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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Four Little Kikos in the Pumpkin Patch
By Dragonstorm_75

Four little Kikos in the pumpkin patch,
Hiding 'mong the jack o' lamps.
Big and orange pumpkins in this batch,
Grown and bred to make them champs.

Three little Kikos in the pumpkin dress,
Gleaming eyes and impish grins,
Who is a Kiko, none can guess!
Covered be they in pumpkin skins.

Two little Kikos in the pumpkin dance,
Twirling round and making spins,
Singing they do run and prance,
Those pumpkin-clad and happy twins!

One little Kiko in the pumpkin patch,
Hiding 'mong the jack o'lamps.
As the others try to seek and catch,
The single Kiko in the pumpkin patch.

Plushie Kiko
By Pansyparkinson14

Is there anything cuter than a plushie Kiko?
More adorable Neopets there could not be,
For is any pet squishier, softer, rounder,
Or more huggable than he?

His bright pink coat matches very well
With those turquoise polka dots,
And that little stitched bandage upon his head
Makes me want to squeeze him lots.

His eyes are wide and innocent,
And shine with love and trust,
How could I detest such a thing?
Oh! Hug or squish him, I must!

Finally, it's that little tuft of hair --
Oh, wait, it's yarn, you say?
It's that little string of yarn on his head
That makes me want to squeal all day.

But wait, now why is little plushie Kiko,
Eyeing me warily and backing away?
Unfortunately I think this little guy
Has had enough hugs and squeezes for one day!

The Art of Kiko Fu
By Anjie

For Kikos brave who seek to fight,
One thing there is they lack.
For it is hard to run at foes
When no legs hold you back!
Thus Kikos have found many ways,
To even odds to fair,
Through massive jumps and clever spins
And floating in the air.

One clever tome each Kiko seeks
To read all pages through.
The book that teaches ancient art
Of deadly Kiko Fu!
A style passed through Kiko lines
Of how to win with ease.
To beat your foe down in the dome
And bring them to their knees.

Each chapter holds a secret grand,
A hidden, wise technique.
Revealing how the Kiko fights,
This wisdom doth each seek.
Of flawless twists done in mid-air,
With sword in flipper, tight.
Of how to battle biggest Skeith,
And win, an easy fight.

The book is sought by one and all,
So often can't be found!
Until the next stock Kikos sit,
With hope they wait around.
So should you meet one in the dome,
I would run, were I you!
For they look sweet, be sure they know,
The art of Kiko Fu!

Keiko the Kiko
By Reggieman721

Miss Keiko the Kiko was not very sane.
She lived in a house on Padiddly Lane.
Her glasses were thick and she walked with a cane;
Her hair was as grey as a spring morning rain.
Her friends used to tell her to sharpen her brain,
But Keiko's true passion was to entertain.

Her costumes were many; her talents were few.
Her voice was off-key, but she hadn't a clue.
She dreamed all the time of her theatre debut:
How critics would love her and write rave reviews,
How all the directors would beg her to choose
To star in their plays, so they might make the news.

No, Keiko the Kiko was not quite "all there."
Of neighbours' sly comments, she was unaware,
And, frankly, I don't think that she'd even care,
For Keiko had something beyond all compare:
A mind of her own and a show-stopping flair.
And that was a trait she was not shy to share.

An Unobservant Backpacker to Kiko Lake
By Chernobyl44

He's been all around the Neopian world,
Visited everything there was to be seen,
But one day poring over a dusty old map,
He discovered one place he'd never been.
And why, in all those travelling days,
Not once glance did he take
At a small yet very pretty abode
That was the Kiko Lake.

He packed his stuff with rising glee,
And planned an adventure all brand-new,
Of how he'd visit every sight there was,
And memorise the streets through and through.
For he knew all about Meridell,
And had been many times to Krawk Island,
He'd camped on Techo Mountain,
And even trekked over Lost Desert sand.

Navigating his way through great Neopia,
He arrived curious and keen,
But had to admit disappointment
At this lake so quiet and serene.
He shook his head and wrung his hands,
At a loss of how this could be,
Why, Kiko Lake, his last place to visit,
Had practically nothing to see!

Of course, this young backpacker
Lacked everything a tourist ought to hold --
The observation to explore everywhere,
And a heart that was eager and bold.
And so he went on his way,
Leaving the small and peaceful land in his wake.
Why, this silly little backpacker
Had missed everything under Kiko Lake!

How Kikos Got Their Bandages
By Ktkdk

It is a well-known fact that Kikos have no feet.
Thus, they are rather clumsy creatures
Who move by rolling down the street.

Unfortunately for Kikos, these roads have bumps.
Frequently, they get a deep scratch or cut
Or a particularly large bruise or lump.

