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Neopets Poems

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Grundo Day Special!

Grundo Appreciation Poem
by mimiweasley

Grundos live in a land far away,
Kreludor, it is called.
It is a moon painted grey,
Where a great mine was installed.

They never stop being nice.
They never stop wanting peace.

Grundos are kind by nature.
Their smiles never end.
Even though they are foreign creatures,
They are taken as our friends.

They never stop smiling.
They never stop caring.

From this land far away,
They have come to stay.
With never ending smiles,
With kind and gentle profiles.

They never stop being friendly.
They never stop being lovely.

The Spider Grundo's Web
by miraday

Grundo by nature and arachnid by morph,
Dr. Sloth’s experiment did twist and contort
Six barbed legs from your back outstretched,
Keen to weave an impenetrable spider web.

The Spyders are quite envious, almost as green
As your sickly new figure and the glossy sheen
Of the web woven like a delicate, old tapestry
That catches passersby like a steel machine.

It is no wonder why you escaped when able—
Dr. Sloth rarely forgets powder for mind control—
Only to settle among the other creepy crawlers
In the Haunted Woods to avoid being bothered.

A warning: lest we dare trespass upon your webs,
Sending tense jolts of movement to your eight legs,
Your red eyes will gaze hungrily at those wrapped.
Deus ex machina, in your device we are trapped.

The Grundo Chef
by umbrex

In Neopia's outer space,
in the Virtupets Station,
there is a small store
catering to Grundo gustation.

Run by an imposing Grundo,
Gargarox is his name,
and serving up eclectic dishes;
no two foods are the same.

Whether dehydrated or powdered,
glowing or floating in the air,
nowhere else in deep space
will you find such great fare.

But the real star of the show
is none other than Gargarox:
better known for Gormball
than for the wares he hawks.

One of the peaceful Grundos
until he was hit by Sloth's ray,
the Grundo's independence
we celebrate on this day.

Adopt A Grundo
by wickedsadgirl

Originally from a galaxy far, far away.
Within the space station is where they stay.
Hundreds of them sit in a cubicle and wait.
Until they hear the words that'll seal their fate.
Owners from across the lands pick out a name.
The Grundos are excited that they've came.

Looking up at their owners through pupiless eyes.
Unlike before there'll be no more cries.
Their antenaes perking up and forward to listen.
"Yes, Yes the purple one i'm taking him".
The purple ones, thrilled his turn is today.
For he's waited a century to be able to play.
& It just so happens it's Grundo Independence Day.

Owner gets to hold his new Grundo in his hands.
He never knew before he was missing such a friend.
He'd been searching near & wide, but all along it was by his side.
His new Grundo changed him from with inside.
Filled with less anguish and pride.
The Grundo had been the one thing he hadn't tried.
Now his hearts been filled with gold
He had something he couldn't buy but could hold.

The love between him and his Grundo couldn't die.
His ears fluttered with symphonies from the sky.
The bond was so secure it'll never be broken.
Now whenever you see a Grundo keep your mind open.

My Friend From Outerspace
by migorz13

My friend Grundo comes from space
A dark galactic far-off place
He has green skin, a good brave face
And owns a rocket, ready to race

He flies around from moon to moon
While whistling out a fast-paced tune
He dodges comets & other space ships
Does loopity-loops and flippity-flips

He takes on baddies, ready to fight
And beats them out with laser light
He saves space people everywhere
And ensures they’re treated fair

My friend does many things in space
But he never forgets about home base
That’s my home because I’m his friend
The very best until the end

A Discarded Blue Grundo Plushie
by renlyb

It means nothing when they stop by,
They barely notice the tears I cry.
They just come to help themselves,
Into my life they barely delve.

Never do they ask how am I,
They just never seem to have the time.
Never do they offer a hug,
Kind words or a smidgen of their love.

They have the time for a quick glance at me,
But I wonder- what do they see?
I’m just an old plushie, lying still,
They ignore my pain, they always will.

They might notice an item on the floor,
And they have a reason not to linger anymore.
They take everything they can find,
Everything I used to call mine.

Just a discarded plushie I may be,
It does not mean you have more feelings than me.
Every old plushie needs a little bit of care,
Perhaps you have just one minute to spare?

All I’ve ever wanted is to have a home,
All I want is to not be so sad and alone.
Please, kind Neopian, take me with you,
And watch me smile as all my dreams come true.

