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Neopets Poems

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Ode To A Magical Blue Shoyru Plushie
by Dianacat777

Oh plushie, perched upon the shelf
Of dainty stitches sewn,
Button eyes and floppy tail,
In fabric soft and blue.

Perhaps it's foolish, but I wonder...
Is it strange that I think sometimes
I see a sparkle here or there,
Or a shine in those bold eyes?

I know you're just a plushie toy,
But every now and then...
Was that a trick of the light just now
Or did you just move again?

I'm just being silly now;
A plushie's just a doll.
I'll pick you up and prove to my mind
That it's just fanciful.

Oh my, I feel kind of funny now...
Hey, why do I have wings?

Disco Shoyrus
by Dlandwehrs4816

Wings of lime with citrus dots
Yellow circles, bright orange spots
Bodies pink as candy floss
Tail tip that’s as green as moss

Disco Shoyrus so love flowers
They can lie in fields for hours
At the edge of Meridell,
Or beside the Wishing Well

Flying through Neopia
They’ll befriend Skeith or Chia
Or any Neopian
Willing to be a close friend

Favorites at the Coffee Shop
They drink tea with lemon drops
Discussing the latest Times
Drawing, singing, making rhymes

They’re a 'pet always happy
No matter where they may be
Ready to have fun and roam,
Or read a good book at home

The Coffee Mistress
by Fleur_411

When it’s cold and grey outside
And you need some cheering up,
Head on over to the coffee shop
Where she will fill your cup!

A very cheerful yellow Shoyru
She is without a doubt,
She’d love to have a chat with you
And she’ll surely help you out!

You will know it’s the right Shoyru
By the white bonnet on her head,
And her sweet and kind demeanor 
Plus her little bow, it’s red!

So when you are feeling glum
And you could use a few kind words,
She’ll talk to you and fill your cup
For firsts, seconds, and even thirds!

Even when you are happy,
Get some coffee, stay for a while
Some time with this lovely Shoyru
Will most certainly make you smile!

The Assistant Scientist
by Kuroge

Reactions in a vial create colors,
turns, and sloshing of the atoms,
green turns into blue into purple,
so wild beyond fathom.

Teamed with the Seekers
to acquire more knowledge,
to explore the vast unknown,
to learn what's over the edge.

When the obelisk appeared,
he eagerly joined in on the fray
to protect the valuable artifact
and keep the wide evil at bay.

Though he is still inexperienced,
he firmly dives into the distance,
fearlessly he aims for his goals,
he is more than just an assistant.

Who Is Honest Pete?
by Dr_tomoe

At this year's Negg Festival
There are many sights to see
(But for some reason, Kari's here;
Not The Real Negg Faerie).

And while there are Neggs to hunt,
Both decorated and plastic,
A mysterious Shoyru has arrived
With a mysterious antic.

He's surrounded by Doughnutfruits,
Only none of them are real,
They're actually Neggs that he
Punched the middle out of with zeal.

He calls himself Honest Pete,
But that's not really the case,
He's making fake Doughnutfruits
All over the place.

He says that, because they are
Worth more then regular Neggs,
He could sell the fakes for more
To unsuspecting Neopians!

Well, hopefully you won't help him
Punch the holes out of Neggs,
No matter how pretty the items are
That are within those Neggs.

Ilya Fireborn
by Kaibeau

In eastern mountain’s churning hearth,
Where infant magma weeps and sparks,
There dwells that sly and lonesome wyrm;
There dwells Ilya Fireborn.

Fleet as rumor, wise as kings,
Born with fire on her wings,
The pride of Shoyru near and far
Shining, as some steadfast star.

When fire stains the sky with dread,
The mountain squalls in black and red,
Her voice croons out, so soft and sweet,
To lull the land back to its sleep.

As savvy as some timeless sage,
Ilya soothes the mountain’s rage.
In golden glory she is crowned,
Though that same glory holds her bound.

