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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Eight Billion (and Counting)
By _Razcalz_

They spin and they spin
and they spin, and I say that wheel
over at Brightvale -- slowing at the
flag and landing on my
favourite acquaintance, the question
mark -- has more than once
just narrowly eluded
being poked full of holes.
(By me.)

And now that Lenny says --
that Lenny in the low-perched
spectacles who exercises abysmal
under-appreciation of
donations generous (9 NP)
-- he says, quite openly,
that the wheels, the bearers
of Orange Question Marks,
must be restored,
must be saved,
must be
donated toward.

And now I talk again, and
with unfortunately, characteristically
bad manners (bear with me):
if billions eight (and counting)
are just one-time -- we could
accommodate some Excitement
and even Knowledge, but
Mediocrity and Monotony
and Misfortune and the like...

...are not so charming.

Save the Wheels!
By Maggskaggs

A Lenny has set up a campaign,
Soon all of Neopia will know of its name,
And they'll donate to see what they might gain.
So come on, Neopians, save a Wheel!

He begs for just a quick donation,
Only wanting each Wheel's hasty salvation.
So be charitable without hesitation,
And please listen to his appeal.

For those who give enough, a gift,
Will appear in the Inventory so fast, so swift.
Those who give without stinginess or thrift,
Those Neopians are the ideal.

So step right up and don't think twice,
A million Neopoints would be nice!
To fix each Wheel demands a steep price,
But prizes make donations a great deal.

So, generous Neopians, answer the call,
Please everyone! Come one, come all!
Donate any amount, be it large or small,
Help the Conservation Society repair each Wheel.

The Red Lenny's Spiel
By Xx_neomania

Hey, you there! Yes, you...
This red Lenny has some news,
For your chance to save a Wheel,
Donate a Neopoint, if you choose.

No, it doesn't have to be much,
Any little bit you can drum,
Although several Neopians have
Donated quite a large sum.

See, our relics are wearing thin,
Whining, unshining, and old,
We'll make these dilapidated Wheels
Something to behold.

Did I mention you get a consolation
For your generous contribution?
So come on and be a part,
Of the new Save the Wheels revolution.

The Wheel of Excitement
By Dragonstorm_75

Lined with gold and violet cloud,
And statues of faeries, tall and proud.
Embraced by air so sweet and cool,
Made so by the Rainbow Pool.
The Wheel of Excitement starts to spin,
So let the merriment begin!

Made anew by generous hands,
A refresh'd Wheel now proudly stands.
With gilded spokes of magenta and golds,
Made by faeries with gentle moulds.
The Wheel now shines like a star,
And can be seen from near and far.

Happy customers now gather here,
To admire the Wheel they hold so dear.
So beautiful and bright, a beacon of light,
In Faerieland's colours of purples and white.
And the prizes, the prizes, so many to win,
Daily the Wheel does spin, spin, spin.

So come on out, give it a try!
Spin that Wheel in the clear blue sky!
Try your luck, it's not hard,
And you may win a rich reward.
Neopoints, avatar, potions galore,
The Wheel of Excitement has so much in store!

I Want to Save the Wheels...
By Anjie

One merry day as I did walk,
Along shade-dappled way,
I sighted crowd ahead, transfixed,
All watching some display.

Curious, I scuttled on,
To where the pets all stood.
Gazing at a Lenny, tall,
Perched on a box of wood.

"Save the Wheels!" the creature yelled,
A pamphlet held in wing.
"Keep them for Neopians,
It's one important thing!"

"You!" he yelled, and pointed on,
Direct, he looked at me!
"Are no more Wheels in our fine land,
Just what you want to see?"

I pondered then of hours spent,
And fun had with each spin.
Shook my head, my mind made up,
"We'll save them? Count me in!"

"Neopoints is all it takes!"
The Lenny red did cry.
The crowd did empty pockets then,
Such funds we did supply!

He scuttled off to save the Wheels,
So quickly did he dash.
I hope though that he told the truth,
And didn't keep my cash!

