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Gadgadsbogen Festival
by Fleur_411

Once again the month has come,
It’s the festival of fruit,
New ones come to replace
The old ones that once grew!

Gadgadsbogen it is called,
“Good Good Day” in native tongue,
We celebrate all of the new fruits
And the Mynci’s run!

All the month of Running,
The shops, they are just packed,
‘Pets hoping for last year’s fruits;
Perhaps there are some in back?

And other ‘pets want to be
The first to get a taste
Of the fruits new to grow,
Not a bit of time they’ll waste!

During this wonderful month,
Mystery Island’s the place to be,
To eat your fruit, old or new...
Remember to spit out the seeds!

Ode To The Pimplepepper
by Thisisbutterfly

On this, the day of Gadgads,
I'd like to recognize
A simple fruit that's long been skipped
'Neath Neopians' favouring eyes.

Pimplepepper, Pimplepepper,
We've judged you far too fast.
Today I hope to rectify
My failings in the past.

Perhaps because your name
Reminds us of unsightly things,
Or maybe it's your pustules
That make our senses sting.

However, sliced or pickled,
Raw or boiled or stewed,
Your succulent, sweet flavour
Makes the hungry feel renewed.

Let us forget your blemishes,
Reputation, and your name!
A pepper called by another
Will always taste the same!

Of all the Gadgadsbogen fruit
There really is no other!
So remember, all who read this:
Don't judge a pepper by its cover!

The Exotic Fruits
by Kuroge

A galore of fruits to see,
a rainbow of colors to eat,
each unique with its taste,
but each all very sweet.

Blend the Twirly Fruit
with some cups of ice,
and top the frothy drink
with a Blobbule slice.

Or perhaps you would 
rather try the Froozle?
One sip will entice you
to the entire juice bowl.

The cool Agueena is
satisfying under the sun,
which you can always savor
after some playful fun.

There are so many varieties
to collect and hoard,
the fascinating fruits will
never make you bored.

The Good Good Day Poem
by Chavo_guerrero

The month of Running races here,
And it's Gadsgadsbogen again,
A time for fruit and party games,
Which is anything but mundane!

As brand new fruit begins to rise
From Mystery Island's sun-warmed ground,
The costumes and dancers are everywhere
At this carnival renowned.

Some dressed as fruit, some dressed for fun,
It's quite a sight to see,
And everyone having such a great time
Can fill your heart with glee!

There are brand new fruits discovered,
And they are paraded 'round and 'round,
These lovely, delicious treats,
That have risen from the ground.

For, every year that ever comes,
This festival welcomes all,
To join in with the fruity fun
Or visit a fruit-filled stall.

Enjoy your time on the island,
But remember, before the eve,
Have a quick guess at what you think
Will be the fruit we all receive!

The Case For The Arnapple
by Mamasimios

Any fruit can grow conelike or spherical;
that  is merely gravity pulling  down  the
juices to the lowest point; it is to science
not art, that such  facts may be ascribed.
But the Arnapple! Cube of fruit you are a
gift of perfection in taste and solid form!

The  Arnapple! Twelve edges over which
I might run a finger experimentally, eight
faces into which I might choose to plunge
my teeth. An ideal of geometry, you can't
grow this way by happenstance; the very
shape of you is purpose made and planned

Oh, Arnapple! With firm skin of shiny red and
sweet flesh and juices, not unlike those of a
pedestrian apple, you are proof enough that
the faeries have a hand in the creation of the
new fruits that arrive on Gadgadsbogen Day.
I hereby rest my case against your retirement.

A Gadgadsbogen Haiku
by Silver_azalea

Delicious fruits spring
From Mystery Island’s hale
Soil on this day.

Gadgadsbogen is
Once again here! What new things
Will be yielded up?

What properties might
These luscious, indigenous
Wild crops be born with?

Perhaps they’ll be pink,
Or blue, or golden. Spicy
Or sweet; maybe sour?

Will they have stripes or
Polka dots, or just be plain
In their coloring?

Soft and squishy or
Hard as a Mechadoughnut?
No one knows for sure.

Also in question:
What older fruits will vanish
From this isle province?

Not brave Tigersquash,
Or defensive Vinarok...
No, not those two, please!

Though I am rather
Fond of ErgyFruit and some
Flarble at times, too;

Then there’s Owabit,
Azzles, Oranellas, and
Cocolatte Fruit.

Why must some of these
Wonderful foods, for new to
Exist, be no more?!?

I suppose nothing
Can ever replace any
Of them completely;

We can just adapt
Our tastebuds, and give these fresh
Concoctions a chance!

