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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Chocolate Ball Special!

Her First Chocolate Ball
by breakeven

The aisha awakens,
And twirled in the hall,
What an honour to be invited 
To the Annual Chocolate Ball!

Today’s the day –
She dons on her silk gown,
Her hair up in a loose braid,
Topped with a chocolate crown.

Wide-eyed she arrived,
At the steps of the Ball.
She has never seen so much chocolate
And a fondue waterfall!

What a lovely spread,
Of bonbons, candies and cakes,
She can make her own dessert,
Or sip on a chocolate shake! 

The Ball buzzed with
So much laughter and chatter,
As the chocolate hosts served up,
Platter after platter.

Guests gently waltzed, 
To a symphony serenading.
The aisha will remember today,
Her chocolate smile on, glowing.

After the Ball
by fleurdust

The stage is set, the lights are low,
The ballroom glistens bright.
And everyone who's anyone
Will gather here tonight.

Clutching their invitations
They begin to arrive.
In tuxedos and swooping ballgowns
Of every shape and size.

"Hello my dear!" "Oh, how are you?" 
"It's been so very long!"
They elegantly simper
As they join the throng.

But socialisation's only part
Of the reason they're all here.
They've come for a sensation
Famed throughout Neopia.

Inside, a fondue bubbles,
On a heavily-laden table,
Piled high with cocoa-rich treats
Quite paradisaical!

Come try a Creamy Choccywhip--
It tastes just like a dream! 
And why not wash it down
With Three Scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream? 

There's chocolate shells and chocolate pets, 
And a Chocolate Doglefox! 
When you go into the garden,
Look out for the Chocolate Rocks! 

There's confections here for everyone, 
Of the most eclectic tastes. 
You can be sure that not a crumb
Will be allowed to go to waste. 

At last, the guests have had their fill, 
And the ballroom falls slowly quiet, 
A groan is heard above the hush:
"Tomorrow, I'm going on a diet!"

Chocolate Factory Tour
by myncithemonkey

Chocolate Kiko at the door,
"A hearty welcome to you all,
Come and see what we have in store,
For the annual Chocolate Ball!"

Chocolate treats line the shelves,
Stacking as high as you can see,
"Go ahead and help yourselves
For today, everything is free!"

Chocolates in all shapes and sizes,
Every species of Neopets,
A dazzling array of surprises,
They're as good as it gets.

A sweet aroma in the air,
The mixture of every flavour,
Delicious scents without compare,
Mesmerizing tastes to savour.

The factory never takes a break,
Producing goodies all year round,
Next time you want chocolate cake,
You know where they can be found.

The Sweetest Prize of All
by pandacat838

There he stands, yellow kiko with top hat and cane,
Selling chocolate and candy, all so hard to refrain,
Whether it’s a Kiko Pop or Kougra Sugar Skull,
The Chocolate Factory is sure to have them all!

He has candy coated neggs and chokatos to share,
Something for everyone, from peasant to millionaire,
A wide range of sweets, from white chocolate to dark,
Take a bite, indulge, it’s sure to hit the mark!
For your neopet, he has carved a chocolate likeness,
It’s the best thing I’ve eaten all year, I must confess,
Around Neopia, and Virtupets, Kreludor too,
You won’t find anything better, no matter what you do!

He has lollypops and gobstoppers, if it’s candy you seek,
Made with special recipes, and a secret technique,
Candy and chocolate, of all colours, shapes and size,
Don’t need the Scratchcard Wocky, for here is the prize.
Confess now to your excitement, I can see it on your face,
To prepare for the annual ball, you’ve come to just the right place.
There’s no idea too wild or grandiose,
Dreams come true here, a fact everyone knows.

So what would you like to take to the ball?
Everyone else has left with quite the haul!

Hmm? What’s that you say? You came this far,
And all you want, is a silly little avatar?

A Chocolate Ball Invitation
by a_ramsell

The invitation arrived weeks ago;
You've been counting down the days since  then.
But today's the day! The Chocolate Ball!
You haven't been this excited since who knows when.

Invitations to the Annual Chocolate Ball
Are the most coveted in all the land.
Rumor has it that the Chocolate Ball
Is always jaw-droppingly grand.

And you've finally scored an invite!
You're so incredibly thrilled.
Finally your life's biggest aspiration
Will be spectacularly fulfilled.

You dress in your most elegant finery,
Checking your reflection one final time.
You admire your beautiful ball gown;
It's so much fun dressing to the nines!

When you arrive at the Chocolate Factory,
You try to play it cool.
With all the amazing chocolatey goodness,
You find it hard not to drool.

There are so many treats to sample;
Both classic favorites and new creations.
You commend the attention to detail
Tasting everything and marveling in appreciation.

When the chocolate confections start to disappear,
You realize the ball has come to an end.
While you're sad to see it's over, you know 
It was the most amazing event you'll ever attend.

You leave the party tired but happy,
A perfect end to an amazing day.
You grin in anticipation as you realize
The next Chocolate Ball is only 364 days away!

To a Chocolate Negg
by larkspurlane

Chocolate Negg,
don’t melt in the heat, I beg,
for I must first enjoy your fine form
and the white candied curls that adorn
you like lace, this Chocolate Ball morn. 
I ask, what brave pioneer, what fine trained 
chocolatier, made a Negg so exquisite? Motifs
of dream & sweetness and patterned gold leaf,
swirls of chocolate white spun-sugar surprise,
what craftsman did these lovely things devise?
A culinary marvel of a Negg, a pure creation,
yet momentarily, you'll be eaten to oblivion,
tragic, & yet not, because lest it be forgot,
today is the Chocolate Ball, so all of these
chocolate delicacies'll be eaten to appease
young Neopets hungry with appetites vast,
a taste for sugar, chocolate enthusiasts;
today we celebrate sweetness and 
joy, and you, dear Negg, aren’t
a mere toy: down the hatch
you go, mm, delicious!

