followed with a roar

One by one the demons fell
Not once our hero wavered
For when the world needs saving
A Skeith's strength is always favoured

Baby Skeith Tea Infuser
by indulgences

A tiny plastic Baby Skeith
Adorns my clear glass mug.
It clasps the edge with tiny hands,
And holds it with a hug!

Its eyes are closed in utter bliss.
A smile is on its face.
Its body is submerged in tea,
A warmth you can’t erase!

The Skeith is packed with leaves of tea
That permeate my cup.
The tea is tasty, hot and sweet,
And bolsters my mood up!

And when I’m done with drinking one,
I make a second brew.
Why limit my enjoyment, when
I’d rather guzzle two!

This Tea Infuser is the best
Of Skeith things you can buy!
Not only is it useful, but
It’s pleasing to the eye!

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