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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Symol Day Special

Digging in the Ground
by ennyra

If you happen to go to the park,
And see me digging around.
Please don't pay me any mind,
For there's a Symol to be found!

It's a cute little friend,
But very hard to find.
If you see one please don't be afraid,
They're also very kind.

Sometimes in their holes,
They hide things you can take.
But the best thing they have for you,
Is an avatar - no it's not fake!

Many people search day and night,
To find the avatar to use.
If you're one of the lucky ones,
Please leave the rest of us with some clues.

We all want to find it,
That's really why we dig down.
So any help you can give us,
Will help this avatar be found!

A Symol in the Time of Ramtor
by precious_katuch14

From the woods of Meridell
Into Illusen's Glade,
Into its surroundings,
The Symol expertly fades.

Hiding from a Dire Lupe,
Fleeing a Raging Bearog,
The Symol finds a new hole
Or perhaps an empty log.

Away, Symol, it's not safe!
Meridell is overrun.
Ramtor has taken over,
His army has won.

The Symol finds Meridell Castle,
Finds its own personal crevice.
Will it finally find 
Its own slice of peace?

But trouble is afoot
Within the great fort.
Has Meridell found heroes
Who could best Ramtor?

The Symol watches in awe
As Ramtor is put to flight.
If Symols did smile,
It'd be grinning with delight.

Yet Meridell's not yet safe,
For the battle's not through.
But the Symol can find safety
With an Acara and a Blumaroo.

Fun Symol Day
by kellyclark1115

Hi there, I'm Sophia the Symol!
A little Cloud Symol,
if we're being exact.
Let's go! I live over by that small knoll.

Come with me and explore some places,
today let's check out this one!
Why? Because we're not allowed here!
If you get caught, always run!

If you come with me, 
you gotta do what Symols do:
Burrow everywhere, especially forbidden places!
Even I've gotten caught a time or two.

Whew! That was fun,
now time to rest.
Would you like some lemonade?
I think that's the best.

Ooh, look at those flowers!
This pink one looks great with my fur,
What about that rose or that daisy?
Which do you prefer?

Watch out someone's coming!
Follow me, I'll burrow a hole fast.
Jump down, trust me!
We can climb up once they've passed.

Wasn't that fun? Did you have fun?
Up and down every hour,
it's great being a Symol.
Don’t you dare hide or cower!

Symol Hole Beat Poetry
by i_lovee_icecream

Symol, why do you pester me?
My petpet searches for you ceaselessly,
Resurfacing empty-handedly. 
It is all for naught. 

Dig and dig, climb, and crawl. 
It’s a never-ending brawl;
It’s how all Neopians fall. 
It is all for nought. 

Symol Hole you mistake me,
For a Neopian full of glee,
I shudder shamefully. 
It is all for nought. 

Tease and taunt us every day,
It is the Symol Hole way. 
Keeping our satisfaction at bay. 
It is all for nought. 

Our visits are for nought. 
Your existence may be for nought. 
My hopes are for nought. 
It is all for nought.

The Adventures of Symol
by cpssgh1004

It's time to tell the tale of
An adorable Symol who's furry and brown.
Her whole life she has sought adventure,
So she's come up from her hole to have a look around.

Her journey begins in Meridell,
Where she has never been above the ground.
She scurried up to the castle,
And marvelled at the sight she had found.

Next she trekked to Brightvale,
Where she nibbled on the most delicious fruit.
As she broke open a Mangcage,
She thought about her next route.

Through the rolling hills of Neopia,
She ventured next to Haunted Woods.
Where it quickly came clear,
It wasn't the friendliest of neighbourhoods.

Looking for a change of scenery,
She set afloat next to Faerieland.
Where she watched a round of Poogle Races,
And marvelled at the faeries and clouds so grand.

After spinning the wheel of excitement,
She set her course back home.
Ready for a bit of rest and relaxation,
But already planning her next adventure into the unknown.

The Electrifying Symol
by roxanna203

A little Petpet sparks the day,
With his little electric rays,
This adorable Symol begins,
With a cunningly grin.

