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Neopets Poems

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Discover Brightvale
By Amethyst_81

Brightvale Castle reigns atop
These learned hills of old,
Its banner billows on the wind,
A blazing green and gold.
Tread upon the winding path
That leads you to its door,
And you will follow footsteps
Of the wise who've come before.

Seek you scrolls of ancient lore
To learn about the past,
Or do you search for potions
With a brilliant spell to cast?
Spin the Wheel of Knowledge, wise,
In hopes of great reward,
Or wander to the Motery,
Where magic motes are stored.

Robes will keep you safe from spells,
If bought from Brightvale Draik,
Stained glass windows for your home
Is what the glaziers make.
Nestled in amongst the trees
Find many books to buy,
Or wander to the shop of fruit
For homegrown treats to try.

If you are brave and feeling smart
Before the King you'll go
To share some bit of wisdom
That with luck, he doesn't know.
Brightvale is a land of scholars,
Knowledge is its key,
If you can open up your mind,
Then blessed you will be.

Medieval's Twins
By _Razcalz_

Turrets on the western tip:
hear "castle" and you'll think of bold
Meridell, hear Meridell and you'll
know of a Skeith king,
and from there you draw
the line to wise Hagan, and
then to Brightvale fair.

Twin discoveries and weeks
apart, as if the unveiling of one
lures the other, too, out of
hiding -- and what twins
they are, each of a castle they
proudly call theirs,
kings tied through blood
(though not by demeanour),
and of cobble bridges and
green, green lands.

And each just split by one
stream's width:
Neopia's diverse indeed,
but twins like these
do really make her proud.

Daytime Lullaby
By Reggieman721

A creature pads through undergrowth below,
As honeyed sunbeams trickle from the sky.
Soft whispers reach the young Acara maid --
The words of Brightvale's daytime lullaby.

A slender sapling dances in the wind,
And berry-laden branches bend with ease.
The canopy of leaves begins to shake
As rumours travel swiftly through the trees.

The young Acara wanders deeper in,
Traversing fallen logs with bounding leap.
She finds a patch of softest verdant moss
And, there between the roots, she falls asleep.

The forest's gentle daytime lullaby
Follows the breeze's dizzy, whirling spin.
As time goes by, the notes begin to fade,
And tranquil, drowsy silence settles in.

Stained-Glass Brightvale
By Tealnova_dragon and Philopoet

Around the bend of cobblestones
Stands a building of finest glass,
Of light shimmering through the dusty air...
And of colours long defined.
So clear-cut, forever glistening...
Brightvale Glaziers -- proud and beautiful to all.
Upon the smooth tiles
Green, yellow, red tiles,
In spirit and in leave
So lovely I can't breathe.

Upon the surfaces so smooth, so bright,
Etched the faces of heroes long gone,
Faces made of light, glass, careful planning.
Each stained glass window is unique,
Each tell their own story.
The arched windows, the shiny flowered panels...
From Hannah to Isca to Roberta...
History is there in the marble sheen.
The discovery of Brightvale is a fine one, all right.
No other can tell such tales in beauty defined.

King Hagan's Feast
By Angelachen97

There once was a king, by the name of Hagan;
Brightvale was the land he ruled.
Every single year, on the eleventh day of Hiding,
He refreshes and cleanses of gruel.

Now you may be wondering, what in Neopia
Occurs on this special day?
You see, my dear readers and friends,
Brightvale was discovered this day.

There was a feast, with delicious snacks.
King Skarl was invited, too.
Although Hagan was mad, there was nothing to say,
For the citizens would have thought him rude.

So the feast was prepared with care.
King Hagan was pleased with the sight;
Screlons and Purblares and Tangellas were picked,
It was so tempting to take a bite.

King Skarl arrived in all his glitter and glam,
Holding his drumstick and fiddlesticks.
King Hagan sighed but proceeded to serve him
A bucket of roasted pig.

Skarl dug in, without a word of thanks.
Hagan tried hard not to yell,
But when Skarl spoke, with mouth full of stew,
Hagan did not feel well.

"Nobody in my kingdom shall behave this way!"
The King snarled with madness.
Skarl merely laughed, his round belly shaking,
Spitting out a disgusting mess.

"My dearest brother Hagan, let's talk in peace,"
Skarl replied with surprising calm.
"Today we gather to celebrate together,"
He explained with open palms.

