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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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1,000th Poetry Competition Special
By Indulgences

I'm finished playing for the night.
My shop is stocked, my pets are fed.
I might have something nice to write.
I'm freelance versing in my head.

The moon sinks low. I'm quite inspired
To write about my Neopets day.
The stars come out. I then aspire
To write about the games I play.

My stanzas flow, they pulse and grow.
The clock ticks eight, then nine, then ten.
I think of games I've overthrown,
My daily gaming regimen.

But then I hit a mental block.
I'm stuck on stanzas five and six.
I check the Gaming Board to see
If chatting can provide a fix.

I talk to gaming royalty,
The legends that achieve high scores.
They offer loads of hints to me
And hearten me to write some more.

I check the Writers Board as well.
My thread gets many good replies.
The people give me great advice.
I give my poem another try.

My manic pen, it writes again.
I scribble, deep and dark in thought.
I'm supercharged and have the yen.
My verses flow again, unsought.

It's just another poem in
A thousand Competitions held,
But still I write my honest best
And hope my poem turns out well.

So happy 1,000th birthday to
The Poetry Contest, TNT!
I hope this poem's published in
The 1,000th issue for all to see!

The Bartamus
By Soaringeagle25

From where did the Bartamus originate?
A mystery of Neopia from the oldest date
Somehow appearing on that malevolent cloud
Seething purple, green fog enshroud.

Guarding Jhudora's highest throne
Scrabbling wings, shrill ear-piercing tone.
Uniquely found in Jhudora's abode
And given out to Neopians she hath owed.

She entices poor fools to do her quests
Impossible it is, even for the best,
And ev'ry time, or so I heard,
Neopians that fail disappear without a word.

No shop in Neopia who Petpets keep
Carry a Bartamus, or have heard a peep
Of a Bartamus existing in another world
Besides Jhudora's claimed home that ever swirled.

So where doth the Bartamus come from?
Besides the evil lilac maelstrom
Handed out occasionally by her quest
But that doesn't account for all the rest...

Existing in only in hushed gossamer rumour
Jhudora stays silent, other Neopians humour
The idea that Jhudora just can't hide
The fact that these events seem to coincide.

Petpet Jamboree
By Lemonlovingcutie

Idle thoughts do roam around,
While preparing for the parade.
Fins, feathers, paws, and claws,
All do join the lined brigade.

Songs are sung in merriment;
Coloured streamers are in tow.
What is the cause of all this cheer?
It's the Petpet Jamboree, you should know!

Petpets come from all around the land
To take their place in the parade's long line.
With wide-eyed faces they march along,
In picnic baskets spectators dine.

Laughs and giggles are abundant,
Until the clouds do part in the sky.
Awestruck looks are spread around,
For downward faeries doth fly.

The Faerie Queen does lead the pack,
Holding small necklaces made of flowers.
She distributes them, one by one,
And then smiles do prove her lasting power.

For even the Queen of Faeries knows the truth,
That those who are small do impact.
Thank you, Petpets, for all you do!
(You are treasured, that is a fact!)

A Wobbling Poem
By Yoyote

In a wood a lone tree stands, raining piles of junk,
And poor young Wallace can't resist the temptation,
For this particular Wocky has a terrible obsession
To collect, and collect, and collect some more!

He stands under the tree, arms outstretched,
Ready to take everything he can grab.
A book, a plushie, a doll as drab
As this urge to collect more!

A Petpet comes his way
And Wallace dodges
Trying to balance
To catch more
But the pile


Mynci Beach Volleyball
By Scarvogue

The sound of the waves fills the air,
As he makes his jump.
The palm trees shade the ground;
He descends with a mighty thump!
The ball soars over the net,
And with the ground it doth collide.
The Mynci grins and shines with glee,
Alas, the game is tied!

His opponent smirks, it's his move next,
He raises the ball and hits it with all his might.
Through the air it pummels fast,
As it takes its flight.
The Mynci bounds toward the ball,
Judging the landing spot.
He hurls his body to the left,
Under the ball, he doth squat.

Closer and closer, the ball draws near,
So he raises his mighty hand.
He smacks the ball back over the net,
And he falls back onto the land.
His opponent eyes it well,
And raises his hand to shade the sun.
He scuttles back furthermore,
Forgetting it's just for fun.

But he is too late to hit the ball,
And down, down, down it drops,
Down into the sand.
The Mynci smiles, but quickly stops.
Down he crouches, under the net,
Smiling while he doth crawl.
"Good game, my friend!"
So ends Mynci Beach Volleyball!