He loves hiding in the hole,
As other Petpets approach,
"Boo!" he pops up with a shock,
Scaring a courageous flock.

His scares are very electric,
Some describe him as eccentric,
His blue, shiny, fur coat,
Sticks out as his status quote.

Keep an eye out for this Petpet,
If you visit the Symole Hole,
Look out for this little mole,
You will feel his tiny sparks,
Before he comes and disembarks!

The Little Symol
by natashabelx

Little Symol
Little little Symol under the ground,
Are you digging holes again,
So you can’t be found?

Little little Symol on the grass,
Are you basking in the sun,
Or just hiding from the mass,

Little little Symol at the shore,
Tell me,
Have you been here before?

Little little Symol on this day,
It’s a celebration for you,
We shall all do like you say.

Symol hole
by chantluigi

The entrance to the Symol Hole is very small,
Which brave Petpet will you choose to take the fall?
Symol’s are mysterious creatures,
Maybe if we all paid more attention to them, they could become our teachers.

I heard a story long ago,
That there are some rare prizes hidden deep down below.
As I gaze at the Symol hole from afar,
I wonder to myself, when will I get the elusive avatar?

As I pick my brave Schnelly to jump in the hole,
I cross my fingers and hope with all my heart and soul.
Is it the avatar? Or maybe a Stained Glass Symol Window?
I read the message “Scnelly jumps out of the hole a few seconds later, Wasn’t that fun? Maybe we can do the same tomorrow.”

Alas, another day with no luck!
Oh well, at least my Scnelly didn’t get stuck!

The Darigan Symol: An Eerie Companion
by _brainchild_

The Dari Symol, spooky, will
Give any Neopet a thrill.
This friend of darkness will delight---
No finer creature is in sight.

The eyes are glowing. Crimson stare
Is bound to charm you, if you dare.
The grin is big and mischievous;
The drill is sharp and worth a fuss.

The claws are useful tools. Symol
Shall dig with ease---he's on a roll!
The tail is sinister---I like
Its creepy aura and its spike.

So, if you seek an eerie friend,
The Symol pleases to no end.
Your pet will love one---buy today!
This pal is bound to cure dismay.

Symol Day Yay!
by xghoul447

Lately, there has been holes around Meridell, 
How do I know?
Well, I tripped it one and almost fell!
Where could these holes even come from?
Of course, it must be the Symol!
Symols are the symbols of Meridell.
They are curious critters who likes having fun under the sun.
Oh dear friend, today is your day
Do as you please, keep being you!
You are a friend to all
Happy Symol Day!

Symol Secrets
by melncholy

Tiny little Symol
What's inside your hole?

Are there treasures buried deep
in the chambers where you sleep?
Are there tasty yummy treats
in your princely Petpet suites?

Or is it simply dirt and soil
where you daily dig and toil?
If it weren't too big for me
I would venture down and see.

Go, my Petpet, in my stead
Find out where that mole has led
Find that Symol, find some prize
Bring it here before my eyes

Let us see what's hid away
Go now, hurry, no delay
That mole may not leave behind
Any loot for us to find.

I'll wait up here above the ground
Come back up with what you've found
Well done, P2, that was quick.
Wait, what's this? A chewed up stick?

That shrewd ol' shrew has left us dry
We'll come back for another try.

Symols so Surreal
by actiontal

Symol brown from ground to crown
Seeking, burrowing holes all around
Chittering, chattering counting down 
A medieval clown, a proper noun? 

Into a dark and chasm deep
A symbol delves and is replete
Unsighted in his earthen keep
Crack of day still fast asleep

Finding this morn his daily grub
Thanking it well for being a bug
The worm a slimy scrumptious stub
A meal divine in the terranean sub 

Black, Blue, Jelly, Zombie and Pink
Dancing in their soiled precinct 
In the dank earth they are all linked
Dirt Friend dances with a knowing wink

Story of Gwyl's Great Escape
by therainbowsheep

Oh no, disaster has struck!
Gwyl the Symol is struck!
On his first day of work,
He has reasons to be irked.