A Wheel in Need
By Clairevoiant

Hooves clopping wildly, hands in the air,
To the Wheel of Excitement, nothing could compare!
Spins in the past, then a break in the trend,
Neopians wondered, "Will it EVER spin again?"

Paws prancing about, wings made to flap,
We've spun it, we've done it: it's back!
The donations were made, anticipations held high,
Neopoints from all over to help the Wheel in the sky!

Neopets cheering loudly, their owners are, too,
For what felt like years finally pulled through!
The Wheel is back, better than before,
And what Neopia got is more, more, MORE!

Double the fun, double the game,
Excitement spins 'round, proud of its fame!
20,000 Neopoints and an avatar to prove
That my dedication was a part of this move!

So when a Wheel is in need, remember the day
The Wheel of Excitement almost slipped away...
The fate of the Wheels is in our hands,
So, Neopians, fill the demands!

Deep in your pockets lies a Neopoint or two
That could possibly be the saving few
To bring the Wheels back, new and improved,
And you can all say it was because of YOU!

Save the Wheels
By Felicity437

Eternally turning.
to be fixed,
to be changed,
to be mercifully saved.

and mediocrity
traversed time together;
revamps equally craved.

A campaign to preserve them for new generations
Requires heaps and heaps of Neopoint donations.

Says the Lenny whose society leads this new fight:
"Support Save the Wheels, make the future bright."

Billions pour in to bring back the old --
Familiarity in a more modern setting.
Forget the prizes; they're too tiny to hold,
The true beauty that Neopia is getting.

It's out with the old and in with the new
As users await the big reveal.
While the project itself moves on without end,
All are unified in saving the Wheels.

Eternally turning.
to now be brought back
as a game of chance.

This, with a hand from Neopia's finest,
Who gave their own funds to see them enhanced.

Save the Wheels
By Justashous

A scruffy red Lenny squawks and squeals,
Cogently calling, "Save the Wheels!"
He'll shout and he'll chatter right at your heels,
Donate some Neopoints in response to his zeal.

One or two, that's not enough!
Satisfying that Lenny is pretty tough.
You have to dig deeper for the worthwhile stuff,
If you get but a newsletter, don't leave in a huff!

The Wheel of Knowledge, smart and steadfast,
The green Draik smiles, for that Wheel will now last.
The Wheel of Excitement, bright and full of colour,
The light faerie is joyous, never duller.

Next comes the Wheel of Mediocrity,
And all do hang their heads in pity,
At the prospect of losing a Wheel so witty,
So, donate to the conservationist's committee!

Save the Wheels
By Chesmok7

Overnight a strange event has shaken up our lives.
What to do? What to say? How will we survive?
Our lucky Wheels have gone away!
(Much to our dismay!)

The Wheels have brought us so much hope,
Without them we can hardly cope!
(So many prizes and so much fun,
So many experiences to be won!)

How do we bring back the cheer?
The answer to that is quite clear!
To resurrect the Wheels you adore,
Donate Neopoints and then some more,
Donate till you can no more!

Give a little, give a lot,
Give everything you've got!
And if you're lucky, if you're kind,
Fantastic prizes you may find.

Resulting from your great donation,
A better Wheel will be in formation
Thanks to those who choose to care,
The Wheel of Mediocrity is in repair.

Show Neopia your benevolent ways,
Use your generosity to AMAZE,
And in your future you may be blessed
For having shown so much zest!

Saving the Wheels, One at a Time
By Chax1414

When the Wheel of Knowledge broke down,
it rippled fear through Brightvale town.
Soon the fear went far too long,
and Neopia made a donate-a-thon.

We saved the Wheel of Knowledge quickly,
but others are soon to be in need.
The Wheel of Excitement has stopped running,
and in comes more Neopoints and funding.

Neopia has come together as one,
to save the Wheels with a huge fund.
Will more Wheels begin to shut down?
Hurry and fix them, I don't want to find out.

Perhaps the Wheel of Misfortune is soon to go,
and it may not be a huge loss, you know.
But it's still part of what we do,
and we will save it like the other two.

If the Wheel of Monotony stops working,
we are surely doomed.
Even though it made us wait,
until our hair turned red with hate.

