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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Random Poetry Gallery

Finally Fall
by kellyclark1115

It's finally fall,
the best time of year!
The crisp, chilly air,
and the foods, oh dear!

Pumpkins of all colours and sizes,
tall and round, big and small.
So many ways to enjoy them,
In a pie or sitting in front of my wall!

And the drinks? So many!
Apple cider and pumpkin spice latte,
chai tea and cranberry punch,
I could drink these all day!

I can't wait to curl up in a blanket,
reading my favourite book,
with a bowl of butternut squash soup,
uhg, what a dream, don't give me that look!

If it wasn't already clear,
I adore this season.
What's there not to like?
You won't find any reason.

Ugga Smash
by theguy2020

What is your favourite racing game?
If you haven't tried Ugga Smash it must be lame,
The objective of the game is to run around and let the other cars burst into flames,
Be the last car standing or it'll be a shame!

Be careful and try not to get stuck, 
Or you'll certainly be out of luck,
The other vehicles will keep striking you,
At this rate you won't even make it to level two!

Several power ups change how the game is played,
The bone gives you some aid,
It increases your health,
There's even a speed boost one that allows you to attack in stealth!

The best power up is clearly the one shaped like a stone,
If you get it you'll never fear being cornered by the other cars alone,
Use it to rack up points without worry,
The other vehicles should run in a hurry!

This game is quite fun and you don't want to miss out,
Once you try it you'll like it no doubt,
Practice playing and you may get a prize,
Avoid the Red Grarrl at all costs if you're wise!

Maraqua Appreciation Poem
by weakestlink33

The blue immensity that mesmerizes us all 
There is no way you can’t recall 
Land of fierce pets, there’s no doubt 
It’s Maraqua I’m talking about 

In the sea, we find corals and fish 
You just have to make your wish 
No place for the ones afraid of the ocean 
Maraqua holds true emotion 

A whole world for you to discover 
Perfect place to relax and hover 
If you are hungry, go The Kelp 
With the leftovers, you might need some help 

Maraqua is ruled by King Kelpbeard 
A true warrior to be feared 
Their citizens are gentle and kind 
Let me use these verses to remind 

A place where the weather is always wet 
That’s Maraqua you can bet 
Somewhere you can spend your entire vacation 
The favourite land of the entire nation 

Paint your pet with a Maraquan Paint Brush 
It might not last long, rush rush! 
Isn’t it a region to adore? 
Come on and enjoy the shore!

Ode to My SDB
by peacelovebliss

Hello and welcome stranger,
to my ever-growing SDB
I like to visit now and then
let’s go through categories
My personal favourite
is where I keep my collection
of paint brushes, there aren’t many but I worked hard
so I often go to this section. 
I have some retired items
from Advent Calendars of yore
Some were gifts from that day
others were bought later from stores.
I like checking on my Petpets
who never seem to age
They always look so chipper!
My pets will meet these pals one day.
My Safety Deposit Box has
a bunch of instruments too
from a crowd-pleasing Trumpet
to a super fun Kazoo!
I like buying from Neopian stores
My pets can picky, though
so if they don’t like a toy or book
into my SDB they go!
What a great thought it is
that there’s an “item sanctuary”
to be there to keep items safe
without overwhelming my inventory!

Kyruggi the Great
by cpssgh1004

Atop the stone throne in the town hall she sits,
A fierce warrior and Tyrannia's top strategist.
She will say the Grand Elder position is most key,
Though the Council of Elders may not necessarily agree.

Watching over the small village of Tyramet,
She protects it fiercely from all threats.
When taking a break from the responsibilities,
Go!Go!Go! she plays to the best of her capabilities.

She saves her two's and with three's she does not snooze,
Being the great leader she is, she does not like to lose.
As Uggaroo's hand becomes increasingly light,
Kyruggi plays queens and kings in one final plight.

Moving on to the cards that lay face down,
Uggaroo's last flip has caused him to frown.
Kyruggi catches this illegal move instantly,
And Uggaroo picks up the centre pile reluctantly.

Kyruggi plays all her cards to end the round with a win,
As she steps away from the table with a big ol' grin.
She hoists her trophy cheering "Ugga Uggh Ugh!"
And returns to town hall with a well deserved rockberry juice mug.

Even More NC Mall News
by lorlurin

Ten years in NCC, 3652 days I trade
Two hundred boxes monthly I waste
I confess that I have the weirdest taste
Wanting to live in a Contagious Town 
or the City in Space

Every day I spam the editorial
Petitioning to rerelease them all
I open a hundred of every rr cap
(One being two-shaped)
And upcycle 99% of what I got

I opened a dozen grams without bonus
A dozen caps without a Blush
I went to the Dyeworks Studio and
Got a dozen colour X in a row
(Spoiler: X is not White)

In my spare time I trade for Upcycles
to upcycle for more NC to trade
First I desperately seek a wish
Then I desperately replace
The goal is to bump more boards

Maraquan Petpets are swimming
Faerie Petpets like to play
Winter Petpets are curiously curious
Kazeriu Petpet is Shenkuu
-- wait, which month did I miss?