Deep underground in a cave,
Gwyl has to be bold and brave.
This far below it is dark,
At least his Lightmite creates a bright spark!

So this Symol won't be here for long,
He is clever, determined and strong!
With his balloon and Lightmite he'll float,
And once he escapes, he can gloat!

For along the way, he'll find precious gems,
And all will be jealous of them!
With agility, Gwyl will manoeuvre free,
And escape without problem. You'll see!

A Petpet so clever, we admire -
His determination as blazing as a fire.

The Symol Hole
by theguy2020

The mysterious Symol Hole,
I wonder where it goes?
What prizes could be found,
Is it really safe underground?

So much is unknown,
Our Petpets go on their own,
We know you're worried about them going alone,
But you're too big to enter in the zone!

What is it that we know for sure?
What happens when our Petpets take a tour?
They can win exclusive prizes,
Items of different shapes and sizes!

They can also grant you a neat avatar,
It's quite rare though so if it takes a while don't think it bizarre,
An elusive prize worth waiting for,
Jumping in the Symol Hole sounds much better than laying on the floor!

A Symol’s Journey
by darkhound45

There lived a Symol who loved to travel,
And look for secrets he could unravel.
He began to walk in search of fun.
He found some land where he could run.

The land he saw was vast and big.
He found the perfect place to dig!
He began to dig but could not tell,
There was a Lenny that began to yell.

“Get off my land!” the Lenny yelled.
The frightened Symol was repelled.
He was confused and quite sad.
Why did the Lenny act real mad?

He looked up and a small tear fell.
He noticed something he did not know well.
There were several Petpets that were having fun.
They were with their owners and there were a ton.

“Why can’t I be someone’s friend?”
The Symol couldn’t comprehend.
“I really shouldn’t have dug that hole!
I’m just a lonely, sad Symol.”

But then he saw a real strange sight.
There was a Lupe that sat upright.
The Symol stared and was in awe.
The Lupe had an injured paw.

In front of the Lupe was a bone.
The reason though seemed unknown.
“Can you help me,” said the Lupe.
“I need some help and a scoop.”

The Symol was no longer sad,
Since the Lupe seemed real glad.
The Symol started to dig a hole,
He was super focused on that goal.

The Symol finished and it was known.
There was now a spot for the bone.
The Symol’s sadness was at an end,
For he finally had his very own friend.

The Mysterious Symol Hole
by catchinglights

Down in pleasant Meridell you can see,
A small, strange hole in the ground.
You might ask "What could this be?
And what sorts of treasures can be found?"

You might send your Petpet down to look,
For the hole is too small for a Neopet.
It might be wise to bring a book,
For you don't know how lost he'll get!

When your Petpet returns from the hole,
He'll be sure to show you what he's got!
For the hole was dug by a crafty Symol,
And filled with the treasures he sought!

More than dirt can be found down there,
Though there's plenty of that around.
So take some treasure if you dare,
If some even can be found.

Symols are the best at digging,
Of all the Petpets in all the land.
So in holes where you're barely wiggling,
The best treasure is close at hand.

The Symol Hole can be fun,
If you aren't expecting much.
The best treasures can only be won,
With a Symol's expert touch!

A Petpet’s Ode to the Symol Hole
by treblesome

On a beautifully bright and sunny day
In the Merry land of Dell
So many things to do and see
With boredom you hope to quell

You sing and skip along a winding path
Towards your destination
You brace yourself for what comes next
There can be no hesitation

You skitter past on quiet toes
So as not to rouse the beast
For what you seek lies beneath his lot
A hair’s breadth to the southeast 

In the ground you see a hole
Beckoning you to come
For in the dark abyss below
Prizes are promised to be won

Whether you climb down slowly 
Or cannonball with vigour
You disappear into the darkness
With the dreams of finding treasure

A book entitled The Founder
Or perhaps a buried bone
But whatever riches that you seek
You must go the journey alone

You reach the very bottom
With seconds left to spare
You grip your loot tight in your paws
And re-emerge for air

As you peek your head back out
And the brightness floods your eyes
You thank the mighty Symol
For the chance to catch a prize

The sun hangs heavy in the darkening sky
All daylight nearly gone
You think to yourself, “Maybe I can do the same tomorrow!”
Wouldn’t that be fun?