King Hagan was mad at Skarl for staying calm;
Wasn't HE the angry king?
But Hagan was determined to keep his reputation
And acted as though he heard nothing.

So the feast proceeded, and nothing went amiss,
Much to the relief of the King.
"Three cheers for the discovery of Brightvale!"
He laughed as he heard Skarl sing.

I Want to Go to Brightvale
By Soccergirl101397

I want to go to Brightvale,
The land where knowledge will always prevail,
Where peace and joy will never fail.

I want to follow the well-travelled road,
And make my way to the King's abode,
To seek his wisdom to be bestowed.

Then to the book shop would I go,
To seek information I did not know,
And read knowledge from so long ago.

The Motery would be my next pit-stop,
To find a smiling friend, but he's no prop!
With him by my side, in battle I'd be on top.

And of course I would spin the Wheel,
Whether for the avatar, or just the feel,
Or to know what new secrets it will reveal!

One location I simply must breach:
Brightvale Glaziers, I'd love to reach
And see the windows, unique, every and each.

Oh, how could I forget?
The Brightvale fruit shop, what a spot!
I wouldn't let a single berry rot.

My final destination is my favourite place!
In the Scrollery, I love to show my face,
And to seek the magic scrolls I embrace.

Only then would I say goodbye
To the wonderful city I hold so high,
Knowing my next visit is nigh!

The Wise King Who Wasn't
By Kuroge

He wears regal clothes,
above his head sits a crown,
but he doesn't notice,
that his book is upside-down.

Filled with intellect,
you say an astute phrase,
but the King fails you,
'cause he's left in a daze.

Say something dull,
something so bizarre,
that even Hagan can interpret,
he'll surely hand out a star.

Or he might just reply,
with his favourite remark,
"I already knew that!"
to leave you in the dark.

But it's still worth a try,
to please this King,
you might even get an avatar,
for the knowledge you bring.

Brightvale Books
By Elizafe42

Worlds bound by leather worn,
And ink that fills the page.
Countless books that line the shelves
Have lain there for an age.
If knowledge be the thing you seek,
I welcome you, my friend,
To look among each dusty shelf,
At all the books I tend.

Histories of Brightvale's past
And other foreign lands.
Novels telling tales of
Far adventures, grand.
Ancient magics, rarely used
By wizards even then.
Anything they ever wrote,
Or scribbled with a pen.

If you come to our enlightened land,
By travel or by chance,
I invite you just to take a look,
A peek or sneaking glance.
The armoury, the potions, fruit,
Are fine shops too, indeed,
But the place to learn is Brightvale Books,
Where one can simply read.

Yearning for Knowledge
By Squin

A traveller sought the kingdom of Brightvale,
With great white castle against sky so blue,
He heard 'twas a place knowledge would prevail,
And all were strong, wise, and true.

He walked along a cobbled road
Lined with hedgerows and trees.
With great curiosity forth he strode,
Cloak fluttering in the breeze.

And then before his eyes he saw
Everything for which he had yearned,
A Wheel it was, a circle without flaw,
Promising wisdom when it was turned.

"The Wheel of Knowledge," he read aloud.
Reaching out he made it spin,
With speed and beauty it spun around,
He wondered at what he would win.

"The road to wisdom is long,
but you only need to take one step at a time".

The Citizens of Brightvale
By Pansyparkinson14

The citizens of Brightvale
Are a rather clever lot,
If you're in need of a scholar,
Then you have found the perfect spot.

These citizens are learned,
And they value not bravery or looks,
But instead literature and poetry,
And fancy leather-bound books.

Brightvale's citizens admire their King greatly:
To them their King is genius and elite:
So much better than that King Skarl,
Who only likes to sleep and eat.

While most Brightvale scholars are quite humble,
It's the few who brag and boast
That give Brightvale a foul reputation
Of being snobbish from coast to coast.

But if you come visit Brightvale,
And see this city with your own eyes,
Then you'll soon realise it's not empty boasting:
The citizens of Brightvale are truly wise!

Wheel of Knowledge
By Maggskaggs

Paws trembling, claws crossed for luck,
Step by step, approaches the Wheel,
She grips onto the woody rim,
Then spins with might and zest and zeal.