Mayor of Kiko Lake saw the problem, wrote a law:
All Kikos must wear crash helmets at all times.
Sadly, this new rule had a significant flaw.

The crash helmets made the Kikos less round.
In fact, with helmets, they were shaped like eggs.
Thus, it was harder for the Kikos to roll, they found.

The Mayor decided to change the law again.
Now Kikos had to wear full body protective casings,
So they would be able to roll down the lane.

Now the Kikos were unable to move at all
Because they were cased all over their bodies,
Which was this new law's greatest shortfall.

All the Kikos looked like complete fools,
Since they could not control their movement.
They begged the Mayor to rescind his rules.

The Mayor nullified his laws the next day.
Kikos all over Neopia rejoiced, and
They went back to their old rolling ways.

Just like before, they got injured, but
They came up with a much better solution.
They put bandages on to prevent cuts!

Kiko Match!
By Kitokat_mh

A range of squares for me to click,
So many options I can take.
I need to find a perfect pair,
But which decision should I make?

Now, which should I pick first?
Left and right or up and down?
Hoping that they'll look the same...
But one does smile and one does frown.

I need to make my mind up now,
And the time is ticking fast!
My mind is racing, memory blank.
Now the clock surely won't last.

Oh wait, no! The time is up!
Better start this game again,
Trying to remember every square
Is hurting my poor little brain!

Will the red Kiko be next?
Or maybe the crying yellow one?
Or the sleepy-looking blue guy?
I'll know them all before I'm done!

A simple game, or so it seems!
There doesn't seem to be a catch,
But you will drive yourself insane
Trying to play Kiko Match!

The Magma King
By Moulinrouge21

Arose from lava chambers, fiery and scorched,
The magma Kiko burns, an illuminating torch.
Searing heat surrounding, steam all around,
Water evaporating, the magma King is crowned.

Piercing orange eyes, his flaming realm ablaze,
Atmosphere humid giving fervid daze.
Deep below Moltara you will see him roam,
This flaring unliveable land he calls home.

Magma companions alight the heated place,
Fire, the dominant element in this hot space.
The magma King, his power burns brightly,
Fiery gaze upon you, not taken off lightly.

He will forever protect Moltara, his land,
Made up of ash and rock, managing to withstand.
Arose from lava chambers, fiery and scorched,
The magma Kiko burns, an illuminating torch.

Because Kiko Day Has Arrived
By Carrotbreath

Waves collide with the shore
On a land that remains quite humble.
Filled with homes that have eyes
And Kikos small in size,
Kiko Lake sure is a sight.
But today the Lake's silence breaks;
Kikos shall awaken with delight
And the shore will quake,
Because Kiko Day has arrived.

They dwell in the sea and on the land
With smiles that brighten the sky.
How fortunate to go on a Glass Bottom Boat Tour
And see how they're truly pure.
Enjoy your Kiko Day;
We shall all celebrate,
Sing, dance, and sway,
And surely not hesitate
To admire the beauty that is a Kiko.

Darigan Dodgeball
By Amethyst_81

Nervously glances the Kiko around,
At the Darigan Dodgeball field,
Ominous orbs hover, looming in wait,
Jagged, sharp daggers they wield.

Clenching, unclenching his fists at his sides,
Purple sweat drips from his face,
Crimson eyes glower with angry defiance,
Of surrender he shows not a trace.

Without whistle or warning, the game has begun,
Opponents descend from the sky,
Hurtling, spinning, no pattern defined,
Every impact propels them awry.

Deftly, the Kiko must dodge lethal spheres,
Anticipate which way they'll go,
With cunning agility, unnatural speed,
He has proved a formidable foe.

Long into the day, the match carries on,
Setting sun on horizon doth burn,
Lighting the stage of this intricate dance,
Casting glow on each delicate turn.

When all hope seems lost, as the Kiko's wings sag,
And his weary eyes close with fatigue,
The Darigan dodgeballs collide and explode,
Leaving Kiko alone in his league!

An unforeseen twist, most spectators agree,
But victorious, Kiko remains,
Battered and bruised, nonetheless he has won,
The Champion of Dodgeball, he reigns.

Come Fly with Us
By Rainbow_daydreamer

Come join us, do! Let's bob, let's fly!
Come take a chance and learn to soar.
For once you've given it a try,
You'll wonder what your legs were for.
With every pothole we ignore,
And every mud patch we pass by,
We learn again the Kiko lore:
Who needs the ground? We've got the sky!

You'll never see a Kiko cry
For worn shoes or a bleeding paw.
No force of gravity can tie
Our buoyant spirits to the floor!
What Neopet could ask for more?
Freedom is something you can't buy,
And two arms serve as well as four.
Who needs the ground? We've got the sky!