The Wheel of Mediocrity is a fair wheel,
and if it stops working we will squeal.
This Neopia will surely save,
and donate until the very last day.

Save the Wheel! Save the Wheel!
By Whiteouthorizon

Brightvale, adorned with garlands fair,
Proudly shines in the sun's glare.
And in a little square concealed
Lies the flashing golden Wheel.

Knowledge, that is what it gives
To scholars, whom for wisdom live.
Every day, it spins around
Offering anecdotes profound.

Years go by, the Wheel grows worn.
The citizens of Brightvale mourn,
Their source of sapience rusts away
As it whirls round, day by day.

At last, the battered Wheel wore out
Silently, and noise without
The castle bells, they urgently peal
Save the Wheel! Save the Wheel!

Rescue comes from distance far,
A Lenny red, with clothes bizarre.
His team remained there day and night,
But what they did was out of sight.

Weeks few by, and doubts flew 'round,
From the Wheel they heard no sound,
But finally, the Lenny came
And this is what he did proclaim:

"Citizens! Your Wheel is back,
Running smoothly, nothing lacks.
But this repair cost much to all
Our budget, now, is rather small.

"Citizens! You are aware
Of other Wheels that need repair.
We need your help! And we will offer
Fantastic rewards, just open your coffer!"

Where they are? Nobody knows.
In Faerieland, many suppose.
Still Neopians cry, with urgent zeal --
"Save the Wheels! Save the Wheels!"

I Beseech You, Save the Wheels!
By Carrotbreath

No more Wheels can be spun,
No longer can luck be tested,
Neopia's Wheels have been silenced;
It's like they're infested.

Down in Brightvale
The Wheel of Knowledge can be found,
The chances are random
And King Hagan's intelligence has no bound.

Or you can head on down to Faerieland,
Where faeries are merry.
You can spin the Wheel of Excitement
For a chance to be blessed by a faerie.

Next stop is the Tyrannian Plateau,
Where Neopians must wait days
To spin the Wheel of Monotony
And yet they still play.

Its neighbour in the Tyrannian Jungle;
A boring Flotsam is the host
Of the Wheel of Mediocrity,
But he really won't boast.

The last Wheel can be found in the Deserted Fairground;
Past Edna's Tower
Is the Wheel of Misfortune
From which many cower.

I beseech you, Save the Wheels!
Neopia is nothing without them,
Please donate
Or we might be condemned.

Keep on Spinning
By Ravemuch

Busted cogs
and rusted bolts,
faeries overworked.

Spinning slows,
lights fade away --
the Wheels have given up.

The campaign begins,
the tins are out,
the society is hopeful.

Donations flow in,
spare parts are bought --
the future looks good.

More help is needed;
get out your points --
our wheels need saving today!

Save the Wheels!
By Fullyalive2

Around and around they spin,
some will lose and some will win.

A saddened face, an upset sob,
the Wheel of Misfortune does its job.

The Wheel of Excitement goes around,
ten thousand Neopoints fall to the ground.

Spin, spin, spin, will this ever end?
The Wheel of Monotony, how much will you spend?

Fifty Neopoints, want a turn?
The Wheel of Mediocrity sends down a burn.

For many years they've served us well,
but now it seems all of them have fell.

Our job, our duty, is to help repair,
they've done so much it would only be fair.

Spare a Neopoint? A couple? A few?
Then the Wheels will be as good as new!

Neopoet Saves the Wheels
By Autotune

The Neopoet awoke
Early one fine morning.
He spent some time admiring
The pleasant blend of reds
And golds upon the horizon,
Waxing his thoughts lyrical.
He has a Blueberry Jelly Doughnut
And the morning Neopian Times,
Both stacked upon his desk.
The Neopoet takes a delicate bite;
He flips a page, reads
Half a dozen headlines, before
"Save the Wheels" jumps out --
The Neopoet pauses briefly,
For he does enjoy his Wheels!
So he gets out his quill and ink,
All ready to write the first poem
Of the day. A poem extolling the
Virtues of unbridled
Generosity, cheerful
Optimism, and all that other nice stuff
That only poets
Seem to know much about.

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