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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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An Ode to AAA
By Uccellina

A gamer never known to quit,
A jumpsuit (polyester knit),
A head in which a sink could fit,
This is AAA.

A special brand of gaming snark,
A lexicon of snide remarks,
A headset that glows in the dark,
This is AAA.

A high-score legend, going strong,
A zest for proving others wrong,
A bragging streak that's ten miles long,
This is AAA.

A little sister, Abigail,
A rather unused yellow tail,
A hoverchair that's not for sale,
This is AAA.

A contest that's held once a year,
A chance to wipe off his smug sneer,
A time when the best few can cheer,
"We beat AAA!"

The Yummy Chocolate Blumaroo
By Tealnova_dragon and Philopoet

From across the kitchen counters,
Chocolate Blumaroo stands.
His ears are floppy, shiny, and brown --
Of flexible chocolate, bending this way and that.
Upon his stomach, a single swirl has grown,
Hypnotising in effect, round and round and round...
So delicious is smell wafting from said kitchen.
We eat dishes served, the cakes, tarts, and jellies.
But that mysterious smell in the air,
Warm and inviting, was never tasted on our lips.
Not knowing what it is, we dream and drool --
Not even knowing what our appetite demands.
The Blumaroo chef dances round and round,
A pinch of vanilla there, a dash of seasoning there...
Oh dear!
From where perched upon Blumaroo's ears,
A single cherry fell.
Fell long and hard, and with a plop!
Became part of fine dessert.
With sweet little grins, we advance upon the prey...
We know now this lovely scent...
Is none other than yummilicious Blumaroo!
(It's got to be better than Blumaroo Steak!)

By Reggieman721

Lyra watched with lidded eyes,
Her fingers clenched and heartbeat weak,
Swallowing her dark surprise,
As Annemarie stood up to speak.

Somewhere else within the room,
She knew that Dave must feel the same.
After all, she could assume,
They both of them knew whom to blame.

Plastic smile now fixed in place,
The Blumaroo addressed the crowd.
Lyra stared upon the face
So aggravatingly endowed.

"Friends and guests," said Annemarie,
"I'm honoured by your given trust.
From this day, I pledge to be
The president I know I must."

Cheers, applause, a pageant wave,
As Lyra cursed the universe.
Annemarie had beaten Dave;
The vote could not have turned out worse.

Club members had given in
To dirty bribes and petty lies.
Annemarie secured a win,
And Lyra couldn't roll her eyes.

Keeping painted face intact,
She had to clap like all the rest.
Something deep inside her cracked;
A burning sadness filled her chest.

Staying in the club was key,
Despite her loathing for its queen.
Maybe next year's vote would see
The tables turn on this machine.

Now, however, Lyra sighed
And watched the Blumaroo sit down.
One year's misery aside,
She did her best to hide a frown.

Of Bonju
By _Razcalz_

Thirteen cycles of the moon
ago -- now those were
entertaining times, and I say this
as one who hails from
a most entertaining place by
nature, of bridges and
fog and cataracts
and golden skies around it all.

For in what can an artist of
culinary find amusement,
while away from the flares of his
own achievement?
That of others, of course,
and oh, believe me when I
assure that such
were no masterpieces.

Soot, rogue fire, and if I was
lucky, a cliff-impairing blast --
I myself would never lead
a dish to such state,
oh no, but I cannot say
that the sight did not bring
memories a-sizzling.
Of frustration, of eyebrows
singed, of...

Thirteen moons see
secrets out, of course, but
a chef can reminisce.

The Best Blumaroo Colour of All
By Pansyparkinson14

Who can resist a Blumaroo?
Oh, how utterly adorable they are!
With that cute bouncy tail and long floppy ears,
And that snout that's just a little bizarre.

I can't say which I like best,
Is it the Darigan Blumaroo with that wicked grin?
Or perhaps the wondrous Maraquan Blumaroo,
With those glittery scales and gleaming skin.

The faerie Blumaroo has his merits too,
For those wings are hard to ignore,
But then there's always the Tyrannian one,
Which utters quite a cute little roar.

But the Halloween Blumaroo is enchanting too,
With that handsome cape that I rather adore.
And we can't forget all the other Blumaroos:
Blue, red, royal, starry, speckled, and more!

There are simply too many Blumaroos that I love,
And if you made me choose just one I'd have to stall,
So if you want a quick answer, here's my decision:
I think I like them all!