Gadsgadsbogen, The Good Good Day!
by Tealnova_dragon

Good good day! 
From the loamy soil, dark and rich, 
The newest sprout of green 
Peeps into the world. 

Behold, this good good day! 
From which the earth gives forth
Fruits of all delight. 

Pearly drops start growing, 
No bigger than a pebble, 
They grow in size and shine with sheens, 
Of roundness and heavy health. 

Natives dance on this good good day; 
They watch with awe as those drops 
Grow and thrive and flourish. 

Some will redden, ripen, and flower 
With dazzling, crisp, juicy skin. 
Some will green, harden, and expand, 
Oh, melons and coconuts! 
Some will stay drops, little and full,
Bursting with color and little seeds, 
They are flavored berries in bulk! 

On this good good day, 
Even tourists know about. 
The natives stop their quarreling 
And all band together, 
To watch the earthly miracles 
Of this good good day, 
Troubles all forgotten.

Gadgadsbogen Spirit
by Affluentflaw

Winter's over... spring is here!
Leave without a coat, no need
To fear, cause we're at that lovely
Point in the Neopian year...
Where the fruits all bloom,
The trees all sprout,
And the soil gets warmer,
So let's sing and shout!
Let's take a boat ride to
Mystery Island and have 
Our bout of fun.

New fruits bursting through the soil --
Old ones fade as they start to
Spoil. Mix them in the Cooking
Pot and watch them boil.
Chokatos bloom,
Bomberries hide, the
Soil starts moving as we watch
From seaside.
Let's take a boat ride to
Mystery Island and have 
Our bout of fun.

The Tiki parade moves across the land,
Island 'pets and Kougras in an island
Band. The spirit of this time's to give a 
Helping hand, so let's
Share our fruit,
Laze in the sun --
Buy from the Tombola shop,
Even if it's not fun.
Let's take a boat ride to
Mystery Island and have
Our bout of fun.

The Thieves Guild On Gadgadsbogen
by Ironicblumaroo

On one cloudy night,
A Gelert named Kanrik stood without fright,
Tomorrow had promises of joy to bring,
A day of fruits and great song to sing,
But Kanrik had a plan up his sleeve --
By morning, he and his guild had to leave,
Because many eyes would be full of fright,
For they tried to take Gadgadsbogen 
On that dark Neopian night.

All were quiet and all slept,
They had visions of peace as they dreamt,
Yet Kanrik sent an army of pilferers 
To secure the village,
The only dreams they had were to pillage.
They snuck into homes 
And stole prized possessions,
To be stealth was always their message,
A collective of thieves came over the hill,
A dastardly overseer carried on their will.

They took to the fields, bursting with fruits,
When the overseer shouted to the brutes,
He ordered them to steal and make like felons,
The fields were filled with Blurfs, 
Blobbules, and even Gruish Melons.
Just then, an heroic army 
Appeared on the horizon,
It was the Brute Squad, Sway, Awakened, Seekers, and The Order of the Red Erisim.
They had put aside their differences 
To save this Gadgadsbogen Day,
They appeared to the crooks 
In a glorious display.

The Overseer chuckled without a care
Right before a warlock jumped in the air,
He chased them away 
When a brute yelled out loud,
Many thieves ran way 
As a mummy unleashed a threatening growl.
One scientist released a fiery potion
When an insider appeared 
From a mysterious location.
One blink and all the criminals disappeared,
And then Kanrik stood on the hill and shouted, "You'll be sorry next year!"

Gadgadsbogen Is Today!!
by Coco_bella

I heard a troubling rumor, and it said
That you don’t know about this day.
Why, let me tell you, the greatest festival of all,
Mystery Island’s Gadgadsbogen is today!

Oh, you don’t know what it is? 
That certainly just won’t do.
Please sit down and listen up closely,
And you’ll soon have a clue! 

Gadgadsbogen is a joyous occasion, 
For it is a celebration, you see.
Tourists from all over come for this festival 
filled with joy, anticipation, and glee.

And if you choose to come, you won’t be bored.
For there is always so much to do!
You will find parades and concerts,
And even arts and crafts booths, too.

But the most exciting part 
About this day filled with fruity fun
Is that, at the end of the day,
The elder, Cinto Pango, 
Comes to surprise everyone!

For that is when he comes out to the public
And excitedly reveals the fruits that are new.
But, before that moment, 
Nobody knows what they are --
Or even if they’ll be pink, green, red, or blue.

Don’t just take my word for it, 
You should come and see.
But I promise you, 
Gadgadsbogen is where you should be!

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