Grundo Independence Day Feast
by yellowstefy

It’s that spacetastic day of the year again,
Where Grundos dance and cheer with friends.
We’re here to celebrate the night away,
Why you ask? Well it’s Grundo Independence Day!

There’s a talented Grundo who is strong and tall,
Tonight he will be preparing a feast for all,
He’s a pro at Gormball, he will rock your socks!
Who you ask? Well it’s Gargarox!

This day is especially special for a private little Grundo..
He won’t let his love for gold ruin this day though,
He will wear his luxurious suit, maybe some fancy shoes too
So come meet Midas, he’s part of the crew!

There will be a lot of Grundos, big and small
All colours, you wouldn’t be able to name them all.
Zygorax, Gorix and more will be there too!
Some come one, come all, we will be waiting for you!

Grundo Independence Day
by crazychew

Like its inhabitants, Kreludor has sides that are seen by all
But also, has sides unbeknowst to the naked eye.

Displaced like a koi out of water, 
Grundos were forced into work
By the slothiest of all Doctors.

Although dark days have came and went, 
Soon will they be replaced by days bursting with solace.

With the Grundo's newly found freedom, 
All that is left is to receive the love and acceptance from 
Their new homeland.

Behind the big eyes and the anttenae,
Lies a mechanic, programmer, fighter, poet, or lover,
Waiting to be adopted by a loving Neopian,
Like you.

Remembering Gorix and Cylara
by steve_km

Gorix, so proud and true,
We are completely inspired by your virtue.
You have made some mistakes,
You mistook Cylara for the scout and I am sure it kept you awake.

She was with her family relaxing,
As the moon in the sky was slowing waxing.
Your scout had already been taken,
But you had not known which later lead to a break in. 

Away you went with Cylara you did,
Until later you found out she was just a 15 year-old kid.
Even though she was stolen away,
She agrees to play along and asks to stay.

Off to Commander Valka you went, 
She determined that Cylara was competent. 
And on Kreludor they surely found,
Parlax, Gorix’s old partner, presumed dead in the ground.

Through nefarious means, 
Parlax joined Dr. Sloth he had spilled the beans.
The two fought and fought until they could no more,
Since Dr. Sloth was defeated and thrown out the door.

Parlax had fled from the scene,
Cylara begged Gorix to let him go since he surely could not be all that mean.
And again we celebrate the two who provided a way,
On this a wonderful Grundo Day.

A Mutant Grundo's Freedom
by yaz_01

Ground down by the daily grind a Grundo expanded his horizons. 
No more taking orders, enslaved and brainwashed he dreamt of freedom.
Ill satisfied with life and full of woe, constrained in constant fear of forty lashes.
A spark ignited. And a Grundo hero was born from the ashes. 

“My brothers and sisters should be free, I see now it’s down to me.
I’m clever but weak, cosmic power is what I seek. I have to find the Space Faerie.”
The Grundo fled and found the Faerie staring into space, star gazing lazily. 
After sharing his story the fired up Faerie took to the sky,
Shedding a tear for this poor little guy. 
Mutant he may be, but only a new friend is all she could see. 

Neopians and Faeries alike stood tall, strong and shoulder to shoulder. 
Preparing for a mighty fight, together to end this aggregious plight.
For a Grundo’s freedom, for a Grundo’s rights. 
A battle that never would have started if it weren’t for the brave hearted. 
A little Grundo, our untold and unsung hero,
Who ended the reign of Dr. Sloth. 

Grundos One, Frank Zero.

Grundo Independence Day
by she_chose_love

Break those chains,
and run as fast as you can.
In any direction you choose,
that is away from the boss man.

It is time to go,
and finally break free.
Today is the day we celebrate freedom,
and the Grundo's getting away from he.

On this day,
many years ago.
Dr. Sloth finally lost control,
of all the Grundos- whoa!

The Grundos broke free,
out of his grasp.
Without his mind control,
what a hard idea to clasp.

That is why,
on this day each year.
We celebrate Grundo Independence Day,
the day all Grundo's hold very dear!

Blue Grundo Lunch Box
by indulgences

This lunch box is the very best!
It has a Grundo face!
Aren’t Grundos just the coolest pets?
They’re all from outer space!

Its eyes are incandescent red.
They radiate such glow!
A pair of feelers at the top
Are surely there for show!

A smile emblazoned on the front
Is cheerful, bright and wide!
Perhaps delighted that there is
A yummy lunch inside!

Please pack your meal with love and care!
This box is nice and big!
Your food will look so chic, refined.
You’ll want to dance a jig!

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