Ode to The Trumpadon
By Concertogreat_8

Trumpadon, O Trumpadon, you hearty Petpet,
Stomp through the forest, grinning like,
With huge and hairy teeth.
You scare me silly, wobbly knees,
I cannot even take a step, my legs are shaking so.

Hard to sell, really rare,
Careful, you might lose your hair.

Trumpadon, O Trumpadon,
You're awfully, awfully rare,
You sabotage the Trading Post
With raging, scary greed,
Buyers, sellers, all alike,
Cower at your heinous price.

Hard to sell, really rare,
Careful, you might lose your hair.

Trumpadon, O Trumpadon, mighty chomping teeth
And tiny evil eyes, who would want this scary thing,
This companion that might
Of your pet make a meal?

Hard to sell, really rare,
Careful, you might lose your hair.

Trumpadon, O Trumpadon,
Why is it that no one wants you?
Do you really scare them off?
Even on this worshipful day,
When all around the owners
Give the Petpets a break?

Hard to sell, really rare,
Careful, you might lose your hair.

Trumpadon, O Trumpadon, hahaha,
It's laughable to think that this monster you would
Want to keep your pet happy, safe.

Hard to sell, really rare,
Careful, you might lose your hair.
Trumpadon, O Trumpadon, the joke's really on me,
'Cause I can see that you don't really
Want to be held captive to a silly Neopet.

Hard to sell, really rare,
Careful, you might lose your hair
To the clever Trumpadon.

Space Flotsam
By Wicked_summer

(Dancer in the currents.
Solar winds so fast.)

A shadow moves, ripples.
Not so much a shadow, as
An absence of light --
Where sunlight falls dead.

(Dreamer of a new age.
Haunted by her past.)

Swift and sleek, not strong,
But subtle. Eyes glow with cunning,
Every line, every fin made for speed,
For dancing, dancing in the currents.

(Companion of the stars.
Alone except for them.)

The Void is vast, so huge,
So empty. Light travels like
It would through water. Cutting.
A line of gold stretching from the horizon.

(Traveller to new worlds.
Born to judge and to condemn.)

And on that line, around it.
Through and over, looping,
Following the light by some instinct.
She is alone, but she can dance.

(Dancer in the currents.
Solar winds so free.)

The Faerie Pteri
By Chaenda

The faerie Pteri, so sleek and proud,
Sits upon a little cloud
Gazing upon the passersby,
And flies into the big blue skies.

Free as a bird, she flies up more,
As much as she could, she would soar,
Flying through clouds so fluffy and white,
Her lovely wings are a beautiful sight.

She passes through lands of green,
And some places she has never seen,
She stops for some water to drink,
And helps some Petpets who sink.

At night, she's nestled on her tree,
And she giggles to herself with glee,
For a happy day it has been,
And always she sleeps with a grin.

Palpus of the Desert
By Togepi_forever

He stands there in the sunlight,
Medals shining proud;
Alone in his great chamber,
Far beyond the crowds.

He gazes with a watchful eye
Upon the streets below,
Always looking for new ways
To help his city grow.

The citizens, they adore him,
Although he stands above
Doing all he can for Sakhmet --
The city, his true love.

The passing years have changed him,
Old, yet still alert --
Respected by Sakhmetians,
Palpus of the Desert.

Once he fought for all our sakes,
A general, proud and true.
Now he works as Senator,
Still guarding me and you.

So if you ever meet him,
Please thank him for his time;
He still stands proud for Sakhmet,
His city, yours, and mine.

A Selfless Kacheek
By Neogal_anu

Under Altador's blazing sun, a small Kacheek toiled,
Day and night, night and day, simple was his life.
He did not care for luxuries nor for pirates' spoil,
Tending his crops with loving care,
raising his Petpets was his job.

Walking through town, overheard
The farmer a conversation feared,
They talked about a strange blight
Afflicting their tender crops.
Florin did ask them to show him more,
And as the field neared,
He was shocked to see nearly
A third of all the plants diseased.

Florin pondered over it,
His hard-working brain buzzing,
One good look at the ebon, wilted plants
Gave him the perfect solution.
He clapped his little hands and sped
Into the forest, jumping,
Undertaking a long, dangerous journey,
Searching for the cure.

After days and days of endless search,
He found what he wanted,
A rare plant that few knew existed,
Hidden in the depths of the forest.
Not wasting time, he went back
To town, with the cure he coveted,
Ground and mixed the herb with water
And instructed the farmers to use it.

Within days, the crops looked as good
As new, away went the blight,
The villagers were ecstatic;
They rejoiced and revelled in the joy.
But Florin's own crops wilted,
They weren't a pretty sight,
As he had neglected them to search
For a cure to the deadly disease.

