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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Kyrii Day Special!

King Jazan
by larkspurlane

There lies far away, in the Lost Desert hot
An ancient city cursed by slow rot:
Qasala, once so mighty and fine,
Now marks at the horizon a foul black line.

Too many dabbled in magics dark and deep,
Too curious not to let unknowns sleep;
And so a curse was laid upon this city fair,
And the only one who could break it: Jazan, the Heir.

Upon a Nightsteed wild he rode into Sakhmet,
Hoping there to settle Qasala’s debt;
His Prophecy told of a bride of royal blood
Whose hand could stem the cursed flood. 

Yet Princess Amira had no love for him,
Her life was her own, she said, eyes grim,
And Jazan, enraged, released his magicks dark 
On golden Sakhmet and its beautiful monarch. 

Who would save Sakhmet from the wrath
Of Jazan the King, on the warpath? 
None guessed Nabile, the thief, the rogue,
Herself of a royal bloodline old, 
Would capture the heart of this noble scion,
And so save Sakhmet from total destruction!

A Visit to the Mystery Island Mystic
by a_ramsell

It's a beautiful day on Mystery Island,
The sun shining bright in a clear blue sky.
It's Kyrii Day; how to celebrate?
You decide to give the Island Mystic a try.

The last time you sought your fortune
Was years and years ago.
You set off toward the Kyrii's hut,
Your pace leisurely and slow.

Since the Island Mystic's hut
Is, of course, on an island,
You'll need to take a boat there,
And that idea has you smiling.

You climb into a small canoe
And row out to the hut.
You step onto the sandy beach
And curiously look about.

It's quiet here, you notice,
As you stroll along the shore.
Within a couple minutes,
You're at the Island Mystic's door.

He opens the door before you knock;
He is psychic, after all.
You enter and smile at the Kyrii
Who's so unassuming and small.

"You're here to have your fortune told?"
He asks with a little grin.
You nod, and so does he.
"Alright then, here it is:

"You will have unusual fortune in Maraqua,"
He declares, a pleased look on his face.
You smile and thank the little Kyrii,
Who's already staring dreamily into space.

"Well, that was kind of strange,"
You think, wondering what to make of it.
You decode for the next Kyrii Day,
You'll definitely do something different.

Kyrii Day - The Island Mystic
by tanikagillam

He’s a strange looking Kyrii,
This much I’m willing to admit.
The bone through his nose – 
And the rags that (kind of?) fit.

I ask him for my fortune,
He babbles on about some faerie.
I tell him I need his avatar – 
The look he gives me is quite hairy.

“You will find a negg at Kiko Lake!”
He proclaims, arms thrown wide.
“That’s not quite what I need,” I frown.
“Can’t you give me an avatar on the side?”

“Come back tomorrow, young Neopet!
And all your fortunes shall be told!
I am the greatest mystic in all the lands – 
If I may be so honest and bold.”

“What species are you?” I ask.
I only need him to say one particular word.
He mumbles something about a nerkmid,
And acts like he never even heard.

It’s been over twelve years since we met,
And I’ve visited him every single day.
One day that Kyrii is going to tell me – 
And never again will I have to see his face.

Stan the Kyrii
by myncithemonkey

Always on the run,
Is Stan the Kyrii,
Under desert sun,
Nimble and carefree.

A veteran thief,
Stan loves ummagines,
Causing vendors grief,
For lawlessness wins.

Elephante guards,
Are Stan's biggest threat,
Lurking in courtyards,
All throughout Sakhmet.

Using clever tools,
Stan dodges and evades,
The guards look like fools,
As Stan hides in shades.

No hurdle or maze,
Can stop Stan's cunning,
A thief with his ways,
Will never stop running.

Capara the Cheating Kyrii
by tanikagillam

She is tiny – really quite small,
She has a cheeky smile upon her face.
She’ll smirk at you and tip you a wink,
While she’s holding a joker and an ace.

She’ll invite you to play a game,
Promising that she’ll let you win.
You glance around the table of three,
As they ask you to come and join in.

The pretty Kyrii looks smug,
Almost certain of your fate.
She’ll deal you a deck of cards,
And lean back in her chair to wait.

She thinks she has it in the bag,
What with all her cheats up her sleeve.
Never did it cross her mind,
That you might be the one to deceive.

You hold your cards, you wait your turn,
You’ve noticed everything that they do.
You won’t miss anything – nothing will get past,
As they try to keep an eye fixed slyly on you.

Out is Branston Eyrie, and you turn to face Capara,
She glances at you with a look of surprise.
You play your cards – another cheat is out!
And you’ve got your mind fixed solely on the prize.

Emerging Vitor-ious: A Krafty Kyrii
by _brainchild_

Krell Vitor is one Kyrii
Much more skilled than you or me.
A well-known Yooyuball elite,
His victories are pretty sweet.

On the field another day,
The brilliant ball comes into play.
He quickly grabs the fine petpet,
His talent even past adept.

One of the opposing pets
Follows him, but she is met
With a failure in this case.
What a grand smack in the face!