Symol's Happy Day
by daisylistar222

Oh a Symol, what a cute little creature, 
Look at his snout, that’s a funny feature. 
He lives in a deep hole beneath a gnarled old tree, 
Hiding all the treasures he got on a spree. 

Today on a bright sunny day,  
This Symol started digging without delay, 
Looking for an adventure he dug some more, 
To him, it wasn’t really a chore. 
Digging with his big strong claws, 
he suddenly stopped and had a long pause, 
The soil around him was shaking, 
Was it the Turmaculus that was waking? 
He froze in shock and waited for his fate, 
One wrong move and he could end up on a plate. 

“Hello!” a Turtum appeared, 
Symol was glad it wasn’t what he feared. 
Pointing over to a nearby apple tree, 
Turtum said there was something to see. 
As the two approached it with joy,
what they saw was a shiny orange Hasee balloon toy! 
Symol was filled with delight, 
this addition to his collection would be a marvellous sight. 

To thank his dear little friend, 
Symol searched his treasure for something to send, 
Handing Turtum some Fancy Petpet Food, 
they both ended the day in a great mood!

A Symol Day Tale
by amylotti

here is a tale that you may not be expecting
that began when a Symol was born in the month of collecting
curled up in a ball, he was sixth in the litter
though siblings abound, he was a different critter

it wasn’t his tail or size or claws
nor were it his fur or nose or paws
it was something you’d only believe when you’d seen
this new little Symol, well, he was green!

he would roll on the ground to try and change colour
but it would just wash away and his hope wore smaller
all he wanted was to feel like the others
as he just didn’t look the same as his Symol brothers

the others were mean and they’d not let him forget
that his greenness excluded him from the outset
there must be a reason for his evergreen glow
and if the reason was out there, he wanted to know

the odd one out, the others wouldn’t let him play
so, he left in the night at the end of the day
he peeked out of his hole at eight in the night
and what he saw then filled his eyes with delight

a Neopet dressed up in black witch coat
carrying his candy in a pumpkin shaped tote
he snuck around near him to watch him with glee
until he came to rest under a leafless tree

eating his candy and smiling away
he slowly crept closer to where this Chomby lay
he hid behind pots and plants and flowers
all while the Chomby sat and ate sweets and sours

the Chomby then noticed him heading his way
and without hesitation he asked him to stay
the little Symol was weary, he might have not seen his colour
but perhaps the nighttime made him look duller

deathraceforlove the Chomby held out a sweet
and the little green Symol accepted the treat
he beamed with happiness, it made his colour gleam
but the Chomby didn’t mind, it felt like a dream!

it was the best night of his life, like no other before
he felt a sense of belonging right to his core
they played for hours and ate where they sat
when little Symol got tired, the Chomby held out his witch hat

the little green Symol, he climbed right in
Chomby used his coat as a blanket and tucked him up to his chin
he then lay his star witch wand for Symol to cuddle
and beneath the tree they stayed to huddle

he found his first friend and he was over the moon
Chomby rocked him in his hat humming a lullaby tune
both full of chocolate and the sweetest of candy
the happiness they both felt left them feeling quite dandy 

it was there in that moment little Symol was proud to be green
for it helped him fit in on that special Halloween
and here ends another great story not ending in gloom
for it’s how deathraceforlove met his Halloween Symol named doom!

Essence of Symol
by indulgences

This jar will heal your Neopet
Outside the Battledome.
It will restore ten hit points, and
It smells of sweet cologne!

The Essence is within a vial
Of glass that’s tinted blue.
Don’t shake the brown elixir — it
Will bubble, fizz and spew!

This flask is really useful when
Your Neopet can’t fight.
It heals your pet a tiny bit,
And quite restores their might!

Your pet can now attack their foe
Within the Battledome.
I hope you have a healing cure
To use within the zone!

This Essence is a brilliant thing
That bolsters up your pets!
Go buy an Essence for yourself,
To use without regrets!

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