Tales of his selflessness travelled
Far and wide, until at last
The great King Altador himself heard
And showered him with praise.
He made the kind Florin oversee Altador's
Plentiful farms, and fast
Did Florin find a place among the Heroes,
In Altador's coveted hall.

Swim Along, Finned Ones
By Iridaceous

Autumn hues set into sea
As dawn touches sky.
Sun casts glow to shining fins,
As shadows glide right by.

Swim along, finned ones,
Wake to morning's call...

Beneath the water's surface,
With grace and spirit and identical grin,
Swims many a nimble Flotsam:
Strong strokes of tail and fin.

Swim along, finned ones,
Dance to tide's rhythm...

Majestic Flotsams, lead the way,
To treasured harmony.
Down into the indigo depths,
To a city in the sea.

Swim along, finned ones,
Sway to eternal peace...

Open gates to Maraqua,
Vast watery pastures to roam.
Beauty, wisdom, and mystery,
A Flotsam's perfect home.

Sing along, finned ones,
To Maraqua's enchantment.

Ode to the Techo Master
By Aidan_hood

In a hut, on an Island, somewhere not far from here,
A mystical Techo is known to appear.
Bright green skin and greying hair,
He doesn't sit down, but floats in the air!
But what is his purpose? What does he do?
That's simple, he passes knowledge to me and you!
He teaches long courses, tells you how to improve,
How to be strong, boost your speed when you move!
Teaching techniques to make you last in a fight,
And how to defend yourself, dodging left and right.

But that's not the limit to this Techo's skills,
He teaches control, without any frills.
Balance, posture, stamina, and poise,
Concentrate hard, silence required, not noise.
If you want to learn, then you'll certainly do well,
Hoards of information that he is able to tell.
So thank you for coming to Neopia here,
The old Techo Master, for you, we cheer!

Sidney the Nimmo
By Doopingla

A hiss and an evil laugh
Echo around the spooky place.
As you walk along the dirty path,
With a creepy figure you come face to face.

His eyes, they glow like the moon,
His skin is blue as an icy mountain.
He smiles and laughs again like a goon,
In the dark his image ripples like a fountain.

A hiss and a wheeze,
And he pulls from his coat a card.
"Take a ssscratchcard, if you please,"
He gives you a salesman look, warm but hard.

He is Sidney the Nimmo of the Scratchcard stall,
You won't get a moment's peace from him.
He'll find you hiding and give you a call,
Until you buy a scratchcard,
The looks of things are grim.

Finally you give in with a sigh,
And offer up your Neopoints to the pet.
He snatches them up and
Throws the scratchcard high,
"Thank you, I'm glad we met."

You catch the scratchcard from the air,
And scratch a few off.
Sidney grabs it and gives it a hard stare,
Then gives another loud cough.

"We have a winner, on Nimmo Day in fact!"
He cries, hopping up into the sky.
He hands you a bag so heavy
Your arms can barely stay intact,
Then waves you away cheering
And calling a loud "Goodbye!"

On Nimmo Day, no less,
The jackpot is yours to keep and spend!
It must be luck at its very best,
Such riches your back begins to bend!

Sidney cackles knowingly,
His gift had been spread, a gift worth a lot.
Could it really, truly be?
He'd meant for that card to be a jackpot?

The JubJub Charmer
By Icesmith

Through the roasting streets of Sakhmet,
A soft, serene chime is heard,
It comforts the ears of wandering pets
And flies as swiftly as a bird.

Many wonder from whence this melody comes
And hum along so gently,
But this joyful nature is soon erased,
As the Cobralls, they come aplenty,

They seem attracted to the harmonious sound,
And jitter with every vibration
That pierces through the still air with ease,
As they enjoy the majestic sensation.

They slither and squirm through the streets,
Startling many as they crawl past their feet,
As their poisonous tongues and their glowing eyes,
Are considered to be far from sweet.

But the Cobralls come with no intention of harm,
And instead ignore the wails of fear,
As they are busying themselves
With only one prospect,
To meet the owner of the tune they hear.

And so they finally spot the melody maker,
And up against his feet they do rub,
So truly skilled with musical quality,
Is this charming JubJub.<

The Breadmaster Kacheek
By _Razcalz_

Among the shops of the Neopian Bazaar
Stands the one that everyone seeks --
'Tis the famous bakery
Of the Breadmaster Kacheek!

Donning his white apron,
He throws open the doors, smiles,
"Open for business today!"
Hungry Neopians already lined in single files.