He hurls the petpet in the net.
The enemies haven't scored yet,
But he's racked up fifteen goals!
His Yooyuballs are on a roll!

Very soon, the time runs out.
Haunted Woods have won, no doubt!
Vitor takes home a victory.
He's as jolly as can be.

Kyrii DO NOT Like Apples!
by fleurdust

Kyrii make wonderful Neopets.
They're curious and well-travelled.
Still, I feel I must warn,
all those uninformed:
Kyrii DON'T like apples.

They're sweet and soft and cuddly
And their fur will never straggle.
But lest you forget,
And make them upset:
Kyrii DON'T like apples.

The reasons why are not so clear.
Neopia's great minds are baffled.
Just steer clear, and avoid
Or you'll make them annoyed!
Because Kyrii DON'T like apples.

Never offer a treat without thinking.
You could be in for a battle.
They'll get Itchy Scratchies
And it could be catching!
So remember: Kyrii DO NOT like apples!

Tyrannian Grand Elder Kyruggi - An Acrostic
by nayana852

This next tale of mine is about Kyriis
You have many from the species.
Respectfully, nobody would disagree
Above them all is Grand Elder Kyruggi.
Never has there been anyone in Tyrannia
Nor even in all of Neopia.
I can honestly say
Attained so much fame and accolade.
Now, listen carefully.

Grand Elder Kyruggi, strategist and warrior
Responsible for leading Tyrannia’s defenses
Against invading Grarrls, Chias, and Buzzes.
Not to mention the most dangerous predator
Deadliest of all, the Monoceraptor.

Every Neopian as far as the eye could see
Left their homeland and joined Kyruggi.
Disregarding their own safety
Each one of them showed so much bravery.
Reestablishing Tyrannia to peaceful normalcy.

Kyruggi is one of Neopia’s oldest heroes
You have to give her kudos.
Recently, things have slowed down by far
Until there is another war,
Grand Elder Kyruggi is retired.
Go! Go! Go! is her new favorite pastime, but
I know she'll always be prepared for wartime.

A Kyrii...
by baiuki

With manes that ebb and flow like water,
Glistening eyes that make you wonder,
Quick on their feet, and witted with their tongue
You know a Kyrii's a Kyrii, you know it as I've sung.

They hail from all corners of Neopia near and far,
On a whole other level, that they have their own bar
Amid a crowd you can be sure
A Kyrii's a Kyrii with their own pure allure.

If you're not yet convinced, look around:
Every story has one in it, just hear their sound.
At sea, there's Jacques out to save those living in the deep,
And on the surface you have Krell whose asleep counting sheep.

There are those who boast on their luck,
And others who like to run amuck, 
But like Ciona, there are those who rise to meet the occasion,
While some of royalty command an ovation. 

Famous and unknown, they span the globe,
Bestowing upon you their wisdom and giving you tips on a new wardrobe.
In fact, it goes without saying:
A Kyrii's a Kyrii to whose songs to which you're a-sawying.

He's Better Than You
by trubiekatie

Every Wednesday, a new contest starts,
Hosted by a famous Red Kyrii.
His charm and wit sure win hearts,
With an upbeat attitude, so carefree.

His pink sparkly coat dazzles the crowd,
As he makes his way down to the very front.
It’s hard to hear him with screams so loud,
But this is a typical Wednesday stunt.

He’s ready to announce this week’s game,
And I cannot wait to try and win the prize.
Only the first 500 get to put down their name,
So play quickly to win, one would advise.

This week’s game is Meerca Chase,
And the score seems wildly too high!
One Fish Negg and I might place,
But after a while, it’s time for goodbye.

I can’t seem to win this week;
 I’ll come back next time to try my luck.
His smile is so wide, it turns his cheek;
Now I’m leaving here sadly, a total schmuck.

The Kyrii and the Apple
by secant

Once upon a time or two,
A Kyrii sat beneath a tree.
"I would like to eat some fruit,"
Said the Kyrii cheerfully.

He likes oranges and pears on bread,
Strawberries, pineapples too.
But what fell upon his head
Was a green apple, brand new.

So he ate the apple, lo and behold--
GASP. Call the doctor, quick!
Boils grew on his body tenfold;
Must be the green apple, ick!

So here's the lesson to all who hear:
Do not feed a Kyrii apples.
For what follows is quite a drear
And not for the faint-of-heart to grapple!

On Kyrii Day...
by livingcandle

On Kyrii Day,
I hope and pray
That fortune may bestow
The greatest Kyrii gift of all
To me and my fellows.
Kyriis are a clever bunch, you see.
Like Capara, Jacques, and Kyruggi
So what is the greatest Kyrii gift,
Us Neopians all seek?
Is it Capara's charm that all Kyriis share?
Their friendly smiles and gorgeous hair?
Is it bravery unmatched,
From courageous Jacques?
Or wisdom and longevity
A gift from Elder Kyruggi?
No, the greatest Kyrii gift of all,
Comes from an Island of Mystery
Neopians return every day
To visit the Island Hut,
Oh great Mystical Kyrii
We've come from afar
Please grant us The Greatest Kyrii gift of all:
The Island Mystic Avatar.

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