By Maggskaggs

Darkness tricks his simple mind
And keeps him from what he tries to find.
Twisted trees and eerie creaks
Are misleading him from what he seeks.
In the Haunted Woods, a creepy haze
Has cast itself over the maze.
This petrified Blumaroo must remain,
And search for items for his master's gain.

Mutated skin wrinkles on bony limbs,
The servant to his master's whims,
The Blumaroo shivers as fear grips his heart.
A gnarled hand points him on, into the dark.
As steps run out, he must search faster,
To avoid disappointing his unknown master.
Who knows the story of this poor little wretch?
Eternally enslaved and forced to Fetch!

The labyrinth bewilders with each twist and turn,
Will the Blumaroo at last make a joyous return?
Only ten more steps remain to find the end,
Hopefully appearing around the next bend...
Alas, no! The servant is too lost and confused,
It appears that his master is not at all amused.
So next time please help this poor Blumaroo,
Figure out the labyrinth he's forced into.

King Roo
By Kuroge

Filled with boredom,
King Roo sits on his throne,
his thoughts wander,
as he let out a slight moan.

The king was truly stumped,
for even the reward
offered for the best game found,
he still remained very bored.

Out go the jugglers,
for even in their magical game,
King Roo was not interested,
and thought it very lame.

Then, a mysterious Blumaroo
handed him a set of dice,
he did not know how,
but he was instantly enticed.

King Roo looked at the dice,
and with his hand he threw,
King Roo smiled,
and named it Dice-A-Roo.

The Count
By Jadisfaust

Legends get told (as they often do),
One in particular involves a Blumaroo,
However not of the bouncy, blustery kind,
Such as one might expect to find.

Centuries passed with not even a peep,
Until one day he awoke from the deepest of sleep.
Now all the small Roos nightly cower in fear
At the thought that his shadowy form might appear.

A sinister laugh cackles out through the night.
Fear keeps you frozen, but you'd rather take flight.
The one villain in Neopia whose veins flow like ice
Steps from his coffin, "Would you like to play dice?"

The answer is no, but the words just won't come out,
So you take a seat across from the Count.
The echo is eerie as the dice shake and rattle.
Your breath stops as they twirl on the table.

A loss is rolled, and your heart longs for town.
His cape whips in wind, "Perhaps a double down?"
Von Roo's smile is grim as he lets the dice roll
Beware how they fall or you may lose your soul...

Blumaroo Steak
By Felicity437

Welcome to Spooky Foods, young one!
I'm the shopkeeper; I thank you a ton.

There's something I could recommend --
Provided you have Neopoints to spend.

"Bounce, bounce, whirr, ...splat."
It makes a noise that sounds like that.

With crisp blue crust and plump red meat,
It's known as quite the spooky treat.

But just for the Blumaroo's sake,
I'll admit the meat is fake,
and Spooky Foods would not partake
In harming Blums, make no mistake.

It's in Chef Bonju's favourite meal --
And I could give you a great deal.

Seeing as it's Blumaroo Day,
It might be weird to eat, but hey,
is quite the fun dish to make.

Of course, I speak of Blumaroo Steak!

Count of Roo Isle
By Elizafe42

Keep your windows closed at night,
And lock and shut your door,
Lest he come in full moon's light,
To take you as you snore.
He sleeps beneath the morning sun,
In coffin made of stone,
Awakens with the midnight bell,
So solitary, lone.

He lingers in the darkness,
This haunting Blumaroo
Who stalks his prey within the night,
Young pets, and maybe you.
And if you find yourself alone,
On Roo Island's moonlit shore,
Run before he hears you flee,
This warning, don't ignore.

Von Roo is a dashing count,
The evil ones may say.
But others such as you and I
Would rather stay away.
Returning from his nightly hunt,
With swish of inky cloak,
He dreams in coffin cold of nights
Of snacking on poor folks.

By Dragonstorm_75

Demands were made, no questions asked,
To travel through the Haunted Woods,
To stay alive in the forbidden maze,
And get his master's baleful goods.

Screams and groans, creaks and moans,
There trembled the heart of the Blumaroo,
Twisted and morphed to mutant form,
With soulless eyes like cloudy dew.

Past the soil that leeched his life,
Past the trees that clawed his face,
The mutant hopped until he found,
His master's wish, the Sporkle Mace.

Now to the exit with a frightened haste,
Before the soil claimed him there,
Before his master's impatience claimed --
That was more than enough to bear!

The Blumaroo, with the mace in hand,
Tore himself from the trees' twined roots,
Screaming did he fall right out,
Of the ghostly labyrinth routes.