Pretzels, cakes, cookies, doughnuts,
Smells of cupcakes and baking bread,
Of pastries and pies,
And delightful chocolate spread.

Some have paid and are off to work,
In their paws are bundles of cinnamon dough.
For others, "Ummagine pie is SOLD OUT!"
Looks like they are a tad too slow!

Finally, the rush hour has past,
The Breadmaster hums, munches on a cake of rock,
Gathers in the hour's profits,
And prepares cheerfully for the next restock.

So next time you fancy a little treat
(Tired of those vegetables and leeks?),
Head over to that cosy bakery
Of the Breadmaster Kacheek!

Zafara Double Agent
By Cats9723

Flitting silently through the night
Borne on silver wings
Starlight glimmers in her eyes
Tells times of faerietales and kings.
For a creature such as this
Always on the move
A bowl of gruel is pure bliss
For what is she? a tool!
Made for one to use in courts --
The rejected scourge of kings
Armed with daggers and sharp retorts,
Paid in gold and diamond rings.

And her name? They chorus her name
In bitter tones and sharp refrains
The Rogue, they cry, watch out for the Rogue!
For ill temperament her presence must bode
Sharing secrets with those opposed
For her heart - her heart! is cold
More frigid than the freezing snow
Her charming lies and words a flow
For this, my friends, is the Zafara Rogue.

Masila's Choice
By Cookybananas324

Two paths stood before Masila cruel,
Should she follow her heart, or seek power to rule?

On one hand stood the chance to make a friend,
The other, to meet her own wicked ends.

The Acara pauses, weighing both options,
Then returns to her subtle manipulations.

Perhaps both? To rule beside brave Kanrik?
But no -- the plan has failed. She tries another trick.

And now, a final option stands today --
Should she stand by him, or should she betray?

Betrayal, then, and choose to stand alone,
But grant his life, the only mercy shown.

Masila, Mistress of the Double Cross,
Has chosen power, but what has she lost?

The Nightsteed
By Dianacat777

Deep in the realm of shifting sands
The land of golden waves and light
But in the midst of peace lies strife
For the steed of darkness walks tonight.

The setting sun's last rays show all
In darkness, Uni guise is shorn
Blue fur dulling, feathers falling
The rising moon bathes his true form.

Red eyes glitter in silver starlight
Black mane flutters, head tosses, and
Hooves spring alight with yellow flames
Racing across the desert sand.

And so continues another legend
Another page in the book of lore
Until the sun will shine again
The Nightsteed patrols once more.

Arrr... The Life of a Treasure Hunter
By Hopeforgotten

Dorak was a little Krawk,
Of getting rich he did talk,
Finding treasure was his dream,
It was his life's goal, it would seem.

The seas did to Dorak beckon,
There had to be treasure he reckoned,
What gold did it hide?
He would go find out, he did decide,
Dorak craved high-paced adventure,
Around the shores of Krawk Island
He would venture.

Perhaps some pirate ship had hit a reef
And its hull had been torn by the coral teeth.
The crew would have reluctantly left
All the treasures gained by theft.
Perhaps the ship had sunk
And fell to the depths with a thunk.

Dorak rowed out to the ocean blue,
Whistling a pirate tune anew.
After a while he stopped his oars
And decided to dive to the ocean floor.
He slipped into the water cool
With only his goggles and his tools.

Dorak searched and searched to no avail.
He felt like letting out a great big wail.
Just as he was about to go,
A shiny Dubloon in front of him did flow,
He grasped it in his paw,
Turning to the far right he saw...

Half-hidden by sand a sunken ship lay,
Untouched by pirates and left to decay,
Dorak's grin widened from ear to ear,
His luck was changing now
That Krawk Day was here.

The Rink Runner
By Tanikagillam

Gliding over the smooth white ice,
Swift and quiet as moving mice.
Expertly twirling in a figure-eight,
Boy, that Bruce can really skate!

He enters the ice looking cool and calm,
While the other contestants are looking alarmed.
He smiles at the judges, warm and sweet,
And glances back down at his skate-covered feet.

Confident and proud, he steals the light,
He leaves the others looking contrite,
Regretting their choice to be in this fight.

The music swells, loud and clear,
Each note ringing in his ears.
The gold is his, he has won.
His work here is done.

He leaves the ice, looking content.
In the others' eyes are looks of resent.
They hate him, they hate his show,
He was so high, and they were so low.

But he does not care,
Whether or not it was fair.
So what if his family were the judges?
The other ice skaters just liked to hold grudges.

He smiled at the judges as he left,
Skating off the ice, smooth and deft...

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