The guardian Draik watches with knowing eyes,
As the symbols whip round, then round some more.
He knows the young pet's eagerness,
Her quest for knowledge, myth, and lore.

In Brightvale, wit is recognised,
This knowledgeable Wheel rewards the smart.
The ones who prize a strong head and mind,
Above trivial matters of the heart.

Could she receive the grandest prize?
Knowledge directly from the King?
The wise words, so cleverly spoken --
What an epiphany they could bring!

She waits as images go ticking by,
What fantastic reward is hers today?
The Wisdom! YES! She's won the prize!
Now what wise words will her ruler say?

"A king is only as good as the court around him."
It seems like a call of duty to the pet
To serve her wise King graciously
And keep wisdom safe from any threat.

In honour of Brightvale, give knowledge a chance,
Give reason a try, give the Wheel a spin.
And who knows what grand prize you might obtain,
What jewels of wisdom you could win?

Brightvale for Fools
By _Chopin

It was to my surprise in Brightvale one night
That its citizens were full of panic.
"The Wheel of Knowledge is broken!
Someone please go find a mechanic!"

I remember sitting back silently,
Almost laughing at the sight.
Thinking to myself "My, what blabbering fools --
I thought this kingdom was supposed to be bright!"

The days following the troubled event,
Folks were tired from emptying their banks.
While the pompous King just sat and watched,
Rarely offering his thanks.

I jumped to my feet and said to them,
"Why spend so much to get this fixed?!
Odds are you'll obtain a Screlon or shield,
Though the prizes are meant to be mixed!"

And with eyes staring upright they looked at me,
Shock upon their faces.
"We need this Wheel for the King's wisdom,
We can't get that other places!"

And with a sigh I lowered my head,
Unveiling the truth of said prize.
"The King repeats the same few phrases,
He isn't all that wise."

A laugh louder than any came from behind me,
An accompanying hand upon my shoulder did rest.
"Here's an avatar for your troubles," King said,
"I like that piece of wisdom best."

To Brightvale (Our Stained Glass)
By Autotune

it was so long ago
the last time I stepped
off this land I told myself
I'd never come back never
leaving this place was the best
thing that I'd ever done
for myself and for you

for when the light broke
over that rolling hill
and I saw what we'd become
and I forgot to breathe
for the glass in my eyes
and the shards in my heart
they were oh so cold
but they caught the light

for everything looks different
through a stained glass window
and everything changes
rose-tinted cracks and
reality ripples and
your world isn't the same
and Brightvale and
you aren't the same

it was so long ago
the memories of our war
it was so long ago that
we fell to the floor and
so long ago I said never again
seems like forever since
I've been back to mend
our shattered rainbows.

The Sage
By Tingtingwu and Basebllplayer2

Burly Hagan the Wise resides,
Fifty miles west of Meridell.
With a sagacious hand he guides,
Where scholars and glassmakers dwell.

Majestic high towers surround
His capacious ivory castle.
Upon a gold throne he was crowned,
"The Wise Old King" to his vassal.

Since the kingdom's establishment,
Hagan was quoted to have said,
"One's time cannot be better spent,
While there are classics to be read."

"Out to Study" three times a day,
He seeks fresh new words of wisdom.
Ignorance -- to his deep dismay --
Does not belong in this kingdom!

Thus once per day Neopians gather
To impress him with their logic.
He has no patience for blather,
And says wasted time is tragic.

Many will try, but most will fail,
For there's little he does not know.
The clever few who do prevail,
Are properly rewarded, though.

So pick a book, read every page,
Mentally prepare for the time.
When chanced a meeting with the sage,
Folly is the most wretched crime!

In the Light of These Castle Halls
By Thatboyhunter

Years ago, my heart was drawn,
By dancing feet and happy song,
Many an hour, I played along,
In the light of these castle halls.

'Twas here I learned to play my harp,
The songs to flow right from the heart,
'Twas here my journey, it would start,
In the light of these castle halls.

For fame and glory I did seek,
Away to the fair on fleeting feet,
For my destiny I was sure to meet, from
The light of these castle halls.

For my journey, it was long,
Green and gold, I received for song,
Yet for my friends, I did long,
In the light of these castle halls.

And so, now I come,
With happy heart and happy song,
Again, I'm here where I belong,
In the light of these castle halls.

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