Sorry if I sound like to have gone nuts
I wasn't quite like this 10 years ago
If you don't understand this poem at all
Welcome to NCC :)

Play Grarrl Keno every day!
by annikkiadepp_

Play Grarrl Keno with your friend, 
a gamble or two, I recommend

Which eggs are going to win?
Take your guess and we can begin

Hatching eggs left and right,
guess the right ones and you’ll get a prize

You can bet up to 10 times,
winning only pennies and dimes

But keep playing as much as you can,
if getting the avatar is part of your plan

Keno’s avatar is the best you can find, 
having one will make you look refined

Everybody will be jealous on the boards,
you'll be the coolest, in other words. 

And if you’re not that much into avatar catching,
still play this game, even just for the hatching. 

Go and play Grarrl Keno every day,
and believe me when I say:
your efforts will surely pay!

The Transformation
by mykelthesuperfan

I was worn out by battle
beaten in the dome,
I crashed down on the ground
as I entered my home
I looked at my owner
who was crying and alone 
and looking in her inventory
for a reason unknown.
"I am so sorry!
I regret taking you there,
I have no choice
because I have no Neopoints to spare
so take this potion
but I will warn you
it will change you everywhere".
so I to a sip of the red liquid
it tasted like cherry
and then my body started to tremble
and my mind became airy,
before I knew it
my body was morphing 
my fur becoming red
and my legs becoming fin and lanky
I looked in the mirror
and to my shock 
I am a Red Ogrin
but my health felt at the top.
sometimes I regret 
but sometimes I don't
should have I taken that potion long ago?

Fiery Wooden Wings
by indulgences

It looks like someone's poor mishap,
The Fiery Wooden Wings.
The wooden planks are so aflame,
A bonfire in full swing!

I wonder how the Artist staff
Came up with such a find.
The wings are fashioned with such fierce
Maniacal design!

The Magma pets would love these wings.
The Fire pets would, too.
I hope that they don't catch on fire
And leave soot residue!

I am an avid lover of
All wings that can be worn.
The Fiery Wooden Wings are great.
My pets are now adorned!

So buy a pair of Wooden Wings
For all your cherished pets!
The Wings are so illustrious,
A buy you won't regret!

Coming Home
by sot8909

As a kid I knew of a secret place.
It had pets and games and brought a smile to my face.
I made friends and companions of all different colours, 
So many secrets and fun to discover. 
Then I grew up and my pets were forgotten
I'd think about them starving and just feel rotten.
As a 90s kid we hold those memories dear,
Although they may get dusty year after year.
But when I finally returned back to my world
My old friends were waiting 
And all the memories unfurled.
I fed them all until they were satiated,
Gave them a toy because of how long they waited.
I looked around the map and remembered the names,
I even earned money playing my old favourite games.
Ventured with faeries and played cards with creatures.
Had fun figuring out who was a cheater.
To my secret world I had returned,
It was a break from reality that I had earned.
So even though it's a digital world that I roam,
It felt like I was coming back home.

The Pirates Who Sell Such Unique Treasures
by _brainchild_

The smugglers have such awesome goods
For everyone. You really should
Check out the cove. The pirates have
Some items which are rather fab.

The SuAP, legendary, bests
All enemies, I must confess.
A Sponge Shield soaks up waves of sea---
This water blocker is the key.

If you are not a fighter, there
Are still some very lovely wares.
A Pirate Peo plushie charms;
The matching jelly does no harm.

So, if you seek some goods so cool,
Then see the smugglers, since they rule!
Nobody different has this stuff---
I simply cannot get enough.

Illusen's Secret
by bethanyann96

The faerie Illusen
So beautiful and fair
Removed herself from Faerieland
To hide in her Meridell lair

With freckled skin
And brown hair
Eyes green as a Mortog
She chose to remain there

Hidden from Jhudora
And biding her time
She sought help from Neopians
Awarding them more than a dime

Collecting random treasures
She stashed in her cave
Illusen remains waiting
For the day she will need to be brave

Illusen vs. Jhudora
Two faeries at odds
Only time will tell
What has been foretold by the gods

What is this YE say?
by randomettes

Today it’s the day,
With boards in disarrray,
No words make sense, 
Making your board title becomes intense,
And chaos ensues,
As everyone ends up confused.
No longer a you but a yerr,
No longer a for but a fer,
Because today is the day of pirate,
Where people begin to riot, 
Over the autocorrect to an arrr,
And timbers that go shivarrr. 
But the day overall is quite funny,
And makes people laugh from the pit of their tummy,
Enjoying such a simple joke,
Of a day filled with language of pirate folk.

Bank Manager
by hectic_haley

He's one of the most trusted citizens of Neopia,
tucked away in the Bank.
He's responsible for keeping our Neopoints safe,
from Mutant Kadoaties and thieving ghosts. 

Each day he greets you with a sly smile,
as you stop on by to collect your daily interest.
That smile goes away however,
if you dare withdraw too many times.

The green Bank Manager is a pivotal part of our world,
always dapper in a black suit and a briefcase.
He carries himself with a sense of pride,
knowing how important his job is.

He's a generous and just soul,
he tries to right any bank wrongs.
When your accounts has an error, 
he resets your daily interest and gives you a complimentary toaster.

Magma Pool, Aglow
by flufflepuff

Atop pool surface
Bubble bursting, red and gold
Rocks do not respond

Contrast: sleek and black
Containing a fire pond
in its earthen hands

Lights dance on the wall
Swaying as if time has slowed
Echo orange back

Autumn colours glow
Casting its own pools of light
All around the cave

Quiet of the pool
Shattered by a viscous splash
Newness doth emerge

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