Sing praises to the mountain keeper,
Who guards the lives of weaker creatures.
And to that sentinel forlorn --
Sing praises to Ilya Fireborn.

The Forest Singer
by Flufflepuff

Legs like tree trunks stand apart,
Flowers rest on wings.
His chest and belly resonate,
A woodland Shoyru sings.

Trees lean closer, listening.
His forest song brings peace.
The Shoyru's oaken face, it smiles,
While words he does release.

Gentle as a swaying reed,
Yet carries on the wind,
The Shoyru's voice wakes up the glade,
Creates a calm within.

Stout legs leap and off he goes,
Old tired trees he'll rouse.
With voice and heart both in the air,
He sails along the boughs.

Wings a soft flurry of vines,
And falling seedy tufts,
Grace the sky and soil alike,
Which can't thank him enough.

The Forest Singer's work is done,
He dives into the sky,
Defying earth, to which he's bound,
Away from ground he flies.

The Assistant Scientist
by Crystallus

You may have noticed this brave soul
in battle, darting to and fro.
Disheveled hair, test tubes in hand,
our brilliant Shoyru took a stand.

He fought against many a foe.
To Rent-A-Brute he dealt a blow.
Minor Warlock was next to fall.
The other three? There was a brawl.

Their limbs tangled and fists flew.
That Grumpy Mummy dared to chew
upon our scientist's great head,
where dwells the sum of all he's read.

This seemed to be the final straw...
he wouldn't let that mummy gnaw!
He gathered to him all his might
and, with new fervor, he did fight.

He vanquished all those in his way.
Awakened, Brute Squad, and the Sway,
the Order and the Thieves guild, too,
were dispatched quickly two by two.

Now it's over, now it's done.
All the sides have had their fun.
As the fighting settled down
his features drew into a frown.

He'd left his lab for far too long;
Experiments could have gone wrong.
His chemicals were volatile,
disaster all too probable.

He heaved a sigh, he'd done his part.
He could return back to his art
of formulas and chemicals,
amperes, newtons, watts, and joules.

He had no care for the winning side,
all he cared was that he'd tried
his best to do the Seekers proud.
He shoved his way out through the crowd.
Battle forgotten, he trudged on home,
mind already on his newest tome.

Yes Boy Ice-Cream
by Chavo_guerrero

The fans around are screaming
As the Shoyrus take the stage,
Their music is a mixture
Of techno and New Age.

They wear metallic glasses
And space age gloves and boots,
The crowd is full of whistles,
Of clapping, cheers, and hoots.

Yes Boy Ice-Cream start their song,
Its dance beats fill the place,
The whole Tyrannian Concert Hall
Has a smile upon their face.

There's lights and beams and lasers,
Flashing to and fro,
And many more unique things
That liven up the show.

And when the song is finished,
The crowd shout for an encore,
And one final time YBIC,
Take once more to the floor.

Coffee Break
by Sheynacruz

It seemed like just another day,
And just another coffee break,
When every Neopian left their job
In search of daily caffeine and cake

Each and every single 'pet now
Made their way to the Catacombs,
Their destination one and the same --
A coffee shop that smelled like home

The owner, a sweet yellow Shoyru,
Was known to everyone
For her excellent service and
Her Tigersquash Iced Buns

Each lethargic customer sought
To be rejuvenated by
The Shoyru's homemade Azzle Tea,
Or perhaps a sip of her CoffChai

Some craved her Candy Corn Latte,
Or a taste of Flatfruit Tea,
While others simply longed for the Shoyru's
Specially brewed House Blend Coffee

No other coffee shop owner could
Possess a taste quite as refined,
As the cheerful yellow Shoyru
That all Neopians had in mind

But Neopian coffee drinkers found
They'd taken too much for granted,
Today, it seemed, no thirsty 'pet
Would get the drink they wanted

For each prospective customer
Was greeted with shock and dismay:
A sign hung on the door that read
"Sorry, closed for Shoyru Day."

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