Is there a pet who can deny
The beauty of a sunset shore?
The colours seen from way up high
Shine brighter than they could before.
Let other Neopets deplore
Our lack of feet, and wonder why.
Wise Kikos always know the score:
Who needs the ground? We've got the sky!

Neopia's rulers, when your store
Of Neopoints for shoes runs dry,
Join us for journeys you'll adore;
Who needs the ground? We've got the sky!

The Best Kinds of Kikos
By Aldurswolf

Gather round one and all
And listen to my tale.
I'll list you the best Kiko colours
And tell you why they're there.

First, of course, is biscuit
With its crispy cookie crunch.
There's no wonder those poor Kikos have a bandage
When even I want to take a munch.

Next in line is Chokato,
With its appetising bluish hue.
You can stuff them, freeze them, or mash them
Or even make some Chokato stew.

Now along comes the garlic Kiko,
Without a single bandage on their head.
Not only have vampires kept away from their smell
But even the hungry non-dead.

After that is the pumpkin,
Perhaps you call it Halloween.
To me they look like they should be in a pie,
Or at least that's how it seems.

Finally on to strawberry,
The last colour on my list.
With its fruity juicy ripeness,
It's just so much trouble to resist.

And so, folks, that's my story,
Featuring the most delicious Kikos in the pack.
Now wait, where's everyone going?
Oh, forget this, I need a snack.

Kiko Match
By Maggskaggs

Kikos pop up from all different places,
Emoting on all of their colourful faces. I find the first one, but must then find its match,
So many Kikos that I have to catch!

The game progresses and there's now Kikos galore,
First two kinds, four, eight, twelve, maybe more!
I try to keep each Kiko straight in my mind,
Each one's uniqueness makes it easy to find.

A rainbow of Kikos parade on the screen,
Cards flipped quickly so matches may be seen.
A cute Kiko picture rewards each finished level,
In the glory of each round I let myself revel.

But too soon the game spirals out of control,
As clock ticks down, I'm much too far from my goal.
Too many pairs remain undiscovered,
Too many Kikos remain yet uncovered.

I battle on fiercely, though it seems quite in vain,
My previous victories cannot be maintained.
I desperately click and try to remember pairs too,
The screen flashes "Game Over" and I am through.

Behind the Bandage
By Felicity437

Some say behind the bandage
There's a Kiko's heart of gold,
Or a myriad of swirling thoughts
From times both new and old.

Some say behind the bandage,
There's the magic of the lake
Or the flavour for the rock sticks
That they've become known to make.

Some say behind the bandage
There's a loving, warm embrace,
Or a longing for a float ring
And a tubular-type race.

Some say behind the bandage
There's a Kikoughela cure
Or a bunch of pretty squeeze toys
That will cheer your pet, for sure.

Overall, behind the bandage,
There's a drawn-out mystery;
It's one that makes the Kiko
Everything it's come to be.

Beneath the Lake
By Notonetobequiet

The waters harbour a calm, reflective sheen,
Sunlight fading down, tumbling
The lake, an iridescent gleam.

Beneath the surface a steady drone,
Ticking, tapping,
One with the waves' swaying moan.

Green Kikos lazily drift
Under -- spiralling, graceful,
A natural talent and gift.

Down to the bottom, out of sight
Of glass-bottomed boats
Into the deep -- a land dweller's fright.

Eyes darting from coral to plants,
Settling down upon pebbled ground
Drifting off -- away from the waves' rhythmic chant.

Boo! Goes the Kiko
By Philopoet and Tealnova_Dragon

It's sort of fun,
A Kiko muses. To snicker. To smirk.
To act as one so innocent,
...yet quite devilish inside.

The Halloween Kiko especially
Is one to trick or treat...
Ever orange, ever cute --
Just another pumpkin,
To passerby unwary.

The first signs are the time of day.
Is it dark out? Dim and scary?
Perhaps Halloween time?
For that time is best,
One is in a hurry to get home --
Unsuspecting of the many pumpkins
That grace the porches of fine citizens.

But one among the many is not quite pure.
With intentions rather dark, that one lies in wait.
...In wait of what? Why, you, of course.
For you to pass that one porch by --
Wondering whether to trick or treat.

Chin up! Be wary, your brain should scream!
But it's easy to let your guard down.
For your nightmare has clever camouflage.

As you pass by... BOOOOO!
With shock, you whip around,
"Show yourself!"
The air is silent again.

The hairs prick up -- there's nothing there.
Nothing but a single pumpkin.
Ghosts. You think. Must be ghosts!
Run, run, run!
As you shoot a look over your shoulder --
You see a pair of yellow eyes.
Cackling madly the whole time.

You slow to a stop, agape.
Why, it's only a little Kiko!

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