The Annual Chocolate Ball
by _razcalz_

The clock strikes eight; the ball's begun, 
The chocolatier's event of the year. 
A celebration of the sweetest pets, 
The confectionery all hold dear. 
Dancing here and samples there, 
At the center: a chocolate fountain flow. 
Bring forth your invite, then, 
Through the Chocolate Factory doors we go. 

Whipped cream hair and caramel eyes, 
Some sprinkles for the cheer; 
Cancy corn beaks and waffle feet - 
All normal features you'll find here! 
See the Draik with wafer wings 
And dark chocolate sauce atop. 
Decorative swirls and sugary smiles, 
Add a cherry for the finish touch: plop! 

The chocolatiers will also show 
Their finest works for all to taste: 
From towering cakes and statues grand, 
To delicate truffles with creamy pastes.
Take care, though; leave no sweet stains 
On your gowns and suits and ties! 
The dancefloor's live, now; twirl away, 
Beneath the chocolate ceilings high. 

And at night's end, don't forget to try   
A sample from the fountain; it's sure to satisfy!

The Sweetest Shindig
by doorknob39


Smooth as can be. 

Creamiest white, 
Richest dark, 
Milky divine.

Sweet as can be. 

Steaming mugs, 
Covered bugs, 
Lovely as hugs. 

Tasty as can be. 

Spooky season, 
Love day. 

Versatile as can be. 

Coated cherries, 
Pretzels covered, 
Tasty surprises. 

Lovely as can be. 

A world without chocolate
Is a world without

Oh how I wish
by baby_bear1924

Oh how I wish i could go to the ball,
But not just any,
One with chocolate for one and all!
Dancing the night away ,
Such a sweet smell,
Chocolate in the halls,
Such a tasty spell!
Oh how wish I could eat all the foods!
Chocolate cake, chocolate bars, all the goods!
And in the middle a fountain so sweet,
Chocolate pour from a spout, 
What a treat!
Maybe the prince of chocolate will whisk me away!
And maybe I will be the new princess and get to stay!
 Oh such ball would be so grand!
Dreaming of being chocolate princess, 
Wont get out of hand! 
I will throw a extravagant chocolate ball each year,
My subjects will love me, and for chocolate  they cheer!

Chocolate Ball Treats
by mewemy

Nothing can compare to a chocolate treat
Sugary, scrumptious, and oh so sweet
A chocolate Neopet has always been my dream
With his cute little head coated in cream

This isn’t a pet you can paint with a brush
So slow down there, don’t be in such a rush
If you want to obtain one of these tasty guys
You’ll have to attempt a lab ray surprise

Unless you get lucky with a fountain faerie quest
There is no other way, now don’t be upset
The rarity they bring is what makes them unique
They really are quite yummy so to speak

Wafers, cherries, sprinkles, and candy
These pets are oh so pretty and dandy
Dark to milk chocolate, you will see it all
So many choices at the chocolate ball

Try your best not to eat them though
Not even a small chocolate toe 
These deserts can be your loving pets
If you try to snack on them you will surely have regrets

The Chocolate Factory
by secant

Down in Neopia Central, there stands
A candy factory, grander than grand.
Its walls made of cocoa, roofs of cream,
The Chocolate Factory, everyone's dream.

They sell gumballs and lollies,
Sugary creepy crawlies,
Milk chocolate and dark,
Sorbets with bright sparks.

Fluffy, puffy candy floss, 
Hard candy that retains its gloss;
What's this? They sell Dung-flavored too,
For those with an affinity to poo!

Down in Neopia Central, there stands
A candy factory, grander than grand.
Its walls made of cocoa, roofs of cream,
The Chocolate Factory, everyone's dream.

A Perspective on the Chocolate Ball
by azienskieth

They've all arrived, the famous and rich,
To be a part of this year's fun.
Oh, how I wish that our places could switch
For sweets and chocolate I have none.

The Chocolate Ball comes yearly.
The rich, too, come from far, not near.
We who live here can see clearly
Who's simply visiting our sphere.

In the heart of the big, big city,
The Chocolate Factory lies.
Our lives 'round here are grim and gritty,
Neighborhoods filled with wistful eyes.

So when the luxury comes to town,
Nothing for us feels very right.
Their lights and laughs go past sundown,
When we're exhausted, ready for night.

We know you love your gowns and splendor
But not everyone enjoys it so.
Please don't let your Ball be the center
Of our struggling lives in skid row.

Preparing for the Chocolate Ball
by xrainydayx

Inside the Chocolate Factory, a buzz is in the air;
The chocolatiers are busy making chocolates with care.
White, Milk, Dark, Raspberry and Mint,
Every type of chocolate will be at the event.

The finest of Neopians are invited to this Ball;
When they walk into the ballroom they will be in awe.
Each and every guest will find, to his or her surprise,
Chocolate covered everything, even chocolate-coated flies!

Preparation is paramount for this decadent fete;
Strings of chocolate are draped along the factory gate.
The largest chocolate fountain is brought into the venue;
Party planners decide strategically what to place onto the menu.

After all of the preparations are complete, the night is here!
Trills of laughter and excitement are heard as guests appear.
The chocolatiers gather ‘round to watch their visions come to life,
And celebrate another successful Chocolate Ball night!

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