Master was there, with his swirling robes,
Waiting for his especial prize,
Without a glance at his servant's fate.
He left him to his nightmares' eyes.

The Blumaroo would be summoned once more,
For the will of his master he cannot ignore.

The Great Blurendo
By Dadylman

Come, come! Now, gather quick!
The Great Blurendo will show you a trick!
A Blumaroo dashing, a Blumaroo wild,
Be entertained whilst being beguiled!

What to do, what to do...
So many tricks he can show you!
Be warned, children, he's a master of magic,
Don't try this at home, or meet something tragic!

Ah, here we go! He's starting his trick,
He pulls out a piece of rope quite thick,
With a vigorous nod and a flick of his wrist,
He begins the magic; He gives it a twist!

He expertly ties it up like a big shot,
Amazing! He's tied it... into a knot?
Fear not, children, for he'll not disappoint!
Moving along; Rope tricks aren't his strong point.

Now for his special, something to gawk at,
He'll pull a Snowbunny right out of his hat!
He claps his hands and smiles with pride;
With an obnoxious wink, he reaches inside!

Uh oh! What's this? He fumbles around,
The Petpet in the hat is nowhere to be found!
The audience laughs as he turns red,
turns out the Petpet sits atop his head!

If that alone were not enough to embarrass,
Turns out that "Snowbunny" was really a Harris.
So, what did you think? Though he may confuse,
The Great Blurendo will always amuse.

Lilo Blumario -- Hometown He-Roo
By Crystalkitten38

Roo Island -- what a team!
Such a fighting spirit
From their eyes did gleam.

Every member was in it to win,
But without their fearless leader,
Where could they even begin?

Lilo Blumario -- hometown he-Roo,
Yooyuball fans love him,
As should most of you.

Always in the running for MVP;
Watching him create new ways to score
Is an exhilarating sight to see.

With Lilo at the helm as captain,
Roo Island took it all the way --
Altador Cup III Champions!

Their success was more than earned,
Unmatched in skill and sportsmanship,
But it didn't last as their luck soon turned.

Roo Island lamented, unable to defend.
Blumario despaired with his teammates;
His leadership was also in question.

The team fell from grace, what could be done?
Support dwindled, some fans lost faith.
It looked like the Winner's Curse had truly won.

Lilo and his team never gave up, though.
Training harder than ever, they had heart.
That incredible effort, the results would show.

As disappointing as ninth was last year,
They bounced right back as Roos do,
All the way up into first tier.

Not quite enough for the podium;
Ignore critics who may scoff and scorn --
Fourth place is still worthy to them.

No one knows what the future may hold,
But you shouldn't be too surprised
If Lilo helped bounce the Roos right back to gold !

Commander Garoo
By Cookybananas324

A hardened, steely, red-eyed glare
Looks over his spaceship's crew.
Mercy? This one has none to spare.
His name? Commander Garoo.

Appointed by Sloth, given the command
To win every battle in space or on land,
More feared than any other Blumaroo
Is the vicious and cunning Commander Garoo.

His strategic skill is ever unquestioned;
His tactical talents have become a legend.
Those who oppose him and survive are few,
The mighty, ferocious Commander Garoo.

Chocolate Blumaroo
By Autotune

first it is the smell,
a fragrant whiff
that tickles your brain
and teases your tongue
and calls out to
your hungry stomach.
then your mouth waters,
your eyes pop --
involuntarily --
at the delectable,
delicious sight
present before you.
a chocolate Blumaroo,
an exquisite product
of divine design:
full body of deep brown,
and gooey caramel eyes;
ears tipped with cream,
topped with sprinkles
and glace cherries.
what a mouthful
of sweet nothings,
what a sight for
these starving eyes;
quite simply, perfection
on a proverbial silver platter.

The Dice
By Aldurswolf

You search the island for the ruins,
The crumbling bricks of stone.
You stumble in and steel your nerves,
And enter the vampire's home.

You just want to play a little game,
And a single round will do.
You've entered into the realm
Of the evil Count Von Roo.

Roll, roll, roll the dice.
Roll them once or roll them twice.
You just have to win a single game,
But if you lose, level training starts again.

You can kiss your hand or do a dance,
Blow on the dice or say a chant.
In the end it's all left up to chance,
Something you can't control with your two hands.

Time to try your luck and release the dice.
Let them go and roll where they may.
You're in luck, for today you won.
Maybe it's the luck of Blumaroo Day.

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