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Neopets Poems

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I, Illusen
by Ntkgwgoty

Warden of the glade, I stand,
Wreathed in the light of the dawn,
As I open my green-gloved hand,
The darkness retreats and is gone.

Protector of the small, I wait,
In the dappled shade of the trees,
And those who are fleeing from hate,
Will find that I answer their pleas.

The friend of the forest, I dance,
Unfettered by law, so free.
And though others may gaze askance,
I have learned what they cannot see.

The dreamer in green, I smile,
And all that I touch is made well.
And if you would rest for a while,
I am here at the edge of Meridell.

Faerie of earth, I nourish,
All that is seeking to grow.
And under my eyes the trees flourish,
And it’s then that my worth I know.

Leaf-winged and quiet, I abide,
From the shelter that lies in my glade.
To left and to right the world stretches wide,
But I am content in the green that I’ve made.

Illusen's Charm
by Phadalusfish

Wind, cool, pure, and calming
Whistles through the cedar grove.
Leaves, just beginning to stir
From winter’s long sleep --
Gilt gold and ruddy leaves --
Trumpet the Lady’s arrival.

An emerald cauldron boils merrily
In the center of the clearing.
Clear liquid sloshes over the sides,
And where it lands on the earthy ground
Grass and flowers spring to life.

The Lady of the Glade stirs
With a long-handled wooden spoon,
Gently, clockwise,
In perfect harmony with the chirping
Of the Pteris that fly above,
And the Petpets’ song.

A book lays open at her feet.
It has bright petals for paper
And it’s bound by twigs and vines.
The very first page reads as such:
“Illusen’s Charm.”

Beneath that, in blockier print:
“How to Make Spring.”

Quest For Illusen!
by Silver_azalea

Spring flowers blooming
Sweet scents waft in the air

Folks busy again
Eating foods, rolling cheeses
Down that yonder hill

And by that hillside
Dwells an earth faerie, Illusen
Snug inside her glade

She will give you quests
And reward you handsomely
For items you fetch

No poison mushrooms
Here, much better prizes than
That dark faerie wretch

Run! To the Wizard
Find Illusen’s desires
Time is almost up

Reap the benefits
Now for serving her quickly
Awesome things she gives
From a cream cookie
All the way up to a staff
Of magic powers

Is the spectrum of
Gifts she may choose to shower
Upon those worthy

Illusen's Fashion
by Chavo_guerrero

A new craze on the catwalk,
For every Neopet!
This is most unusual,
The strangest fashion yet!

Pretty light green dresses,
Made from leaves and held in place,
With a stylish small brown belt,
That's fastened neatly 'round the waist.

The hair is quite spectacular,
Brown with streaks of green,
And a single plaited strand,
Which is the prettiest I've seen.

Neopets with freckles,
Are feeling quite divine,
As they fix their green tint make-up,
And make sure they all look fine.

The fashion is known as "Illusen's,"
And everyone strives to be,
Just a graceful looking,
As this wonderful earth faerie.

And, as it's Illusen Day at last,
There will be a parade,
With everyone dressed as Illusen,
In outfits bought or made.

So wear some green in your hair today,
Or wear a leaf in your lapel,
So we can say to everyone,
"Look, we follow fashion as well!"

A Unique Earth Faerie
by Saqo

Her hair runs long
her eyes shine at whim
a faerie of the Earth,
the lovely Illusen.

Ageless is her body,
nurturing is her mind.
She offers quests to
Neopians of all kinds.

She has a quiet refuge
far away from the stress
of the city. But she has
an enemy, I confess.

Poor Illusen, what did
she herself ever do?
Do you know Jhudora?
If not, you will soon.

As today is Illusen Day,
I would keep an eye out.
Scan the skies for Jhudora,
for today she may act out.

The hatred between them
is strong, what's the reason?
No one knows for sure,
perhaps some day we'll see.

For now, we celebrate
Illusen and we do her quests.
The items she offers sets
her apart from all the rest.

Thank you Illusen for your 
nurturing countenance,
and please do not fail
us on our fiftieth quest!

Illusen, Guardian Of The Glade
by Mamasimios

Illusen, gentle earth faerie,
Guardian of her glade,
Remains remote from Faerieland;
Prefers her solitary ways

With urgent whispers from her lips
The vines and twigs begin to grow;
Her encouragement sends them skyward
From their roots tangled below

The loam between caressing fingers
Is revitalised, renewed,
As Illusen fortifies the soil
With evening mist and morning dew

Low growing ferns and flowers
Bow lower yet when she draws near
As a sign of their respect
For the faerie they hold dear

Each of her trees stands sentinel
Against dark faeries and their games
As Illusen pats their trunks
And gives each one a secret name 

Each night Illusen does retire
To her lofty treehouse home,
And though unattended by 'pet or faerie,
In her glade she's ne'er alone

Questing For Illusen
by Agedbeauty

Questing for Illusen
And I haven’t got a clue
Just what it is that a 
Strawberry Bruce Muffin means to you.

What is it you have planned,
What’s this poor muffin’s fate?
Dare I turn it in on time,
Or should I be three seconds late?

Illusen, will you eat this thing
Or use it in a spell?
Am I at fault if it ends poorly,
And what if it ends well?

Or perhaps this muffin is intended
To be given as a gift.
Perhaps to Queen Fyora,
To help her spirits lift?

That wouldn’t be so bad,
But what if it’s not-so-neat?
What if it’s a prank
To place on Jhudora’s seat?

Illusen, here’s a muffin,
But I’d feel so much if you told me
What it is you intend to do
And if it’s will end well or badly!

Oh, Illusen!
by Trubiekatie

What a great faerie!
So extremely kind.
Unlike other faeries,
She is not confined.

Don’t find her in a bottle,
Look to Meridell.
Over on the right,
Away from that smell.

She rewards for her quests
And teaches how to draw.
The amount of Illusen items,
Will leave you in awe.

She bickers with Jhudora,
A corrupt and evil soul.
She’s angry and harsh:
Illusen, we do console.

On this Illusen Day,
Take a visit to her glade.
Enjoy the green surroundings,
And quiet in the shade.

The Ballad Of Illusen
by Lord_of_fantasy

In the woods, a flute is played
Its tune floats through the trees
But who plays this cheerful song?
This happy, joyful melody

In a glade of brown and green
Illusen skips and toots her flute
She spins and dances here and there
So graceful and so light of foot

Ixi leap into the dance
Noils and Turmacs gather ‘round
Whoots and Gobblers fly above
Symols pop out of the ground

Illusen sinks down to her knees
Smiling as she pants for air
Her woodland friends come to her aid
She laughs and pets their fur and hair

Of all the faeries of the earth
Illusen is by far the best
Her unmatched beauty stuns them all
Known for her grace and gentleness

With strong and mighty magic
And an authoritative air
She still has a sweet smile
And a splendor that is rare

A Stroll By The Glade...
by Venusxflyxtrap

You will hear various Petpets singing
If you take a stroll by the glade
The sound is beautiful and enchanting
This must mean it's Illusen Day

She complements her clothes with green
With thoughtful presents for Meridell
She is favoured by the good of Neopia
And disliked by the Darigan Citadel

She will ask you to complete her quests
Whatever she asks is rewarded graciously 
From potions to novels to cake and scrolls
She assures you to always stay friendly

So on this day that we all are cheerful
To give much deserved celebrations to Illusen
We shall forever admire this faerie.
And sing her praises in unison.

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